Oath Keepers founder and 10 others charged with seditious conspiracy, cowardly killer walks free.

| January 14, 2022

The Department of Justice unveiled seditious conspiracy charges against 11 defendants, including the founder and leader of the right-wing Oath Keepers militia group, Elmer Stewart Rhodes III, for their role in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

How many times have we exposed the ASSHATTERY of the so-called “Oath Keepers” on this site?  My opinion of Patchy Rhodes has not changed much over the years,  here is an example I posted years back:

Let’s just say TAH as a general guideline doesn’t care for Patchy Rhodes very much.  His hysterical babbling and tin foil temperament are some of his better qualities.  I have lost count of how many posers/embellishers we have busted that were affiliated with his group.  It started out as an interesting group but quickly turned septic mostly due to the puss filled ego of its blowhard leader.


The irony of this one-eyed fat man claiming someone else built a reputation on lies and deception is just too rich.

There are one-eyed fat men that I admire…he just ain’t one of them. Try this link for some historical references on our dealings Oath Keepers.


Notwithstanding my disdain for any Oath Keeping,  I can not justify a murder that goes by as if it didn’t happen.

A Capitol Police officer fatally shot Ashli Babbitt, a 35-year-old Air Force veteran, who was attempting to force her way into the House chamber. Another person died during the riot after suffering a drug overdose, and two others died naturally from medical emergencies. Brian Sicknick, a 42-year-Capitol Police officer, got hit with pepper-spray during the chaos and died the next day after suffering from two thromboembolic strokes. Four other officers who responded to the riot committed suicide in the months following.

What I observed on the video of that event was a cowardly and panicked Capitol Police officer shooting an unarmed woman through a closed door as he dodged in and out of a doorway.

Lindsey Graham seems to be the only one that is asking:

‘How Many People Have Been Charged With The Portland Incident?’

I do not support and have been an avid critic of the Oath Keepers for a long, long, time.  My only support was to send them a Bag of Dicks during the Shit House Siege to express my disdain for their cause.  Jon Ritzheimer and his Fecal Force were a disgrace then and their Puggy Patch-eyed President remains so.

BLM and ANTIFA are the same kinds of disgrace as Oath Keepers.  These groups hijack perfectly benevolent sentiments of one kind or another and twist them into their own weaponized version of things.

Ashli Babbitt was the woman who was shot during the riot inside the Capitol.  She had no business being part of the crowd that forced entry into the building.  However, being murdered by a Capitol Police officer who decided to be Judge, Jury, and Executioner should not be swept away so quickly.

How many were killed by Police Officers during the many months of the Portland riots?  Entire blocks of a City were destroyed and many lives were lost and hundreds of others were injured.   Let us contrast that to a small group of loons called Oath Keepers that broke a few doors and a window or two.

Calling them a “Trump Mob” is the kind of unthinking rhetoric that gets “clicks” on web links but is not professional journalism in any sense of the word.

Jon Ritzheimer and Ashli Babbit are/were veterans.  They served this country when most others would not.  That does not excuse their actions and they should have been held accountable, albeit not by government-sanctioned murder.  Ritzheimer got a slap on the hand… and a rubber dick.  He seems to avoid oath-keeping these days.   Babbit was executed while unarmed.

There are a lot more “Clinton Klans” with blood on their hands than there ever will be Oath Keepers.  Until we start dispensing justice equally and without regard to which political party is in power at the time, this nonsense will continue.



Source: DOJ charges Oath Keepers founder, 10 others with seditious conspiracy related to Jan. 6 riot | Fox News

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Who is Ray Epps?

MI Ranger

Why is Russian Television the only one reporting on this? Is he a Russian asset?


Are you really asking why Russian state-owned television would like to push a false narrative that causes further strife in the US?



The Dims say he is a good boy.


Or, our media is 100% controlled by corporations beholden only to themselves and are working in concert with central banks to subvert our Natural Rights.

But yeah, toooooootally ‘MuH RuSsia’.

ffs, you might be retarded. Seek help.


Oh, well if he says he’s not, then it must be true. It’s not like anyone lies to Congress.


What discussions are taking place in the SCIF and has Epps ever drawn a check from Cambridge Analytica, American University or USAID?

It doesn’t pass the sniff test and when the dude drowns in an inch of water: we told you so.


Notably, Epps wasn’t placed under oath, and he only said he wasn’t as an agent of a federal law enforcement agency.


