Hey look, we’re throwing more money into Afghanistan, but not to get our allies out

| January 11, 2022

After Biden’s botched pull out of Afghanistan last August, the country has been in more turmoil than…well…sometime in the Third Century maybe? Anywho, while we still have allies among the many people left behind when we just tucked tail, ran, and left behind billions in military equipment for the Taliban, there’s a humanitarian crisis. What does America do when there’s a humanitarian crisis? Why, we throw money at it. Lots and lots of taxpayer money.

From Military Times;

The White House has announced $308 million in additional humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan, offering new aid to the country as it edges toward a humanitarian crisis since the Taliban takeover nearly five months ago.

White House spokesperson Emily Horne said in a statement Tuesday that the new aid from the U.S. Agency for International Development will flow through independent humanitarian organizations and will be used to provide shelter, health care, winterization assistance, emergency food aid, water, sanitation and hygiene services.

The country’s long-troubled economy has been in a tailspin since the Taliban takeover. Nearly 80% of Afghanistan’s previous government’s budget came from the international community. That money, now cut off, financed hospitals, schools, factories and government ministries.

Desperation for such basic necessities has been further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as health care shortages, drought and malnutrition.

The USAID called on the Taliban to allow “all aid workers, especially women … to operate independently and securely” as humanitarian groups look to assist those suffering.

“The United States continues to urge the Taliban to allow unhindered humanitarian access, safe conditions for humanitarians, independent provision of assistance to all vulnerable people, and freedom of movement for aid workers of all genders,” the agency said in a statement.

The new aid brings U.S. humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan to more than $780 million since the chaotic ending of the 20-year-old war in August. The United Nations says 22% of Afghanistan’s 38 million people are living near famine and another 36% are facing acute food insecurity.

International funding to Afghanistan was suspended and billions of dollars of the country’s assets abroad, mostly in the United States, were frozen after the Taliban took control of the country in mid-August.

The decision by the U.S. and the international community not to recognize the Taliban government, which governed with a strict interpretation of Islamic law when it was in control from 1996 to 2001, has created a quandary for Western powers about how to provide enough aid without giving the Taliban legitimacy or putting money directly into its hands.

The lack of funding has led to increased poverty, and aid groups have warned of a looming humanitarian catastrophe. State employees, from doctors to teachers and administrative civil servants, haven’t been paid in months. Banks, meanwhile, have restricted how much money account holders can withdraw.

The Taliban have called on the international community to release funds and help stave off a humanitarian disaster.

No matter how well intentioned, we all know that most of this money will be greasing the hands of the Taliban and do little for the people of Afghanistan. Even in the best of times, that country has dealt with a lack of nutrition, potable water, and sanitation and hygiene.

Thank God we “urge” the Taliban’s cooperation. I’m sure they’re really quaking in their boots.

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A Proud Infidel®™

The Joke Biteme administration will fuck it all up in every way possible while its minions skim money and take kickbacks at every opportunity.


“new aid from the U.S. Agency for International Development will flow through independent humanitarian organizations”

See, they have already addressed your concerns….

George V

Fifty plus years ago when I was in high school and college, the left-wingers were constantly making arguments that the government (and industry as well) was foolish, corrupt and did not serve the citizens, that change was needed.

Well, looking back at the behavior of the gummint in the last 25 or 30 years, I find that I agree.

Green Thumb

We need to send Kamoola over there to smooth things over and get the job done.


Looking at that photo all I can think is FOD anyone?


If you mean Flying Ottoman Dumbasses, then yes.
(Don’t play semantics with me, they “flew” for a while and maybe, they had Ottoman ancestors.)


Where else can you earn your wings and an Air Medal on the same flight?


Yeah, BUT knowing today’s US military, if it were one of *our* guys, the Posthumous Arty 15 would wipe out the atta boy end of career medals. 😀 🙁


Nope! Sorry, not sorry! I have eggs-xactly ZERO (0) phuques to give for Asstan…or the people there. We have given way yonder to much American Blood AND Treasure to those people. I find it despicable that out of 38 some odd millions of people there NONE could stand up for themselves or their Country against a bunch of rag tag murderous, raping trash from hell. Enough is enough. The Lord helps those that helps themselves. Way yonder past the time that these people help themselves. Billions of American $s and thousands of American lives didn’t do the trick and I don’t see a few hundred millions more doing any good. YMMV

George V

If all those able bodied young males who have the energy to chase a C-17 down the runway had instead picked up a rifle, signed up with the Army, gotten trained, served their country in a reserve unit, then mobilized and gone to war to thwart a clear and obvious existential threat then maybe the Taliban would not be in charge.


