Flag Officers 4 America Demand Resignations

| August 31, 2021

Austin-Milley Dog and Pony Show

Flag Officers 4 America are retired military leaders who pledged to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Although retired from active service, each feels bound by that oath to do what they can, in their present capacity, to protect our nation from the threats to her freedom.

90 or so members have signed a letter calling for the resignation of SecDef Austin and CJCS Milley, for their abysmal performance in the recent Afghanistan draw down.

OAM sends.

Nearly 90 retired generals and admirals call on Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley to resign

by Zachary Faria, Commentary Fellow

Nearly 90 retired generals and admirals have called on Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley to resign after overseeing the debacle that was President Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The letter, released by the group Flag Officers 4 America, states that “the hasty retreat has left an unknown number of Americans stranded in dangerous areas controlled by a brutal enemy.” The group’s letter notes that Austin and Milley “were the top two military officials in a position to recommend against the dangerous withdrawal” and that even if they did all they could to prevent Biden from going forward with it, they should still resign out of conscience.

Two weeks ago, Austin said that the Defense Department would move everyone we possibly can out of Afghanistan “until the clock runs out or we run out of capability.” This was not such a hard promise to keep, yet it has already been broken even though the clock has not run out. Moreover, the greatest military in the world should not “run out of capability” at all when it comes to helping Americans stranded in a country controlled by the Taliban.

Ultimately, anywhere from 100 to 200 Americans who wanted to leave the country were stranded by the Biden administration by its own numbers. Austin also confirmed that the Taliban were preventing some Americans from getting to the airport.

Washington Examiner.com

Sadly, there is small chance these losers will actually do the honorable thing.

Thanks, OAM

Which is a nice segue into addressing certain comments posted yesterday evening. I’m sure you’ve noticed, TAH is not a popularity contest, nor is it a democracy. It is an Open Forum, where all Vets and other interested parties can come to exchange views. That these exchanges can get heated is a given. One such comment directed at OAM raised an impressive tide of invective against the commentator, including demands for banning.

Dave has entrusted me with Admin privileges, up to and including use of the ban hammer. That is not my go-to consequence as a rule, but I have used it in the past, and likely will again.

Just not now. Lars’ comment was ill conceived, boorish and flat inaccurate. He also will revert to “Ready, Fire, Aim” mode when backed up. That his comments are for the most part unpopular is standard.

None of these are punishable offenses. If I banned every swinging Richard here who spoke ill of another member in the heat of a flame war, TAH would be a mighty lonely place. Boring, too.

TAH FNG Tab states:

For moderation/banning, the Administrator acts as judge, jury, appeal authority – and when necessary, executioner (speaking figuratively, of course).

One has to work very hard for me to invoke the ban hammer. The quickest path to oblivion is making threats of violence- most other offences can be handled as adults, on a case-by-case basis. Hopefully they are resolved without resorting to more draconian measures.

Any who disagree with the way I conduct business here is welcome to file a grievance with Management. I’ll personally ensure the email gets to the right in-box.

Back to your regularly scheduled flame war. Have a TAH day.

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Since the only backlash on this will not fall on Biden, I feel sure his press people will jump on opportunities like this to point the finger elsewhere. Not that they don’t deserve it, but Biden is still liable for this mess.


This. Milley and/or Austin can (and likely will) easily be sacrificed to make Biden, Harris, and Blinken look better.


“Milley and/or Austin can (and likely will) easily be sacrificed to make Biden, Harris, and Blinken look better.”

From your lips to God’s ears.


These flag officers are to be commended, although it’s largely a symbolic gesture. No one will give it a second thought. As far as that other guy, I do respect your decision. If he had a single bit of class and respect, he’d realize just how bad he’s walked on his wanker and walk away. And that, too, will never happen.


^THIS^! Just we all know that the coronated administration has made a cluster of every thing they’ve touched (part of the overall plan to “fundamentally change the face of America), we know that these two spineless mofos will not resign until told to “throw themselves upon the swords” to protect prezzy sniffy. And neither will the spineless mofos in the Kongress do a damn thing. Oh, a little huffing and puffing, but that’s it, for the most part. They have no concern about who votes and how they vote anymore. They are the ones (or pay the ones) that count the votes.

