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| January 14, 2022

Kimber Micro 9

Man shot during gun battle with Cook County sheriff’s deputies in South Shore, police say

Sarah Freishtat, Chicago Tribune
A man was taken to the hospital in “traumatic arrest” after exchanging gunfire with Cook County sheriff’s deputies in the South Shore neighborhood authorities said.

The exchange of gunfire occurred while deputies were tracking a person on electronic monitoring who they encountered in the 7400 block of South Yates Boulevard about 6:45 p.m., officials said.

Paramedics took the person shot, a man in his 30s, to University of Chicago Medical Center in “traumatic arrest,” said Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Merritt.

The sheriff’s office said deputies were notified the man was no longer allowed to stay at the home in the 8600 block of South Sangamon Street, where he had been living, but when they arrived at the home they learned he had already left.

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Link thanks to our Gun Bunny. Traumatic arrest? Should occupy a slab.

Driver Kills Florida State Board Official in Self-Defense During Road Rage Incident

by Luke McCoy
We cover a lot of road rage incidents, some ending up as defense gun use stories. This one is pretty wild, according to reports. Investigators are still interviewing witnesses and reviewing surveillance footage, but the following is based on Florida Politics’ report and sources.

Last week, John Kuczwanski, Legislative Affairs Director for the Florida State Board of Administration, drove through an intersection where he had a previous road rage incident when his BMW swerved out of his lane, hitting a Prius.

The two vehicles pulled over into a parking lot. The man in the Prius confronted Kuczwanski but then got back into his car to wait for the police to arrive. What happened or what was said during this confrontation isn’t known at this point.

According to sources, Kuczwanski then rammed his BMW into the Prius’ driver door and started pushing the car sideways. He then shot at the Prius, which is when the Prius driver drew his own firearm and fired back. Kuczwanski was hit and killed by the gunfire.

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USA Carry
So much for Mr. Kuczwanski’s anger issues.

As I have stood in the crosshairs of those who target Second Amendment freedoms, I’ve realized that firearms are not the only issue. No, it’s much, much bigger than that. I’ve come to understand that a cultural war is raging across our land, in which, with Orwellian fervor, certain acceptable thoughts and speech are mandated. — Charlton Heston

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Local state capital Tallahassee news on Mr. Nice Guy Florida road rager JK.
Includes related links & some fairly boring crime scene video, including the vehicles.
IRONY – Mr. Nice guy dead road rager, who rammed a Toyota Prius,
and then opened fire (big mistake)…
rammed the Prius with his (Dodge) RAM pickup.

[Sheriff’s Office: No charges filed ‘for now’ in Tallahassee road rage death]


I know, other stories say BMW, but the crime scene video sure looks like Dodge RAM.
Looking for better photos or video.

Also, he had a history.. at the SAME intersection.
[Road Rage Participant Previously Arrested for Altercation at Same Intersection]


It’s the intersection’s fault. Ban them.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Looks like Mr K’s (Director, “rules for thee, but not for me”) recidivism now equals zero.

Just like Bernasty’s flying errors (AAG =-6 ft) now equals zero.

Methinks that a likely toxic work place issue was also resolved in the favor of his minions as well.


Followup to recent multiple Philadelphia carjacking FGS.

See TV news video of (dysfunctional and useless)
Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw.

Worse, see Deputy Commissioner Ben Naish give TV advice…
“It’s a car.
If someone’s going to take your car, don’t try to fight over the car.
It’s not worth your life.”

And these idiots wonder why carjackings in Philly are on a steep rise?

[‘What’s Happening Here Is Not Normal’:
Philadelphia Police Outline Plan To Combat Rising Carjackings In City]


Followup to RoboCop.
There is no New Detroit.
Detroit is still Old Detroit,
and only 1/3 the size of old Old Detroit.
Philadelphia is the new Old Detroit.
But without RoboCop.
And without ED-209.
Bonus – Bixby on TV.


“Should occupy a slab.” I think he now does Chief. Update was sketchy and trying to hide behind a paywall. I think his “traumatic arrest” has turned terminal. Another linky shows a DRT “breaking news” in the next county over. Gives us a twofer. Digging into the USA Carry shows 2 more DRTs in Washington State, both were victims fighting back. With the dumbass politician we can count a minimum of a quad four and possibly an ACE 5 DRTs for today’s total count. WW grins!

A little tease with the Kimber Baby 9? It is so very cute. Kinda sorta looked at one the other day during my ride-a-bout. Lady Friend said it reminded her of me…cute and compact. Having already got the CC boxes checked, Home Boy that owns the shop broke out that Big Boy Kimber 1911 Custom LW (Lovely Weapon). It was, indeed, Love at FIRST (ht 2 Roh-Dog) sight. And just as in the Godfather Motion Picture, he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.


It’s the intersection’s fault. Ban them.