Marine Lt Col who went viral speaking against Biden’s Afghan pullout arrested

| September 28, 2021

According to Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller’s father, he’s been arrested and is in the brig in pre-trial confinement. He’s facing an Article 32 hearing (the first step in a court martial) over public comments he made against the Biden Administration’s methods during the Afghan pullout last month. Scheller was relieved of his command hours after his comments went viral and resigned his commission. Apparently the Corps wasn’t going to let that be the end of it.

The US Marine Corps officer who was relieved of his command for chastising his bosses over the botched Afghan withdrawal has landed in military lockup, his father said.

In a video that went viral on Facebook last month, Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller ripped into military leadership following the devastating suicide bombing at the Kabul airport, which killed 13 US service members and scores of Afghans.

Following the impassioned spiel, Lt. Col. Scheller announced he was resigning his commission and walking away from a $2 million pension after 17 years of service.

He later announced that he was ordered to undergo a mental health screening.

Now, his father told Task & Purpose that the officer is currently in the brig.

“All our son did is ask the questions that everybody was asking themselves, but they were too scared to speak out loud,” Stu Scheller Sr. told the news outlet.

“He was asking for accountability. In fact, I think he even asked for an apology that we made mistakes, but they couldn’t do that, which is mind-blowing,” the elder Scheller said, adding that his son is due to appear before a military hearing on Thursday.

“They had a gag order on him and asked him not to speak. He did, and they incarcerated him. They don’t know what to do with him,” the father said.

In a statement, Marine Corps spokesman Capt. Sam Stephenson told Task & Purpose that Scheller “is currently in pre-trial confinement in the Regional Brig for Marine Corps Installations East aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune pending an Article 32 preliminary hearing.”

He said that “the time, date and location of the proceedings have not been determined. Lt. Col. Scheller will be afforded all due process.”

Scheller Sr. told the outlet that his son is a proud American who loves the Corps.

“He’s asking for the same accountability that is expected of him and his men,” he said.

The officer has explained that despite being relieved of his duties, he was still an active Marine — until he completes his resignation, which he said was sparked in part by a former commander who wrote on LinkedIn that he should resign “if he was honorable.”

Source; New York Post

If he was still subject to the UCMJ and had been given a “gag” order, then disobeying that was a monumentally stupid idea.

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Predictable unfortunately.

Also unfortunately, he’s the only one that’s going be punished for the Afghanistan debacle.


Hey, where’s Lars on this? I’m sure he’ll provide an earful.


The opinion of the dorkwad from Berserkley doesn’t count in this at all. He’s sort of Army something something.


What does my service have to do with my opinion not counting?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Because you’re an ignerent SPAPOS


More or less. Give him a few hours. He will be over here to EDUCATE us great heathen unwashed….


I agree that NOT keeping his mouth shut was kinda sorta dumb. I also think that the persecution {sic} of this officer came from the highest levels. Despots do not like for the great unwashed masses to hear the truth.

I’d still vote for him to hold elected office.


Highest levels or not it was also a very public UCMJ violation. I guarantee there were many high level discussions about the publicity involved in prosecuting him. Also from rumors there is more going on with the LTC than just what he said publicly.

MI Ranger

He is not doing his family any good. If he were a true patriot, he would have kept his mouth shut…slowly leaked a lot of stuff through multiple channels and quietly resigned! Then run for office!!!!

So what are you hearing through the rumor channel Loach? financial issues, accountability issues, classified information spillage??


I think he picked the wrong hilltop to die on. As much as I liked the message it could only go one way in the end.

Field Grades will bitch among themselves but doing it publicly is prejudicial to discipline and generally poor form. It isn’t as though everyone couldn’t already see what a colossal fuck up things were.


I think he picked a perfect hill to die on. One that thousands of his brothers and sisters died upon.

I probably would have done it differently, as would have most of us – but none of us did. He did.

He’s a goddamn hero. His enemy was the bureaucracy. I dare any of you to say you haven’t caved to that force at some point in your careers.


Nope, it was just him. Nobody else went down fighting the bureaucracy.

D Fan

Now do Milley


Like w/ Billy Mitchell…


I understand his frustrations, but all he had to do was wait until he was discharged/decommed and then go find someone to help him write a scathing opinion piece tome about what happened there.


Some people just don’t know when to gag. Hell of a waste of a pension. I’d do anything to protect mine.


Well, he’s independently wealthy with that “perfect placement” ribbon gizmo they sell at all the exchanges. Of course, with this, who is to say they don’t STOP carrying it?


They did. Immediately after his first statements.


No shit? Well damn.


Never, EVER fuck with the AAFES mafia!


Lt. Col. Scheller is a true MAN-AMOUNG-MEN – POTUS, not-so much…


Is an example for others, comrade!


C’mon, Lars, shill for statist authoritarianism.


The LtCol did it deliberately, so the dumb machine put him and itself in this dumb position.
I guarantee the dumb machine ain’t dun being dumb, in fact I’m positive this is just a appetizer of the dumb to come!

Full heaping plates of dumb.

Old tanker

Quite frankly I am surprised they took this long to put him in the brig. I had figured that would happen after his first video. There is something to be said for making a “statement” but said statement should have at least a modicum of a chance at making some kind of difference. Very publicly committing a violation of the UCMJ with the full knowledge that your career is over, your retirement gone, your family’s security zero and a very likely chance that you will not get to just walk away was not a statement. It is akin to the Buddhist monks who poured gas on themselves to protest the govt in Viet Nam. Yup they made a statement but canceled out their future as well. His violating a gag order just added gasoline to the conflagration. There isn’t even any hope of really making more of a “statement”, just a slap in the face of the chain of command. If he was in fact one of the “good leaders” what he really accomplished was to insure a “good leader” is no longer there to BE a “good leader” and left the “ash and trash” to carry on in his place. His action is not going to result in the dismissal of bad leaders at all, just himself. I foresee at the very least a BCD and a felony conviction which would also mean if he had hopes of a political career after this stunt, that is almost certainly gone… Read more »


Looks like that.


Violating a gag order is not a felony. It is not even a malum in se offense. I doubt they could even give him the officer equivalent of a BCD.


An officer gets a ‘dismissal’, I gather, which is their equivalent to a BCD. I suspect he would not have been eligible for dismissal had when they said “thank you, Colonel, now shut the hell up” if he had actually shut the hell up. By being publicly insubordinate and violating a direct gag order, he has probably placed himself in a position such that immediate resignation is the best of all outcomes. On a scale of 1-10, his thought process during his whole mess probably rates in the low single digits.


If the Corps wanted you to have an opinion they would issue you one.


They did. I believe “Honor” was a part of it.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

17 years in the crotch and he pulls this stuff. I hope things work out for him.


Obviously, he should have had enough sense to keep his big, fat, silly mouth shut until an appropriate length of time had passed. I understand his level of frustration, because almost all of us have had to deal with idiots, with no recourse other than, “OK, I’ll do it your way” (and especially when you know “your way” doesn’t work”).
You have to be willing to find a spot to the side, out of the way of the headlong rush to fake “glory”, and hope that they all trip over their own feet.

