National Parks for Veterans and Gold Star Families

| January 9, 2022

The newly signed National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) included a law giving veterans and Gold Star Families free lifetime access to national parks and federal recreational lands. The Alexander Lofgren Veterans in Parks (VIP) Act was named for Arizona congressional aide Alexander Lofgren, who died at Death Valley National Park.

“When you take your oath, if you go into the service, to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, you really are protecting the homeland,” the National Park Service’s new director and Navy veteran Chuck Sams told USA TODAY. “I think this is a great recognition of that responsibility you took on to serve your nation.”

David sends.

Free Entrance to National Parks for Veterans and Gold Star Families

The National Park Service in partnership with Operation Live Well would like to thank military personnel and their families for their service and invite them to enjoy their national parks.

Gold Star Families and US military veterans are eligible to receive free lifetime access to more than 2,000 federal recreation areas, including national parks, wildlife refuges, and forests. The free Military Pass is a way to thank America’s veterans, Gold Star Families, and current military and their dependents for their support of our country and to encourage them to explore recreational opportunities on their public lands and waters.

Lots of FAQs and links at National Park as one would expect.
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Kool! A freebie that I can and will actually use.

Bill HUD

Been in effect sine 11 November 2021.


Sweet. The Facebook link sent me to a reenactment page.

Will have to dig a little deeper for info since I’m not on any social media sites.



Green Thumb

I guess all General Discharge folks can now enjoy what their honorable brothers and sisters receive.


What a great law. Love it.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Is the DC Kremlin aware of the NDAA and if so, I hope the supreme ruler and the hollyweird elite actors/actreses won’t sign an executive order to cancel it.