Republican Senators address alleged anti-Christian stance of nominee that would oversee chaplains

| October 8, 2021

Joe Biden nominated Brenda Fulton for an office whose responsibilities would include overseeing religious freedoms and Chaplains. One issue that the Republicans had with Fulton was a social media statement she allegedly made identifying reservists and guardsmen, who are Christian and Republican, as “racists” and “nutjobs”. During the hearing, she identified herself as a Christian and answered “no” if she believed that statement.


Fulton is a West Point graduate who was the first openly gay member of the academy’s Board of Visitors, and she has led several LGBT military groups including SPARTA, which advocates for transgender troops.

Pointing to a tweet where Fulton called Republicans “right-wing anti-everyone nutjobs falling in love with a dictatorship,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., pressed Fulton on whether she thinks Christian Republican reservists and Guardsmen are “racist” and “nutjobs.”

“I’m a Christian, and no, I don’t,” Fulton replied. “I will, as I have throughout my career, work side by side with Republicans, with Democrats, with independents, with anyone regardless of their political beliefs, for the mission, for what is best for our Armed Forces.”

Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., who is the committee chairman, defended Fulton’s “extraordinary career” that he said has included working with people of all different ethnicities, as well as political and religious beliefs.

“There’s been no complaints by any of your subordinates or any of your superiors about your work,” Reed said.

But that was not enough to mollify Republicans, who said they would oppose the nomination.

“I think you’ll understand why so many members of this committee and this Senate do not think you are fit to take over this position. You are going to be in charge of military chaplains,” said Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., a staunch conservative who is seen as a possible 2024 presidential contender. “You have a long history of offensive, inflammatory accusations against Bible-believing Christians.”

When someone identifies Republican, Conservative, and Christian actions, statements, beliefs, etc., as racist, extremist, nutjobs, etc., that’s an indication of the speaker not being in the political center. has the full article here.

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A Proud Infidel®™

“Fulton is a West Point graduate who was the first openly gay member of the academy’s Board of Visitors, and she has led several LGBT military groups including SPARTA, which advocates for transgender troops.”

Openly gay and a flaming moonbat liberal, just the quota-filler that the Joke Biteme administration likes.


She looks….. pleasant/nice/attractive/hot/qualified/she’s on IDC SARC’s TO DO list scary.
Yeah, Halloween is coming.


Has anybody got her DD-214, looks like she topped out at O-3?


I think she’ll top about closer to about oh, 350 (pounds)


So that poses the question, do “they” have tops/bottoms?
I mean lipstick, sure, but, this shoat, well.


Also from the “article” (read: propa-grandeur):

While nominees do not need GOP votes to be confirmed, staunch Republican opposition can slow down a confirmation at a time when key national security jobs remain unfilled more than eight months into Biden’s presidency. The chamber’s 50-50 party divide also means nominees cannot lose any Democratic support if all Republicans oppose the nomination. —Dur Militariate Komradur

Or, you know, they could appoint moderates and save themselves the well-planned, horridly-executed delay and obfuscate taktiks.
Imho, the more Biden cultist leftie retards kept outta ‘key national security jobs, the more comfortable I feel… odd that.


Key national security jobs.. hope overseeing chaplains hasn’t come to that. Another ‘LOOKEE ME I’M GAY oh and I once was military’ type. More interested in her military career than her sex life.


Her Career in the military would have been 80-85′ as a signal officer so likely nothing of note or importance there.

I’m more concerned about her comments that “white Evangelical leaders are unmoored from the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Which is openly racist. Also, I know a lot of people these don’t know how Christianity works but calling another person who claims to be Christian; unchristian is about as unchristian as it gets. Certainly odd since her wife (she is now a widow/er) was condemned by the Catholic church for practicing some bullshit pseudoscience Eastern medicine. Sounds to me like she might have been looking for some payback.

She then went on to call the entire GOP…. “It’s not a political statement to say the GOP is racist; it’s a moral statement, and one backed up by an increasing mountain of evidence.” Not sure how that works since GOP has every race and ethnicity in it. That was only three years ago.

Supervising chaplains would merely be a small part of her job as head of manpower. I don’t think we need any more racists religious loons in government. She needs to fund something else to do with her time.


I swear! How far down the rabbit hole are we going to go for cripe’s sake?!

pookysgirl, WC wife

I had to defend going to the base chapel’s Protestant service every Sunday to my brother (who had been National Guard) because the head chaplain was a Mormon. The Mormon never preached or was involved in the service, but my brother was convinced that somehow this was a problem.

From my experience, a key component to the chaplain corps is genuine tolerance for all faiths. That means *not* denigrating other religions or people’s faith on social media.

I see no good reason for this nominee to be involved in the chaplaincy other than as a possible prayer request.


Unfortunately, a person like the moonbat being nominated will not simply work the admin system.

No, she will actively seek to end ACTUAL ministers of any faith (except Muslim) from becoming chaplains in the first place.

Commissioning Chaplains is a complex process that makes no attempt to be representative of the actual religious demographics of the armed forces now, imagine someone with the power to actually make it worse.

Can you imagine a world where there are zero actual Christians in the chaplain ranks?

Get ready, because here it comes.


And the sh^t show of biteme’s admin continues.

“You don’t need a Chaplain to worship the grubermint. Off with the heads of all non believers…in the grubermint!”