Tuesdays with the Libs of Tik Tok

| January 11, 2022

Hot stuff, coming through!

Postpartum depression isn’t just for birthing people

COVID is scarier than weapons in schools

Pre-school indoctrination

These people are nuts

Well, I fear people wearing a mask. Your move, Karen.

Rules for thee, not for me

Thank God for Governor Ralph “Coon Man” Northam (who supports killing newborns and can’t remember if he was the one in blackface or the Klan robe), he cares

“America, the home of the free and the land of the dead”

More indoctrination of children

It’s protest when we do it. Now we need some justice before we can heal divisions, you racists

IDC SARC, paging IDC SARC to the white courtesy phone

Meanwhile in post-apocalyptic Australia…

Is anyone in “Trump Country” really pissed off by the sight of a mask? Yeah, didn’t think so

Have you sanitized your cash?

Finally, once again, the Babylon Bee was SUPPOSED to be satire!

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The performance art where the purple girl starts grabbing the other thing’s boobs. I like how everyone in the background keeps chatting and ignoring with two psycho lesbians rolling around on the floor right beside them.


Sadly, these types DO exist, they vote, and most scary of all…THEY BREED!

More and more I’m beginning to believe that we do have Hell on Earth.



I see your disreconstructions and raise you a ‘make me’.

Why is it always these poor women from clearly broken homes that believe their opinions matter? Here’s a proof for y’all sweethearts, I won’t punch you in the face, no matter how rude and assaultive you get, but when your white knight shows up he’s getting your ass whoopin too. 2 fking scoops.


That black dog has a nice butt.

HEY! I’m not prejudiced!