Can we send sandwiches to this guy?


Oh, I agree with all of the comments above, and will probably agree with many of the comments to follow. His actions were not a very good tactical or strategic move on his part. Just as Trump shoulda done things a little different (put down his phone, lock up Hitlery, attack the deep state in a more systematic manner), or Grants attacks at Cold Harbor and the Crater (thousands lost in just a few minutes), Shermans frontal assaults at Kennesaw Mountain, the list can go on.

His actions can also harken back to the actions of 56 men that, 245 years ago pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their Sacred Honor for their beliefs. Attached in the below linky is a breakdown of what their actions resulted in to them personally. The linky also includes a copy of their Declaration of Independence. If one reads thru the entire Declaration, one will see that many of the same things that the people of that era were suffering thru from King George, thus we are suffering thru now from our own “elected” officials…at ALL levels of grubermint. The heels of the despot are slowly but surely grinding their way into the soft underbelly of our Republic. The Tree would weep but it is so dry from a lack of watering that it cannot generate tears.

Slow Joe

Very sad to find out you are an antisemite. I used to think the world of you.


??!??DaHell??!! Are you saying that because of the link on the Signers? That link just happened to be the FIRST (ht 2 Roh-Dog) that popped up when I Fooed the Google on “What happened to the Signers of the Declaration of Independence.” There were 888K choices. I’ll stick another one at the bottom of this comment if that will make you happier. There are some that try to say that the sacrifices that were made was an myth. Either way, those men had the balls to not just stand up, but put their names on a document addressed to the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth (at that point in time). I knew the basic story of most of them but wanted to emphasize, with a link, the sacrifices that were made by Patriots who set out to throw off the yoke of oppression. And to remind you, my Daughter’s Mother’s Family are of the Jewish Faith (losing a great many of that Family during WWII in the ETO), she is still practicing that Faith and I have a very large number of friends that are of that Faith.

’bout the only thing I am anti- is stupid people and suppressors of Freedom.

Put down the Bud Lite, Slow Joe, and step away from the keyboard.


Our hero, Slow Joe shows just how close he is to biteme in comprehenson of the written word…


Seriously, the link you provided is obviously antisemitic to even the most casual googler. Not a very cool thing to post, very uncool to blame the person who called you out on it. After all, this whole thread is about taking accountability.


Seriously… From the ‘worst’ I’ve seen: “Rothschild claim that they are Jewish, when in fact they are Khazars” -politicalvelcraft

1a : a member of any of a number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs
b : a descendant of these peoples

To editorialize for a tick: most people that use these terms ain’t really using them in the applied meanings anyway, but more as shorthand and for lolz. I know some people probably do ‘hate’ somebody for a perceived injustice or slight, meh… It’s America.
I don’t see a’many Delis being burnt down and *lawers’* offices being burnt down….unless we’re talking about BLM and Antifa (the idea tho, amiright?).

The dumb “muh raysisssms” charge of posting a link from a crappy ‘spiracy blog is bunk.


Seriously, I’ll make sure I tell my good friend and dentist Dr. Katz (and his staff) when I see them today what an anti-semitic I am. I’ll also spread the word to my daughter when we attend Services during the “Holiday Season” at her synagogue in November and December. Better let my next door neighbor know too, they might want to move. Probably need to smash the Menorah that I have in my office parlor. Would going back in time to the Oct ’73 time frame and retargeting the missiles aimed at the Arabs help any? Accountability? Sure why not. I posted a linky without reading the side bars or knowing anything about that particular site. Guilty. Again, 888K hits from the typed in question. The secondary linky was not read and I know nothing about that site either. Looking back at the secondary site I see that it is some type of lawer site. Does that mean I’m pro or anti lawer? Slow Joe is a hero of mine too. Having paid attention around here, I know of Slow Joe’s War Hero Status and what he has done. I just wish the Man would develop a taste for decent Cold Beer. As penitence for my transgressions, I’ll go back, redo the Google Foo, read and research all 888K hits and find a linky that will meet your exacting specifications. Let me go find my sackcloth and ashes so I can be properly dressed. My main, and really only point,… Read more »


You don’t have to defend your good nature and love of man, reverence to the Almighty from any detractors.
Gruff and coarse as your words may be, your heart is bigger than most.
Huck the faters.


Shouldnt be too surprised. Quite a few klansman, antisemites and dangerous xenophobes lurking around here since the change in management.

Sad to see how fucked up this place got since john passing.

USMC Steve

If that bothers you so much, feel free to go away. It is no different than it was before.

Doc Savage

He could have handled this in a smarter way; thats not to say he didnt make very valid points, but you can do so without a self inflicted head shot.


Does the point carry the same weight, without such a heavy wager?


Therein lies the rub: he brings up a LOT of good points. The biggest being, why is he; the guy that pointed out the hypocrisy of asking WHO is to be held accountable to the only officer in the US military the only one that was relieved of command due to “loss of confidence in his leadership.”

Meanwhile, less than 3 weeks later, you have both Gen McKenzie and Milley, both 4 stars with 40 years of service getting up in front of God and Country saying, “Mistakes were made, that drone strike we crowed about killing a ISIS leader on August 29th? Yeah, that actually killed 10 civilians including 7 children. Our bad….” Yet, the administration has ‘utmost confidence’ in them?

Could he have gone about everything in a different way? Of course, but hindsight is a bitch and you can’t change the past. But, it cant be different spanks for different ranks. If you fuck up….own it (Milley and McKenzie). As much as he is martyr’ing himself, Sheller is bringing light to a fucked up situation in the leadership hierarchy in the US military.


Agreed. when P. Quinctilius Varus humiliated his country by losing 3 legions in the Teutoburg due to a treachery he was warned of, he did the honorable thing and fell on his sword. He was a bad general, but an honorable one.

After humiliating our country, plus leaving $Billions in state of the art lethal equipment in the hands of terrorists these feckless four-stars are high-fiving each other. Not only are they shitty generals, there’s not a shred of honor among them.

I can understand the fury of the LtCol. He unfortunately overplayed his hand.


I’m sure the feckless four-stars are actively courting publishers.


Maybe he actually believed in what the Marine Corps pounded into our heads. I’m sure many former jarheads remember, loyalty, honor, courage, accountability, and the traditions that made us different. How many of us became a bit disappointed when we realized many of our superiors talked a good game but when push came to shove it was semper me screw you. I still believe in the Marine Corps as it is supposed to be but I also know that careerists always fall in line with what’s best for them and right now the political climate is very much at odds with our traditional values. The leadership are lemmings looking to feather their future nest and will make lip service to the values and traditions of the past but I don’t think many will stand up for their Marines. Chesty is probably crying at the state of his country and Corps.


Varus wasn’t really a bad commander, he just trusted the wrong man.

It was a fatal flaw, for sure…. but more a matter of circumstance than caliber; there but for the grace of god.


This was foolish.
I get honor and code and Corps and all that but damn. Chuck all of this. Yeah, no.
There are a LOT of better ways to accomplish making a statement, AND keeping your cake, unless you WANT to shit all over your cake and then drive a bus over it. AND then set the house on fire.
Then yeah, but my 23 years in were NOT worth torching my own future.
Dumb. IMHO.


