U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear vaccine mandate case from Maine

| October 30, 2021

In a five to three ruling, the US Supreme Court refused to hear a case related to the vaccine mandates. Those pushing the case argued that there was no provision in Maine’s vaccine mandate for religious exemptions. This mandate requires healthcare workers to get vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccinations.

From NBC News:

None of the Covid-19 vaccines contain fetal cells, according to published data about their composition. During the testing stages for their vaccines, Moderna and Pfizer used cell lines replicated from fetal cells taken 50 years ago. Johnson &Johnson used a different cell line in some of the production phases of its vaccine.

Lawyers for the state told the court that Maine was not engaging in religious discrimination, because the law applies to all healthcare workers and is not intended to restrict any particular religious practice. “The object of the recent amendment to the rule is to prevent the spread of Covid-19 among healthcare workers in high-risk settings, protect patients and individuals from disease and death, and protect Maine’s healthcare system,” the attorneys wrote.

“Most healthcare facility outbreaks in Maine are the result of healthcare workers bringing Covid-19 into the facility,” the state told the Supreme Court.

Writing for the three dissenters, Gorsuch said the state was not treating all healthcare workers equally, because those with a medical objection could refuse to take the vaccine, while those with religious objections cannot.

“Health care workers who have served on the front line of a pandemic for the last 18 months are now being fired and their practices shuttered. All for adhering to their constitutionally protected religious beliefs. Their plight is worthy of our attention,” he said.

NBC News has more on this story here.

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Keep an eye on this topic.

I ‘spect more cases are coming.


2 Lancaster, PA police officers shitcanned
for FAKING vax cards
(and lying about vax),
oh, and bragging about getting away with it.

So there’s that.


Because mandates are basic and necessary public health. The average infected person infects 2-5 people depending on the variant. It is basic civic conscientiousness to get vaccinated. And if we don’t have a sufficiently high vaccination rate in our society the virus will continue to endlessness spread and mutate into new variants and spread back to previously infected or vaccinated people because the virus will remain in our society long enough for immunities to diminish or more effective variants to emerge. And endless pandemic because a bunch of snowflake morons are whining about and refusing to accept masks and mandates. We have a society of self absorbed sheep minded adolescents that are being programmed to not trust the vaccines by their peers on Facebook, blogs like this, or the ridiculous grifter talking heads in their media sphere so they obediently act outraged that they have to get a vaccine. Despite the fact that they have been getting mandated vaccines their entire lives and mandated vaccines have existed in our society since 1806. In 1902 SCOTUS made it clear that you don’t have a right to refuse mandates because you don’t have a right to infect other people with a disease you could reduce your risk of carrying or avoid entirely by being vaccinated. And no Supreme Court is going to reverse that ruling, conservative or liberal, because doing so will be devastating to our society as rubella, measles, Covid-19 and future variants, whooping cough, hepatitis, meningitis. diphtheria, polio, mumps.., all… Read more »


MI Ranger

So going by the same science you are stating “the average infected person infects 2-5 individuals”, “the average vaccinated person infects 1-4 individuals” would appear to be the same logic about not getting vaccinated!


Right now mandates are limited to places where federal executive prowler has the authority to mandate vaccines and places where states have the basic common sense to legislate or mandate them.

It is unfortunate that we don’t just have vaccines mandated across society regardless of jurisdiction.

So we have areas where the virus continues to spread at high rates and potentially mutate into new and more effective or dangerous variants.

Needlessly extending the pandemic.


” It is unfortunate that we don’t just have vaccines mandated across society regardless of jurisdiction.”
We’ll then, by that logic, why don’t we give the privilege of having everyone of the Jewish persuasion line up first and give them priority. Then people from Eastern Bloc countries, the disabled, and then those in LGBTQWTFBBQ community. Thanks Commissar for being the sane one to come up with a solution.

MI Ranger

Why is it there decision…I want all persons who were not born here or entered the country without first submitting paperwork to become citizens (previously known as illegal aliens). Then Muslims, then left handed people, followed by people with brown eyes, and finally those with two feet that are exactly the same size!


federal executive prowler

Might be the best explanation of Biden yet.

USMC Steve

Which one of the supremes could not be bothered to at least show up and vote?