By the same token we all know that Lars, aka, commissar, et al, is a Sissy Punk Asinine Piece Of Shit (spapos). No big secret. He sunk to a new low and deserves all of the misery that his miserable life has brought and will bring to his despicable self. I will read his obituary with the greatest of pleasure. May the Barbed Cock of Satan torment him for all eternity as his worthless soul burns in hell. Oh…wait…he will probably enjoy the Barbed Cock of Satan. The spapos is a masochist you know. Why else would he hang around here and invite all of the well deserved abuse he gets? The poster child for a fragged ossifer.


C’mon, KOB, stop sugar coating your comment.


He’s trying to be polite. It’s new to him. He’s a work in progress.


“He’s a REAL PIECE of work in progress.”

There, fixed it for ya, Sarge…😜


HEY!!!! I’m right here, y’all know that, doncha? Don’t make me sic y’all wives on you! 😛

A Proud Infidel®™️

Me? I wish my ex-Wife upon Lars aka Major Moonbat.


I’ll see your ex- and raise you my nut job ex- Jabba the Hutt and her lunatic mother; the gruesome twosome would bring him all the misery he deserves and then some.

Shannon Sabot

I gave it a second thought and will continue to think about the integrity and loyalty these gentlemen displayed by the letter.
Everything they said was “spot on.”

Name edited to protect PII.


Biden watching… his watch.


Even Australia calls out Biden.
Milley and Austin weren’t listening?


Part 1 of 2: I read the letter and reviewed the list of signatories, and I have to say I am not very impressed by either. Lie the Marine LtCol, this is a futile gesture that won’t really change anything. I got it. We want accountability. There are some serious questions to be asked about who made what decision, but the fact is the president is the commander in chief. He sets policy, sets the framework for strategic and operational planning, and quite often sets limits on the options available to tactical planners. In other words, if the president says we will comply with the Trump/Taliban agreement, that is a lawful order. If he says that we can deploy a max of 700 troops to cover the withdrawal, that is a lawful order, and neither SecDef nor the Chairman can countermand it. The chairman, by the way, is not even in the chain of command. If they resigned, they would be replaced instantly by someone less capable. If Austin resigned in protest, Dep SecDef Kathleen Hicks would be the acting secretary. Look her up. She doesn’t inspire confidence. If Milley resigned, the acting Chairman would be a guy named John E. Hyten- he’s an Air Force Space/Cyber guy with a lot of acquisitions experience. Not super thrilled about him either. Neither one strikes me as the person we want running DoD right now. I have serious questions about the COCOM level planning here (in this case, CENTCOM). However, remember that the COCOM commander only has the forces allocated to him by SecDef. He can only deploy certain forces within his AOR, and anything else has to be approved by SecDef. If POTUS set a timeline and a BOG limit, the options are all bad. Finally, remember also that the military is not in charge of AmCits on the ground in Afghanistan or processing SIVs for Afghan civilians. That authority lies with Department of State. The Goldwater-Nichols Act of 1986 made major changes within the DoD- it created the Unified Command plan and delineated the roles of the COCOMs, and it… Read more »


steeleyI, I see the points of your post.

Now then, it still remains that there was a dramatic, drastic disconnect and failure in and between the Presidency, the JCOS, the State Dept, and CENTCOM. These failures have to be investigated, and actions taken for all malfeasance, up to and including Biden. If not this will continue somewhere else.


Clearly. I have a feeling we are going to hear about some yelling matches in the Situation Room before this is all over.

The big strategic question aside, What SHOULD have happened here is the SecDef directs CENTCOM commander to lay out some options.

The Service Chiefs, led by the Chairman, should have reviewed those options and provided their best military advice. The Chiefs, by the way, have not only the authority but the OBLIGATION to go directly to the president.

Usually, there are three options: Go big, small footprint, and something in the middle. I cannot imagine any land forces commander looking at this problem set and saying ‘I can do it with about a brigade of dudes, and I would like to do it on a very compressed timeline’.