May have made good points, but seems intent on self-sabotage since then. Disappointing lack of knowing when and how to stop.


Mixed emotions on this. I understand what he’s trying to accomplish, I agree with him wholeheartedly, but I have to question his tactics. It’s like a story my dad told me, about a bull moose charging a freight train, head on. The engineer in the train sees him coming, and says “I admire your nerve, but I gotta question your judgement”. I support Lt. Col. Scheller, but he’s not the officer that should be paying for this cockup.


His real crime? Violation of a gag order.


It is surprising with what ease the law falls out of their mouths.

Make the crimes so big the ants can’t grasp the scope.

Cutting, fear and Tongues.


As Dirty Harry said in early 70s: ‘A man’s gotta know his limitations’.
This fellow is going to be rolled over & crushed flat by the massive DoD machine. Leaving that 0-5 pension on the table was futile. Good luck to his family. As others have mentioned he could have retired and become a cable news pundit or gone into politics.


“This fellow is going to be rolled over & crushed flat by the massive DoD machine.”

Tru dat: Pour encourager les autres…


While I agree with the legal and technical details of other posters, sometimes a person has to “take one for the team” in order to bring the appropriate visibility to a problem. And while bringing the UCMJ hammer is entirely legal and probably necessary in a neutral context, the contrast in treatment and the lack of accountability at the top in this specific instance simply stands out all the more. Hammering this guy doesn’t make things better overall. It merely amplifies the lack of accountability the LTC is talking about.


Compare and contrast the treatment being accorded LTC Scheller with that received by that fat little fuck who is now COLONEL Vindmann…


It pays to be a Democrat and support their stuff…


Dude, being a democrat or a progressive provides zero benefit whatsoever in the military. None. Nada.

And a Vindman was not promoted to Colonel, you dipshits.

He was on the promotion list, so he earned Colonel, but he was forced to retire because Trump and his allies blocked his promotion. He retired under Trump. Vindman never served under Biden’s administration.

Trump also retaliated by firing Vindman’s brother who had nothing to do with any of it. It was Vindman’s brother that eventually made Colonel.

You all just make shit up and then say these things that never happened are because of democrats.


“being a democrat or a progressive provides zero benefit whatsoever in the military”

Maybe. But that book deal LTC-ish Thubby got probably made up for it. Squid pro roe, bee-row

$5 says Harpers’ deal was millions.


Come now, comrade, you know Peoples’ Democracies select and promote officers on “political reliability” to the Party and state. It pays to toe the politically correct, as Lenin said, line.

USMC Steve

True, Vindman didn’t get promoted. He never would have given his record demonstrating he was a non performer. That has nothing to do with anything. He should have been courtmartialled and that didn’t happen because he was a socialist democrat operative aiding sedition.

A Proud Infidel®™

Vindman didn’t get promoted and as I see it he got to where he was simply because of his language skills and his bloodline and they would have had to go on extensive searches to find someone who could fill the slot he had.


False, Vindman earned his promotion and was on the promotion list to Colonel but Trump and his allies blocked his promotion. He retired a Lieutenant Colonel during the Trump administration due to Trump ally retaliation. Like a despot, Trump also retaliated against Vindman’s brother. Removing him from his position and tried to end his career. He would have succeeded had he been re-elected. It was Yevgeny Vindman, Alexander Vindman’s brother that was eventually promoted to Colonel. Vindman followed his duty and the law. He was required to testify. By law. He faced no charges because he did not violate the law. If he had he would certainly have been charged under the Trump administration. You are just mad that he “betrayed” Trump. Trump was illegally trying to extort a foreign power into interfering in our election by withholding military aide that was already authorized by congress. He was not withholding the aide for legitimate national security reasons, or for any foreign policy reasons. He was withholding it to coerce a foreign power to publicly announce they would investigate Biden. Not actually investigate. Just announce it. And there was no crime. Just baseless conspiracy theories being passed around right wing blogs that were transparently false. And again, Trump didn’t care if the crime was real, or if the investigation was real…he just want them to announce one because he thought it would help discredit Biden and help Trump get re-elected. It is disgusting you are ok with what Trump did, and… Read more »


“Trump was illegally trying to extort a foreign power into interfering in our election by withholding military aide that was already authorized by [C]ongress.”

I guess that’s why he was removed from office by Congress, right? Because Congress did that right?

He was found not guilty, btws. Why do you justice so much? Is it the cleavage or the blindfold?
Nope, I have it! You’re a stateraphobe!


Why do you [hate] justice so much?


Do you have any friends? I can’t imagine anyone wanting to hang out with a sanctimonious, narcissistic, who’s life apparently is projecting his self appointed superiority on the rest of the us. It’s like Cliff Claven with a god complex.


Big difference–yeah Cliff was a know-nothing know-it-all but at least he was somewhat likable…


“I guess I just forgot what an asshole you are.”

Winning hearts and minds again, I see. They teach you that in Civil Affairs school?


I think that response was aimed at ol’ Poe, SFC D.

At least I hope it was, because I damned sure don’t want that phony asshole to ever forget what an asshole I CAN be when it comes to dealing with his stupid bullshit.


As someone for whom Civil Affairs forms a part of their mission set… I take issue, sir.

Mr. Commissar, while I fully support his right to form and stand for his own opinion, does not speak for us all.

From what I have seen of his comments and analyses, he’s not a particularly capable civil affairs officer (honestly, I’ve never met one that was), but he’s got as much right to be wrong as anyone else.

As far as the broader Civil Affairs community goes… yeah. They tend to do a shit job. Especially on the reserve side. Standards aren’t enforced, but that’s because numbers matter more than skill in the political environment of the last several decades.

I’ll even excuse Commissar as the product of Clinton’s drawdown. They used to demand that everyone be prior combat arms (hell, they used to require every enlisted by 18-series).

Standards fall, but the need for the job has only grown. Any CA officer that feeds you some simplistic line about “winning hearts and minds” should be summarily dismissed. I wouldn’t accept that kind of catchphrase from an E-1, let alone an O-4.

The army is better served by him no longer being in uniform.


My apologies for any slight, my comments were directed at one particular individual and you ain’t him. Beer’s on me.


My apologies. A bit of an overreaction on my part.

More beer probably isn’t the answer.

USMC Steve

Hate_Me, more beer is ALWAYS the answer.


“He was withholding it to coerce a foreign power to publicly announce they would investigate Biden. Not actually investigate. Just announce it. And there was no crime. Just baseless conspiracy theories being passed around right wing blogs that were transparently false.

And again, Trump didn’t care if the crime was real, or if the investigation was real…he just want them to announce one because he thought it would help discredit Biden and help Trump get re-elected.”

Change the names and you just did a perfect job of what the dems spent more than 4 years trying to do to President Trump.
Do you actually believe the crap you spew, or are you just paid to spew it?


He’s so drunk on CCDNC/Uniparty spunk I’m not sure he could answer that question honestly.

