Brief Follow-Up On The Slapped Sailor Incident

| September 28, 2021

Remember the fractious female who verbally assaulted and then twice slapped sailor from the Groton, CT, sub base, where he’s a student at one of the tech schools?

Well, the refresher is here, a partial video of her behavior included:

She has apparently had more than one run-in with the police, and as the reporter indicates, while she did work for an insurance carrier, she is no longer employed there.

From the article:  BERLIN, Connecticut — The woman caught on camera screaming at and hitting a Navy sailor at a Berlin pizza shop last week has been arrested after a warrant was issued, police announced Friday.

Lori Desjardins, from Southington, turned herself in at police headquarters on Thursday. She was charged with one count of assault in the 3rd degree and one count of breach of peace in the 2nd degree.

The incident happened at Central Pizza on Mill Street in Berlin on Sept. 11. The 45-year-old woman allegedly slapped Sean Nolte Jr., who told police in the incident report that the stinging pain lasted for about two hours.

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The exchange was caught on video and quickly went viral.

“This is disgusting! Disgusting! Show his uniform. Show his uniform,” Desjardins yelled at Nolte, who was wearing his Navy fatigues. “You disgrace the U.S.! You disgrace the U.S.A!”

She claimed the uniform that Nolte was wearing was “fake.” – article

Well, frankly, if she knows so much about the military, she ought to know that working uniforms (e.g., fatigues, chambray shirts and dungarees) are not the same as dress/undress uniforms (dark blues, whites) and yet, she knows nothing.

Unfortunately, her appearance which was scheduled for Sept. 23 has been pushed back.

From the article: NEW BRITAIN, Conn. — The woman accused of berating and assaulting a uniformed Navy sailor at a Berlin pizza shop earlier this month was set to appear before a judge on Thursday, however, the court date was pushed to October at the last minute.

Lori Desjardins will now appear at Superior Court in New Britain on Oct. 27 to answer to charges of assault and breach of peace stemming from the Sept. 11 incident at Central Pizza in Berlin.

The 45-year-old Southington woman is accused of allegedly berating and slapping Sean Nolte Jr., who told police in the incident report that the stinging pain last about two hours. – article

If she hit him twice so hard that it stung for two hours, she needs some quality time behind bars. Obviously, standard counseling procedures are not working for her.

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Perhaps someone in the prosecutors’ office is trying to find a way to make her the hero and the military man the villain because of reasons?


I’m certain the defense counsel will present something along those lines. “My client was triggered by his uniform. You see, Your Honor, Ms Desjardins suffers from a form of PTSD, acquired through years of supporting her husband’s highly dangerous military occupation. At any time, he could be required to perform under hostile fire”.


Yeah, that actually sounds about right, D.


I shoulda gone to lawer school.


‘D, I watch Perry Mason everyday, not so much to learn lawer stuff, but mainly cause Della Street is so HOT. Same for Jag and MAJ/LtCol Mac.

Yep, they’ll keep pushing the court date out until it falls off the news radar and the dizhonorable judge will give her 2 hours of Cum-munity servicing…under the desk of his/her chambers.

Hack Stone

Otherwise known as The Phil Monkress Maneuver, just keep kicking that court appearance down the road until the Sailor graduates school and reports to his new duty station, then he will not be available to testify and “Case dismissed!”


Ah, “vicarious traumatization” because her husband “could’ve” gone somewhere… quite likely (and oh, jeez, boo-hoo).

The “vicarious trauma” notion (though legit for sheltered suburbanite “helping profession” types who listen to war nastiness for months on end w/o proper or any preparation) is also used as a crutch by the usual left/libtard suspects to be hostile toward veterans who aren’t as “scarred” by their experience as said left/libtards’ egos feel veterans should be. Same ol’ stuff, different day.


Here ya go, it’s “toxic dumping” when folk don’t dig terribly war stories now:


Uh-oh, more– “trauma dumping” is, like, way grody, maaan!


Do to his continued use of his French Horn as a self pleasuring device.


My fellow Nutmeggers have lost their ever-loving minds, not in part but in toto, to wit;

It’d be nice if the Land of Steady Habits would find a higher moral continence.


Which CATEGORY of MUGSHOTS is your favorite???

Bad Attitude
Funny Faces
Hawaiian Shirts
Message T-Shirts
Pretty Perps
Topless Men
Topless Women
Tramp Stamps
Unusual Suspects
Well Dressed


“If she hit him twice so hard that it stung for two hours, she needs some quality time behind bars. Obviously, standard counseling procedures are not working for her.”

Couldn’t take a hint, unable to keep her opinions and hands to herself and is ultimately the author of her own misfortune. As this would be Ms Desjardins second kick-at-the-cat(er, Sailor), she really does need some ‘quality time behind bars’. Guess that’s one of the reasons that LE and the Courts refer to it as ‘The Cooler’…


Hope her hubby feels like an inadequate Dependapotamus wrangler because he is.


I wonder if they met at band camp.


Prolly in the Skin Flute Section.

Green Thumb

I heard Phil Monkress was an instructor that year.


He had her at “BAH”…
comment image

E4 Mafia '83-'87

BZ to the young sailor for his poise and professionalism. he doesn’t lose his cool and calmly calls his Chief to notify him of a possible negative situation.
She’s a full-blown Psycho Karen. She needs to be “out of circulation” for a while.


1st slap, yeah. You caught me off guard.
2nd slap? You’re gonna need some dental work.




Even Jesus only said to turn the other cheek – once.


1st slap…freebee on me

2nd slap…find out how much broken ribs hurt.

I learned early not to punch faces, but to go for the body.

Amazing how dickheads can’t wait to leave you alone when their kidneys are bleeding and their ribs are broken

A Proud Infidel®™

First slap, meh, you caught me off guard.
Second slap, you’re going to need a Doctor to fix the broken arm I just gave you.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

At this point, she doesn’t fit the words slap happy.


Good post on the Book of the Fake….
Stolen Valour Canada (page)

Remember folks,
Posers, fakes and embellishers routinely surface at this time of year in anticipation of having their egos stroked by unknowing but appreciative school children.
School Administrators must ensure that anyone speaking to their students in the lead up to Remembrance Day be properly screened / have their bonafides confirmed.
This will assist in preventing imposters from insulting legitimate military service and sacrifices of our wounded and fallen.
Check out the CAF’s National Veterans’ Week Speakers Program.
That’s the real deal!