The President is laboring under the misconception that since we have a common interest and an agreement with the Taliban they wish us no harm. On the contrary, they are looking to make this as painful and as embarrassing to us as possible.

I will sum it up like this: Withdrawing could be the right idea depending on our strategy. The President has not articulated a strategy other than ‘get out’. Since ‘get out’ was our strategic endstate, any method will get us there.

The problem with that is that while we may not have a strategy, the Russians and the Chinese do. Read The Great Game. This is a return to Great Power competition, which kinda means we are no longer a superpower.


I disagree. This level of fiasco requires more than incompetence to explain.

The President is solely accountable for this debacle. It is very likely he had a decent plan and scuttled it in favor of a manufactured crisis. For what? Don’t know. But that may come out at some point.

Having said that, it is not that others are worse, it is that those in positions of authority have screwed the pooch so poorly they have to go.

I don’t want resignations. I want firings.

All 4 stars, most 3 stars, a lot of 2 stars and all SES and appointees.

Now, not later.

A good CinC would step up, accept their accountability and assign responsibility for this fiasco and flame some ass.

That is the real optic in play here…not that a politician refuses to accept their part, but that they are not really even interested in executing any of their role.

Only Army Mom

I agree that is what a good CinC should do. But what happens when the CinC holds primary culpability? This is a serious question.


We don’t know what happened behind closed doors. It’s entirely possible that the military presented a bad plan and the President accepted it.

I really don’t think that is the case- I believe the President wanted this to be a small, quick, quiet operation. He was probably afraid that the more troops we had and the longer we were there the more risk we incurred.

That is true, but going in with a small footprint the way we did almost guaranteed that we would have to send in more troops and be there longer, therefore incurring the same risks but on the enemy’s terms.

There is no higher authority for military operations than the Commander in Chief. There is no vote, no veto authority, nothing.
Like it or not, the President acted within that authority.

There are really only political ramifications- Congress can act; demand investigations, etc., but that is highly unlikely to get much traction.

The American people will make their will known in 2024.


Steeley says, “It’s entirely possible that the military presented a bad plan and the President accepted it.”

We’d better hope and pray that’s not the case because if our military leadership can’t plan a better retrogade operation than this clusterfuck, then we are indeed in trouble.


In Biden’s case, there’s clearly the ability to invoke the 25th Amendment. I don’t think that Kamala will consider for a moment what’s best for the country. She’s not in public for a reason, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she’s playing a game of thrones behind the scenes. The DNC, Pelosi, and Schumer are also focus grouping this to see at what point it’s been “enough” and they can sacrifice Biden. The traditional thought is that it would be done after the 2022 election so Kamala could have 2.5 terms to work with.

There’s also impeachment. The latter wouldn’t be able to happen until after the 2022 election, and only if the Republicans re-take the house. A conviction would require them to take the senate too.


Oh, well, now you want a good Commander in Chief, or at least you want the one we have to admit his failures.

If by “It is very likely he had a decent plan” you mean that the military probably presented him with a solid plan that he rejected because there would be too many boots on the ground and it might take too long and present too much risk, I agree 100%.

If you mean he came up with a good plan on his own I disagree completely.
I don’t think the President was incompetent per se, I believe he has no strategy and therefore mistook an operational level decisive point as a strategic goal. I believe he underestimated the impact this would have on our standing in the world, and I believe he probably hamstrung this military leaders in executing it.

The President was focused on getting out as his endstate- he uses the phrase ‘I have ended America’s longest war’.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the end of the war. For one thing, the enemy gets a vote in how wars end (Bin Laden’s Fatwa, essentially a declaration of war against the West, is still in effect.) For another, the Authorization for the Use of Military Force that authorized Bush to go into Afghanistan is also still in place, and we have used it to do all sorts of things from intervening in Yemen, Syria, and Africa, and even kill American citizens.

The President isn’t going to accept responsibility for failure because that would mean acknowledging there was a failure. In his view, he accomplished his goal and fulfilled his campaign promise. Go look at some liberal and even mainstream media- they are already spinning this into a success.

