Minneapolis voters cleared to vote “yes” or “no” on measure to abolish police department

| September 17, 2021

Minnesota’s Supreme Court struck down a lower Minnesota court’s ruling over a ballot measure allowing citizens to decide on whether to abolish the police department or not. If the majority of the voters decide to abolish the department, the city would have minimal police staffing. The police department will be replaced by another one focusing on safety while leveraging multiple “public-health” approaches.

From Fox News:

The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that voters in Minneapolis may decide on whether or not to abolish the police department in the upcoming municipal elections.

“We’re incredibly thrilled that the people of Minneapolis have their democracy honored,” JaNaé Bates, a spokeswoman for Yes 4 Minneapolis, which wrote the proposal, told the Star Tribune. “The Supreme Court recognized that we were on the right side of the law, we were on the right side of democracy, and we’re going to be [on] the right side of history as we move forward.”

If passed, the measure would do away with the Minneapolis charter requirement to have a police department with a minimum level of staffing. Minneapolis would instead replace the police department with a public safety department “that employs a comprehensive public health approach.”

“A case with this many motions, and this many ups and downs usually takes 12 months. There’s little time in the course of this to feel exhilaration when we won or disappointment when we lost, because there was always more to do,” said Terrance W. Moore, an attorney for Yes 4 Minneapolis. “We felt it was important to be resilient and follow the course of the law and the course of the process and, ugly as it was, the process worked.”

The state’s Supreme Court overturned a lower court’s ruling that rejected ballot language for not sufficiently describing the measure’s effects.

Fox News has additional details here.

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  1. holey Moley, this shit can’t get any better. WTF!!!!!

  2. MarineDad61 says:

    And “guess who” is the Congressman / Congressperson (Congresswoman) for Minneapolis?

    • Mason says:

      One of the leading voices on the defund the police movement on the Minneapolis City council is Jeremiah Ellison, son of Farrakhan-loving, far-left, racist ex-congressman and current MN attorney general Keith Ellison.

      Omar replaced Ellison when he ran for AG.

    • ChipNASA says:

      Somalia ain’t that bad this time of the year, so I’ve heard.
      I’m not sayin’ nothing BUT, then next time Americans take up arms, the most recent indigenous populations are going to be targeted first, regardless if they were elected to office or running the corner gas station. And it’s going to go south, in that chronological order, to include the folks who arrived on boats 400 years ago. I’d say the folks on the extreme reservations/rural areas to include “hollars”, swamps, and the like that can survive off the land, will be infinitely ahead of the curve than those living in extreme urban areas, like New YAWK CITAH!
      Think Alaska (obviously), some areas of the central and mid-western areas Texas/Montana/Dakodas and then the mountains, Rockies and Certainly Appalachia, in the eastern
      US. I know a guy who was from a little (75) town in Greenbriar County West Virginia who grew up in central south WVA. He told me stories about up in the hollars where even locals knew not to set foot unless you were extremely well known to the “local” locals… real Hatfield and McCoy shit.
      That’s what we’re on the way towards, in my humble opinion.
      I’m glad I have a nice Ruger 10/22 and I can probably bag mammals and maybe fish enough to survive, and my kids will learn more. I just have to learn to field strip and cook squirrel.
      I always told my WVA bud from the AF, “Teach me to hunt starting with squirrels. I figure if I wing one and piss it off, I have a pretty decent chance surviving and stomping a pissed off one, than any other, larger critter. Deer, Goose Bear, yeah, I’d be closer off to *being* dinner than *having* dinner.
      Fish, I can gut, and have caught and eaten one. I’m too city to have caught and eaten a mammal yet, but I learn quick. It’s not about guts but buttholes and internal organs and what can be toxic and shit that bothers me. Hell, if it’s been done for hundreds of thousands of years, even a dumbass like me can learn too

      • SFC D says:

        Somalia sucks all day, every day, all year.

