Northern Virginia police and businesses increase security due to ISIS threat

| October 30, 2021

Northern Virginia is on an increased alert level over a potential ISIS threat over the weekend. This is based on internet chatter involving sites related to ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Malls and shopping centers have increased their security awareness posture. It appears that ISIS has been emboldened by the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

From CBS News:

“We have increased our police presence throughout the county to include major thoroughfares, transit hubs, shopping plazas and shopping malls,” Fairfax County police chief Kevin Davis said Friday.

Police said the increased law enforcement presence will be in place through the Halloween weekend and ahead of Virginia’s gubernatorial election. Law enforcement officials said they are acting out of an abundance of caution, and as they learn more about the threat, the increased law enforcement presence could be extended through Tuesday’s election.

“It’s just our responsibility to have a greater presence, to be more aware and to ask the community to have their eyes and ears peeled for suspicious activities,” Davis said.

ISIS has been more active since the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan in August. Officials say threats from the international terrorist group and al Qaeda are accelerating.

The Department of Homeland Security’s intelligence chief John Cohen said this week that the terror groups want individuals to act on their own — so-called lone wolf attacks — overseas and at home.

“Right now we’re seeing a dramatic increase — or an increase — in online activity by media operations associated with different al Qaeda elements and Islamic State,” Cohen said.

More on this story can be read on CBS News and on Townhall.

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And this is why you should be armed at all times.

Whats the bag limit on terries? Cuz iff’n the wanna try some bounce, boogie and bump I’m their huckleberry.

Question, is there extra scoring for melee weaponrying? I’m missing an expedient spear kill badge.


“And this is why you should be armed at all times.” TESTIFY My Brother! AMEN! Preached that, and practice what I preach, for decades. You never need a weapon til you REALLY NEED a weapon. Not a matter of if, but a matter of when. There are literally thousands of people in this Country that want to see us fail…and many of those are our very own elected officials.

Instead of “Raising Awareness” of all those BS warm and fuzzy feelz good causes, we need to be Raising Awareness of the dangers that surround us everyday.

Be Aware…Be Very Aware!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Yep. I carry everywhere. Lo, these many years. But never have had to draw down yet. Key word, “yet”.

May you never have to Prez-elect sir!

But best to be ready to at all times.


After what happened with the catastrophic withdraw no surprise. When you have a doddering old man and hooker to protect the nation you may as well put a “kick me” sign on your back.

A Proud Infidel®™

Terrorists? As I see it, OPEN SEASON, NO BAG LIMIT.


Comrade McAuliffe needs our help subverting haram America for its takeover by Allah’s faithful!


Funny how this threat pops up right before a election where a republican could be winning.




There’re no coincidences when Leftists are involved.