Nobody — from the leaders of Russia, China and North Korea right down to the lowely cavemen in Afghanistan have any fear for us.

Russia could sweep through the Ukraine and end their existence and Biden wouldn’t do a goddamn thing. No different with Afghanistan, the man and his entire cabinet are inept retards who unraveled our shot at prosperity within hours of taking office to spite and punish the American people and the outgoing president. The withdrawal from A-Stan was just the icing on their big turd sundae. But… I’m realllll sure they will put that money to an honorable and just use… right?

Who they gonna blame for all that in the coming years? Anyone but themselves.

Lars must be proud.


I wonder if FJB is going to put Hunter in charge of the program? Or just pay him to paint expensive paintings of the wonderful use the Taliban makes of all the cash?



We gave the people of Afghanistan 20 years, billions of dollars and thousands of lives to try and turn their country into someplace habitable and civilized and they sat on their hands (or actively opposed us.)

As far as I’m concerned they fouled their own nest and they can live in it.

Want help? Ask the Taliban that you assisted against us. As the Jihadis and warlords and ISI operatives that you supported instead of the US. Ask all the troublemakers giving you guns and IEDs to use against coalition troops and contractors for help.

As a veteran of the Afghanistan war, I have to say my give-a-shit gauge is on “E”.


This just in! Biden administration promises special aid for all transgender goats in Afghanistan.


Wonder how many poppy fields and drug labs could have been taken out for $780,000,000. That’s a lot of Round-Up.


Super, we’re paying hundreds of millions to the Taliban. They will likely spend some of it on their campaign to hunt down and kill all the Afghans that helped us during the 20 years of war there. Brandon’s gang really is the enemy of this republic.


Those TallyBans are gonna keep fking around and get the tip of the spear: 69th Tranny Battalion Swimming Team.
A billion dollars? For Trashcanistan?

How’s that VA budget going?


Someone should ask Dean-oh here if the Taliban is sooooo bad, why his globalist uniparty seems to be willing to support them… If this talking point continues, and boy has it, the rhetorical question NEEDS to be asked back to the douchebags that get their funding from the fascia of fascism: the MSM/academia/gov orgy of tyranny. Charlie Wilson wept.

Joe ain’t my Potato.


For those that don’t want to click on the link and read his agitprop, Dean-oh is a Canuckistani leftist, America hater. So, eff him, we should care less what a Canadian cuck thinks.


Thanks for the back up. I was looking for the hottest of takes with a big-brained url and that one was toward the top.

The larger issue is a big, big chunk of our MSM recite the disgusting mantra, and some of them at least act like they honestly mean it.


You get the government you deserve.

Here, and there.


Joey Depends Admin can phuq up a 2 car funeral. Three more long years of Weekend at Bernie’s. GHU.


Can you say “Money Laundering?”

That taxpayer money going to the warlords in Afghanistan, or Somalia, or Uganda, or Haiti, or… all has a percentage for the Big Guy/Gal, y’know.



I could tell you some very interesting stories about one of those Warlords in Afghanistan that I had to deal with while being deployed in Bagram…



I ‘spect you could.

That kinda craps been going on ever since we started giving out “humanitarian aide” without oversight, accountability, or control.

Jus Bill

Tell us more about this destitute country’s billions “in assets abroad”, please. I’ll wait…

Only Army Mom

I’ve resisted responding here, waiting for my rage to sufficiently subside to form coherent sentences without cursing.

We did not send our men and women to fight and die in that 3rd World cesspool for the benefit of the Afghans. We did it to kill OBL, and to “keep them busy there so we weren’t fighting them here”, in the words of the smartest young soldier I knew.

Now that we’re no longer there, keeping them busy, the Brandon Administration seems disappointed they have brought their Jihadi crap here. So, we have to “help” them. This is the only outcome of giving those tea-boy and goat raping 7th Century savages money.

The Brandon’s handlers hate America as much or more and wish for the utter annihilation of everything America has stood for than do those who grew those savages. Prove me wrong.

Only Army Mom

“the Brandon Administration seems disappointed they have *NOT* brought their Jihadi crap here.

yeah, rage inhibited proof reading skills


I wonder how many of those hundreds of millions will be spent on bomb vests and other weapons to kill infidels and us and our allies.