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| January 28, 2022

Notice that those that you know, who support socialism, live in the United States or in another country that is not socialist? The above picture nicely captures how socialists in the West see socialism versus the reality that would kick in once socialism kicks in. Enjoy your weekend.

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Enjoy your reign sir.





Tanks Mates, better to be lucky than good (which is what happened to Navy one weekend in December). I musta had an edge today because I’m so well fed. Y’all may have noticed, of late, that some of the FIRST Commenters of the TAH WOT have been a little slack in the rations issue and I believe the troops are so weak with hunger that they can pound that F5 key. Seegars and Mint Juleps on the verandah this evening. gabn/rtr/hbtd


Your Orb and Scepter Sir KoB.
Enjoy your reign.
Present (late) but accounted for. Snow starting here in the Mid-Atlantic . Too Bad Massholes. You deserve all of it. 😆🖕❄️🌨🧹


All is right in the TAH world – KoB is back on the throne.



Commissioner Wretched

So how about a trivia column?

Did one song bring the career of a 1940s musician to a halt?
By Jack Bagley
We live in a wonderful world.

Sure, it has its drawbacks, and plenty of them. There’s war, famine, pestilence, disease, the list goes on and on.

But there are wonderful things in it as well. Such as sunshine.


The laughter of children.

And, of course, trivia … in my book one of the most wonderful things of all. (Naturally, since I make part of my living from bringing it to you.)

So clear the decks for this week’s incoming supply of wonderful trivia!

Did you know …

… a human brain’s cognitive decline starts around the age of 24? A 2014 study in the journal PLOS One showed that in most people, the age of peak cognitive development is 24. After that begins the slow downward slide to … whatever comes after that. (I’m 63 … you do the math.)

Commissioner Wretched

… you may be an anemologist? And you could also be a brontologist.  In fact, you can be both at the same time. An anemologist studies wind, while a brontologist studies thunder. (And if you do it on television, you’re the weather person.)

… your breakfast food has a name that comes from mythology? Didn’t you ever wonder where the word “cereal” came from? Cereal is named after the Roman goddess Ceres, who is associated with plants that produce grains. Most cereal is made of one grain or another. (Now this makes me hungry, for some reason.)

Commissioner Wretched

… the uniforms worn by the Nazis before and during World War II were designed by a famous fashion designer? Hugo Boss (1885-1948), founder of Hugo Boss AG luxury fashion house, was hired by Nazi leaders in the early 1930s to design and sell the uniforms the National Socialist Party wore. Boss would go on to supply the party with uniforms for all of its organizations, including the Hitler Youth and the Waffen-SS. Following Germany’s defeat in the war, Boss’ company turned to designing men’s suits.


Yup. Kinda particular in their look for a while though.
comment image

Commissioner Wretched

… a 1940s jazz pianist saw his career come to a screeching halt because of one song? Harry “the Hipster” Gibson (1915-1991) was one of the most popular jazz pianists of the 1940s, performing in a wild, frenetic, unrestrained style.  Gibson recorded numerous singles and albums, but his career ended in 1946 when he wrote and recorded “Who Put the Benzedrine in Mrs. Murphy’s Ovaltine,” a novelty song. Because of the song’s repeated mention of drug use, radio stations refused to play it, and Gibson suddenly found himself blacklisted from the industry. But by the 1970s, Gibson had made a comeback of sorts, playing rock piano, blues, novelty songs, and anything people wanted to hear. He would also play piano with some notable rock bands. The song that resulted in his blacklisting ended up being one of the most requested songs on the Dr. Demento radio show, which features novelty music. (But … who did put the benzedrine in Mrs. Murphy’s Ovaltine?)

Commissioner Wretched

… no physical evidence exists that today is Wednesday (or Thursday or whatever day you’re reading this)? The day of the week is an arbitrary designation, just like weeks themselves, months, years, etc. All sorts of calendars are based on man’s desire to know when things happen. People simply have to trust that whoever is in charge of keeping such things straight is doing their job. (Oh, great … yet another thing in life to be unsure about.)

Commissioner Wretched

… the first roller coaster in America was built to distract people from sin? LaMarcus Thompson (1848-1919), an inventor and businessman, devised a gravity-powered ride called a “switchback railway” for Coney Island, New York, in 1884 because he hated the fact that Americans were tempted by such hedonistic places as saloons, brothels, and amusement parks. The idea of the roller coaster was to take people’s minds off such … seedier thoughts. (And give them thoughts like, “How do I avoid falling out of this thing?”)

