‘Racist’ rock finally removed from UW-Madison

| August 9, 2021

This symbol of white supremacy must be removed!

We talked about it last year when they voted to remove the rock. Now they’ve done it.  Breitbart has the video. Racial harmony is sure to spread. This was the stone that was log-jamming up all the racism in the country.

So why was this rare example of a Precambrian era glacial erratic stone weighing some 42 tons a symbol to racism? It was once referred to as “n—er-head rock” nearly 100 years ago in a story in the Wisconsin State Journal.

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And if someone looking for racism under every rock (see what I did there?) hadn’t gone looking through 100-year-old newspaper stories, no one today would have ever associated this rock with racism.
Those who choose to be offended will always find something to be offended by.


Add to that the fact that it was not called that in reference to any person. It references the type of formation the rock was found in, not the type of people it looked like.

Morons gonna moron and BLM is full of morons

Sgt K

As a Badger, I find this highly embarrassing.

Hack Stone

If the students are this upset over one article in a newspaper 100 years ago referring to this rock using the “N-Word”, can you just imagine the demonstrations that they will be holding on campus banning the possession and playing of rap music? You don’t have to go back 100 years to find music that tosses out the N-Word as casually as the weekend gunfire in Chicago. BTW, the weekend count for those keeping score at home is 13 killed, 86 shot in Chicago over the weekend. If this school had acted sooner, none of these people would have been shot or killed. That damn racist rock is responsible for all of the carnage.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

(at least the racists at UW-M aren’t blaming PDJT for either the rock or the shootings/killings in Shit-Congo…..yet. but sshhhhh……let’s not give ’em any ideas)

Daisy Cutter

The enemies are all symbolic, not tangible.

If you choose something that doesn’t fight back, there is less risk.

Police, straws, Christians, statues, sugared drinks, pronouns, flag… list goes on.


Will they now leave and condemn the Democrat Party for advocating in favor of Slavery, Secession, and Segregation?

Hypocrites and Frauds, all of them.


Should have just let BLM loot it away.


So are the students who complained any happier today? Less angry? Feeling better about their school? I’m guessing they probably have all the same problems with all the same people and are just as miserable and angry as they were before the expensive move of the offending rock.

Thank God I’m a conservative. Although my main problem is the politicians on my side of the aisle are generally feckless, two faced liars, at least I’m generally at peace (which does brings a great deal of happiness). 🙂


Saw this the other day, just shook my head! C2Show gonna bitch about this “RAAAACCISSS” article too? Maybe not, he only bitches when thebesig posts them.

At least Old Abe is safe on campus…for now.


A member of the rock’s moving crew was overheard saying “Now that’s done, let’s do lunch at Cracker Barrel.”

A Proud Infidel®™

What’s next, are they going to bawl to ban the use of cotton balls in their Campus Clinic?

USMCMSgt (Ret)

So when are they going to rename Woodrow Wilson bridge, or anything named after Robert Byrd?

The list goes on.


Reminds me of a meme I once saw that said, “Irish Lobby for End of ‘Lucky Charms’ Cereal Due to Cultural Appropriation,” and underneath that headline was written, “Just kidding. We Irish aren’t offended by shit. Because we’re not fucking pussies.”

So glad to be of Celtic lineage.


Those of us with Celtic blood don’t get pissy and whiny over stereotypes. We either:

(A) laugh at them.
(B) celebrate them.
(C) break your face.
(D) all of the above, all at once.

The Other Whitey

So, I assume peace, love, and harmony are breaking out everywhere, eh?

Leftism really is a mental disorder.


Left/libtards be stupid…


I normally find removal of monuments to traitors and particularly prominent racists to be reasonable.

We should not be venerating traitors and shitbags.

However, these is nothing wrong with this rock and the outrage against it seems to be misplaced.

Thomas Crowder Chamberlain has no known history of being racist. The fact that some journal referred to the rock with a slur in 1925 does not make the rock racist.

According to some of the Reddit threads what was happening is that the history of the name of the rock was known to students and some edge lord students and assholes were continuing to refer to the rock with the racist term and hiding behind the fact that it was the name of the rock.

Because of the negativity the history of the name of the rock was creating for some black students the Black Student Union petitioned to have the rock moved to other campus land so it stopped being a recurring reminder and troll instigator.

The relocation of the rock was paid for through donations.

It reminds me of what happened to Pepe the Frog.


Who are you, and what have you done with Commissar? The comment above actually makes some amount of sense!


Attorney Ben Crump panned for praising the ban of “Master Bedroom” from house listings… saying it is a holdover from days of slavery.

Next – ‘Master Cylinder’ and ‘Slave Cylinder’ when referring to automobile brakes.

Words matter!

Hack Stone

If they ban the term “master of your domain”, there will be a lot of nearsighted individuals with hairy knuckles roaming the streets. Just saying.


I’m going to disconnect my Master Cylinder from the brake line because the Slave Cylinder may be offended. Wish me luck.

Green Thumb

I wonder who moved it?

Not the people that wanted it moved.

Heavy motherfucker.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Well most of the people who are offended by dumb shit like inanimate racist rocks don’t have real jobs (or any job) so…it’s unlikely they’ve moved anything besides their fat asses any time in recent history…