False narrative my ass, I watched the videos of him exhorting the crowd to enter the Capitol. I also saw him talking to two dudes and they promptly thereafter tore down one of the barricades and a sign saying the area was off limits. Moreover, there is video of him urging on people who were tearing down other barricades and rushing in other restricted areas. Epps was clearly an agent-provocateur.


LC asks dismissively, “Are you really asking why Russian state-owned television would like to push a false narrative that causes further strife in the US?”

And then provides a link to an article by a sneeringly biased journalist in one of the most biased and distrusted news sources in the country in response to MI Ranger’s question.

Ol’ Poe has a question for LC: Are you such a Pollyanna Liberal that you are one of the less than 25% of Americans who trust the mainstream media?

“The survey by the Trafalgar Group revealed that 76.3% of respondents from all political affiliations said that “the primary focus of the mainstream media’s coverage of current events is to advance their own opinions or political agendas,” compared to only 23.7% who said news media was interested in “finding and reporting the facts.”


None are so blind as…🙄🙄🙄


WaPo is owned by a government/big bank subsidized .01%’er that wants to kill anyone that isn’t at least 1/4 lizard person. Fuck him and anyone that carries water for my enemy.

Also, liberalism
lĭb′ər-ə-lĭz″əm, lĭb′rə-
A political theory founded on the natural goodness of humans and the autonomy of the individual and favoring civil and political liberties, government by law with the consent of the governed, and protection from arbitrary authority.

Please STOP calling these idiots Liberals, they are at ‘best’ progressives but in truth are more likely authoritarian lapdogs, hunting for treats.

In either case, fuckem


Dog, the only folks who still apply that description of liberalism to themselves now precede it with the descriptive “classical” to differentiate themselves from the crazies you prefer to label “progressive”.

Ol’ Poe doesnt like that latter term because it implies forward thinking and forward movement while today’s liberals are determinedly regressive.


But thats the humor, progs are regressive. They’ll progress us all the way to utopia and Make Walls Bullet-Pocked Again in doing so.

Liberalism is our founding soil and worthy of establishment.


I provided one of several links – others were paywalled, so I went for one that wasn’t. The simple fact is, Epps says he’s not working for the Feds. His lawyer says he’s not. Kinzinger says he’s not. The spokesperson for the Jan 6 Committee says he’s not. There’s no evidence that he is… but, since the narrative that it was all a bunch of Antifa infiltrators has clearly not worked, you want some new conspiracy to be true to shift the blame?

I grant you it’s still possible Epps is a Fed. Just as it’s possible Hillary will run, and it’s possible I’ll hook up with Elle Macpherson again tonight. But that’s not the same as probable, and right now, the odds are pretty fucking heavily against the above. It isn’t ‘just asking questions’ when you take unlikely things and grab hold of them; it’s desperation and deflection.

Finally, trust in the media isn’t a binary thing. If the Washington Post says that the Donald Trump is a human being, and we have evidence he is, and he passes a physical and no evidence he’s not, we don’t simply say, “All the media does is lie, therefore he can’t be human!”. That’s not how trust works.

But yes indeed – that quote works for you. None are so blind as he who refuses to see.


Heh…ol’ Poe should have put Pollyanna in all caps like this:

POLLYANNA…much more fitting for someone who speaks of “how trust works” when discussing the political machinations of the extant federal government and their media faithful.


E4 Mafia '83-'87

The best news sources out there that do actual journalism are Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Aaron Mate’, and a few others. I do not agree with much of their personal politics, but they do actual investigations and ask tough questions instead of regurgitating “the party line”.


Spot on Dave. You nailed it. And I do believe that a majority of the people here feel the same. Hell, even if only 10% of the folks that have visited this site over the years agree with you that’s still close to 1.2 million souls that are fed up with the idiots and the disinformation coming from the Ministry of Propaganda. Guess we’ll be the first ones the modern Brown Shirts/Stasi come after.

May the chains of the indoctrinated rest lightly.


The DOJ has just announced the creation of its own domestic terrorism task force.

Nothing to see here, citizen. Move along.


Its illegal to advocate overthrowing your country or state, but not others’ states.

Hey Citizens of Or-eee-gone, your ‘leaders’? fuquem. Clear house.
Signed, some dude in CT


Apparently it is also terrorism to protest school policies at school board meetings that led to your daughter being raped at school as well.