Some brains can be washed in a measuring cup. Tablespoon?
Nanotube!…..Nailed it.


Yup. Think your right Roh, both of Lars brain-cells just might be a perfect nanotube-fit! Wow..didn’t realize your engineering skills could be so incisive.. 👊😎

A Proud Infidel®™

If brains were gasoline he wouldn’t have even enough to make a pissant’s moped go halfway around a Cheerio. IMHO he is SO ingrained with the liberal propaganda pimped in so-called “education” these days, I think he’s as brainwashed as any member of Hitler’s SS!


Vindman violated his oath of office for partisan political purposes. He deserved to be fired.


“Trump was illegally trying to extort a foreign power into interfering in our election by withholding military aide that was already authorized by congress.”

Trump did no such thing. Leftwing fantasies are not reality.

Joe Biden actually did what Trump was accused of; used foreign aid to stop an invesigation into his sons shady activities and then bragged about it on video.


Vindmann would have to serve 3 years as an O-6 subsequent to promotion, and would have been unable to retire. You want to bet the farm he “was blocked”? Or knew he had burned bridges with his public testimony (whether true or false) and would probably spend those 3 years “flying rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong”…




I don’t think this is coming from on high. I am sure they are very interested, but everything he’s done is enough to piss off your average regimental commander or whatever GO has GCMCA over him. First, I am certain that after his first video his chain of command called him in and asked ‘WTF”? He was already subject to relief at that point, regardless of what he actually said in the video, because he made the video while hen was in uniform, in his office, during the duty day when he should have been out leading his battalion. Depending on how he handled that interaction (apparently badly) his regimental commander would have decided to proceed, which was initially to relieve him of command and give that command to someone who took it more seriously. As to his resignation, I think that was unwise, to put it mildly. For one, he was not in the chain of command or decision making that led to the debacle in Afghanistan, so his resignation does not even count as a hollow or symbolic gesture. His act had no teeth and made no difference to anyone except the negative impacts on his family and the Marines he should have been leading. By the way, his statements revealed a rather disappointing level of knowledge as to how combatant commands and POTUS decision making works for a Field Grade officer selected to command a battalion, which is kind of a statement of why the USMC should… Read more »



-To prove deficient or lacking; perform ineffectively or inadequately.
-To be unsuccessful.
-To be unsuccessful in being acted upon.
-To receive an academic grade below the acceptable minimum.
-To prove insufficient in quantity or duration; give out.
-To decline, as in strength or effectiveness.
-To cease functioning properly.
-To give way or be made otherwise useless as a result of excessive strain.
-To become bankrupt or insolvent.
-To disappoint or prove undependable to.
-To abandon; forsake.
-To omit to perform (an expected duty, for example).
-To leave undone; neglect.

Having listened to the man, his intent seems to escape you but please keep going. I totally value your opinion and bravery from your parapet.

Someone needs to be first into the breach, this gentleman seems to have volunteered. Rightly or wrongly, still a better man than most.


Many lifers not all only live by the self interest of furthering their careers not leading and supporting their people. Too some an honorable man sacrificing himself for what he believes in is the ultimate sin. Ass kissers make a lot of our lifers, not all but many.


So, he had a job leading and supporting his people, which he was not doing when he made his videos.

What initially got him in trouble was not necessarily what he said, but when, where, and how he chose to say it: In uniform, on duty, in his office.


First into the breach of what, exactly? What illegal or immoral order was refusing to follow? Was anyone out there confused about who was accountable for Kabul? Did anyone think that the CJCS or CENTCOM commander were going to step down because some LtCol called them out and threatened to resign?

I do agree with these definitions of fail:

-To disappoint or prove undependable to.
-To abandon; forsake.
-To omit to perform (an expected duty, for example).
-To leave undone; neglect.

He actually had a job to do, and he failed to do it. Instead he decided to become a social media influencer.

Someone had to take command of that battalion, clean up his mess, and drive on with training Marines while he made follow up videos in his RV.


One man’s sacred honor is another man’s embarrassment.
Do try to be strategically objective.

A thousand times a thousand cuts does bleed the beast.

How’s that illegal order to force poison going?
Asking for a Patriot.


The problem is the only accountability is downward. God forbid someone asks for accountability of their superiors. Most of us know the people at the top of the food chain are never to be questioned or expected to pay for their incompetence. The state of our military is a reflection of the spineless ass kissers that now pass for leaders. Sorry I’m all for good order and discipline but using that as an excuse to protect incompetence and self serving behavior needs to be called out. We all know that the cream doesn’t always rise to the top. No organization can improve without honest criticism and actions to correct its problems.


My dad has always said “It’s true that cream rises to the top, but shit floats too!”…


There’s a lot of great people in the military but far too many career dick suckers that rise to levels far beyond their ability. Bad enough when you have a SNCO that’s a functional retard but when they rise to general officer the damage can’t be undone.


So yeah, we agree completely


Yes we do




Good one. Roh


Cool quote, but it doesn’t apply here. Scheller’s honor was not at stake. He did have duties and responsibilities that he failed to uphold.

Did anyone on this forum resign from their job in protest over this? That would have about as much to do with the debacle in Kabul as LtCol Scheller getting relieved or resigning his commission.


What quote…..?
Anywho, his honor very much is at stake.

Clearly everyone but you sees that this is an indictment of the institution. Fishes rot, right?

Your hung up about a definition and looking for points on a conversation from hours ago.

Fine, he *failed* to push papers around a Training Battalion and show up to a range to make sure the Instructors were following Heat Cat standards.
He. Failed.
Did you get your fucking token?

I think we found the other ‘graduate’ of The Lars School of Argu-ah-tat-ing Stuff

Fucking Honor Grad


Had a First Sergeant like that, always finding ways to defend a broken system usually at the expense of his people. His unit was falling apart but boy could that man spin any situation to his advantage, absolute artist, optics and spin. Fucker must’ve made Sgt Major eventually despicable human being but a great politician.


Again, His honor was not at stake. What beast are you trying to bleed, the concept of civilian control of the military?

What does any of this have to do with poison? Are you referring to the vaccine?


You get The Treatment:
“His honor was not at stake.”

-That’s like, your opinion, man.

“What beast are you trying to bleed…?”

-You right now, but generally none. This isn’t my fight, but I, huh, ‘like to watch’. Knowahdamean?

“What does any of this have to do with poison?”
-………..Have you ever read a book? Some objects in creative writing are used to stand in for other things, or are they?

Where am i?

I need a bourbon.

To answer your final; yes, no, maybe.

It’s going to be a double.


“Professional Military Education”

I would take that phrase a step further and acronym it as PME.
Sounds even more professional…..


Well, as you know one always spells and acronym out upon first use. THAT’S professional…


I agree with the prevailing opinion that he should have handled this better, but…

He has mentioned in the past that he is a combat vet. I am willing to bet that he lost Marines under his command or at least some were wounded.

If that’s the case, he and any other combat vets would consider the shit that these Pentagon and other assholes pulled as spitting in the face of these men and women who either lost their lives or who were severely impacted by their combat experience.