… a town in Spain exists literally under a rock? The town of Setenil de Las Bodegas is home to about 3,000 people, all of whom live and work and play in a gorge beneath a huge rocky outcropping. The homes in the town are built right into the rock, and anthropologists believe that area has been a home and shelter for humans since before the Stone Age. (If you ever wondered where The Flintstones took place, this is Bedrock. Literally.)

Commissioner Wretched

… every day, twelve newborn babies are given to the wrong parents? (How many of those get sorted out eventually, I wonder?)

… a thirsty camel can drink up to 30 gallons of water in just 15 minutes? (That’s not drinking, that’s inhaling.)

… a major crime figure had a very humdrum business front? Mobster Al Capone (1899-1947), who ran the criminal element in Chicago during the 1920s and 1930s, had a business card that identified him as a “used furniture salesman.” (He could really cut you a deal, couldn’t he?)

… rubber bands last longer if they’re kept in the refrigerator? (But you can’t use them if they’re kept in the refrigerator!)

Commissioner Wretched

… the law in Pennsylvania prohibits singing in the bathtub? (Now there’s a law that should be shared!)

… Eve (of Adam and Eve) is depicted as having blonde hair for a reason? During the Middle Ages, women with blonde hair were viewed with suspicion, and by the middle of the 14th Century that suspicion had even worked its way into paintings set in the Garden of Eden. Eve was given flowing blonde locks that marked her as an evil temptress. (Only her hairdresser knows for sure, of course.)

Now … you know!


CW: Thank You again for all the interesting Trivia…We really enjoy reading these every week!


Another fine job, CW my man! After my final d.i.v.o.r.c.e (yeah she was a yella haired gal) I looked at ALL women with suspicion. Partial to Blacked Haired Beauties and Firey Red Heads my self.


Are you implying that maybe the carpet might not match the drapes? But I don’t think there were any hairdressers in that garden.


Wonder when Ole Joey Biden’s brain started declining?

Frankie Cee

I have been wondering lately; “does anyone ever see or hear anything about The One Who Cometh“?
Having made some recent changes to my life, I could quite possibly find myself in Scenic Orange City Florida, passing by the 7/11 with the wine bottle collection beside the dumpster.
I would try to time myself to catch all green lights, lest some old demented fool in a purple, puke stained, jumpsuit, think I am driving the bus that takes him to his rehab appointments.

Me n Short Bus 1 Jan 26 2022.jpg
Frankie Cee

Dayum! That is the first time I have ever seen the Purple Heart Medal worn on a pendant. But then I have seen a lot of firsts with the DRG.


Was wondering about that as well!



Is the sLUrPer the sole member of the gang who walks free? Aren’t the others besides Bernasty in a lock-up or mental hospital somewhere?

Frankie Cee

Appearance aside, this old County “Short Bus” is in better condition than most 10 year old vehicles. It has very low mileage and was maintained from new by the county maintenance crew. It is”tight and right”, and makes an excellent vehicle for my old dog to load into.

RGR 4-78

The Redneck Special. 🙂

Hope things are going well Frankie.

A Proud Infidel®™

I don’t know how many times he told me he was a-coming and of course nothing happened.


BAM BAM BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRE MISSION FIRE MISSION FIRE MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another successful Time on Target 100/100 BDA for the Bunny of the Guns…The King of Battle…THE King of First on the Coveted EARNED NEVER AWARDED TAH Friday Weekend Open Thread. Weren’t even hardly trying, opened up after snacking on some of that bodacious slow orasted porked loin beast, and WHUMP!!! there it was, the WOT, just a’sittin’ there orphaned. Orasted porked loin beast, cheesy baked taters with bacon bits, cat headed biscuits, refreshing beverages, and your favorite refreshing beverages for all hands.

Come party with Arty!


Please…Let Us Never Forget What Happened 36 Years Ago Today, 28 January 1986:

“NASA Honors Fallen Heroes With Day of Remembrance, 36 years Since Challenger Explosion”

“Friday marks 36 years since the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, killing all seven crew members on board. Millions of people watched on live television as a failed booster caused the Challenger to break up 73 seconds after liftoff from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral.”

