Defense Secretary wants to mandate COVID-19 Vaccinations

| August 5, 2021

Both Biden and Harris said no when asked if they would take the coronavirus vaccine that Trump was pushing.

Lloyd Austin, Defense Secretary, is going to ask for authorization to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for those on active duty. This request is expected to come this week. Normally, these kinds of orders do not happen until the Food and Drug Administration fully approves the vaccine. However, Joe Biden can waive this requirement, paving the way for these vaccines to become mandatory for those on active duty.

From CNN:

Austin’s “inclination is towards making the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory” for active duty troops, a defense official told CNN.

If the Secretary makes that final recommendation, he could seek a presidential waiver to allow the vaccine to be administered to troops before full approval by the Food and Drug Administration. A Pentagon decision and recommendation on how to proceed could come this week, several officials say.

Biden announced on July 29 that he was asking the Defense Department to “look into how and when” it will add the COVID-19 vaccine to the list of mandatory military vaccinations. Biden specifically said he knew that Austin is “open to it.”

Since then, the Joint Chiefs have met to discuss how a mandatory vaccination plan might work. Austin has also been consulting with military medical authorities, the defense official said. Austin’s current view is to “seek authorization to make it mandatory.”

Joe Biden hinted that he wants something like this to occur. CNN has the article here.

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Old tanker

1st what do I win?


My undying respect.


That’s my girl!

Slow Joe

I had to resist the Thanos quote…

Old tanker

Not really liking the mandate bit at all. I dislike carrying a medical card to go anywhere as well. Fortunately I live in a free state and have serious doubts the dementia in chief will be able to enforce it here.

Loving the video’s of Florida’s Governor going right after the dementia in chief as well.

A Proud Infidel®™

FUNNY HOW those who called US “fascists” are now demanding that people carry travel papers just like in Nazi Germany or the USSR!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Every day
In some small way
I thank the Lord for my DD214 woobie.

I can see enlistments and re-enlistments crashing, and many good troops refusing assignments as they know those assignments will be set up to fail.

I was on a good-sized Army Installation a few days ago and all I could think was “OH SHIT, those Troops are being treated like hell!”. In an area of occupied barracks the grass was knee-high in places and the buildings that were about 20-25 years old looked like they hadn’t been pressure washed in at least ten years, those Troops I saw out walking around had their eyes on the ground looking like they worshipped the day they were to ETS. Meanwhile the Congressclowns in DC fatten their wallets day after day while getting fat off of insider info to trade on as well as pocketing bribe money and other things from lobbyists while traveling in taxpayer-funded luxury.




More people control. But we said before that this was coming. News feeds are full of similar stories. Like we talked about the other day, businesses wanting to see your “papers” to let you in. Another one from the airlines, no shot, no fly. And companies, requiring you to take the jab to keep your job. GMAFB!

If I didn’t already know how two faced and devious the demonrats were, I might shocked at how they’re acting in re the vaccine.


The Tyrants display themselves openly.


They don’t feel the need to hide anymore. They think they’ve won. Not on my watch.


Say if they do this and the serious complication rate is very high in a population that is all but impervious to serious cases that require hospitalization, will they stop with the government-sponsored, large corporation-enabled psyop of this virus with a 99.98% survival rate?
Asking for a friend who has deadbeat tenants and no peaceful means to petition the government(s) for redress of grievances.
To the Military of the United States, if you allow this to happen to yourselves, We, a concerned Union of Freedom yearning People, are next.
What happens by force to the least of us becomes Law for the remainder.


That fat asshole does resemble Idi Amin.


And he’s taking a sledgehammer to military morale just like Idi Amin took ’em to personally beat to death prisoners of his murderous regime…


With the change to Feres doctrine in the 2020 NDAA, I’m wondering how this will shake out. Can’t imagine doctors, nurses, HMs, medics, PAs, etc.. aren’t going to be concerned about potential liability.


Joe and Lloyd don’t care about that. Joe told the CDC to ignore the supremes, why shouldn’t he ignore this law too?


The ol’ Gunny/Supply Thief/Recruiter-man in me sees a couple of crooked Corpsman getting ready to make a FORTUNE.

“Yah bro. Slide me a hundred and i’ll update your shot record. Come by the barracks later and i’ll have your card.”

Never underestimate the graft, Lloyd.


