Fatal shooting suspect demands slavery reparations, promises that America will burn

| January 15, 2022

Winston Glynn, 30, responded to the crowds that watched him being taken to a vehicle. Among his responses included a demand for reparations for slavery, as well as a declaration that America will burn. Police charged him for murder and robbery.

From the Post-Millennial:

“She gave you the money, man. Why?” One man can be heard asking Glynn.

“You’re garbage! You’re garbage! You’re real garbage, motherf*ker,” an onlooker yelled.

At one point, Glynn, who is black, can be heard ranting “Where’s our reparations for four hundred years of f*king slavery!”

At another point, Glynn shouted “America is gonna burn!” according to the New York Post.

Early Sunday morning, 19-year-old Kristal Bayron Nieves was working at the Burger King location in East Harlem. Police say that Glynn approached the register in the fast food restaurant and removed $100 from the register. Nieves was behind the counter, according to CBS 2.

“The man demands more money from the register drawer. As Miss Bayron Nieves is scrambling to open the drawer, she doesn’t have the key,” NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig said. “The male fires one shot, striking her and causing her death.”

“There was no reason to shoot this young woman. Money had been handed over. She was trying to comply with the gunman’s demands,” NYPD Chief of Department Kenneth Corey said. “She was killed for no apparent reason.”

Glynn, who has four prior arrests, was found in Brooklyn on Thursday night and was taken into custody.

The Post Millennial, and the New York Post, have additional details.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Humpf! What about WHITEYS’ “reparations”? White (black, and every other color) people in the US have spilled blood and treasure over the past 160 years to free enslaved people from their chains.
And look what we end up with.
I think this asshat needs to be woodchipped into liquid fertilizer to pay back a small portion of what is owed ME in wasted reparations from forced taxes.
Or maybe this asshat would have preferred living under German Nazi or Imperial Japanese rule?


Dude is from Jamacia. He also called a Judge a “Liar”. He worked at the same Burger King. He definitely drank from the KoolAid. Does not help that POTUS continues to go down the road using a Race card (The Devil DID Indeed Went Down To Georgia, Even Using The Expression “Y’All” In His Atlanta, GA “Speech”. You Be The Judge. “Burger King Murder Suspect Held Behind Bars, Calls Judge ‘Liar’ In Court” https://nypost.com/2022/01/15/burger-king-murder-suspect-winston-glynn-held-behind-bars-calls-judge-liar-in-court/ “The alleged gunman had multiple outbursts during his first appearance in Manhattan Criminal Court, yelling at Judge Jay Weiner while being escorted out of the courtroom, as his Legal Aid attorney apologized.” “Liar! You didn’t see the judge liar?” the suspect ranted.” “Glynn — a Jamaica national whose address is listed as a Days Inn in Queens that also serves as a homeless shelter — once worked at the same Burger King, though investigators do not believe that he targeted Bayron-Nieves in the early Sunday-morning stickup.” “A Taste Of Southern Lied In Georgia Y’All” https://nypost.com/2022/01/12/a-taste-of-southern-lied-in-georgia-yall/ “The Devil went down to Georgia and came back a lame duck.” “Joe Biden’s angry speech in the Peach State on Tuesday about so-called “voting rights” was stupid, divisive and full of lies, and it also exposed his impotence.” “Inflation has hit a 40-year high, store shelves are empty, COVID numbers are at record levels with tests in scarce supply, violent crime is surging in blue cities and millions of illegal immigrants are still pouring over the southern border.” “The man… Read more »

Hack Stone

Meanwhile, the white supremacist racist Mayor of Washington DC is enacting more mandates that discriminate against African Americans. You are now required to show a government issued photo identification to enter any business within the District. We have been told that African Americans do not have the financial means nor the intelligence to acquire a government issued photo identification, so now they can no longer shop in DC.



Store shelves are empty because container ships are waiting to be unloaded.

Please see the articles I posted on this yesterday.

There is ZERO reason for any store to lack products to sell.


Is the SecTranny still on paternity leave?


I wonder if VPOTUS’s ancestors owned any of his ancestors on that tropical island?