All that said, our troops on the ground performed brilliantly, and I am very proud of them. Much like the Afghans they were saving, many of them were born shortly after 9/11 and were doing what their nation asked of them.


I want a “good Commander in Chief”. I’d settle for a Commander in Chief that’s competent and actually capable of some sort of command. That’d be a phenomenal improvement.


“fact is the president is the commander in chief. He sets policy, sets the framework for strategic and operational planning”

But what if that particular president is a highly medicated turnip?
Do we march off the cliff while saluting him?

MI Ranger

I will agree with Steeleyl on the scapegoats resigning.
And I will reiterate that the CENTCOM plan to withdraw was sound, and thorough. The Options Chosen at the POTUS/SECDEF level were what hamstrung it. The SEC-STATE plan was full of holes and lacked any integration with our plan.

We had a Corps HQ sitting on their buts in the AOR leading a DIV that consisted of a HQ and two Brigades on the ground. The fact that they felt they could not leave perimeter to evac folks goes against every EDRE I have ever participated in or planned! The idea to leave first and then go back in was about as poor a decision as could be made. But…”it does what it is told to do!”


Lars came to this blog post because he missed the L in “flag” word of the title. He thought it was a call out to his service.


Oh shame on you…..
You do realize this means only one thing…..


Part 2 of 2 (On Strategy) In the past few weeks and months a lot of people asked me if should be withdrawing from Afghanistan or staying. My response was always a question: To what end? You have to have a strategic endstate in mind to build an effective strategy. Essentially, the endstate is either changing the environment from what it is to something you would prefer, preventing the environment from changing to a state we cannot accept, or maintaining it right where it is based on the assumption that if we do nothing it will go south. Remember that our adversaries, competitors, and enemies will also be trying to change the environment, and they may do it in ways we cannot detect right away. If our goal was simply to defeat the Taliban and disperse Al Qaeda, we should have left 15 years ago. If our goal was to continue to deny Afghanistan as a safe haven, then we should have maintained a moderate force that could conduct CT operations at will (this is the ‘mowing the grass’ theory, more on that later). If our goal was to rebuild Afghanistan into a modern liberal democracy that would not only deny it as a terrorist safe haven but also serve as a beacon of hope for the Middle East, we needed to stay another 10-15 years. A valid argument can be make for each of these. Pick an option, and that will shape an operational design as well as tactics on the ground. That said, one of the biggest lessons learned from the American Way of War is that it rarely goes well when the President and Pentagon direct tactical actions- it’s even worse when they do that at the expense of strategic and tactical planning. More importantly, the strategy has to be applied consistently over time, which democracies have a tough time with. Back to mowing the grass. Let’s say you live in a nice neighborhood, and you like most of your neighbors, but some more than others. One of your neighbors can’t keep up their mortgage, and they… Read more »


Effective analogy, Steeley, but I think most of us, probably you as well, would prefer sending our sons over “once” and burning the frickin’ house and all its nefarious residents to smoking ashes.


Ah, then everyone’s property values go down, and those rats will just run to the nearest safe place…


Rats will always be with us, in spite of our best efforts at extermination. But that doesn’t mean we slacken our efforts. We may alter our methods but we never quit hunting them down and ending their ratty lives.

And dead rats can’t run anywhere…😜


Why cats exist.


And their Airborne counterparts..

Only Army Mom

My dearly loved TAH deplorables-

AW1Ed and I exchanged thoughts on the flame war I inadvertently started by saying, “Change my mind”, and following it with, “ You can repeat it as many times as you want but it will remain untrue, in both the particulars as well as the broader concept.”

If that cretin were on fire, I would not let my dog urinate on him. But, not banning him is further proof that what we say, do and believe is how we live. Grace is given, and is a reflection of the giver, not the recipient.

As you may notice, I generally do not comment in response to him or on a thread on which he is showing his a$$. Because I do not want to put you, my deplorable family, in the position to defend me. In this case, I did give it fair warning not to do what it did, so …

I literally got choked up reading your responses to the seagull. You have no idea how much it means to know I am so protected. Once again, you prove your honorable character and I am beyond humbled and grateful to you all, for more than I can describe.

