Andrew Yang on leaving the Democratic Party

| October 8, 2021

Andrew Yang, a former candidate who competed for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020, talked about his decision to leave the Democratic Party. Andrew Yang listed his observation that Americans were being set up to see each other as the enemy when this is not the case. This was just one of his reasons. Andrew Yang also proposed that we switch to a voting system favoring ranked-choice voting. People would be allowed to vote for the candidates that they want instead of being faced with predetermined choices.

From Fox News:

Yang also advocated for the national adoption of ranked-choice voting, saying the system enables people “to be able to vote for whoever you want and no one can accuse you of being a spoiler or wasting your vote.”

The former Democrat claimed that “83%” of congressional elections are decided “before the general election in the primary” due to the seat being a safe seat for one party and that “most people don’t even have two choices” in an election anymore.

“So if you have somewhere between one choice, which is not a real choice, which is where most people are, then you have a stuck system,” Yang argued. “If you have ranked-choice voting, you can vote for whoever you want and, even if they only get like a handful of votes, then you’re not hurting anyone because you can just rank the Republican or whomever second.”

Yang also said that Americans are “being manipulated and being told that the problem is the other side” when the political system “is set up both to make us more and more upset over time and also not to make any meaningful progress on any of the issues that most Americans care about,” which he revealed was a factor in his exit from the Democrats.

Fox News has more information related to Andrew Yang’s decision to leave the Democratic Party and to help set up a new political party.

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Has Andrew Yang figured out his favorite Jay-Z tune, though.


Better than the original really.

A Proud Infidel®™

Like a ship deserting a sinking rat.


Watched his interview with Tucker. He ran for NYC mayor as well, his second election. Lost of course. But he learned a lot, enough to shitcan the Dems and go Indy. He has fresh ideas, some of which are non-starters, but the start of consensus is communication.

Keep an eye on this dude, I don’t think he’s done.


Careful Andy…Massa don’t like it when you stray from the plantation. Missy Fran gonna take that cat-o-9 to yon azz.

USMC Steve

This could be an assist for conservatives/republicans. It will split somewhat the socialist democrat vote, and they will have to work harder to produce fictitious votes in elections. Makes it harder to calculate how many fake votes they need to manufacture.