Vets agencies probe stolen valor

| December 29, 2021

I failed to find the real meat in this article but thought I would post it since it does touch on the topic of Stolen Valor and mentions a case that we published here at TAH.

Apparently, the agency in Greenfield, MA is pursuing a potential case of stolen valor but do not provide details.  The message that I read is ‘stay tuned for developments later this year.’

They do mention Greg Ramsdell, who we published about here and here.  However, the agency in Greenfield MA does not seem to have been connected to the Ramsdell case, but instead point to it as an example.

Vets agencies probing alleged local case of stolen valor

Staff Writer
Published: 10/12/2021

GREENFIELD — The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General is investigating a potential local case of stolen valor.

The case was picked up by the Inspector General’s Office following an investigation by the Upper Pioneer Valley Veterans’ Services District, according to Director Timothy Niejadlik, who said he does not expect results of the investigation before the end of the year.

Stolen valor is the act of lying about military service. It comes in various forms — from claiming to be a veteran, to claiming a certain rank that was not earned, to wearing or claiming military awards or decorations that were never awarded.

Niejadlik said his agency, which advocates for the earned benefits of veterans, their spouses, dependents, widows or widowers, learned of a possible case of stolen valor and conducted its own investigation. He said a male veteran exaggerated his service to receive benefits. He declined to disclose more information so as to not hamper the investigation of the Inspector General’s Office.

These types of investigations can last for months, Niejadlik said.

An inquiry to the Inspector General’s Office was not returned by press time.

Niejadlik said most cases of stolen valor are revealed after someone has died. He explained a widow or widower — who has been lied to for years about their spouse’s service — will sometimes visit a veterans agency to apply for benefits, only to learn none or few have been earned.

It is my hope that they follow up if there is wrongdoing discovered.  The painful truth is that we (Jonn, myself and others) have submitted numerous cases with supporting evidence to the VA Inspector General only to hear nothing back – not even in the way of an acknowledgment of receipt.

I’m told by a reliable source that they essentially sit on these cases for five years until the statute of limitations runs out on them.  I don’t know why – if it is not worth their time, they don’t have the (wo)manpower, or other reasons.

At least the Greenfield MA office is signaling that they take it seriously.

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Green Thumb

I hear All-Points Logistics has their own “Veteran’s Service Operation” to make sure their folks are good and tight with their claims.


What about “The Stunning Agency” and “Ambassador World Wide”?


Attention wannabes, you can’t have flashbacks from wars you weren’t in.


“I’m told by a reliable source that they essentially sit on these cases for five years until the statute of limitations runs out on them. I don’t know why …”

I mean, we’ve all met government employees… Personally I’d put gross politically-induced incompetence right after crippling laziness.


Perfect gov’t job: pay/benefits for doing nothing.


That nice DTS lady at 197th ITB didn’t ‘do nothing’. She amused herself extracting as much misery as she could from Soldiers.

And; CIF, TSC Warehouse, Range Control, DoD Gate Guards,… any civilian that held a stamp you need for Final Clearing.


Paid fer doin’ what they luv…


Holy history, Batman – I Timothy Niejadlik was my company commander many moons ago when the earth was young and I still had a full head of hair. He was a good officer.


What’s more despicable, the Valor Thief, or the grubermint agency that should be investigating and prosecuting and doesn’t? Asking for a friend. Bowl of chilli?

An Old Arty Sgt.

What is this crap? The VA picks and chooses which cases of stolen valor to go after? There is a veteran in Texas that got kicked out of the Army for a pattern of misconduct, as an E4 truck driver. Now she claims to have been reclass into a K9 MP in Iraq, E5, and saw a friend hit with an IED, collects 90% SC from the VA and never been in combat. The VA keeps telling me they don’t investigate this kind of claim.


Not cost-effective or soemthing… imagine when Democrats make all healthcare like it.


I would say completely got gut the VA and then start all over again and let veterans run the veterans administration but then, I am reminded by people in personnel and finance and never mind🤪🤬🖕🤣🙄




The VA…

Daisy Cutter

Maybe the VA would be better if it wasn’t such a free-for-all for scammers that clog up the system.

IOW, if they policed and investigated all the fraud maybe it would improve the system for those that genuinely need care.

Just sayin’.