        • USMC Steve says:

          The level of suckage in Somaliland goes to the professional. They worked hard at being savages when I was there. One of the few good things was they recognized when they were looking at an armed American who didn’t care if he killed them or not, and they didn’t challenge him.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        If it weren’t for the simple fact that Lightfoot (in Chicago) is thoroughly disliked by a lot of people (and she knows it), there might be more crime on the South Side….

        Oh, wait!!!

        Well, it’s coming, people.

      • David says:

        Chip – you will find that skinned squirrel looks a WHOLE lot like skinned rat. And deer don’t eat you… but do remember they fight with their antlers and for a long time were the #1 man-killing herbivore in the US. It’s worth it for the insurance shot. (Variation on rule #2, “Double tap”)

    • rgr769 says:

      Ooh, ooh, I know. The Somalian Brother Effer, hate America congressrat, Ilhan Omar (not her real name).

  3. Mason says:

    This is the gobbledy-gook that they cleared to be on the ballot. If this passes, how is anyone going to know what to implement?

    Shall the Minneapolis City Charter be amended to remove the Police Department and replace it with a Department of Public Safety that employs a comprehensive public health approach to the delivery of functions by the Department of Public Safety, with those specific functions to be determined by the Mayor and City Council by ordinance; which will not be subject to exclusive mayoral power over its establishment, maintenance, and command; and which could include licensed peace officers (police officers), if necessary, to fulfill its responsibilities for public safety, with the general nature of the amendments being briefly indicated in the explanatory note below, which is made a part of this ballot?

    If that made no sense to you, which means you read it right since it’s nonsensical, they provide this “Explanatory note” to help you;

    This amendment would create a Department of Public Safety combining public safety functions through a comprehensive public health approach to be determined by the Mayor and Council. The department would be led by a Commissioner nominated by the Mayor and appointed by the Council. The Police Department, and its chief, would be removed from the City Charter. The Public Safety Department could include police officers, but the minimum funding requirement would be eliminated.

    It really sounds like they want to have a city department of public health that will have a few licensed cops working there, but only if those cops are absolutely necessary.

    That city is doomed if this passes. I mean, they’re already pretty well fucked, but what’s left will be a Mad Max-style wasteland.

    • MarineDad61 says:

      Old Detroit,
      That is, without Robocop, and without ED-209.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Oh, I do remember that scene! I wondered just how long it would take for such an invincible machine to start running – er, ROAMING the streets of Chicago.

    • thebesig says:

      The first quote was easy to read and understand. But again, I have to plow through academic peer reviewed studies to do my own papers. :mrgreen:

  4. ChipNASA says:

    Well I’m glad I have a new Banshee living with me now.
    “SHE” will assist in protecting my and my family.
    I’m also glad I don’t live in a shithole like this.
    Bal’More may be Bal’more, Hon, but it’s not burning down too close to me (couple of years ago) and I really don’t see wholesale rioting making it’s way to the suburbs because THE ENTIRE STATE POLICE HEADQUARTERS is just up the street from my neighborhood (as is the local Crime Labs and a *lot* of associated facilities etc) as is a *VERY* serious ethnic population that isn’t going to go into the good night on railcars, *IF* you catch my drift, Oy.

  5. SFC D says:

    Goodbye, Minneapolis. It was nice knowing you.

  6. ninja says:

    Check out this one minute video of the Carpetbagger,
    Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat running for Governor of Virginia, lashing out and attacking a Virginia Sheriff after the Sheriff asks him about his embrace of defunding the Police Movement:


    The same McAuliffe who did not wear a mask while travelling on AMTRAK (his excuse was it was 0100 hours..Gee, I guess that is when COVID goes nigh-nigh):


  7. Anonymous says:

    No guns, no police… Hey, Democrats will make BLM our National Police Force!

  8. SFC D says:

    If Minneapolis is lost, how long can Frostbite Falls expect to hold out?