This Jamaican POS has already received his reparations. His ancestors got them when they massacred the white plantation owners and their families and confiscated (looted) their property. He should have been deported after his third offense; then that lovely young woman would still be alive.


Not sure murdering a Puerto Rican woman is a good way to get the ball rolling on reparations from white men but Winston may not exactly be the genius he first appears.

I don’t think he has anything to worry about. Absolute worst case he is out of prison in 20 years.


He will be out in less than ten years unless he is prosecuted federally.

Hack Stone

This guy is from Jamaica and he wants reparations for slavery? Maybe his one phone call should be to Vice President Kamala Harris, she may know something about slavery in Jamaica.


Spot on Hack Stone! Blacks in Africa enslaved Blacks. It’s that simple. If this murderous trash from hell wants some reparations he needs to look to Africa. Maybe one of the tribal chiefs will put a little money on his Prison Commissary Account.

Rope, scaffold, Court House Square, and this perp. Some assembly required. Film at 11.


Not to mention the Arab slavers who bought the recently-made slaves from said tribal chiefs. Lot of links in the custody chain before New World arrival.

A Proud Infidel®™

Gee whiz, would it be “racist” if I were to mention that chattel slavery is still practiced today in Sudan and Libya to name two places?


This turd is like a guy claiming to have flashbacks to a war he wasn’t in.

Mofo, your ancestors weren’t even here. Jeez!


She was a beautiful girl; I hope his prison stay is long and painful.


Paging Tyrone, Bubba and Tiny… fresh meat for y’all, coming up!


The MURDERER, Winston Glynn, is from Jamaica. Well guess who ELSE is from Jamaica? She also grew up in the Bronx: She just became the 42nd Lieutenant Governor of Virginia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winsome_Sears “Winsome Sears was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and immigrated to the United States at the age of six. She grew up in the Bronx, New York City. She served as an electrician in the United States Marines from 1983 to 1986.[4] Sears earned an A.A. from Tidewater Community College, a B.A. in English with a minor in economics from Old Dominion University and an M.A. in organizational leadership from Regent University.” BTW, Kamala Harris was born in OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA. Her Father came from Jamaica. Yep, Winston Glynn dranked the Race Card KoolAid…or was probably fed all that BS from others considering he was born around 1991/1992…I guess he forgot that BHO served 2 terms as POTUS when Glynn was a teenager. Amother person with a Brain Hiccup who refuses to take resonsibilities for his decisions/actions. Does not help that Ole Plugs Biden wants to do this…”in the memory of George Floyd” (eyes rolling upward): “Biden Planning Executive Orders On Police Reform: Report The Move Is Likely To Coincide With Black History Month” https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-planning-executive-orders-on-police-reform-report “I still hope to sign into law a comprehensive and meaningful police reform bill that honors the name and memory of George Floyd, because we need legislation to ensure lasting and meaningful change,” Biden said when the bill stalled in September. “But this moment demands action,… Read more »


Watching LIVE on TV Glen Youngkin being sworn in as Governor of Virginia!!!

All in Coats and Tails!


A BUNCH of us are SO ELATED!!

A Diverse Leadership to include Jason Miyares, whose Mother came from Cuba and Winsome Sears, who PROUDLY said she is BLACK… Black, not “African-American”

Thank Goodness Coonman, Mr KKK, Doofus, Ole Ralphie Boy,Phony Desert Storm Veteran, is GONE!!!

Wonder if he will still be a member of an All Black Church?

Terry MacAllife, Tim Kaine, Mark Herring…EAT YOUR FRIKIN LIBERAL HEART OUT!!


Lord Fauci and Plugs Biden are probably FREAKING OUT right now, cuz the majority of folks at Glen Youngkin ARE NOT WEARING Masks…and they are sitting next to one another!!!!

The Pledge of Alllegiane was also cited!

Winsome Sears. Born in Jamaica. Came to the US and lived in the Bronx…a Marine and Rock Star!

A GREAT Day to be a Virginian!

Bobby Lee would be so proud…



105MM Howitzers Going Off!


F22 Flyby from Langley Air Force Base! Hoo-Ahh!

