Trapped in Afghanistan – Please Send Money

| August 26, 2021

It pains me to write this but I feel it is necessary to warn people.  We are starting to see submissions of people claiming to be Marines, soldiers or civilians trapped in Afghanistan – asking for money to help them to be evacuated.  How despicable.

These scams work similarly to the romance scams we often see.  These scammers must be taught the technique at warehouses in Somalia because they all work the same way.  They create a false profile on Facebook or other social media platform.  They snag photos of a real active duty member and put them all into the social media account, usually obscuring the nametag or having a common name such as ‘Brown’ or ‘Rodriguez.’

They claim they are in an odd place – Yemen, Iran… and now Afghanistan.  I don’t know why the odd duty station.  We may or may not have troops in these places, but it is skeptical.  Perhaps there is a ‘covert’ feel to it or perhaps it makes it hard to check and confirm?

They then claim they are widowed and have an 8-12 y/o child.  They exchange PMs or emails and after a while, ask for money to come to the states and meet up, also wanting to see their child.  I suspect they claim widowed status to promote the notion that they stayed in a relationship and tried to make it work until a force of nature intervened.  Sounds better than divorced, I guess.

Being in Somalia or someplace similar, they are beyond the reach of US law enforcement.  If reported to Facebook, they simply shut down the account, create another with a new name, and are back in business.

Now, we are seeing a twist with the current crisis in Afghanistan.  Please send cash to help us get out.  Uh, yeah, sure… we’ll take a credit card.

Here is just part of the exchange of someone claiming to be a Marine in Afghanistan.  He claims that he owes money to a business back home based on someone else scamming him and the debt is now on him.  He stands to lose everything if he doesn’t get back home and pay the debt or straighten it out.

“Please, I know you told me you can’t but I’m pleading with you to help me any way you can honey.”
“I know at least if I know how much you can help me with I will talk with the company and if they could bend their rules to help me.”
“Please [REDACTED], 3 of our men were shot last night.”
“Basically, it’s coming down to us even as the deployment made here the past week, this Taliban are still getting closer to attacking us and only God knows when they will drop a bomb here.”

Since there were no reports of anyone being shot, he’d have to say that the media isn’t reporting it.

Anyway, be on the lookout and be skeptical.

[sarc] Or, open up your wallet and send money – that way you can say you did your part to evacuate Americans out of Afghanistan, even if that money ended up in the pocket of a Somali pirate or Nigerian scammer. [/sarc]


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That is a sad fact of life. Shortly behind every crisis there is a bunch of scammers thinking of ways to part good people from their money. Sort of the financial equivalent of the Einzatzgruppen rolling up right behind the Wehrmacht.


Facebook pretty much openly supports scammers at this point. I reported someone pretending to be my Mother in Law trying to get me to assist her with a federal grant and they verified her identity lol.

So yes pretty much anyone asking for money on Facebook is a scammer.


Worse, FakeBook collects cash to enable “Sponsored Ads”
for some very new and very shady looking businesses and charities.

I’ve tracked a few (saving the URLs),
and those removed by FakeBook took about 5-7 days.
Some are never removed at all.


As with anything else…”Caveat Emptor”…ALWAYS!

Farcebook itself is a scam. Too bad we can’t see any of Zuckerphuquer’s pics from his trips with Jeff and Friends.




Local elderly types still fall for the
“Your grandson is in jail” scam.

It makes the local newspaper or police log,
long after they’re gone.. with the gift card numbers.

Avoidance is as easy as NOT picking up the phone anymore,
and letting the answering machine (home phone) or voicemail (cellphone)
do the screening.


I love letting them yammer on about “completing my student loan forgiveness package” and loan, etc. before I let them know I didn’t have any student loans. Or, I play ignorant-ass redneck: “I ain’t had no dang student loans, but I could– how much can I get?!” Either way, the bastards can’t get off the phone fast enough.


So, Afghanistan is where my Nigerian cousin has been. I haven’t heard from him in a while. I know was no scammer. He was always wanting to put a few million in MY bank account.


Reason 417B why I hate people. This…and the damn calls from “SS Administration saying your number is about to be CANCELLED due to fraud…unless you tell us your SSN so we can clear this up.”


I got that call once. I told the guy that he should already know my SSN if he was legit. He told me that the police were on the way with a warrant. Been waiting for them for two years now. They must’ve been defunded.


I’ve been getting phone calls from some guy who wants to sell me on solar cells for my house. I told him I live in a teepee and it won’t work out too well, but he still keeps calling.

His name is Jason, so if he calls you, tell him I said “HI, Jason, you idiot!”


Have fun:


“We will send the police if you don’t pay now! You will be arrested!”

“Hm. Guess what I do for a living.”


(Its not my fault if they guess wrong)



“Explosion Outside Kabul, Afghanistan Airport Injures At Least 3 US Troops”

A 2nd explosion just occurred as well.

Suicide Bomber.

Dont know if the 3 are Marins or with the 82nd.

Impeach 46 and his VP.


Hidin Biden has been briefed about the 2 Explosions.

Impeach 46 and his VP.

All Hiden Biden cares about are the “Unvaxed”, Climate Change and his Bloated Budget.

God Help Us.


3 US Marines were injured.


President Dementia’s shit sandwich just got an extra helping of turds.

Are there no adults in his administration?


Latest update:
4 Marines killed, three injured. Jesus, I’m pissed.


Please to me help for freedom and safety returned American. I are trap be hide enemy lines in state Connecticut. Most certain death by Karen expeditiously hunt us, my family and all Constitutional peoples.
I was gambling in [hartford], I took a little risk.
Drown please the lawers but send the gunz and money.


