Tuesdays with the Libs of Tik Tok

| November 30, 2021

From the “Things that never happened” files

“I am so tired of humans” – Speaking for all humans, we’re tired of you too, Demi.

Everyone wants to be special and unique, including wanting their own personal public toilets everywhere they go. “This is not a joke.”

How many times does this guy need to get caught without a mask before people realize he doesn’t mean what he’s saying about masks?

Convenient. Now college guys won’t have to awkwardly buy tampons to soak in vodka to get wasted on the DL

The threat of getting randomly shoved in front of a moving train in NYC is so real, this is what people are resorting to


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Demi already dated an alien; Trace Cyrus.

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USMC Steve

Some random comments and questions – Demi who? I have no idea who she is.

Vodka soaked tampons, what? Are the guys shoving these things up their asses or what?


Ask Lars…


Lars *is* a ….nevermind….
Shhhhhhhh, here comes AW1Ed. 😀


“Things that never happened”? Musta been first reported by Gateway Pundit. The more I learned about hoomans, the more I loved my dog. Label restrooms for pointers, setters, and freaks. Easy peasy. Anybody that thinks that prezzy sniffy, creepy isn’t a lying, grifting, POS hasn’t been paying attention for the last 50 years. These facts have been verified many times…by multiple sources. Makes sense that tampon dispensers are in men’s restrooms on college, Most college… Read more »


Brotherman, I do believe it’s time to start a colony of the like-minded. A place where no unearned animus is tolerated, money is made of metal, and just about anything can be settled over a meal.

Oh, and free from the feelers of G-mens.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

“Where is Galt’s Gulch?”


Me: “Tell me you’re a bag of nuts without telling me you voted for Bernie”

They: “Um.., I’m gender nonconforming”

Me: {walks away}

My younger niece has been infected by this parasite and enabled by a whole host of idiots over there in my sister’s AO. 13 yo and jabbed up too….

OUR NATION IS UNDER ATTACK! Harden yourf*ckingselves

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Am not on dick dok, twister, facebook and all the other social media sites. The only non social media site I’m on are the one I’m typing on right now.



Green Thumb



Anti-Social…media site…
😀 😀 😀


Heard that.


Left/libtards turn everything they touch into sh*t.

Rod Smalt

Demi who? Are we supposed to know who this alien-dating cum dumpster is?


Hey Demi! Ya ever seen the cartoon where a big-ass grand piano gets dropped on the Coyote? BE THE COYOTE!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!! What appears to possibly be a women with a ridiculous beard? Yeah, like Demi; BE THE COYOTE. Hypocrite Biden? Immutable logic. Vodka-soaked tampons in a men’s washroom?! A true and definitive indicator that these so-called ‘educated men’ actually are being conditioned to be the next generation of PUSSIES. While I… Read more »


I’ll keep you in the loop.

Oklahoma may be our Alamo.

May God light the path.


“Their own personal public toilets everywhere they go” is called a Gatorade bottle. When in doubt, ask a trucker or a mother trucker.


Treeline always works, too.