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| November 27, 2021

What part of “Hot and Ready” do they not understand!?!?!

A Tennessee man threatened employees of a Little Caesars restaurant with an AK-47 because he had to wait for his pizza, police told local outlets.

Charles Douglas Doty Jr., 63, of Knoxville ordered a pepperoni pizza at the store on Nov. 19. Employees told him that his order would take 10 minutes to make, and he became upset and demanded a free order of breadsticks, WBIR reported.

He went outside to wait for his order and returned shortly after with an AK-47, demanding that the employees give him his order immediately, police said, according to WATE.

He noticed an employee who was trying to leave the store and stopped him, asking “where in the hell” he thought he was going, WVLT reported. A woman who already had received her order gave her pizza to Doty in hopes that he would leave, WVLT reported.

The employee he confronted ran to the back of the store and called 911, WBIR reported, but Doty left before police arrived.

Source; Charlotte Observer

When running from the cops doesn’t go as planned…

@yahoonews Onjre George was arrested and charged with assault, kidnapping and rape. The victim was hospitalized. #news #yahoonews #caughtoncamera ? original sound – Yahoo News

Suspected dealer dumps pounds of pot out window — as cops watch

A suspected UK pot dealer tried to ditch his stash by throwing it out the window — where it landed right at the feet of cops standing in the street below, wild video shows.

The footage, posted Monday on Facebook, shows grinning witnesses looking on as the shirtless suspect dumped huge handfuls of marijuana onto an awning outside his window.

A huge pile of pot was also scattered on a sidewalk as two officers in Erdington, Birmingham, watched the reefer madness unfold.

“Now that’s what you call a STONED … PAVEMENT,” one playful Facebook reply read.

One commenter suggested the suspected dealer was merely “spreading the love” ahead of the holiday season.

“Dried out Christmas tree I reckon,” another potshot read.

But West Midlands police didn’t see the humor in the dealer’s spectacular display and arrested the 34-year-old suspect on suspicion of possession with intent to supply, the Birmingham Mail reported.

“You’re being filmed doing it, so this is pointless,” one cop told the dopey dealer at one point, video shows.

Investigators later recovered 44 pounds of pot inside the man’s flat, along with 24 marijuana plants, nearly $8,000 in cash, a crossbow, three fake guns and a large stash of suspected cannabis oil, police said.

“The man remains in custody as our investigation develops,” a West Midlands police spokesman told the Birmingham Mail.

The viral footage had been viewed more than 42,000 times as of Wednesday.

“Only in Birmingham,” a caption reads.

Source; NY Post

Looneyville seems all too appropriate a location for this; Roane County man beaten to death with leaf blower

A dropped pig led to the murder of a Roane County man by means of a leaf blower last month.

Witnesses to the incident said Andrew Franklin Bush, 26, 1894 Canoe Run Road, Looneyville [West Virginia], got into an altercation with William Greathouse after the two were trying to lift a pig inside of a cage into the bed of a truck. The cage fell to the ground and after the men started fighting, Bush struck him in the head with the leaf blower, according to the criminal complaint filed in Roane County Magistrate Court.

Greathouse was found unconscious in the bed of the truck and law enforcement noticed “he was still unconscious, not breathing and beginning to turn blue in the face and hands. The victim also had an obvious indention in his forehead that had a small open laceration,” the complaint said.

After the altercation, the complaint said Bush returned to his cabin and Greathouse laid down in the bed of the truck and “began to feel his head and went unconscious.”

When he was questioned, Bush claimed Greathouse cursed at him and threatened him before Bush punched him in the face hard enough to knock his glasses off, the complaint said.

Greathouse allegedly hit back and when Bush said he “got away,” he picked up the leaf blower and and he swung it while holding onto the plastic tube, the complaint said. In the complaint, Bush said he hit Greathouse in the head and said he “was mad and felt like he wanted to hurt (Greathouse).”

He then said he “was sorry for what he did and that hitting (Greathouse) with the leaf blower was too excessive,” the complaint said.

Bush was charged with second-degree murder and malicious assault and is being held at Central Regional Jail on a $100,000 cash bond. He is facing 10 to 40 years in prison.

Source; Parkersburg Sun and Sentinel

Off duty cop hits pedestrian, panics, and plays Weekend at Bernie’s with the corpse

A Newark police officer fatally struck a man walking on a highway shoulder then drove around with the man’s body and visited his mother looking for advice, according to charges released Wednesday.

Officer Louis Santiago faces multiple charges in the death of 29-year-old Damian Dymka on Nov. 1 including vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of a crash resulting in death, desecrating or moving human remains, tampering with physical evidence, obstruction and official misconduct.

Santiago’s mother, Annette Santiago, and Albert Guzman, a passenger in Louis Santiago’s car, were charged with desecrating human remains, hindering apprehension and conspiracy to hinder apprehension and tamper with physical evidence.

According to prosecutors, Santiago and Guzman, both 25, were driving in a 2005 Honda Accord on the Garden State Parkway early on the morning of Nov. 1 when Santiago, who was off-duty at the time, struck Dymka, who was walking on the highway’s shoulder.

Instead of calling 911, the pair allegedly left the scene but returned and put Dymka in the car, then went to Annette Guzman’s house in Bloomfield to discuss what to do. They allegedly returned to the accident scene with Dymka, a Garfield resident who worked as a nurse.

According to the prosecutor’s office, Santiago’s father, a lieutenant in the Newark police department, called 911 to report the accident. Dymka had died by the time state police arrived at the scene.

The three defendants have been released pending initial court appearances, according to the prosecutor’s office. The prosecutor’s office didn’t immediately respond to a message seeking information on whether any of the three had retained attorneys who could comment on the charges.

Should have contacted the family lawyer first, ala Ted Kennedy, or just pretend you hit a deer and leave like the South Dakota Attorney General.

Source; US News

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I guess the man killed with the leaf blower was blown away.


The harder they Fall

Hack Stone

We are all hoping that Andrew Franklin Bush will turn over a new leaf.


I wonder how those cops didn’t laugh at the attempted window jumper. I assume they didn’t have to taze him? He looked like he was resisting arrest.


So, regarding the guy at Little Caesars…that is some industrial-strength munchies right there.

P.S. Lets go Brandon!

Mario Ortega

“Don’t taze me bro”


Giggling like a mf!


– Charles Doty Jr. – should’ve left the AK at home and just brought money, good manners and an appetite.

– Onjre George – triple C – Craven Coward Caught. Running unsuccessfully from arrest and then pleading-Don’t tase me? Enjoy riding the lightning, Onjre!! You earned it.

– Suspected dealer dumps pounds of pot out window – with apologies to canine kind – dumber than dog-shit.

– All this head-bashing mayhem over a dropped porky? Completely beggars be-leaf!

– Obviously, officer Louis Santiago and his family missed a great family-bonding opportunity by not watching any episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation…
Fairly certain Newark PD won’t miss this guy when they throw him and family in jail.