“On the evening of January 28, 1986, President Reagan postponed his State of the Union speech to address the devastating tragedy. “We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them, this morning, as they prepared for their journey and waved goodbye and slipped the surly bonds of earth touch the face of God.”


I was a paper boy, the drop off was three hours late, it was a long cold night,


I was on duty as a security guard, walking the streets of Downtown Houston.
Another sad day.

Herbert J Messkit

I was at OP 15 Santa Barbara range in Korea. We heard a little on the radio, couldn’t really visualize. Was blown away when I finally saw the video.

Green Thumb

I was in sixth grade watching on TV.


Please…Let us not forget the Apollo 1 Tragedy That Occurred 55 Years Ago, 27 January 1967:

“THIS DAY IN HISTORY: Tragedy Strikes Apollo 1 Crew In Cape Canaveral January 27, 1967”

Rest In Peace, Astronauts Virgil Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee, who lost their lives when a fire swept through the Command Module.

Never Forget.


Our Favorite Conservative, John Ross, who does Bob Ross parodies on Leftist Liberals, is back!

Here is his latest. It is 17 minutes long, but worth watching!

This time he will be using for his paints the colors Buttigieg Pink, Socialist Red, Lets Go Brandon Blue and Diarrhea Biden Brown.

Enjoy! We Did!

“How To Paint Like A -Censored-


A CLASSIC from 1978 “Midnight Special With Wolfman Jack”.

Who would have ever guessed that years later, this Musician/Performer has drawn attention for his outspoken Conservative political views, as well as his advocacy of hunting and gun ownership rights as well as being a Board Member of the National Rifle Association and a strong supporter of the Republican Party? 

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover. 


As I get ready for The Worst Snowstorm of All Time it gives me the opportunity to reflex on the decision to raise the right hand, pledging my all for this country a scant two decades ago.

LUCKY? Sheeeeet. Thank God Almighty for the men who I have had the honor to know and run into the unknown with.

Never will I forsake the principles to which my duty is bound, nor those that paid for this generation’s right to attain a higher form of Liberty.

Have a GREAT weekend y’all! If you live in AO New England join the herd; run to the store and gas station ASAP! Together we can empty those tanks (for no f’ing reason) and deplete ALL the bread, milk, eggs!



I thought only the South did the Milk and Bread routine:


Naw Ninj, we invented that game.
The package store wasn’t doing too bad either… Shut in for the day? Sound’s like a reason to day-drink to me!
speaking of, Stranahan’s Blue Point single malt is pretty dang good.


Our world has gone INSANE/MAD:

“Pregnant Man, Pregnant Person Emoji Coming To Apple iPhones”


“A “pregnant man” emoji and “pregnant person” emoji are coming to Apple iPhones with its latest update, iOS 15.4 sparking controversy.”

“The pregnant emoji aren’t new for some, since they arrived as part of an update that emoji-encyclopedia Emojipedia announced in September 2021. However, Apple’s version of the emoji were released Thursday as part of iOS 15.4 beta — a voluntary system update iPhone users can choose to install.”

“The update will come to all iPhone users later this year.” 

“The push to include everyone in pregnancy has erupted in controversy, with some cultural commentators arguing that the effort to make the biologically specific phenomenon all-inclusive erases factors that make women distinctive from men and even dehumanizes women.”


The World Has Gone INSANE/MAD:

“Pregnant Man, Pregnant Person Emoji Coming To Apple iPhones:


“A “pregnant man” emoji and “pregnant person” emoji are coming to Apple iPhones with its latest update, iOS 15.4 sparking controversy.”

“The push to include everyone in pregnancy has erupted in controversy, with some cultural commentators arguing that the effort to make the biologically specific phenomenon all-inclusive erases factors that make women distinctive from men and even dehumanizes women.”

“Emojipedia faced some criticism when it first announced the pregnant man and pregnant person emoji in September of last year. The company said in a blog post that the new figures “may be used for representation by trans men, non-binary people, or women with short hair—though, of course, use of these emoji is not limited to these groups.”


Welp, if you think that is insane. What do you think about DC comics making the man of steel himself gay? That’s right, DC comics is going to make Superman a homo. Now we will all know the real reason he and Lois never got it on. He is also going to be fighting for “social justice” and “equity” instead of truth and the American way.