Much like the Library at Alexandria, we are just going to have sack and eat the brains of the “Intelligence” “Community” and Congresscritters to ‘know’ the truth, presuming we find grey matter hence.

Got Tapatio? Ketchup?

Nature abhors whores.


I thought that in this country our leaders were accessible and
could be openly informed of our grievences.
Apparently not. In fact you could be shot trying to reach them.


There are real issues with our representation, access, and accountability among elected officials.

But Jan 6th was not merely a petition of grievances.

And there was a genuine effort to overthrow an election and install a despot.


Not unlike the actions of antifa in Portland and Seattle? I will never defend the actions of the oath keepers and their associates, nor will I defend the actions of anyone who entered the capital grounds on 6 January. But far too much credit is given to that unorganized mob of dumbasses by calling it insurrection or overthrow attempt. I have no doubt that many in that mob had that mindset. What we saw was a riot. No organization, no leadership, no plan, just collective dumbassery. Prosecute the guilty. All I want is for the thousands of left-wing rioters to receive the same treatment.


Riddle me this Batman, how does one overthrow the most powerful government on the planet with and unorganized mob of a few hundred, or even two thousand, with zero firearms?


… an unorganized mob …, not “and.”

AW1 Rod

These people whom you say were “genuinely trying to overthrow an election and install a despot”…..are they in the room with you, now?


Well, a despot WAS installed… not since the days of “I have a cell phone and a pen” has anyone ever ruled by executive order more effectively. We don’t even need those two other branches of government anymore.


SFC D, you and ol’ Poe are usually in fairly close agreement on most issues. However I must register strong objection to your use of the term “effectively”.



Point well taken! There was a healthy dose of sarcasm in there.


Buhahahhahahaha! You won, I concede… unlike Killary or Stacy Abrams.


Lars, see my response above to LC. Like him, you’re still in that rapidly shrinking percentage (<25%) that still believe the crap produced by the mainstream media.

You have proved yourself so consistently wrong here on so many issues that even when you make a sensible statement as in your first sentence, it still gives you no credibility.

A Proud Infidel®™

Major Moonbat, I bet your teeny little head would explode if you ever had even a single thought independent of the propaganda you so joyously regurgitate.


But can I still wear my “Oath Keeper” tab on my ASU to ceremonial events? And is damn nifty and makes me feel 14% more special.

RGR 4-78

“Puggy Patch-eyed President”

Trailer Park Odin.


A regular or two here kept trying to push the claim that it was not sedition because people are only being charged with trespassing, vandalism, and obstructing – and in the cases of violence again officers; that violence…

I kept saying the sedition charges were coming.

Seditious conspiracy the first round of those charges.


We shall see how it shakes out. My guess is that the oath keeper clowns are guilty as hell, others not so much. I’m very familiar with them on the border, their vigilante style is not welcome here.


It was more than 2.
We won’t be hearing any of that
from the January 6 deniers & minimizers anymore.

My opinion all along, has been that it was NOT an insurrection,
but attempted insurrection by an assortment of independent knuckleheads…

… such as #FacePaintBlowhard Samuel Lazar,
who also carried a bullhorn and shouted to the crowds,
but also dressed up in phony combat gear, and maced DC cops,
and others like jailed Sam….
the Proud Boys, and now the Oath Keepers (of course).

I got some comments in at the bottom of this recent (but now buried) article, connecting the dots…. between January 6…. and cognition.
Everyone see the little dots???

[The more one worship celebrities,
the poorer their cognitive test performance
thebesig | January 9, 2022]


(Copied from linked VG article above.)
MarineDad61 says:
January 13, 2022 at 3:19 pm

So, this begs the debate of 2016 vs. 2020.

We all know that TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)
was fueled not by any worship of Hillary Clinton,
but by sheer hate of Donald Trump (beating Hillary in 2016).

So, what fueled January 6, 2021?
Was it hate of Biden (beating Trump in 2020),
or was it worship of celebrity outgoing President Trump?
(end paste)


They don’t really have much on the Proud Boys. Despite the apoplexy from the left about them being a white supremacist group and the media actually even altering photos to make them appear white the leader of the group is actually black Hispanic and much of the group is also not white.

They were at the Capitol but didn’t appear to be doing much.

Here is their white chairman:

comment image

Note the hilarity of them using his actual name in quotations.

And an unaltered photo:

comment image

Their case is about as good as the pictures.


