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| January 16, 2022

Kimber LW 1911

Washington man kills armed robber in shootout

by Matthew Miller
An Auburn, Washington, man shot and killed an armed robber after he was shot in the arm himself, police said.

Officers responded to a call at the 200 block of Auburn Way South at about 9 p.m. on Tuesday, finding the male robber shot dead and a man with a gunshot wound to the arm, according to the Auburn Police Department.

The man was reportedly walking out of a business when an armed person confronted him and tried to rob him at gunpoint. A gunfight ensued, and he was hit with a bullet in the arm before managing to shoot the robber.

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Washington Examiner
Link courtesy of our own ChipNASA.

Burglar Inside Victim’s Home Shot Dead By Police After Advancing On Them With Knife

CALHOUN, GEORGIA – A burglar was shot and killed by police officers who responded to a reported burglary in progress at a home. The incident occurred early Thursday morning on Adair Street in Calhoun.

Chief Tony Pyle said that CPD officers were dispatched to the home and encountered a burglar armed with a knife inside the residence, and the man was fatally shot by officers. As is standard procedure in an officer-involved shooting, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is conducting the investigation into the incident.

“We have contacted the GBI and requested an independent investigation be performed by the agency,” Pyle said. Once complete, GBI will turn over the case file to the Gordon County District Attorney’s Office for review.

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USA Carry
Link care of our Gun Bunny.

If guns are outlawed, only the government will have guns. —EDWARD ABBEY

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Frankie Cee

I like that I am seeing many more accounts of robbers and others of the criminal element being shot dead by their chosen victims. There is hope.

Frankie Cee

Gray on gray in the comments section doesn’t do much for easy reading. I had to squint to read my comment after posting it.


Black text on gray could work.

Dave Hardin



More law-abiding folks have bought guns, more law-abiding folks are carrying guns, resulting in more law-breaking folks having their “careers” terminated with prejudice by their intended victims.

A Proud Infidel®™

Concealed Carry Laws are a criminal’s nightmare come true because with them they have no idea who’s armed and who will be a conveniently unarmed victim unlike places like Chicago, NYC and LA where strict Gun Control laws ensure criminals that Law-abiding people will be conveniently unarmed VICTIMS.

Only Army Mom

API – the restrictive gun laws are less worrisome than the woke prosecutors who go for a felony if a victim chooses not to be a victim.

I agree with what appears to be the consensus – font needs to be black.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Gun Bunny,
Is the above a pic of your personal 1911 LW? Awesome piece.

And I’m sure that TAH Admin is already aware of the change in the formatting of the commenting section, and are working on correcting the FU ASAP. (you ARE, aren’t you?)


I am honored Good Sir. Home Boy at the Toy Store had several tempting items in inventory that were calling my name, orphaned needing a loving home. The Custom LW was the best buy for the money and certainly the “Daily Double”. As I was completing the writing of the check, another fellow came in that had looked at the piece a day or so earlier and proceeded to kick himself. Snooze you lose. Speaking of snoozing…wouldn’t mind waking up from a nap with that Sister Golden Haired Surprise.

It is good to see the ping from Pirates Cove. I have tried adding it in a separate comment now and again. Lubs me some Feral Irish.


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jeff LPH 3 63-66

I’m a little confused with this new system of commenting

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I have the Kimber Ultra carry 11 3inch barrel .45Cal and field stripping is nice in that you use an EL shaped piece of piano/spring wire to capture the recoil spring which is under tension but you have to get used to inserting it into the hole on the recoil assembly. Anyone own the Ultra carry 11???