So, yes, I agree with AW1Ed’s decision not to lower the ban hammer. I do believe, however, it is only a matter of time. The seagull will cross the line sooner or later. It is in its nature. Until then, keep swinging for the fences. I share what you all are and say with lots of Gold Stars who are also in awe-struck appreciation for the way you care for us.

Only Army Mom

Yes, I’ve seen that and yes, they need both you and us. Believe me, our back-channels are busy.

While most are focused on the words of this mom (and a few dads), we hear the sound-rending pain we know too well.

Many of us have said for a long time that our circumstances could be worse I don’t know how these 13 families will be able to come to that relatively peaceful place.

Just curious, what’s the over-under on how long til some cretin compares what these families are saying to Cindy Sheehan? Also, what are the chances these families are made into media darlings like she was?


Slim to none, unless they “come around” to the MSM/Social Medias way of thinking’s.

Cindy Sheehan… a name that disappeared some time ago. Surprised that she hasn’t been interviewed recently about this.

Not sure if you have posted links or resources to groups that support Gold Star families in the past… I’m sure there are others here that want to help out in any way possible.

A Proud Infidel®™

Like Bradley Manning, Cindy Sheehag was thrown upon the ash heap of the forgotten as soon as the left deemed her no longer useful.


Matt Christiansen isn’t happy about that treatment:


You are a grand Lady indeed OAM. I commend you for your grace.


You’re a far better person than I am Mom. I may forgive but I do not forget. We may be a rough uncouth bunch, but we do take care of our own. You’re usually the calm voice of reason here, so if you go, we’re all pretty much screwed. And you didn’t start that flame war, you were just the latest to trigger his impotent rage.



A Proud Infidel®™

IMHO Major Moonbat triggers himself, he has the maturity of maybe a six year old.


You two are married???😜


Almost spewed!


MRS D has banned those words from the Cantina with few exceptions. It sounds to much like “Fuck you!”

She’s a nurse. She knows how to make you bleed.


I always say “Age before beauty.” In this case that’s doubly true. ;P


Aw, shucks. I missed the fun because I ignore it.

So, be not alarmed that I was not among those objecting to the tripe being spewed. The arrogant fool never has had anything positive to add to any conversation so I gave up years ago making any effort to wade through the back wash.

It seems to be so needy that negative attention is better than no attention. Sick.


As someone stated, he isn’t here for the hunting. While nothing can make me ashamed of having been MI, he comes close. Brings to mind a fella in my OCS class who told his MI TAC officer why he wasn’t branching MI despite having been so as enlisted – “Because, ma’am, in my experience MI officers are almost all wimps.”


I hope they let him run free on here until such time that he swallows his front teeth….


“She’s the Rock that we lean on…She’s the Sunshine of our days…You better be careful what you say about her… She’s our Rock and we ain’t gonna throw her away” (Apologies to George “The Possum” Jones)

It is we who are Honored and Blessed to have you as an Adorable Deplorable, OAM.

There is no request that you asked of us that would not be done.


Well said.


You said “Change my mind”.

You did not say “Fling poo in impotent rage”


Need a good laugh? Do a search on “impotent rage” When you find the “liberal superhero” videos (NSFW-ish), be prepared to laugh.



OAM, ol’ Poe agrees we should not ban Lars because then we are on the same low moral ground as all the liberal social media that bans our side.

As to getting choked up reading comments, I share that feeling when I read much of what Lars wings in here and gratuitously deposits in odorous piles.

However, it’s rising bile that constricts ol’ Poe’s throat…😜

USMC Steve

Funny, we in the Marines were great believers in punishing stupidity, particularly when it was persistent stupidity. We didn’t tolerate, condone, or encourage it. Old Lars is the very definition of that.


You can tell the gentlemen from the cretans just by how they act
when a lady enters the room.


Will always have your back OAM. You’ve sacrificed more than anyone should have to, and when some mental midget cretin attacks you, or any other Gold Stars here, they will get an appropriate if overwhelming response.