Hack Stone

Sorry for being late to the show. The Vice President of the proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the Federal Government took the senior employees to a fancy new French restaurant named Costco. First time Hack has ever been to a place where you walk around the establishment and they give you sample of food on a toothpick.


On this day in 1980, the loss of USCGC Blackthorn.



Binkov’s Battleground covering the F-35 recovery operation in the CHINA sea.

Dennis - not chevy

Doom looms according to the wise tree hugger with whom I spoke yesterday. His proof of climate change is that Mount Greylock at 3,489 feet, the highest point in Massachusetts, is not iced capped throughout the entire year.


And yet, we here in mid-Michigan have been treated to one of the coldest stretches of January ever. Of course, it warmed all the way up to 17 degrees today. Right now, at 2025 hrs, it’s 12 degrees.

A Proud Infidel®™

Thirtysomething and I claim Honorary First once again.

I always notice that those who call the loudest for socialism are the ones who produce the least as well as those who have the least experience of being in the real world!


40-somethingth and still FIRST (h/t KoB) in the Hearts and Minds of my grandkids.

Picked up 2 tons of mushroom compost Monday for my garden, off-loaded it by shovel Tuesday, Wednesday picked up 2 tons of limestone base (road material) to fill a hole in my privately-owned-and-maintained road and off-loaded it by shovel.

Thankful that I am still physically able to shovel 2 tons of material and still walk the next day.

Princess had the WuHan-CCP-developed Fauci-funded plague, again, but hopefully is on the mend. None of the others in her house have it, praise be to God.

Some of the grandkids dug up several handfuls of wild onions the other day – to no apparent purpose other than to get them thinned out. Ended up sauteing about 3 cups of them and adding them to some of the green tomato soup in the freezer. Pretty good savory soup for a cold-ish evening.

God bless you all.


Well, this is just bizarre… Candace Owens is casually saying that the Apollo 11 moon landing was fake:


I’m gonna need more to drink if this is how the weekend is starting.

Slow Joe


Name withheld by request

Kind of like the Democrats fleeing big cities for the ‘burbs and telling how much better the big city is…except they don’t like the taxes, crime, high cost of living, inferior schools, ect, ect…but the big city is so much better
It’s never the
other way around…

Mustang Major

Joni Mitchell has joined Neil Young by pulling her music from Spotify.


Under forty generation: “Who?”

Me: “How cares?”


Pave over her gravesite, she thought it was paradise. Joni is a poster person for what cigarettes, alcohol and a lifetime of indulgence looks like.

Moonbats “of the feather” join together. Maybe she and neil can weave some leather fringe together into something they can build on.


F*ck me. The Boomers are really showing themselves to be f*cking hypocrites par excellence.
What happened to the instinct of rebelling against authority? It was all a lie…


But now they only block the sun, they rain and they snow on everyone.
So many things I would have done, but clouds got in my way.

–Joni Mitchell

Green Thumb

My dog just dropped a huge, steaming pile of Phil Monkress in my neighbor’s yard.

Will have to scoop it up later. I usually let huge, steaming piles of Phil Monkress sit a while in the cold air to “tighten up”.

Much like Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics), the stool is loose and lacks any consistency, so thus is difficult to scoop as it has a tendency to ooze off (much like Phil Monkress as well).

Once it achieves consisteny, I will scoop it up and deposit it with all of the other former steaming piles of Phil Monkress in compost pile behind the shed.


Remember (December 10 VG article #2)
Phony Legion of Merit Mayor Gene James ?

Well, San Clemente, California is still rockin’.
And now, a NEW callout of Mayor Gene’s primary PHONY ENABLER
and ongoing Book of the Fake PHONY DEFENDER.
Initials AH.

See new comments here…
(Public group, visible to everyone on the interwebby,
no FakeBook or sign in required).



It depends on what you mean by “socialist”.

Most “socialist” countries are democratic socialist, or social democracies.

And if you don’t know many people from any of these countries that support most of the social democratic institutions than you don’t know many people from these countries.

Nearly every social democracy score higher than the US in every single measure of quality of life.



Ask Tucker.


Invasion USA (1985) good times.