He probably just snapped when he saw that no one is going to be called on the carpet for this clusterfuck. I understand that sentiment completely.


I feel for this guy. I doubt he will face charges for the substance of anything he said…just that he publicly violated the STFU itself. I was surprised he chose to resign. He let a guy on social media (Linked In) trigger him…the guy was operating under the assumption that if Scheller was not going to get promoted anyway his public comments cost him nothing because his career was already over. Even Scheller acknowledged that his comments would result in him being forced to retire in about 3 years when he fails to get promoted. Which is the same thing that would have happened had he not made the comments but was not on track to be promoted. To prove he was “honorable” and willing to put his self interest where his heart and mouth are he publicly resigned. I don’t think that substantively changed anyone’s opinion on the sincerity of his original comments. I took him at his word and believed the sincerity of his comments and believed he was willing to sacrifice his career over this issue. I don’t think he needed to resign and lose his retirement to prove he was sincere. I also think he was likely competitive for promotion. I think most people did. Hopefully the Article 32 investigation, the need for a lawyer, and the time this all will take will result in a collective reset of frustration and animosity. There is one not quite silver but potentially brass lining to this cloud… These… Read more »


Ex-PH2 says:
September 28, 2021 at 9:42 am
The opinion of the dorkwad from Berserkley doesn’t count in this at all. He’s sort of Army something something.

Can’t take a hint..?


I have been avoiding arguing with you because I believe you are suffering from the initial stages of dementia.

Since then you have shown no evidence of normal cognition, so I will continue to avoid arguing with you.


No, you won’t. You’ll jump straight in and continue. You’ll blather and bluster, call people names, communicate absolutely nothing and claim victory.


I don’t claim victory.

If anything this forum has made my lose hope in humanity.

Never before could I possibly imagine that ignorance could be so willful and intransigent.

Some of you actually support overthrowing our republic and installing a despot because you absolutely baselessly refuse to believe,your guy lost the election.

Many of you refuse to wear a mask, during a good damn pandemic….despite her fact that masks reduce the probability of spread infections, and to total impact of this pandemic on our society, economy, and nation.

Now you are refusing to get vaccinated even though you know reaching societal herd immunity and a R0 of less than 1 will end this pandemic.

Some of you are god damn Q anon believers.

And I see regular “Great Replacement. theory” sounding comments here.

And despite the fact that you know my name and my records are available through a records request, the custodians of this site have verified my service.., many of you continue to post that I am a fraud…including you, asshole.

I have spent seven years here…and I have seen no evidence I have changed anyone’s mind on anything.

I haven’t just given up on most of you.., I have given up on humanity.

Declare victory? Piss off with that nonsense.

I am fucking defeated.


THeRe’S A pANdEmIC?!
Oh. NOS!

Is that why 2020 was the tenth most deaths since the 1940s if you weigh by population size?

You ARE defeated, mi amor.

The Republic endures, in spite of the slings and arrows Collectivists like yourself launch at Her.


We should be declining in death due to advances in healthcare and abundance of resources.

Before the 1980s there was little anyone could do to treat most of the leading causes of death.

2020 there were also far fewer accidental deaths. Because we were doing less dangerous things. Like driving less.

But thanks backing my point about intransigent ignorance.


No, I just place a higher importance on freedom and liberty to give the hoi polloi a chance at Happiness.

One of the worst effects of the mandates (you seem to be in favor of), increases of needless deaths, namely ODs and homicides.

I give a wet fart that fatties and octogenarians might catch a cold.

It ain’t worth YOUR IGNORANCE of the heart and needs of man.

But lets keep this going until we have covAID Zero, i.e. no people. The shots WILL NOT REDUCE THE OVERALL ILLNESS RATE. Mark my words.

A Proud Infidel®™

Debating Major Moonbat on anything is like playing Chess with a Pigeon. The bird will just strut around, knock the pieces over, shit on the game board and then fly off thinking that he’s won!


That’s exactly why I said he’d declare victory.


And another highlight of your ignorance, the average age of US citizens when down.

What do you think did that?

Look at the stats. Do the math.

And still you sit here and pretend that those things you profess are true and the ‘conspiracies’ you lose your f’ing mind over are the vestige of Trumpard racist idiots.

Get a clue.


typos. ffs.

I’m done for a bit, douche.

Beer time. (I hope its the ticket for this headache.)


Once again, and listen carefully. I’ll use small words: I’ve never questioned your military service. Everything else? Absolutely. Fraud. 100%. And thank you for proving my point.


You are so full of shit.

This is a stolen valor blog.., it even changed its name to “valorGaurdians”…you know what the word “FRAUD” refers to here and what it means here.

You may know my service is verified but you knew damn well what others would think when you signed every post calling me a FRAUD.

So don’t act like you were referring to “everything else”.

What else? What claims have I made about myself that are fraudulent?

You chose that word. Back it the fuck up.

And you know god damn well morons like Hatchet have literally quoted your claim calling me a fraud in accusing me of not serving.


One more time. Read for comprehension. Any claim you’ve ever made about yourself, I really don’t care. You are who you say you are, you’ve done what you’ve done. You served. Wonderful. When I call you a fraud, I am referring to your consistent parroting of liberal/progressive talking points that sound like it should be coming from Animal Farm, 1984, or Pravda. And when challenged, you resort to profanity, disparagement, and outright tantrums. You’ve challenged experts in their chosen fields and come up short. You know a little about a lot but the sum total is crap. You are a fraud, a professional student who lives in a bubble of liberalism, an insular cocoon where dissenting opinions are not only not allowed, but must be squashed. You cannot see beyond the narrow-minded tunnel vision in which you’ve been indoctrinated. And yet you have the gall to refer to many here as “cultists”.


AND as for ME referring to YOU as a FRAUD, the above REASONS stated by SFC D are exactly WHY I refer to YOU as a FRAUD. Per TAH guide-lines e.g. TAH FNG – Read before you post – I have spent many a lot of HOURS going through this site(well in advance of becoming a member), reading various members entries and after reading a lot of your garbage and shit LARS – it boils down to the FACT that you may have actually served in the US Army(the requisite ‘useful idiot’?) but the nonsensical shit that you CONSISTENTLY post makes it abundantly clear that the Oath you took(to Protect and Defend..) are just hollow words to you. As such *shrug* it’s VERY easy to call you a FRAUD. No effort at all, in fact..

Word to the wise? Don’t unduly antagonize the women here or it’s very likely you’ll learn what EMASCULATION actually is. Good luck, Chuck. Er, LARS. Whatever..

A Proud Infidel®™️

Hatchet is dead right, don’t mess with The Ladies of TAH®™️, they’re like a Pride of Lionesses!


^^^What Hatchet and API says!^^^


If EVERYONE else, around you is an a$$hole, or wrong, or dumb- it might be and not them!


“If anything this forum has made my lose hope in humanity”


Duplicitous mental-midget.


Lars I honestly can’t believe that you of all people think that the mask can do anything at all. It’s not droplet based. It’s aerosol.

And the vaccine is not a vaccine. It is fucking up evolutionary response and weakening to this virus. It’s political for you. So despite your intelligence and ability to research, you simply lash out at non maskers and anti clot shot folks.