BTW, Ole Coonman, Ole Ralphie Boy, Mr. KKK and his wife, JUST GOT UP AND LEFT..about 5 minutes before Governor Glen Youngkin gave his Inaguration Speech. How interesting…🤔


Both CNN and MSNBC are NOT covering/broadcasting LIVE on Governor Glen Youngkin’s Inaguration.

Fox News IS.

Winsome Sears. First Black Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.

Jason Miyares, First Hispanic Attorney General of Virginia.

Interesting. Those two Networks LAUDED Kamala Harris and BHO when they took office.

Doug Wilder is right now attending Youngkins inaguaration. The First Black Governor of Virginia. Yet, Coonman got up and left…the Governor who is a member of an All Black Church as well as taking down Bobby Lee’s statue in Richmond and Stonewall Jackson’s statue at VMI (Northram is a graduate of VMI).


Glen Youngkin:

“Starting today, Virginia is open for business!!”

Be Afraid, Joe Biden. Be Very, Very Afraid..😎😉


Happy for y’all ninja. Looks like Virginia has seceded again! Seceded from the cesspole that KKKoonman created.



Thank You, KoB!!

We love the name you gave Ole Ralphie Boy: KKKOoonman.

Thumbs Up!!





Product of left/libtard BS.


Now on sale across the country.


The USA isn’t 400 years old!


Prog Logic: 2022-1789 = 400years + a constant desire to kill over contrived grievances + a derivative of being little bitches

Check my maths.


Go ahead. Have fire extinguisher/arms, will travel.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, until blue in the face: in the abstract chattel slavery is more humane than slavery in feudalism, both as a historical matter and future warning.

But let’s keep going down this road.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 A Gang Snipe

Good thing that glynn did the crime in the burough of Manhatten because the DA (ducks Ass) bragg can now give him a light sentence plus the $moola shmoola reparations he wants for being alive for 400 years. If thats so and turns out that he is an immortal, someone can de capitate his head and end of story./SARC


And not a word out of Brandon.


America will burn, so long as Democrats anywhere have any little bit of power.


Waiting with buddy’s.


That’s just down the road from me… actually, closer to my station than my house, but not that far from either.


Reference the Murderer, Winston Glynn, who may be in the US using a Green Card. According to a New York Post article, Glynn has had several encounters with the law: “Man Arrested In Cold-Blooded Murder Of Teen Burger King Worker” https://nypost.com/2022/01/14/man-questioned-in-connection-to-murder-of-teen-burger-king-worker/ “Glynn, whose address is listed as a Queens Days Inn that also serves as a homeless shelter, is not a US citizen and is from Jamaica, police sources said.” “Glynn has a number of previous arrests, including a bust for menacing with a weapon at the Jamaica homeless shelter where he’s been living, police sources said.” “During the Nov. 30, 2021 incident, Glynn allegedly grabbed a screwdriver after getting into a fight with someone else at the shelter, the sources said.” “I will stab you,” he allegedly threatened the victim.” “His other busts included a criminal possession of a weapon arrest in December 2020, another menacing charge in 2018 and a criminal mischief arrest in 2017, police sources said.” That screwdriver incident? Well, check this out: “Who Is Winston Glynn? Burger King Killer Was Released Without Bail In Previous Violent Attack” https://meaww.com/winston-glynn-burger-king-killer-released-without-bail-previous-violent-attack-558826 “A 30-year-old homeless man, who was arrested over the cold-blooded killing of a 19-year-old Burger King cashier during a robbery, was released without bail for threatening another man with a screwdriver little more than a month before the murder.” He also made this comment: “Do you wanna start a war between Latinos and n*****s?! Do you wanna start a war?” For the screwdriver incident, “Glynn was released… Read more »

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Ho ho ho….!
NOT a citizen?! MAY be here illegally!?
Time for an instant deportation!


A Proud Infidel®™

And since it happened in Nooh Yawk, I’m sure there will be some liberals scoffing and saying that he’s just some poor “Victim of Society” lashing out at his oppression or some stupid shit like that, another sample of what you get for electing liberals to Office.