I wonder how many (if any) of the flag officers demanding resignations were also on the lists that endorsed Biden for President?

This is his shit show, he needs to own it and stop hiding.


That’s a damn good question. But the term hypocrite wouldn’t stick to them, like it doesn’t to Democrats elected to national office.


Just as the ninja family predicted reference Hiden Biden’s address to the nation:

1. He brought up Beau.

2. He blamed Trump.

3. He did not take questions.

Why was he yelling?

He also repeated the SAME THING HE SAID LAST WEEK!



He insisted upon presenting the case to everyone who wanted us to stay in Afghanistan why we should leave Afghanistan. Over and over again.

So, just how many people ARE there who think we should continue being in Afghanistan any way? Three?? Maybe four???

Looked like he pretty much stayed awake for this one at least. Not that it made any difference. Debating against a position no one has taken is just silly.


Every neo-con.


Can’t blame prezzy sniffy, ninja. Got to blame the IT folks that forgot to change the script in his teleprompter. In addition to all of the other nefarious things that groopy joe has done over the years, I think it is particularly despicable that he has used the deaths in his family to “boost” his career. Maybe those deaths were one of God’s Ways of punishing him? Or maybe, those deaths were God’s Way of taking those family members out of their miserable conditions of being his family. You know, like God took them because they had their Hell on Earth? Who knows?

Either way, we only have 3 days and a wake up til RTR/HBTD/GABN!!!! 😀 😛 😉


Hey, I didn’t vote for him.

USMC Steve

Someone must have forgotten to change the canned speech on the teleprompter. The senile old fuck can sure read well though.


I guess Milley was too busy trying to understand “White Rage” to oversee an orderly withdrawal, that could have saved lives and gotten all Americans out. Oh yeah, and a “op” that didn’t gift the Taliban helicopters, up armored vehicles and thousands of armaments.


Is it too soon to ponder the effect of mostly white guys making decisions which adversely impact primarily brown people?


Not impressed. It’s a CYA letter. This Afghan shitstorm didn’t suddenly pop up in the last month; it has been festering for the last twenty years, and I am sure many on that list contributed to it.


Jenn Psaki was just asked about Biden checking his watch at Dover.







Looking at the pictures of him checking his watch he appeared to be wearing a black earbud in his right ear. Staff controlling him from afar?


He’s been caught before saying out loud what the earpiece is telling him. Remember, “Salute the Marine” as he walked past the Marine and didn’t salute?

He’s like a cross between The Manchurian Candidate and Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Hack Stone

He is Chance Gardener from Being There. The movie was released in 1979 and took 41 years to become reality.


You NAILED it Hack!! Spot ON!!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Here we go on that the supreme ruler just blames President Trump and all the low information voters who watch cnn think’s that it is true so I’m sure he isn’t worried. Was at Bulk N Bin buying my butterscotch hard candies when some guy is in the store either talking to the owner or on his cell phone about Pres. Bush and questionable time in the Mil service and then I hear him saying that in years to come, biden (supreme ruler) will go down as the greatest president the US had. Seen this guy a number of times in the store and I hope he isn’t looking to buy the place.

Green Thumb

O’Bummer was still blaming Bush halfway through his second term.

Got own it sometimes.


The left eats in own.


Hack Stone

Hack Stone got home from a hard day of selling Red Hat Software for a proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the federal government formerly located in Bethesda Maryland, and selects Judge Judy on the DVR. Interrupted by Slow Joe blowing smoke. Most notable is that he continues to say “my predecessor” instead of President Trump. We know that Biden is a piece of shit, but now he is a petty piece of shit.


I remember his former boss blaming everything on President Bush.

He learned well,,, didn’t he?


That’s why Democrats only steal every other presidential election–so their guys can have a Republican predecessor to blame for all their fuckups…

Hack Stone

Yeah, but at least Obama referred to him as President Bush, not “my predecessor”.

Green Thumb

I guarantee The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) is still blowing smoke.