You are a fucking asshole. How dare you use dementia as a barb against someone you utter piece of shit.


Well… he attends/attended (supposedly) a college where enlightened lefties physically assault students who are Republicans right out in the open on campus, even getting it on film. I bet the professors even target them on paper in their classes… i.e. making their grades suffer for not upholding their own personal, crooked ideals. Bet that asshat and his dipshit professors high five each other over all that, too.

Arrogant shitbird.


Simmer down, white knight.

First, I don’t know that she has dementia. She seems exactly as incoherent as she was seven years ago when I first started posting here.

My “barb” is that her comments are indistinguishable from dementia. If she actually has dementia then I feel like an asshole.

Second, I have a old brain injury. Mostly healed. But there is still some balance mild disturbance and I commit frequent malapropisms.

She attacks my malapropisms constantly. And calls me an illiterate idiot for them. Despite the fact that I explained to her they are caused by a brain injury.

So, if she actually has dementia I am still an asshole; but she is no maiden in distress in need of your white knight schtick.

The actual reason I stopped arguing with her is because I started to feel bad for her, for reasons having nothing to do with her health. I would explain but you would just take it as another barb.

The only reason I even engaged today is because she doubled down on being a jerk. So a briefly felt less bad for her.


Ex is no damsel in distress and is quite capable of defending herself. I am no white knight. I am, however, an outraged white woman who recognizes that there are some things you just don’t weaponize. Some insults you don’t hurl if you’re a civilized human being with a soul. I’ve seen your type. You’d make fun of a woman for being bald from chemo if she disagreed with you in an argument. Your defense would be “Well she started it!”


Lars is dickless, and I’ll scream that from the mountain tops.



Hooah! 🙂


Nailed it, Hatch.
This how I envision Major Seagull.
Such a punchable face

A Proud Infidel®™️

I myself find it amazing that Major Moonbat has made it this far through life without someone hitting him in the face with a shovel!

A Proud Infidel®™

Check my above response to Roh-Dog out, that says it all to me.


Should be in the Guidelines for TAH, IMHO:
“Debating Major Moonbat on anything is like playing Chess with a Pigeon. The bird will just strut around, knock the pieces over, shit on the game board and then fly off thinking that he’s won!”


*shrug* Sure, whatever you say cock-breath..


Commissar snivels: September 28, 2021 at 12:25 pm – I feel for this guy. Why? Explain. – I doubt he will face charges for the substance of anything he said…just that he publicly violated the STFU itself. Why? I was surprised he chose to resign. He let a guy on social media (Linked In) trigger him…the guy was operating under the assumption that if Scheller was not going to get promoted anyway his public comments cost him nothing because his career was already over. Unsupported supposition. – Even Scheller acknowledged that his comments would result in him being forced to retire in about 3 years when he fails to get promoted. Which is the same thing that would have happened had he not made the comments but was not on track to be promoted. And…? – To prove he was “honorable” and willing to put his self interest where his heart and mouth are he publicly resigned. And I’m sure Lt. Col. Scheller is going sleep a hellluva lot better knowing you said that, Lars… – I don’t think that substantively changed anyone’s opinion on the sincerity of his original comments. I took him at his word and believed the sincerity of his comments and believed he was willing to sacrifice his career over this issue. I don’t think he needed to resign and lose his retirement to prove he was sincere. Yup. And every time you ‘think’, you weaken the Nation. – I also think he was likely competitive… Read more »


You have serious reading comprehension issues.

You are as dumb as Infidel but he proves it with far less effort.


You have serious reading comprehension issues.

You cannot be serious.


Hatchet reads what a write …takes nothing from it, then posts these thoughtless and meaningless responses that show not actual comprehension of what I write.

Example, I wrote; “ Hopefully the Article 32 investigation, the need for a lawyer, and the time this all will take will result in a collective reset of frustration and animosity.”…

His response?

“Hope is not a plan, Lars”…

What kind of asinine response is that in the context of what I wrote? He is like one of those poorly coded AI bots that take one word or phrase you said then regurgitate something from a database of pre-coded responses to that word or phrase.

He literally shows no evidence of comprehension. No sentience.

The guy couldn’t pass the Turing test.


“He is like one of those poorly coded AI bots that take one word or phrase you said then regurgitate something from a database of pre-coded responses to that word or phrase.”

That’s a fair and accurate description of everything you’ve ever written here. Not a single original thought, ever.

“He literally shows no evidence of comprehension.”

Again, you cannot be serious. This, coming from a man with a track record of minimal reading comprehension.


Commie-czar-ZEK snivels again: September 28, 2021 at 3:23 pm – Hatchet reads what a write …takes nothing from it, then posts these thoughtless and meaningless responses that show not actual comprehension of what I write. ‘“That show not actual comprehension of what I write”? Well Lars, based on your apparent ‘abilities’ of composing a simple logical sentence and in spite of your CLAIMS of attending some university somewhere, I’d say the example of your ‘comprehension’ is still in dire need of a fuck-ton of work.. – Example, I wrote; “ Hopefully the Article 32 investigation, the need for a lawyer, and the time this all will take will result in a collective reset of frustration and animosity.”… His response? “Hope is not a plan, Lars”… OK Lars, then what’s the ‘great plan’? Regale us all. – What kind of asinine response is that in the context of what I wrote? He is like one of those poorly coded AI bots that take one word or phrase you said then regurgitate something from a database of pre-coded responses to that word or phrase. *shrug* An appropriately asinine response to an asinine asshole… – He literally shows no evidence of comprehension. No sentience. Says the MORON who couldn’t compose a simple logical sentence if his meaningless life depended on it… – The guy couldn’t pass the Turing test. Well of course I wouldn’t pass a Turing test you fuck’n MORON – I’m NOT an AI-bot or a machine… But hopefully, at some… Read more »


You keep calling me a “fraud” hatchet. You claimed you had proof I never served.

Back it the hell up, asshole.

A Proud Infidel®™

“You are as dumb as Infidel…”

You not only project, you also PROVE that I live rent-free inside your head!!! 😎😁😜


More like the homeless guy that sleeps on the porch if someone leaves the gate open.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Nice projection, and once again you prove me right! 🤣😆😀


Wha..? You’re comparing ME to API®™️? Cool. THANK YOU! That’s mighty upright of ya LARS!!

A Proud Infidel®™️

Apparently the both of us live rent-free deep in his mind!


Largely, I agree with you on this, short of the ultimate outcome.

He does deserve his retirement, and I hope that holding him for the charges allows that to happen.

Retired Mustang

Lt. Col. Scheller was well aware his public criticism would embarrass the coc. “I want to say this very strongly. I have been fighting for 17 years. I am willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders: I demand accountability.”
IMO, given the current political climate – Lt. Col. Scheller failed to master his emotions and evaluate the larger unintended consequences of his actions. He could have and should have handled this much differently.

D fan

And you’re doing precisely what?


What would you have him do?

Seems you demand action. You must have something in mind.


Stupid move on his part as he sits in the brig.