I am reading that 3 dozen individual Proud Boys have been charged,
including several leaders (whatever that means).
Nothing of large scale organization,
other than some messaging by Tarrio.
So, it looks like all the individual Proud Boy knuckleheads charged are on their own, unless they spill.

AW1 Rod

So, a year later we suddenly now have charges of “sedition.” Nobody charged with “insurrection” after an entire year of DoJ/FBI effort, and people are noticing. There was no “insurrection” (or “insurgence” or “coup” or “terrorist attack”), and people are also starting to talk about those arrested and being held after the Jan 6 protest as “political prisoners.” Can’t have that! It’s not looking good, so quick, now! Charges of “sedition! Image that. Have to do something to support the “insurrection” lie. Must have ammo to use against all those DVE Trump supporting voters! After all, there’s an election this November! Must have (keep) the “insurrection” lie as ammo for DemocRATS campaigning during the run-up to the election, right up to election day!


Correctamundo. Everything this Brandom regime does is a psyop or has some nefarious motive to increase and/or preserve their power.


Imagine if you will, an insurrection in the most heavily armed nation in the world…

Where not a single insurrectionist brought his gun…🤔🤔🤔


Again with the zero guns LIE?

If 1 knucklehead dropped his LOADED gun and left it behind
(following that up with a false lost gun report),
how many knuckleheads held onto their guns
around AND INSIDE the Capitol,
and took them back home again?

Think gun range, or state hunting forest.
Or even a 21st century battlefield.
How many dropped and left behind vs. the total?

Did you also forget the stashes in cars and hotels, too?
You know, just in case.

Try again, this time with facts and truth.

Or are you too busy criticizing the news sources for others,
while embracing your silly and fake Gateway Pundit?

This knucklehead Mazza sits in jail now,
until trial or guilty plea, and sentencing (to more time).

[‘Not a momentary lapse of judgment’ |
Judge orders man who brought loaded gun to Capitol held without bond
Mark Andrew Mazza is accused of assaulting police and carrying a handgun loaded with hollow-point bullets and shotgun shells during the Capitol riot.]


Ol’ Poe thinks maybe you gotta few wires crossed, Daddio.

Why the hell are you so dead set on assisting the Democrats into depicting a fucking demonstration as a major, criminal event?

In ol’ Poe’s opinion, you seem obsessed–somethings wired wrong in your head, Dad…


There were guns. There was potential. But there wasn’t any shooting.

This dude brought enough bullets to put a serious dent in things. As well as Molotov cocktails and other assorted toys.



5JC & Poefibber,
The January 6 knuckleheads helped the Dems
more than they helped ol’ Poe,
but Poe can’t handle the truth,
nor recognize fiction from fact,
or friend from foe.

It would be much easier for Poe to admit
when he’s once again seriously full of shit.

(*poetry over)

It’s sad, almost tragic, certainly pathetic, to see angry fake news believing unicorn chasing farrightwingnuts acting like even worse sore losers than the Trump Derangement Syndrome sore loser Dems.

When you attend Rattlesnake Church,
it’s easy to get bit,
and Poe and a few others here are ass bitten.

No one is sticking “I told you so”
up Poefibber’s ass,
but in reality, he had it coming.
And he deserves it from Commisar today.

(*This will be my last comment on this article & thread.)


“(*This will be my last comment on this article & thread.)”

No, you need this subject like a crack addict needs his pipe. You’ll write paragraphs.


As of a few weeks ago,
I am now on the short leash by AW1Ed,
due to lying, whining, and complaining fuxtix.

Is that you, too?


No. I’m just one of many here who are tired of your target fixation and your holier than thou, smartest man in the room attitude. You earned that leash. So, is THAT now your final comment?


Seditious conspiracy is a more serious charge than insurrection.

Twice the maximum penalty in years of prison.


Your gloat is duly noted and adds only to your already dismal image here.

A Proud Infidel®™

I bet you blew a wad in your jeans while typing that, Major Moonbat. So now YOU TELL ME and everyone else about the arson and the stores looted during the January 6th demonstration where a few asswipes went much farther than they should have. C’mon now if you’re the intellectual you claim to be, where’s your “Empirical Evidence” that it was a coup attempt, where was the arson and looting like we saw done by your antifa and blm comrades did in the leftwing-run major cities?

You lose yet again, Major Moonbat.


I was seditioned by a Chinese girl when I was at Berkeley… I didn’t like it.


Isn’t that a Bill Ayers quote?
And he actually used explosives.
By the way, how is Bernadine doing these days?