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

      (in heavy Russian accent): Ask Moose and Squirrel.

  9. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    The people of Minneapolis fucketh themselves. They’ve imported so many third world denizens to that locale, so my prediction is that as soon as they succeed in their lollipop-up-the-ass sugarcane fantasy the inner city populace will go full throttle in turning most of the city into a third world hellhole followed by their blaming everyone else for the mess they made.

    • SFC D says:

      I’m anticipating a turf war between the Somali refugee population and the soon-to-arrive Afghan refugee population. We can have Mogadishu and Kabul all in one package.

  10. Sparks says:

    Well Minneapolis, good luck. The white flight will ramp up to new mega high levels, so the criminals who want this will have the town all to themselves. Have fun only stealing from each other.

    • Fyrfighter says:

      Time to build a wall around the city. Do NOT let anyone out unless they can prove they voted against this. If they voted for this shit, they need to reap the whirlwind. The good thing is that it’ll only take a short time before they kill each other off, and the city will be empty. Zero sympathy for these idiots, but they MUST be prevented from spreading. Colorado was a great state before it was infested by california, who brought the same stupid shit they destroyed that state with here. Counting the days till retirement when I can leave..(which sucks, because it is a beautiful state)
      Covid isn’t the pandemic, the realy pandemic is “progressivism” and it is fatal 100% of the time to freedom

  11. Sparks says:

    And remember, when shit gets thick, call your social worker first because 911 will only be doing safety patrols.

    • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

      That’s only IF they have anyone available, let alone dumb enough to venture into that D-rat made hellhole!

  12. Berliner says:

    I just stocked up on popcorn.

    • E4 Mafia '83-'87 says:

      Yes…please, please vote YES!!! I can’t wait for their replacements to be handing out rainbow stickers and giving time-outs to general population of thugs and hoodlums.

      Its time to reboot Snake Plisken’s return:

      Turn of the century…all crime…Escape from Minneapolis.

      • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

        I truly think that the and result will be something that makes Chicongo look like Disneyworld!

  13. Poetrooper says:

    “Shall the Minneapolis City Charter be amended to remove the Police Department and replace it with a Department of Public Safety that employs a comprehensive public health approach to the delivery of functions by the Department of Public Safety…”

    Once again the left reveals that they intend to enact their policies by framing them in terms of being “public health” issues. Look at how they are trying to shape public opinion about gun control in a public health context:


  14. Prior Service says:

    Have fun with that.

  15. UpNorth says:

    Those who live in Minnemogadishu, think about this. Cars, guns, TVs and other things will still be stolen. But, you won’t have a law enforcement agency to enter the serial #’s of your TVs, guns and assorted other items you used to own. No one to enter your plate number and VIN into the NCIC. You can just watch LeRoi and Ilhan drive down the road in your car, stuffed with your expensive shit. But, at least you’ll be woke.

    • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

      But they JUST MIGHT have a Social Worker stop by to talk to you about it and reassure you that they are just misunderstood “Victims of Society” or some shit like that.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s “part of their culture,” you know…

      • UpNorth says:

        Yeah, I forgot about the “victim of society” BS. I feel for the social workers who will end up there, with no idea of what’s going to happen….nope, I really don’t.

  16. UpNorth says:

    Forgot to add, and you won’t have anyone who knows how to fill out a report about your B&E/Larceny. No report, no insurance payout.

  17. Old tanker says:

    Minneapolis already has minimal Police forces right now. That’s because everyone who was able to retire or lateral hire away from the job has been doing so at an increasing rate. They recognize the city is a lost cause, and perhaps the entire state as well if it follows the same path to self destruction.

    Quite frankly given this is a dem stronghold I have zero confidence in the integrity of any election process there. IMO this is the first step of changing the city to our own version of mogadishu. At least seattle and portland are waking up from their dem utopia dream and are trying to reverse the process. It may be too late however.

  18. Carlton says:

    Let it burn.