Meanwhile all those Admirals and Navy Captains that had dealings with Fat Leonard are free to go about their business.


I’m not going to sit in judgement of Lt. Col. Scheller, I haven’t earned the right. However, I believe that someone he personally knew was wounded or killed at the Kabul airport which caused him to do what he did. He had stated in the video that “he had a “personal relationship” with one of the fallen service members,” but he did not elaborate. “I started my tour with Victor 1-8, that’s the current unit that’s doing perimeter security, dealing with the mess that’s going on there,” Scheller said. So, let’s get this straight. Lieutenant Colonel Scheller can be “relieved for cause” because he called out the chain of command and demanded accountability, but Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman can tattle on the President of the United States and testify against him in an impeachment trial but wasn’t subject to time in the brig. And then there is the deserter, Bowie Bergdahl…”Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will not be detained or restricted from leaving his base in Texas while awaiting legal proceedings on charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, the Pentagon and the Army said Thursday.” “Bergdahl is also allowed to leave the base.” And now this today: Top military officials on Tuesday testified that they assessed that the U.S. should maintain a presence of at least 2,500 troops in Afghanistan, with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin admitting that their input was “received” by President Biden, despite Biden’s claims to the contrary. Biden and White House officials have said repeatedly that… Read more »




Back attcha, Hatchet. 👊😎


Cheers Mate 😎👍


I firmly believe in his cause, I’m unsure of of his tactics. It’s his fight to fight as he sees fit, my agreement is unnecessary. I still support him.




He is a chess player, so I think would see the arrest as likely.

Seeking the Court Martial. It is his intended forum.


ita vero
For his sake, I hope he can at least play to a draw.


Just sayin’:


His Facebook? Hooo boy…..

“General Mattis. The warrior monk. We all know you became a monk because you are gay. To be clear, my generation don’t care about sexuality. We are better than that. But our generation does care about honesty. You brought to my Infantry Officer Course 1-06 what can only be described as a female prop.”



Post-9/11 vets don’t give a sh*t about sacred cows…


Fucking masterpiece.

US Senate Armed Services Committee today… We need a COL Kutrz


And they call me an assassin. What do you call it when the assassins accuse the assassin? They lie. They lie, and we have to be merciful, for those who lie.


Bullseye on all counts…



I felt sympathy for him. I understood his anger.

But, I didn’t expect to agree so fully with his worldview.


Sweet baby Jesus that was beautiful. If you’re gonna violate a gag order, go big.

A Proud Infidel®™

It’s obvious to me that they establishment types are going after him like they tried to do with David Hackworth when he exposed the US Army during his time.


I’m at a loss for words. Keep fighting Sir. You are an actual patriot of the type not seen since Col David Hackworth.


He makes a few good points, but most of it is naïveté disguised as insight.

Presidents set policy, the military executes. Liberal democracies like ours have a tragic flaw- we cannot maintain a cogent, long term strategy.

The irony is that many on the right wanted out of Afghanistan, they just don’t like how it was executed. Biden didn’t care how it was executed, as long as it happened quickly and with a small footprint.

To him the cost of 13 dead Americans (and 10 innocent Afghans and counting) was worth it so he could pursue his own strategy. In the next few months he will publish his National Security Strategy and we will know what he is thinking.

Look at the testimony today. The SecDef, Chairman, and Centcom all advised higher troop levels. POTUS wasn’t having it.

The decision to leave Bagram was determined by a troop cap probably set by Biden. My guess is he was pissed when they asked for the 82nd GRF as things went south.

Most of you hate Milley- but you don’t understand his role. He commands nothing. He chairs the Joint Chiefs, provides advice, and runs the Joint Staff, which is mainly involved in budgeting and Capabilities Devwlopment. He is the senior officer by proclamation, but the COCOMS do not work for him, neither do the service chiefs.


“Presidents set policy, the military executes. Liberal democracies like ours have a tragic flaw- we cannot maintain a cogent, long term strategy.”

-Disagree. We get told what that be by the MIC. Raytheon, GD, Rand Corp and War lobbyists are figments of our collective imaginations.
I guess I’ll just up my meds until they go away.

“Most of you hate Milley- but you don’t understand his role. He commands nothing. He chairs the Joint Chiefs, provides advice, and runs the Joint Staff, which is mainly involved in budgeting and Capabilities Devwlopment (sic) [and calls to a foreign military about strategic something-or-others with prior coordination with the SotH]”

Yeah. I guess everything’s ok with the system. Running optimally. Nothing to see here, or do about it. Just an O-5 being a nutbag.

I’ve had enough. It’s bedtime.


Steeley, as a matter of personal curiosity, could you tell this old Bastogne Bulldog and Currahee if you were once a Rakkasan Six?


Reading this, I wonder why “alcohol” isn’t a legitimate defense in court.

I also wonder why “when ya gotta go, ya gotta go” isn’t a legitimate defense for all those public urination tickets.

Probably best I’m not a lawyer.

A Proud Infidel®™

ALCOHOL IS A SOLUTION, just ask any Chemist!


It’s also the reason for all those public urination citations.




Good Lord. Yea. That’ll do it. Well, at least it doesn’t seem like he left anyone out…


Can they order him to not speak his mind at Court? I am thinking his game is to share such outrageous and provable dirty laundry as to shock the conscience of the general US population. I suspect he won’t be given much slack in court.

So does he have that un-silenceable forum? And does he have sufficient dirt to achieve real damage?

If he gets shanked, silenced, or “vanished” did he set up a “dead hand” drop? I suspect he did.

He may be grossly underestimating the power of public “meh…”, however.

Clearly, he doesn’t give a flying leap about what they can do to him. So they, of course, are going to target anyone he values if he has anything really damaging.

And the “Botch Biden” administration will be doing Murphy/Mong duty.


During the court martial they can say that his reasons are irrelevant to whether he is guilty of violating the order and shut him down every time he tries to voice them. Though I think he knows that and won’t try to voice them during the court martial itself. Beyond explaining that he felt compelled to speak.

His lawyer may try to attack the constitutionality of the order given how broad it was. If he chooses to put up defense that may the route his lawyer advises.

If he is convicted, during sentencing his views will be relevant. And he will likely have an opportunity to not only submit them in writing but make a statement and explain why he felt a duty to speak, despite knowing he was violating the order.


Still enjoying the play, Mrs Lincoln..?

Green Thumb

Maybe he will call Milley as a witness.


Ooh, another legal opinion from the mendacious mollusk. He must be like a lawer or maybe a judge–in his parallel universe. He musta tried at least a couple dozen or more court martials.


I think he saw “The Menagerie” from the original Star Trek too much– the part where the court martial opened itself up to whatever Spock whatever to present when it asked “why” he mutinied to take Captain Pike to Talos IV.


He may be nuts. But clearly he has a plan, and he is actively seeking the fight.

If others start demanding accountability, and show no concern about career or pension, the whole go-along/get-along that powers the GO/FO merry-go-round…


They have to shut him up, because if the habit of loyalty changes back to Duty, Honor, Country, damn the consequences, then a whole bunch of GO/FOs are



Contact with planet Talos 4
It’s the only death penalty left under Federation law

Green Thumb



You guys are missing something important here: it’s called “impotent rage” – something close to that. Rage against the machine is almost always impotent.

