Federal gun registry potentially being set up via backdoor methods

| November 27, 2021

A group of 51 Republicans wrote a letter to the acting director for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Their main concern is a proposed rule that could potentially be a backdoor path to a federal gun registry. There is a possibility that gun records dating back to 2001 could end up in the federal government’s hands.

From Fox News:

The lawmakers wrote that they “are concerned” the Biden administration “is leveraging its power in a way to establish a federal gun registry” and that they are “opposed” to the proposed rule in question.

“According to recently published documents, the ATF has collected 54.7 million records in FY 2021 alone,” the letter reads. “It is an outrage that the federal government would maintain such extensive records of law-abiding citizens’ law-abiding firearm transfers.”

The letter also points out that Congress “made it clear in the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act that the federal government shall not create a federal gun registry and has prohibited ATF from creating any centralized databases with its funding.”

“This gives us serious cause for concern that the Biden administration is intent on creating a federal gun registry by circumventing the legislative process,” the House Republicans continued. “In fact, a GAO report from 2016 was titled, ‘ATF Did Not Always Comply with the Appropriations Act Restriction and Should Better Adhere to Its Policies.'”

The lawmakers ended their letter by asking the ATF a series of questions, including the number of records currently held and the amount of records already digitized.

“It is critical that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives does not use its power to encroach on the privacy of gun owners and restrict their Second Amendment rights,” the lawmakers wrote, demanding a response by the end of the year.

Fox News has more details here.

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The ATF wouldn’t do that, would they? They’re just as honorable and trustworthy as the FBI…

Amateur Historian

ATF=Always Taking Firearms.
FBI=Fascist Brained Idiots.

A Proud Infidel®™

FBI – Friendship Before Integrity, Fuckin’ Bum Idiots.


And just like that, unreported boat accidents increased 10 fold.

Only Army Mom

The only surprise here is they seem to have been caught. Perhaps because they no longer care about or fear being caught.

Every time I think I can’t despise these fascists who have taken over the Federal bureaucracies more, yet another reason comes to light. We are so far from where we were and who we were I really don’t know if we’ll ever get back. That being their point, intent and purpose is more and more apparent every day.

While so many are saying Brandon is the worst President in history, the most evil had to be Barry Soetoro. So much of what is going on is the fruit of what he seeded. How I wish he never existed.


^This^ Thank you, OAM. Like you, I think we may be beyond getting back to who we were.


I love you. KoB can go suck wet farts out of Joe’s Oval Office seat cushion.
OAM & UpNorth,
I too am deeply concerned about our republic, however, I have hope and know that the strength and resilience of the American spirit, the majority of Americans, good solid, erstwhile, yet not all is lost😞 , I feel that we can recover, yes some things may change, but, the spirit engrained in our DNA, will survive and prevail.


I hope and pray that you’re right, Chip, and Ex.


Sometimes, you have to hit bottom before you can get back to the top where you belong.

I have never given up on anything worthwhile, and ain’t gonna do it now.

Only Army Mom

Ex-thanks for the reminder. I agree, bottom sometimes has to be hit to wake some up…or knock them out long enough for others to get up and reset things to right.


Testify OAM and Preach on Sister. The Choir says AMEN! Still wondering what part of “…shall not be infringed.” these twerps don’t understand.

Side note to Chippy. Even if I loaned you my Classic, Windproof, Zippo, you could not strike the match to light a big enough candle to compare to the TORCH that we tote for OAM.

Only Army Mom

Chip and KoB –
I find myself unable to choose, blinded by the brightness of you both. Perhaps I’ll have to revive the polyandry of the Celts.


Guess I’ll have to break out the big guns, this is no time for half measures. Must make a very spirited attempt to court, woo, and charm you with my ways. I’ll start by whispering sweet nothing in your ear…Mint Juleps…Waffle House…Guinesses…Cat Heads with sausage gravy…You know I cook…Shrimps with cheese grits n bacon…


I got you beat, “TRI CARE, BAH, SGLI, TSP!!!!
Kidding of course. I am old English from the 1500s so I’m down for being one of OAMs poly-whatever bitches.
It’s the red hair👩‍🦰 .
I shoulda known. 🔥❤️‍🔥

Bill R.

Okay, so the Republicans rightly, are strongly opposed to this. WTF are you going to do about this other than a strongly worded letter???

AW1 Rod

That would be NOTHING.


Yeah no. Mine were all lost in a tsunami/blizzard/plane crash/flood/pandemic/famine/mice took them/I have no idea, one morning I woke up and *poof*, gone/my ex-wife took them in the divorce, I had to sell them on the street to get money to buy food/gas, it’s Trump’s fault, there was a sink hole, I work for NASA and some little dudes in a spaceship showed up and well, after sticking something up my ass, they took them, men in black, ghosts, my dogs ate them, Sasquatch, I’m just trying to figure out why my gun safe is filled with Halloween candy now, I lost them playing Call of Duty/Fortnite, the earthquake, a roving band of high class hookers came through my neighborhood, Alec Baldwin was using my house as a move set, Ancient Aliens, dude (cue Giorgio Tsoukalos), black hole, I was reincarnated in Atlantis and they sank, high tides, they got moldy and I threw them out, Forrest fire, tornado, hurricane, it was windy that day, drought, the dust bowl, someone farted, Jesus returned, Hitler, Kyle Rittenhouse was over for Thanksgiving, Jimmy Hoffa borrowed them, the CIA needed them, DEVGRU/SEAL TEAM 6/DELTA/ Task Force 88/Task Force Black/6493rd Test Squadron, 7781 Army Unit/39th Special Forces Operational Detachment/JSOC/Special Forces/Force Recon/MARSOC/Alpha Group needed them, Hillary Clinton, they got lost at the beach, they’re in the sofa, with the tee vee remote, I think, two words, “Dryer Socks”, aqua-chupacabras, Krakens/Cthulhu or whateverthefuck you pronounce it, pirates, illegal aliens, thar be dragons, Freemasons, Knights Templar, The Illuminati, lost on Oak Island, ATF just left, well the dude SAID, he was ATF, Bal’more, HON, a roving band of Nordstrom looters, they identify as a coral reef now, Elvis stopped by and flashed that badge Nixon gave him, the Civil War, flash flood, dust in the wind, Swift Trucking Company, Facebook Jail, USPS has em, fuck you Fed Boi, 4th constitutional amendment bitch, the A Team, Chinese already got ‘em, forgot them in the Mall of America, had tickets on the Titanic, Space Shuttle Challenger, Ted Kennedy was driving, the 11’ 8” bridge, with Trumps missing votes, in… Read more »