Iraq PH Veteran

Everyone here saying this is Biden’s fault must have forgotten that their orange god invited taliban leaders to the white house and negotiated this surrender.

Whatever, keep being fascist scum and dying of covid.


Lar’s future butt buddy says, “…and negotiated this surrender.”

Um, do you mean as opposed to Biden surrendering without negotiation?

By the way, slick, wearing your Purple Heart on your web-worn sleeve, so to speak, does not impress the fascist scum here at TAH, and I hate to tell you, but so far, none of us has succumbed to your Democrat planned-demic.


Well aren’t you special. I wasn’t a big fan of that move. It’s also irrelevant, because the Taliban promptly violated the agreement (shocker). Biden did not follow Trumps agreement or plan. He has sole ownership of this cock-up. Now go and have yourself a nice day.


Yeah, and that agreement was contingent upon political agreements with the Afghan government and abstaining from violence.

Everything that’s been happening now is a direct result of this Administration’s incompetent leadership you brain washed zombie.


Lars found a new IP address and creative username?

USMCMSgt (Ret)

A few people here also have a “PH”. It doesn’t confer any special privilege.


How about you just go away. We don’t need another proggy turd commenting here.


YEAH *ptui*, he may be a proggy turd, but he’s *OUR* proggy turd and we don’t need some new turd poking around OUR junkyard, no, g’on, GIT!!!
(h/t to Josey Wales & Green Thumb)


I have an NDSM but I would never use it in a screen name.
Welcome to TAH.


As one of the proud, few double-NDSM awardees still alive, I heartily endorse this comment!


BTW I was going to get that coveted “NDSM Recipient” license plate on my car but then I thought I’d better save some poontang for the rest of you.

You’re welcome.


I was going to do that TOO and be a *SUPER WHORE!!* and just have “2X” on it but, nah, that’s just too whorey.


How’s about 3X?? Even fewer of those around.

A Proud Infidel®™️

You claim to have a PH yet you sound like a brainwashed zombie from UC Berzerkely.


Could it be that PH stands for “pussy hurts”?

USMC Steve

You need to lay off the cheap pharmaceuticals, there retard boy. Was that PH for a sucking brain wound? And by the way, doesn’t matter what Trump did. He is not in the white house anymore. This falls squarely on Resident Xiden.

As for the covid remark, I sincerely hope your life is filled with all the hateful misery and pain that you so richly deserve. You are a fucked up loser. Live with it.

Green Thumb

I wonder if the DoD still authorizes white toilet wipes in MRE’s?


This story has been showing up online. WaPo is reporting it:



WTF? What on Earth is he thinking? He’ll be a great prize for the Taliban. Imagine having a sitting Congressman as a hostage.

Slow Joe

Why do we care about what flag officers say?

They are all political animals. They are all part of the swamp.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Yes, apparently one requirement for reaching Flag Rank these days is completely selling one’s Soul to politics.


As someone who is an admin on another site, I have always felt that blogs are like homes…..

You aren’t paying the taxes, you aren’t paying the bills and if you act like a jerk, you can be asked to leave my living room, or in this case my blog or any blog.

I will never understand the desire to come to a blog or home to intentionally create chaos and anger.

Grow up and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


I also administer several blogs and Facebook groups.

You wrote: “I will never understand the desire to come to a blog or home to intentionally create chaos and anger.”

I’ve found that some people like to be “pot stirrers” because it seemingly offers them some degree of intoxication and/or exhilaration in being the center of attention. They will think nothing of posting something inflammatory then go watch “Dancing with the Stars” – only to return in a few hours to observe that things are dying down and feel the need to pour gasoline on the conversation to reignite it. Having done their perceived civic duty, they then catch an episode of “Game of Thrones.”

There are people behind the scenes that build and curate carefully and appreciate all that has gone into the construction. Sort of like planning and hosting a house party, making sure the snacks & beer are paid for and delivered, telling the neighbors there will be a party and some cars may park in front of their house. Researching and securing a local band to come and perform, etc. Then when the party starts to kick off someone not involved with planning or upkeep waltzes up on stage, grabs the microphone, and takes over with incendiary comments. They have no appreciation or respect for what went into the CONSTRUCTION of the event, or the delicate balance that must be achieved in order to keep things glued together. They are good at DESTRUCTION and will seize the moment. They cannot put together their own house party and have guests over to hear their views and manifesto because people find them boring or are put off by their views. That’s why they have to hijack and capitalize on the work of others.