Scheller’s hands were/are now tied, and he knows it quite well, so the only recourse he has left is speaking his mind publicly. He’s quite aware of the hole he’s dug for himself and will likely be stuck in, so what else can he do?

I’m also sure that he knows that you can do whatever you want to as long as you’re willing to accept the consequences.

I have no doubt that he weighed the consequences for what he intended to do.


If he can parlay a disability out of this he can keep the
wolfs at bay (see what I did there?) and retain all benefits.
Plenty of legal help out there and I would not be surprised
if that route has already been suggested or crossed his mind.


Absolutely, Beans! Mental breakdowns like dysphoria, anxiety and episodes of violent anger are valid disorders. Doesn’t mean that they can’t be “cured” or “treated”.

This ain’t over yet.


Holy. Fucking. Shit. Batman.
The depths of this are/were unexpected.
Hold the fuck on folks !!


You said it.


Boys…. Boys….

Knuckleheads arguing and fighting.
No one commenting is victorious.
No one commenting is defeated.
Lucky some of you have handles,
because with real names,
a small number of you would look like total assholes.

As for soon to be ex-LTC….
Cue up Kitty Forman from That 70s Show.
A righteous dumbass… is still a dumbass.

Like over 600 knuckleheads, soon to be 900 or so,
facing charges from January 6.


I’m glad, to the depths of my soul that the Powers of and in Washington are finally taking the Law seriously. Finding, fixing, locking up and throwing away the key; of many people that went astray that day.
How dare some walk into a building, invited, and walk ‘tween the velvet ropes, and wave the flags of their hearts?
The National shame…

Just a note; following the high road also led to Calvary.


Are you familiar with Brent Bozell,
founder of several conservative orgs, such as
Media Research Center, NewsBusters, and CNS News?

Ok then, which
[“walk into a building, invited, and walk ‘tween the velvet ropes’]
would you like me dial up here??

How about his SON, Leo (Brent) Bozell IV
1 – Smashing the glass on a Capitol door?
2 – Climbing through a smashed out window?
3 – Being led by Officer Goodman AWAY from 1 area and towards another?
(NOTE – The 2nd fake impeachment trial features this scene,
and LEO BOZELL in freeze frame.)

As long as you and a few other ultra rightwingnuts
play your game of lie, deny, and minimize
what went on inside and around the Capitol on Jan 6,
then you have nothing to get pissed about
when ultra leftwingnuts and lib psychos
lie, deny, and minimize BLM and Summer 2020 riots.

YOU can’t have it both ways.
You think you can, but you don’t.
Too many GOP types like you have taken the LOW ROAD in 2021.

Here’s the part of Fake Impeachment #2
featuring 3rd generation conservative blowhard
Brent Bozell’s SON.

Any lip, and I post the window smashing and window climbing.
You know, because the “doors were open”, and they were “let in”.
Bullshit, and you know it.


Bonus for you, Roh Dog,
Leo Bozell is NOT locked up.
He’s at home, enjoying a summer of HersheyPark season pass
and trips to the beach.
You know.. He’s 1 of the “haves”,
unlike many of those locked up.

His old man Brent Bozell is ponying up the money
to keep his dumbass kid out of jail
(for now, he’s eventually getting 1 YEAR),
but Brent Bozell is CRICKETS about his own son’s behavior on January 6,
having criticized the Capitol breach as CRIMINAL
on LIVE TV as it happened.

So, stick that in your Bush mansion and toke it.


I don’t know what the Bush’s have to do with any of this and how one would ingest them/it by smoking, but ok guy.

If this dude was complicit to the BnE, jail. The fact he’s free (per you, b/c $) yet poor MAGA grandmas and walkers-thru are held without bail IS the definition of injustice.

The police threw open gates, doors and greeted people. Don’t lie, too much awful that day to begin the Riechstag-treatment.

But keep going on, be a State apologist. It suits you.


How many entrances opened?
Out of how many broken into?
And out of how many successfully defended from violence, mace, and weapons outside?

How many Capital officers suspended, fired, and charged,
for “letting ’em in”,
taking pictures with the breachers,
or simply NOT doing their jobs?

You know the answers.
You just wish to blind yourself to reality.

There is a frustration around the USA,
and much of it here in my area.

Watching Hillary loving Democrats
turn ugly with lies and more in 2016,
Democrats getting worse in 2017
with Trump Derangement Syndrome,
Democrats working Trump against Trump
to get a senile old next door neighbor nut into the White House in 2020,
and now….

2021 Republicans behaving like sore losers,
just as bad, and sometimes worse,
than the 2016 sore loser Democrats.

Good luck with that.


Ya done?

I wanted to stop reading after your baseless personal attack, I am the worst kind of Liberal Democrat, a disaffected one.

To address your kvetching over some odd 600, or 900 hundred domestic terrorists and all that other jazz you purged up on this blog like a sick cat.
No one is defending the unprovoked or citizen-initiated violence. No one.

But given the number of FIB paid and unpaid assets and intel they had before this event, the admission no named organized group had intent to even enter the building, and the vile action, subsequent reaction of many in the crowd…
Most of that day’s action get filled under: shit happens file.

That being said, you break shit, or plan on it, you go to jail, EVEN THE ASSETS OF FIB AND SotH!

Stop, look and listen. You’re surrounded by disinfo.


Ahh, but the assets of the Fan Belt Inspectors are not going to jail. They are referred to as person 1 and person 2 in the charging documents. None of them have been charged, just like the purported ATF agent that showed up at the recent J6 demonstration in DC. The DC police storm-troopers changed their procedure when they found his badge in his pocket. They escorted him away with no cuffs, even though he was illegally carrying his weapon. Thus, no charges. I guess you missed that video and related reports.


P.S.: What is an SotH? Also, from the video it doesn’t look like they even took his pistol away from that claimed ATF agent.


What is an SotH…

Speaker of the House…


Well, boys and girls, children of all ages: the Marine does have a defense attorney and support, so this ain’t over yet. Stay tuned. He’s embarrassing The Brass and they don’t like it.


He has valid points, but he also has the fact that the services love nothing more than an example guy to burn down to the ground in front of the rest of the force as an example of what could happen to you…


Lawyer says “illegal gag order.”
Legal, or illegal?


UCMJ don’t care.
Change my mind


Its in the NAME (UNIFORM Code of Military Justice….), but there is no uniformity in it at all. MIlley and McKenzie should have their balls in a vice over this abortion in AFG last month and they’ll just retire, and walk away with 6 figure pensions.


Welp, Scheller just got the benefit of his recent play of the Orange Man Bad Card. He was released from the Brig. Looks like he is prepared to play ball with the Powers that Be. He was offered a dishonorable discharge. He should let his lawers hold out for a better deal. Also, since his attack on Trump and Don, Jr., Pipehitter is refunding the donations to his defense fund to anyone so requesting. Some have already received their refunds. So, that $2.4 mil is rapidly disappearing.