You beat me by like 30 minutes.
How am I expected to escape the People’s Republic of Maryland by the GoFundMeLottery or fuck it, just wire me CASH, if you steal my THUNDER?!?!?!
Maybe I’ll start selling subscriptions and have to host a link with a really slick advertising campaign for the The As(s)teroid of Insults®™ “AND IF YOU CALL NOW, IN THE NEXT 3 AND 1/2 MINUTES, AND HAVE A CREDIT CARD FOR MONTHLY BILLING READY (in a plain brown wrapper), WE’LL INCLUDE THIS GENUINE AUTHENTIC COMMERATIVE PLASTIC MILITARY LOOKING MEDAL ((**LIMITED QUANTITY SO ACT NOW!!!!**) FOR NEW SUBSCRIBERS. ACT NOW!!!!!!
😀 😀 😀


Sorry, not sorry?
All you have to do is drive west [Virginia], young man. To exfil Prison North East I’d have to bribe the border guards of New Yorkistan, with the way things are going maybe The Kingdumb of Penn’s-ill-insane-ia’s roving bands of thugs.
I NEED that cash!

Daisy Cutter

How do we know that cash won’t end up in some stripper’s G-string?

Beyond that, how do we know she is going to use it for college?


If you didn’t use that dollar for college, why should she?


No problemo, buddy. I feel your pain and I’m happy to help. Feel free to transfer all funds needed from my account, #8675309.


I can’t give you cash, but I can give you cookies. Are cookies OK?


…Ma’am, cookies are always okay. Chocolate chip pecan, for instance.

Actually, ESPECIALLY chocolate chip pecan. 🙂




The waste of skin Kirby via twatter @ 10:57:
“We can confirm that the explosion at the Abbey Gate was the result of a complex attack that resulted in a number of US & civilian casualties. We can also confirm at least one other explosion at or near the Baron Hotel, a short distance from Abbey Gate. We will continue to update.”

Report is up to a dozen children killed.
I ask all y’all to send up prayers regardless if you is or ain’t a higher power fearing individual.
It’s turning over theres.


I was talking to a bro about this earlier, before the bomb blasts and this script is already being written:

US Pulls out 8/31/2021. Taliban begins parading US Citizens on television, threatening to execute them…..UNLESS….Joe pays an exorbitant ransom per head. Joe hems and haws, then capitulates, and writes an even BIGGER check this country can’t cash. Citizens come home. The left spins this as Joe HEROICALLY bringing home ‘hostages’.



Evacuation operations in Kabul will not be wrapping up in 36 hours. We will continue to evacuate as many people as we can until the end of the mission. #HKIA— John Kirby (@PentagonPresSec) August 26, 2021


Gee, you’d think that if we said ‘Aug 31’, they’d at least wait until Aug. 30, wouldn’t you?

Jesus Christ on a crutch, I knew this would not end well.

Keepin' It Real

Biden Care

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Great comments on the scams. Got an email a numbers of years ago by retired Navy Chief Jim LPH 3 who was onboard after I left. Jim was on the Board of the USS Iwo Jima Class ship Assn. and lived up north of me in Kissimee, Fl, The above email asked if I could wire money to a hotel in London England where he was staying and someone stole his passport and $$Moola schmoola (money according to Curtis Sliwa Guardian Angels) I had his phone number so I call him up at home and asks whats new in London and I tell him about the email and he says that someone got ahold of his email and was using it to try and get some moola schmoola out of his friends. I also got the IRS arrest warrant calls a few times plus the auto extended warranty calls which are legit for my old 2010 Rav 4 which I gave to my friend. I installed a call blocker on my landline and it seems I’m getting more calls after I installed the blocker.




Please pray for their Families and Friends and Please pray for our Troops on the ground.




Does anyone think Hiden Biden will address the Nation..and do you think he will take questions from Reporters…

Or will he start focusing on COVID AGAIN???


Am SO P.O.!!! Am sure others on TAH are not too happy, especially those TAHers to include the ninja family who served Boots On The Ground in Afghanistan.

Rest In Peace, Marines.


Doubtful, NO, YES!

Now, you needz to gourd head and gits yore jab, put on 2 more maskies and GIT OFF MY LAWN!



[Nikki Haley, other Republicans call for Biden’s resignation or impeachment after attack at Kabul airport
‘Joe Biden has blood on his hands,’ Rep. Elise Stefanik said]


The current presidential order of succession
1 Vice President Kamala Harris Democratic
2 Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi – Democratic
3 President pro tempore of the Senate Patrick Leahy – Democratic
4 Secretary of State Antony Blinken – Democratic
5 Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen – Democratic
6 Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin
7 Attorney General Merrick Garland
8 Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland – Democratic
9 Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack – Democratic
10 Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo – Democratic

John Robert Mallernee

I used to get similar scam telephone calls and/or spam e-mails, but I haven’t had any of those for a long time.

A while back, I was getting boiler room appeals from the Republican Party, but even those have stopped.

No, I don’t know how I got them to stop.

A couple of days ago, the Department of Veterans Affairs deposited a bunch of money into my credit union checking account, but I don’t know why.

Earlier, I got a huge letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs, but I couldn’t make hide nor hair of what they said.

I reckon they’ll send me a letter of explanation, or maybe my legal representatives, REP FOR VETS, will give me a call and explain everything.

My health has declined rapidly, and I’m now a totally disabled shut-in, but being well looked after, with the Department of Veterans Affairs paying for everything.

Why would a high school in California send those youngsters to Afghanistan on a senior class field trip?

Now, they’re stuck there in Kabul (or at least, that was the latest I saw on the news)!

I think I saw an NRA post on FACEBOOK saying 10 American military personnel were killed.


Now there’s a name we haven’t seen in a while…