CRACK SPIDER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dg-r-S0fIkA


Trolls get off on it– Lars likes the abuse he gets too.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I’m sure you’re right about that, he gets it free here and has to pay by the minute at the bondage room in Brucie’s Bath House (Entrance in the Rear).


Personally, I think he is paid for his trolling agitprop, likely with Soros-bucks.


Thanks for that link–it had me going for a while.

Daisy Cutter

TOPIC: On one of the commentary shows, they made the point that it is a disgrace that Austin and Milley are not resigning. Putting aside accountability and culpability for a second – what about mere shame?

ADMIN: It is nice that people can get along and resolve differences or agree to disagree, but a shame when an admin has to get involved and use imperfect judgment for the sake of the greater good.


I think Austin and Milley will resign – if not both of them, at least one of them. Due to the optics, it can’t be just Austin or the entire race thing will rekindle, so most likely just Milley if not both.

It won’t be right away but some time down the line when China Joe and Willie’s Ho realize they can’t get the headlines to move past it all.

Someone’s got to fall on the sword and take one for the team and the very top of the regime will need to be preserved and protected, but also look like they are doing something about it.

The battle will be over Bagram and what was recommended. The Pentagon says it could not maintain Bagram with a reduced troop level and Biden claims the recommendation he was given was to give up on Bagram. That premise may have sort-kinda been true if he stuck by the condition of having fewer troops as a firm requirement.

Green Thumb

And toss in a State Department rep as well to be thrown to the wolves (hopefully one that deserves it).


Do you actually think that any self-respecting woif would come near any of Those People?


Lol. Resign? Watch Bidumb -decorate- them.


Lefty Democrats don’t resign because they know the media will cut them a break and ignore their failures instead of hounding them from office as they do conservatives.

Do you think any conservative Republican could have survived a scandal like Benghazi?


I have heard the question asked: “What leverage does Biden have over the Taliban once all US troops have been withdrawn?”

Let me answer that question. It is stern loud, rebuke and finger wagging on television. It is invoking the disapproval of the international community.

We have seen remnants of this already.

This strategy has two assumptions.

1) All Taliban are glued to their TV sets.
2) The Taliban care what others think of them.

This is akin to saying “What goes around comes around” and “They’ll get theirs in the end” or “Karma’s a bitch.” These are statements largely aimed at pacification until memory fades. In other words, these public chastisements are for the benefit of the American people.


We have over $7 billion Ass-tain dollars on hold in the U.S. the bad guys have asked for it.
Small carrot?


Tape that carrot to a MOAB and deliver it.

Flash in the Brainpan

Per what they just released to the Staff in a memo thanking everyone for their hard work over the last twenty years; the Chairman and SEAC closed with this gem:
“Your actions honor the sacrifice of our brothers and sisters in arms who lost their lives or were wounded in Afghanistan. Over the last two decades and the last 2 [sic] weeks, you embodied our American values of equality, liberty, and human dignity for all. – We could not be more honored to serve alongside each and every one of you.”
Sure. I’m thinking they may not be very clear on the definitions on all those flowery words they used…


Given that very soon, ISIS-K will most likely be parading a SITTING US CONGRESSMAN as one of their hostages….I would say they have ALL the leverage.

Fuck the twilight zone, this is turning into an episode of Black Mirror

Slow Joe

And then, a huge alien starship parked in low orbit, just like a second moon in the night sky, and a bean of light projected unto the lawn of the White House, from were an big hairy alien stepped out:
“Take me to your leader!”
“Er, he is eating a pudding and then he have to take a nap. Can you wait…?”


New book.
New stories.

IMHO Conclusion….
Milley was in bed with Pelosi… AND China.


Milley’s resignation should be immediate, followed by a criminal investigation.