Pablo would be so proud.

| October 26, 2021

Just when you thought the last drop of Stupid had been squeezed out of that turnip.

Pablo Edcobar was an interesting fellow. Didn’t end well for him, and you can’t take it with you. Including the spawn of his hippos, apparently. What to do with these waifs?

Fortunately, with all other ills in this country solved, our Federal Government has decided to protect the introduced species from the Columbians, who are very interested in controlling the beasts. Go figure.

AW1 Rod sends.

Pablo Escobar’s ‘cocaine hippos’ are people too, US court rules

Recognition as ‘interested persons’ is a legal first in the US, allowing animals to have their interests heard in court

The offspring of hippos once owned by Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar can be recognized as people or “interested persons” with legal rights in the US following a federal court order.

The case involves a lawsuit against the Colombian government over whether to kill or sterilize the hippos, whose numbers are growing at a fast pace and pose a threat to biodiversity.

An animal rights groups is hailing the order as a milestone victory in the longstanding efforts to sway the US justice system to grant animals personhood status. But the order will not carry any weight in Colombia where the hippos live, a legal expert said.

“The ruling has no impact in Colombia because they only have an impact within their own territories. It will be the Colombian authorities who decide what to do with the hippos and not the American ones,” said Camilo Burbano Cifuentes, a criminal law professor at the Universidad Externado de Colombia.

The “cocaine hippos” are descendants of animals that Escobar illegally imported to his Colombian ranch in the 1980s when he reigned over the country’s drug trade. After his death in a 1993 shootout with authorities, the hippos were abandoned at the estate and left to thrive, with no natural predators. Their numbers have increased in the last eight years from 35 to somewhere between 65 and 80.

Can’t imagine why the Columbians are leery of 3000 pound water pigs with really bad attitudes.
Then again, the pig ‘Q would be epic.

The Guardian

Thanks, Rod.

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Nuke The Hippos…!!


Hell, someone could make some money off of some big game hunters. They are not native and are a invasive species, so killing them is no big deal.
Oh yeah, f the tree hugging, bunny snuggling retards that want animals recognized as people.


Let the defund-the-police “community response facilitators” handle the hippos– that oughta be entertaining!


Dammit, you beat me to it!


If the hippos are really hungry, just feed ’em some marbles.

“…the pig ‘Q would be epic.” Yep, get another flame war started. Roasted or smoked? Pit or grill/smoker? And what about the sauce? Vinegar? Tomato? Mustard? Dry Rub? You beat all you know that? Right? RIGHT!!!?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

But are hippos edible, or even tasty if Q’d?
Any background or history on this?


A Proud Infidel®™️

Just like the bunny-fart tree hugging anti-hunters who screech to ban the hunting of wild pigs!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I’m Hip on the Hippo post.


Oh, you want to take them to the USA? No problem. Those weapons stay at the border. Good luck. This week on Colombian TV “Bowling for Hippos” and, Hippies and Hippos, Flowers for Algernon (the remake). snappy new M. Night Shymalan ending and so much more!


Hippos in the wild are really fucking dangerous.

They kill more people in Africa than Elephants, Lions, Cape Buffalo, Crocodiles and Sharks COMBINED.

There are only about 150,000 hippos left in the wild and they kill about 3000 people a year. Compare this to St. Louis with murder rate of a mere 60/100K. Being around hippos is many times more dangerous than being in St. Louis.

The crocodile population in Columbia is far to low to control the hippo population like it does in Africa.


Plus, I doubt they are the size of a large Nile croc. So, their ability to take down a hippo is quite limited. What is wrong with these animal wackos?


Lake Cow bacon 🥓
There toob of you video of folks skinning a hippo. Slabs of fat & skin as large as your dinner table.
Can you imagine the hippo “pork rinds”? 😮😋


Poops & farts aren’t pretty, but when a Hippo drops a SEAL team or breaks wind it might be the most awesomely revolting in the animal kingdom.


Thanks for lobbing that softball 🥎


Oh man that felt good.

A Proud Infidel®™

like farting a stomach ache away after a beer and pizza binge!


Or a rack of pounders and a family size box of Cheez-Its.

Skivvy Stacker

Actually, they are “River Horses”
Hippo comes from the Greek “Hippos”, meaning Horse. Pottomis is, of course river, or water. And if you’ve ever seen them gallop along underwater, you appreciate the name even more.


Next thing you know they will be voting democrat.


Veritas Omnia Vincit

Just like the United States to try and tell a foreign government how to deal with an issue that the US has no business interfering with in the first place.

No wonder we are disliked in so many places…whatever happened to mind your own fucking business?

What Colombia wants to do with a wildlife issue in their own country that they have determined is a danger to their country should be of no concern to the US unless the Colombians ask for our help.

We can’t even stop the flow of drugs from Colombia because so many Americans like to get high they keep buying drugs from anyone who’ll sell them drugs. But we’re going to tell the Colombians they ought not kill an invasive non-native species…

Our arrogance at times is fucking astonishing.


Since we’re on the subject of hippos….

Can anyone identify the “VETERAN” patch
on the hippo to the far right?
This patchy vesty biker club member decided to add on a cappy type veteran patch,
but he put it at the BOTTOM.

Does any actual veteran out there put his veteran patch at the bottom?

Yellow flags are up here,
but I can’t ID the patch, nor the 3 ribbons.

(Public photo, membership not necessary in the Book of the Fake.)


I put one patch near the bottom of my vest that says “Combat Veteran” and “U.S.Army.” But the upper front of it is full of patches of combat units in which I served in Vietnam. The top spots on each side of the vest are occupied by an embroidered CIB patch, embroidered Jump Wings with a Special Forces SSI in its center, and a non-official patch with the Trojan horse of the 10th Special Forces Group. I don’t think there is a provision of AR 670-1 on where patches should be located on civie attire.

As far as your query about the patch you question, I can’t recognize the ribbons or read the wording on it.

P.S.: I don’t have a Harley or a service dog. Both my motorcycles are Hondas. I guess I could put a bullwinkle on my vest, given my OJT. Plus, a budwiser, since I did Ranger school and ski training with some SEAL’s. But I won’t.


Retired Honda motorcycle rider here.
Learned at age 10 on a Honda Z-50 mini trail.
80s -> 1984 Honda V-65 Magna (in Texas/PA/Germany),
and later, a 90s CBR1000F (post Hurricane)
and then a bare (but large) UJM 90s CB1000 (Super Four).

Always a full face helmet.
Never a vest.


Cross country V-65 ride from TX to PA
between Air Force tech school and PCS to Germany.
Bracket weekend at Maple Grove Dragway: 12.3 110mph.
Made the Sunday finals event,
got smoked in the 1st round.

In Germany, on the Autobahn, 135mph.
The V-65 Magna could do more,
but my plush Bell LTD helmet could not.
Comfortable cruising for 1 hour at 105mph.


The vests are really useless as a piece of riding gear. I always wear full gear, including a modular helmet.

I love the Honda v-4’s; have owned five of them. I still have a 2002 ST1100 I rode to Sturgis and back in 2009 (1500 miles round trip).


Hippo patchy vesty biker with veteran patch question SOLVED….

The ribbons are FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Really think someone ought to put a nice pretty pink bow and a leash on one of those cocaine Hippos and send it off to Lars(freight collect). Straight out of the crate – they’d be inseparable…


I hear there’s an open spot available on The View. Anyone of them should fit right in!