Ten US Marines, One Navy Corpsman and Two Army Soldiers Confirmed Killed in Kabul, 15 Wounded

| August 26, 2021

FoxNews and other outlets are reporting that ten four Marines, one Navy Corpsman and two Army soldiers were killed and at least three others wounded in suicide bombings at Kabul airport in Afghanistan.


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“Pentagon Revises Kabul Death-Toll Data, Includes Fallen Army Soldiers”


“The U.S. Defense Department late Thursday revised its descriptions of the service members who were killed in Thursday’s Kabul airport attack in Afghanistan.”

“The death toll for the U.S. military remained at 13, but Defense Department officials told Fox News that the count now stands at 10 Marines, two Army soldiers and one Navy corpsman killed in the attack.”

A Proud Infidel®™

Most. Incompetent. Administration. Ever.


That’s only true if you assume they are on our side…

E4 Mafia '83-'87

Jimmy Carter: “I’m the worst President ever”
Joe Biden: “Hold my…Cornpop was bad man…my son Beau…kids loved my hairy legs…ya know the thing”

Daisy Cutter

I realize Biden will survive this, but it stands to reason that Austin or Milley will eventually resign to protect Joe. Not right away, but months from now. Isn’t losing confidence in a military leader grounds for removal – even if no one act can be pinned on them?

Slow Joe

About ISIS and the other goatf*ckers…



The names with pictures and a short story of each of the seven (7) Marines, the Army SF Soldier and the Navy Corpsman are identified in this article at this link:

“He Was Just A Kid’: Families, Communities Begin Paying Tribute To Troops Killed In Kabul”

Rest In Peace, Warriors. Condolences To The Families.

Please pray for the Families and for our Troops who are still conducting the mission in Kabul.