Marine Covid Purge

| December 29, 2021

Semper Fidelis Vax

All U.S. military branches have begun disciplinary actions and/or discharges for service members who have refused to get the mandated coronavirus vaccine, with as many as 20,000 unvaxxed personnel at risk of being removed from service.

The Marine Corps said it has discharged 103 Marines so far for refusing the vaccine, and the Army said it has reprimanded more than 2,700 soldiers and will begin discharge proceedings in January.

This while a COVID outbreak aboard the Navy’s littoral warship USS Milwaukee has forced it to remain in port in GITMO. A Navy spox said all 105 crew members were fully immunized, and “The ship is following an aggressive mitigation strategy in accordance with Navy and CDC guidelines.”

Seems “combat ineffective” is the mitigation strategy the Navy is currently using.

Marines say they’re being ‘crushed’ over vaccine refusal: ‘A political purge’

Zero religious exemptions for the COVID-19 vaccine have been granted to date, Marine Corps spokesman says

By Jessica Chasmar

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Marines are being “crushed” by President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate as thousands face dismissal for their continued refusal to get the shot, several active-duty Marines told Fox News Digital.

To date, 169 Marines have been discharged for refusing the vaccine, and thousands more face the same fate after the Department of Defense’s mandate on all active-duty service members went into effect for the Marine Corps on Nov. 28.

Marines are allowed to apply for a religious exemption, but so far not a single application regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, or any vaccine for that matter, has been approved, a Marine Corps spokesman told Fox News.

Several Marines who refuse to get the shot were granted anonymity by Fox News Digital, so they could speak freely. They said they are witnessing a “political purge” by the Biden administration that is forcing out the military’s “best and brightest” over deeply held beliefs they say are protected by the First Amendment.

“There’s something fundamentally wrong at this point with our nation’s leadership,” said a major with more than 17 years of active service. “We are facing an unconstitutional edict that I think is very targeted as a political purge, taking out some of the best and brightest soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and guardians from the Space Force.”

Any resemblance to Stalin’s purge of some 35,000 military in the late 1930’s is strictly coincidental.

Fox News

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But I thought Biden just declared there is no federal solution.
Last I heard, the Marine Corps was a federal entity.


It seems our military leaders no longer want the best and the brightest. They want the mediocre and the malleable. God forbid someone questions Der Fuhrer’s edicts.


“Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become lawless or corrupt. And a citizen who barters with such a state shares in its corruption and lawlessness.” -Mahatma Gandhi

“Yo’ fkn tea is going in that fkn harbour” -Bostonians circa 1773 (colorized)


You can’t comply your way out of [fiery but mostly peaceful] tyranny.

Any clue when the VA will stop ‘coverage’ on we Decliners? I’m not paying the fine for being uninsured.

Come. At. Me. Bro.


“…politically motivated…” Ya think? DaHell is my surprised face. Get rid of the Real Warriors so they won’t have to pass our War Hero Medals. But everybody will get a Participation Ribbon when we surrender to our foreign enemies.

I say again…People Control, NOT Virus Control!

E4 Mafia '83-'87

Zeig mir deine papiere…Schnell in den zug einsteigen…Mach dir keine sorge. Es ist nur eine dushe.

Its how it begins…and how it ends.

77 11c20

Left out Arbeit macht frei.


On an interesting note, Biden told Trump during the debates that anyone who allowed 200,000+ deaths on his watch should resign his office. It is estimated the number on Biden’s watch is over 400,000 – and counting.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Yeah, funny how we don’t hear even a peep out of the mainstream media about that!


They have a Xao Xiden-sized hole in their vision, to wit:

Hippo crapes. (sic, speelcheck wants it, it gets it)

Hack Stone

So, that old “My Body, My Choice!” Is no longer applicable?


Is your body on your hand receipt?
Do you have a weapons card for it?
Is the serial number engraved on a conspicuous location in a stainless steel insert, and at least 1/16 inches deep?
How many payments do you have left/do you hold the title?

Get it?!


Back in early summer 2021,
my son was told,
anyone in the unit (Marines + Navy augmentees) who does not get the vax
will not be deploying overseas with the unit.

This would include the possible consequences of non-deployment on slot and career.

This topic will be part of our 1st long conversation
when he completes his deployment and returns to CONUS.

For our Christmas convo,
we mostly talked about the shared experiences (34 years apart)
of the up close views of Mt. Etna.


Like MarineDad said, non-vaccinated are non-deployable. Those refusing vaccines know they can avoid deployment and decline vaccines to get out of deployment. I commend the Marine Corps for getting rid of non-hackers trying to avoid deployment.

pookysgirl, WC wife

One of the Marines being discharged in January is my nephew, after a year and a half of service. It’s kind of a blessing, since before this, he had disciplinary issues and was headed towards a Dishonorable Discharge. But now he’s getting out with a General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions, and he needed that for future employment. I’m not sure how well we (his family) will be able to keep him in line if the Marines couldn’t, but at least he’ll be close enough to keep an eye on.


Up to 206 today.
Requests “ignore” are up.

[Marine Corps has kicked out 206 troops for refusing to get COVID vaccine:
At least 95% of active duty soldiers have had the shot
and DOJ has ‘ignored’ 3,247 requests for religious accommodation]