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| October 26, 2021

10 round mag? That’s cute.

Fayetteville resident tells police he shot, killed 2 home intruders

Fayetteville Police are investigating after they said a caller told them he shot two people who were breaking into his home.

Officers responded shortly after 5 p.m. to the 6500 block of Brookstone Lane. When they arrived, they found two people dead at the scene.

Fayetteville police investigators later identified both people who died as teenagers. One was 17 years old.

The other, Hunter Markham, was 19 years old.

The preliminary investigation showed that the two teens were shot after forcing entry into the residence, police said.

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RIDDLE, Ore. — Two Riddle residents are in custody after attempting to elude police Friday night, according to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. One of those suspects was tracked down by a K9.

A deputy tried to stop a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon just after 10:30 p.m. in the 1,100 block of Glenbrook Loop Rd. in Riddle for traffic violations, but the driver did not stop.

The driver, who police have now identified as 36-year-old Riddle resident Travis Byrd, continued to the 4,000 block of Glenbrook Lp. before making a U-turn. Byrd reportedly continued to the 3,500 block of Glenbrook Lp. where he stopped the vehicle and ran away.

A female passenger, later identified as 34-year-old Riddle resident Sierra Thompson, then took control of the car and continued trying to elude law enforcement. Thompson was eventually stopped by a Myrtle Creek Officer and taken into custody.

K9 Zoro began tracking the male suspect from where he had ran from the vehicle, DCSO officials said. Zoro led deputies to the back of a property near a fence line, where Byrd was found hiding in the brush. Byrd then surrendered to deputies without further incident.

Both Byrd and Thompson were taken to the Douglas County Jail and are now each facing multiple charges.

K9 Zoro is a 3-year-old German Shepherd and has been with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office since September 2019. He was reportedly purchased by an anonymous donor in the community and gifted to the agency.

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T-bones and belly rubs for Zorro- what a great name. Links once again courtesy of our Gun Bunny.

Poetrooper sends:
Illinois Supreme Court Rules Tax on Guns and Ammo Unconstitutional

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled on Oct. 21 that two taxes on guns and ammunition in Cook County violate the state’s constitution because they affect law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment right to acquire firearms for self-defense.

Supreme Court Justice Mary Jane Theis wrote in a 6–0 decision that the taxes violate the constitution’s uniformity clause, while also pointing out that the revenue from the generated tax isn’t directed toward funds or programs that reduce gun violence.

“While the taxes do not directly burden a law-abiding citizen’s right to use a firearm for self-defense, they do directly burden a law-abiding citizen’s right to acquire a firearm and the necessary ammunition for self-defense,” Theis wrote in a 14-page opinion filed on Thursday.

This will doubtless be appealed, and may add to the disparity in gun laws among the states. SCOTUS’ upcoming November case challenging New York’s onerous carry restrictions will be watched. Thanks, Poe.

The threat posed by humans to the natural environment is nothing compared to the threat to humans posed by global environmental policy. — FRED L. SMITH (1992)

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Frank Gorshin, “Riddle me this. Why do perps continue to run? Don’t they know they can’t outrun a radio wave?”


If the bat was phallic not sure what to think of today’s pic…


Thanks. Now I cannot unsee it.


It’s just really glad to see you.


That mag leaves me with multiple questions-
How often does it malfunction?
How does one control a rifle that heavy? (’cause you know that puppy is heavy!)
Which fails first – the barrel or the mag?
Who makes a mag pouch that big?

Someone in Fayetteville may be rethinking how they raised their little darlings. Or blaming Trump for being mean.


These are my opinions, some paid for by the most expensive teacher, experience:

“How often does it malfunction?”
-Yes. Some are better than others but way higher incident rate than standard mags.

“How does one control a rifle that heavy(’cause you know that puppy is heavy!)”
-the increase of mass tames recoil in a static defense. Carrying this thing is a bad idea. Most rattle and this thing could break itself if dropped/failure of mag release button.

“Which fails first – the barrel or the mag?”
-mag, 100%. The first thing to fail on an AR ‘burndown’ is usually the gas tube. Check out Iraqveteran8888 for an example of this.

“Who makes a mag pouch that big?”
-No. This leads me to my main point. Due to the odd shape and the inefficiency of weight/size/material one is far better off carrying the corresponding volume in GI mags. A field expedient or manufactured coupling device can be a suitable alternative in a static defense, but drum mags like this are a novelty at best.


I have a 100 round mag for my Ruger 10/22 and when I put a match bold and a last round bolt hold open action in it, the 100 round mad didn’t like the weapon all of a sudden. Yes, it’s heavy and I think it puts a strain on the functions and if it’s off just a little bit, it has feed issues. (Well it *is* a .22LR so DUH) but the 25 round mags I have for it work just fine so, yeah, carry more 25 round mags than one big 100 round mag.
That being said, I did pick up and run my 60 round mag for the AR the other weekend in the Bren 2. (it will work on the Bren or my AR) and it worked like a charm but damn, even with a Maglula flip loader for the .223/5.56, it gets tight and hard to load, a good bit of pushback, but it ran just great.
Again, it’s a bit of a novelty, I’d rather just run 30 round mags.
Anything more than that seems like a pain in the ass. I have 30 round 9mm fun sticks and I just for two 26 round .45 sticks for my Banshee. I think that’s going to be it for that kinda toy as far as mags go.
NOW, if you’re talking about some kind of belt feed, that’s another story…


Who is this guy? That belt fed full auto .22 is really amazing. One could write his name on a large paper target it is so controllable.