Good for them. Most countries on the face of this planet watch girly men run around playing soccer. Ipso facto, GFY.

I’m glad their buttplay is enjoyable to them, and if thats the cut of your jib by all means there sweetheart, unass this country.

I want to live in a free market, Constitutional Republic, and am willing to lay anyf**kthing down for it. Are you willing to come take it? Go live in one of those dystopian “Socialist ‘Democracies'”s you profess to love so much.

This country is our Alamo. Stop f**king with us.

No ball b-word.


Soccer parents, about 2 miles away.
Son is known worldwide, but barely makes the local news.



Good on him! Top-tier athletes are still impressive regardless how dumb the activity, I just don’t get soccer, especially when baseball is the mostest perfect game played by man. On that note, maybe Venezuela and Cuba ain’t that bad! (see below)


Your so-called “democratic socialist” countries are mostly Scandinavian nations with small homogenous populations that do not have socialist governments. They all have free market economies. As you know, socialism requires that the government own the means of production, i.e., there can be no or only very small and minimal free enterprise. That means all industries are government owned. Thus, the people are ordered where to work and what to do.

I once worked with a little Chinese gal who had been here for about eight years, attending college and law school. Since her family still lived in Communist China, I asked her why she left her native land. Her response: “I didn’t want to spend my life being a slave to the Chinese Communist government.” Needless to say, she has done extremely well here. She is married with two children. She chose her course in life; not some faceless party bureaucrat who decided where she would work/live and how many children she could have.

A Proud Infidel®™

Major Moonbat, once again you’re wrong as all get-out and full of Phil Monkress. Socialism has been a total failure everywhere it’s been tried.

Last edited 3 months ago by A Proud Infidel®™
Green Thumb

Little disappointed here, API, in the comment.

The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) and his new band of Phildo Supporters are most assuredly Capitalists.

In a free market economy, one must do what they have to do to succeed. “Philonious” (felonious) or not.

Thus, the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) and his new band of Phildo Supporters continue to procure American Taxpayer-funded goverment, minority, set aside contracts based upon his highly questionable and potentially felonious Native American, Navy SEAL and Law Enforcement claims.

I think in a Socialist regime, the powers that be would notice Phildo stealing and hiding some cheese “intended” for the people. Unfortunately, here in the great old USA, they do not.

And the Phildo knows where the meat pole goes…in the American Taxpayer’s collective two-hole.


Figure this’ll get buried as we’re past the weekend, but I’m curious if any here think this is a good thing. Apparently that Texas law to bolster ‘election security’ by disallowing local election boards from sending out mail-in ballot applications… doesn’t restrict politicians from doing so.

So, an impartial election board can’t send applications to either party. Because ‘security’, apparently. But a politician -those supremely trustworthy sorts, without a dog in the fight, clearly- can send them to whomever.

The article specifically calls out Crenshaw, but it applies to anyone. How, again, is this an improvement in any way, shape or form?




Both Sides Do It:

“Working Around Texas Law, Dems mail Out Hundreds Thousands Voting Applications



Indeed – I didn’t say otherwise. I’m simply saying that this was a stupid law if it makes an exception like this. It doesn’t do anything to help ‘security’ of elections with loopholes, and it gives politicians more power than independent election boards.

All in all, that seems pretty dumb to me. It’s an issue with the law.


Recommend that if you are a Texas voter, that you address this with those voted in office to represent the People.

Otherwise, it is a Law that passed.

There are many laws in our nation that some folks think are “dumb”. Some States still have Blue Laws.

Perspective. Eye of the Beholder. Good example is Mary-Jane. Or Speed Limits. I remember driving in Texas where the speed limit was 80MPH and other States were still 55-65MPH on the Interstates.

Go Figure.

Thank You for sharing, LC. Always great to read another’s viewpoint.



Recommend you contact Admin to make this a possible discussion of topic for TAH Readers. We do have Texans that are with the TAH Family.



Rules Of Engagement.


Texas Democrats have/had no problems with this as well.

As usysl, Liberal Media picking on GOP/Consevatives, yet sometimes fail to look at themselves in the mirror.

The ninja family are not Texas voters. At least, no one is discriminated against because of Race, Sex, etc, etc.


Recommend you contact Admin to make this a possible discussion of topic for TAH Readers. We do have Texans that are with the TAH Family.