Woman who quit Air Force commando course questioned ‘highly suspicious’ lower standards

| January 14, 2022

Apparently this captain isn’t stupid. She saw that they were lowering modifying the standards to allow her to succeed.

Jeff LPH 3 sends in this exclusive Air Force Times report;

A female captain who may become the Air Force’s first woman to complete its elite special tactics training raised concerns about the program’s shifting standards as early as April 2021, Air Force Times has learned.

Multiple documents obtained by Air Force Times — including performance forms, score charts and a report the woman authored shortly after dropping out of a land navigation event — illustrate how she was allowed to return to training after she quit, and how physical training metrics were lowered just as she arrived at a challenging schoolhouse last spring.

“I believe the change in standards invalidated me with a majority of my team,” she wrote in an April 2021 memo to an unnamed master sergeant about her experience at the school. “One [instructor] cadre member had a conversation with a student and said that the cadre ‘rioted’ when they found out the PT test was changing back to lesser standards.

“Perhaps all of this timing was coincidental, but looks highly suspicious with my arrival on campus,” she added. Air Force Times is withholding her name for privacy reasons.

The airman’s account and other paperwork contradict public statements that Lt. Gen. Jim Slife, the head of Air Force Special Operations Command, issued during the first week of January to refute claims that his organization is unfairly pushing an unqualified female airman through special tactics training.

An anonymous letter circulated online alleged that AFSOC tweaked the training benchmarks to her benefit and allowed the woman to return after she tried to quit the program three times.

In statements to the press and a Jan. 7 letter to airmen, Slife said the anonymous letter was inaccurate and took the situation out of context.

“We do make changes in how we train airmen in order to improve the effectiveness of our training, but we do not lower our standards. … Period,” he wrote.

Air Force Times on Monday asked AFSOC to comment on the new information. The command referred a list of detailed questions and screenshots of documents to Air Education and Training Command, which manages the special warfare pipeline.

AETC spokeswoman Marilyn Holliday said Wednesday the service would not answer the query.

There’s more at the source.

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Green Thumb

Aim higher!

But hey, they got their historic first, right?

Lt. Gen. Jim Slife is a dishonest piece of shit that is going to wind up getting someone killed. I wounder if he was down walking the “lanes” like his buddies back over in the Army?

Its one thing to hold someone’s hand through training and give them a year train up and nine recycles or the AF equivalent and put them on display, its entirely another to go into combat and have to rely on yourself and others.

Green Thumb

I also though on a prior article that she filed a EO complaint challenging that cadre were hard on her.

So Lt. Gen. Jim Slife: which one is it?


I have to hand it to her. If she is as smart and as plucky as she appears for going against the brass she is to be applauded even if she didn’t make it.


Back to this…AGAIN! Who knows? I think she wanted to quit and the General wanted to be able to check a box. And…AGAIN…I feel that any person that wants to do a job should be given the opportunity to do the job IF THEY ARE ABLE TO MEET THE REQUIREMENTS for the job. And the REQUIREMENTS should be the same for everyone.

Slow Joe

Déjà vu!

Didn’t I just read an article here in TAH about her?

The Matrix must have changed something….


[but we do not lower our standards. … Period,” he wrote.]

The US Air Force lowered its PT standards in the 1980s,
and have done so again since.

One set of standards was RAISED in the 1980s… Weight standards.

Not to mention (but I will)
minimum acceptable standards to JOIN the US Air Force
since shortly after 9/11/2001.
How did all those DUI and theft convicts turn out?


Someone’s a go at the integrity station and it ain’t the institution.

I’m off to do things for the family. Good luck to the WOT contenders!




Check out this very interesting editorial article about Hunter Biden and how he was able to receive a Direct Commission with the Navy Reserves at the age of 43 while the Author of the article could not get an age waivor despite being 40 years old…

“So..What Were Hunter Biden’s Connections To Get A Commission?”




That worked out worse than the Air Force’s DUI and theft convicts.



The Stranger

Good old “Hoover” Biden…cashed in on his daddy’s clout and got bounced for popping hot for cocaine at his first drill. Seriously, cocaine? That drug blows through your system with a quickness, something like 3 days after use and the drug test comes back clean. That is one dumb muh-fugger.


Hunter Biden has been useless his whole fucking life. I guess the coat hanger must’ve partially got him.


I believe the LTG. He ended his message with two periods, one of which was the written form “Period”. You aren’t allowed to do that if you are being dishonest. The should throw that CPT in the brig for besmirching his fine character.

Skivvy Stacker

“We do make changes in how we train airmen in order to improve the effectiveness of our training, but we do not lower our standards. … Period,”
Which is Militarese for: “Uuuuuuuuuhhhhh….lemme circle back on that…”

Dr Baker

LOL Another woman trying out for something she never was even close to qualified for. She is strong and don’t need no man! She is so tough that she is going to whine that they were not hard enough on her even though she failed anyway.

BTW when are our tranny battalions going to be ready and our crossdressing pedophile Delta Force team going to be ready. We certainly can’t beat our fake enemies China and Russia (both of which never called me a domestic terrorist or White Supremeicist) with just a bunch of White guys. We need those strong women who don’t need no man, sassy fat black women who don’t take no mess, and pervert trannys who have the ability to cry at the drop of the hat.

Every day I thank god I am no longer in the Navy and don’t have to deal with their political nonsense anymore. The military today and even back in the obama days was hypocritical and corrupt to the core. It seems like something new every week makes me embarrassed to even tell anyone I am a veteran.