That is Dustin Elerman. He was a nobody from nowhere that made it into the Top Shot TV competition and turned out to be one of the best natural shooters the world has ever seen. He crushed it against Trained shooters with decades of competition experience over him. He is also supposed to be a really nice guy.


From his videos he looks like he would be a blast to hang out with. Obviously, he or someone he knows has a Class III license and he lives in a state where III holders are allowed to own full autos.



A safe space for all the cool toys.


Here he is going head to head on 3 gun with a well over 50 Jerry Miculek. He is actually a hair faster in the rifle but of course Miculek is one one of the fastest pistol shooters who ever lived and makes it up easily.


He should hook up with gasoline guy.

RGR 4-78

At about 50 seconds I saw bigfoot walking down the fence line.


GB, this looks like another failed attempt to replace an existing machine gun.

Just like the Navy tried to replace the M60 Pig with the Stoner M63, this was an attempt to replace the M249 SAW currently in service.

However, it doesn’t seem to have been accepted/passed the field trials, as I’ve looked and looked everywhere and can’t find a FSN/NSN for it.

But if there are any modern day Marines (since 2010) out there who have used this set-up, please answer back and let us know that it is a real thing.

19D3OR4 - Smitty

Its not an issued item, nor are they approved for use.


With a mag that size, the first thing to fail is your wallet.




KCI 100 round drum magazine, under $150. Reviews are that it is fairly reliable, all plastic, and weighs almost as much as a rifle when loaded. I have tried the 30 round magazine coupling brackets to give 60 round capacity and even that much weight made the gun handle like a pig (either ‘poorly’ or ‘awkward as an M60’, your choice). Having five and half pounds added to the weapon weight… I’ll change magazines, me. The AR looks pretty standard. If it’s full auto, expect a meltdown quickly – as Roh-dog said, by the 100 round count that gas tube will be white-hot at best.


The carrying case ought to be called a … wait for it ….

Brass-iere; or, for short: bra.


From French brassière “child’s chemise; shoulder strap” (17c.), from Old French braciere “arm guard” (14c.), from bras “an arm,” from Latin bracchium “an arm,” from Greek brakhion “an arm”. The French word was used 18c. in the sense “woman’s underbodice.”


Plus, one of the advantages of AR type rifles is they and their standard mags are relatively light. Can’t imagine how heavy that mag is when fully loaded, as well as being rather unwieldy to insert and remove from the mag well.


Y’all are just confirming my (uneducated) opinion.


An Air Force E-8 was attached to my army BN on our first tour in Iraq. He somehow acquired one of those hundred-round dual drums… he couldn’t hit shit with it because the left drum interfered with his support arm. After having to reload it once, he decided it was more trouble than it was worth and went back to mags.


Heyyy yo! Flybois and other lovers of slipping the shackles of gravity, even if oh-so brief:

Today on this date in 1962 the last BUFF, B-52H AF Serial No. 61-0040 rolled out of the factory.



Still plenty of them flying today with the callsign prefix “DEATH” and “DOOM” etc.
Well earned.


I only saw my dad (LtCol D) cry three times in my entire life. When my mom passed, when he had to put a beloved dog down, and when they started cutting up his beloved B-52’s at DM.

I’m really not sure what order those three instances should be in.


Probably only because the airframe was just too far broken.
Here, if your Dad’s still around, share this with him. I bet he’ll smile.
If not, he’s already seen it and smiled anyway>

comment image


They’re cut up and left on the boneyard, visible to Russian satellites. Part of some arms treaty. Somewhere I have a pic I took from Las Vegas Speedway, B-52 on final right over the backstretch as the cars are coming out of turn 2. Dad had it framed and hanging in the living room.


Just had to go and post an article on that Heavy Duty Aerial Artillery Platform, didn’t ya? DIDN’T YA!!!! Learning the lessons taught by our beloved AW1Ed on ways to keep the Gun Bunny occupied and AFK (away from keyboard) Good Job! Between this and the gunz pr0n I’ve burned up several hours of quiet time.

BZ to the Fayettenam Citizen for taking out the trash and cutting short the criminal careers of two (2) dirtbags.

Another BZ to K9 Officer Zoro AND to the good citizens that provide him, his Vet Care, and rations. Give that Good Boy some belly rubs and t-bones. He finds his own chew toys.

I wouldn’t mind having about ten (10) of those round magazines.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Maybe Byrd flipped the LEO the Byrd and took off like a Byrd in flight and then after the chase they found a Byrd in a bush and most likely bushed from the chase. am going to try and look up that .22 belted MG which sounds like the old German MG 2 buzz saw.


A must read…can’t make this up a story about Deelaquan AKA Butter , an AK 47…a target in a ghetto barbershop only 10 feet away😂😂😂 can’t make this stuff and up!!


Can’t make this up…teaser ..about a boy Deelaquan, AKA Butter, his AK and his target in a ghetto barbershop chair 10 feet away😂😂



Quickie Whiz Wheel®™ spin on “Butter”.

He ran up a Dumb Ass Move score of 185.