Sgt K

Again, all my guns asked to go water skiing. They wouldn’t shut up about it. So, yeah, I took them out on a lake, and was getting the tow rope set up when all of a sudden they all jump into the lake and disappear. Just like that, and all my guns were gone. What’s a guy to do?


My guns were all washed away in the great San Pedro River flood of 2014. Got flushed away into Mexico. Dammit.


by circumventing the legislative process

That seems to be Brandon’s preferred method of ruling.

Frankie Cee

“That seems to be Brandon’s preferred method of ruling.”
Hey, it worked for Castro, Maduro and others. And those guys are the Democrats idols.


What guns?


Spring flood at camp on the Aroostook River.
Had to run for our lives leaving them all behind.


While it’s all well and good to joke about hiding your guns from the feds, ol’ Poe sees this as a dead serious matter, because with a federal registry showing what you purchased when and where, there will be a presumption of ownership that you will be required to disprove. And if you are thinking that you are protected by a presumption of innocence, you better think again because it’s not just the 2d Amendment they’re going after but the entire Bill of Rights, which includes your due process rights in the 5th and 14th Amendments. Presumption of innocence is not even included in the Bill of Rights nor anywhere else in the Constitution but rather is a legal principle based in English common law and legal precedents. As for being protected by common law principles, look at what’s happened to gun owners in Australia and New Zealand where their legal systems are based in that same English common law. Gun ownership there now is closely controlled, requiring both licensing and registration and in some cases even the “military appearance” of a firearm makes it illegal regardless of its actual capabilities. So there goes all your AR-style weapons. But what is even more telling in those two commonwealth countries is how draconian their response to the Covid panic has been, far more harsh and restrictive than here, enforced with the full cooperation of their various police forces. Just pause for a moment and think what the Biden administration is already doing to our basic rights of association, assembly, religion and freedom of movement and imagine what they would be doing if it weren’t for that pesky Bill of Rights and the millions of semiautomatic firearms in the hands of its citizens. The Democrats have shown clearly that they want our guns and if they ever get them, by whatever means, the rest of our rights will be whatever those in power decide they are. If we don’t get them out of power in Congress in 2022, we better be coming up with some real means of protecting our weapons, because… Read more »

Forest Bondurant

Excellent points…

Sgt K

They may try to come after them. But until there is a constitutional convention (very unlikely) that repeals 2A (never)we’re going to be fine. Politicians sure don’t want a convention because term limits would be item 1A. They may score a few local wins but the court has affirmed 2A multiple times. But, if the supremes start ignoring the constitution and cutting into 2A, that’s when we need to worry. Keep a close eye on for now.


The Dems have already signaled their intentions of packing the Supreme Court if they ever get a solid enough majority to do it. If we let them continue to steal elections that is a possibility.

Our saving grace could be our conservative state governments defying federal edicts. That is why local elections are more important now than at any previous time in our country.

The Dems aren’t about to allow a constitutional convention because they could lose majorly in that forum. They’re simply going to chip away at the Bill of Rights through administrative means.

And make no mistake about it, they own the administrative branch of our federal government…


“in our history” not “in our country”

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Will the supreme ruler have his storm trooper atf break down your door at 3 AM and tune you up while confiscating your guns. If the fbi used a battering ram to break down the door of a family whose mom spoke at a school board meeting where the board notified the fbi that said that she was a terrorist and handcuffed her and her husband and were very rough with the family including the daughter, and also taking computers out of the home and they can do the same thing to any one of us.


3 AM is rude and they should expect angry citizens.
8 AM would be better for me.


What? Me worry? One of mine was manufactured before serial numbers were required and the other was passed down from my father when he went to the Veterans Home.


Cold dead hands and pile of hot brass.


Democrats are control freak, control freak, they’re control freakin’… (with apologies to Rick James).


But I have sold all the guns I bought since 2001 in private party sales. What am I going to do? There is no way to recall who all I sold them to.


Several states are keeping track of all gun sales, such as Washington, New York, and Connecticut. They will merely hand over their sales records to the feds, as well. So, if you reside in one of them and think there is no record of your gun purchase, you are mistaken.


As a CT inmate I’d like to assure you that knowing this was happening I [redacted] before I took the [redacted] to the [redacted] and using a X/Y-vice [redacted] until the [redacted] was [redacted]. Also, from being [redacted] all over the [redacted] I’ve [redacted] items from fellow Soldiers.

Have a nice [redacted]!