Jay I was thinking just this reading the post. I remember when a Med Tech or Corpsman could be had for $20. And they never ever lacked for change.


Gotta charge 100 now, m’man. With gas and lumber prices going through the roof. Inflation is a biatch.

Hell, working in Supply: I had a wall locker FULL of “acquired” gear that I could assist a young motivator with his check out sheet.

As a young Marine myself, my bro worked at CIF when they first opened. He deleted my entire profile and I kept my entire issue.


Way to go Jay! You had a good Bro.


What kind of America is this when a General mandates something like this for their troops? What would the Founding Fathers think?!

(Yes, I’m gently trolling here.)


In the United States, the vaccines being used are still waiting for full approval for use. Out of curiosity, if they are approved, will you change your tune and think it’s perfectly fine they’re mandated? For me, the notion that this is some new kind of technology and thus bears considerably more risk is one of those things with a kernel of truth.. but a mountain of misunderstanding. We have a pretty good understanding of how the immune system works, especially at the macro level. We have a very good understanding of how to build structures with certain protein-binding structures, and how to do that with mRNA. Some of that stuff has been studied for decades. So while the vaccine in this form is ‘new’, it’s a bit like saying you should be careful about getting a 5G iPhone, since it’s new, and only 4G ones have been tested. That some parts of the process are new doesn’t mean we don’t understand them, it just means they’re the latest iteration. For a medical analogy, I had a friend dealing with cancer not too long ago – and instead of dexamethasone, an antiemetic, to tackle his nausea from the other components of his chemo, they used GERSC, which uses granisetron in a relatively new method of delivery involving extended release. Technically, this is ‘new stuff’ (GERSC), but at the conceptual level (granisetron, and other antiemetics), it’s been studied for decades. Like mRNA for building specific proteins. Obviously there’s still some careful… Read more »


Funny how that “Been used safely by hundreds of millions for decades” argument didn’t seem persuasive to you with Hydroxychloroquine, hmm, LC?


I think HCQ is safe at low doses… and ineffective in treating COVID at those dosages. At higher dosages, more cardiac issues were found, if I recall,.. and without a commensurate increase in effectiveness at treating COVID.

In other words, it’s not just about safety – it’s about safety and effectiveness. HCQ doesn’t offer the latter.


First, you failed to understand what I was saying above. You said they were still awaiting full approval for use, and I simply asked if you would change your tune if full approval is given. What was the misunderstanding? Second, no, I would not “change my tune”. I would still be opposed to these vaccines being mandated given the time crunch involved with bringing this vaccination to bear. So, you’re opposed to the very program that President Trump helped organize to cut through red-tape and get vaccines made faster? Interesting. It’s one of the few things I agree with him on. We do not have that track record that I mentioned in my initial response to you. Correct in the literal sense, and to most scientists, incorrect in the spirit of things. If it takes me ten years to build a boat and have it pass safety standards today, and I manage to streamline that process and get it down to two years, while using the same (bio)physical principles and same safety processes, just accelerated, you can literally say you don’t have the same track record of a 10-year span of time for development,… but you can also say it’s passed the same process. The same is true here. Third, I don’t trust the Biden Regime. The great thing is… you don’t have to. Countless other countries, free of Biden’s witchcraft and devilry, have also conducted trials and approved the vaccine’s use there. Now, maybe you’re not the sort to… Read more »


While this is a good piece of trolling, we are at where we’re at re: COVID vaccinations largely because of the nutjobbery of the dems when Trump was in office.

They did their damndest to undercut public confidence in the vaccination. “There’s no way they will be able to roll out a vaccine in less than a year.” “You cant trust the vaccine because Trump had a hand in it” etc.. All in an effort to gain political points.

Combine that with the blatant coverup of COVID origins (by the WHO, China and the MSN) and things like the CDC suddenly setting housing policy, Helen Keller or Ten Second Tom could’ve seen this coming.

But no. These dipshits thought that now their party is in office, they can suddenly stuff the genie of distrust back in the bottle?

The dems, in their frenzy to get rid of President Trump, have managed to politicize and undermine confidence in public health in a way that hasn’t happened in my life time. Next time the repubs are in office we’re going to see them do the same types of things. It’s disgusting and short sighted.

I want my country back.


“…stuff the genie of distrust back in the bottle”…. Eloquent and to the point.

They forgot that old saying, didn’t they?

Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

And here we are.

No, I don’t trust them, either, because their splatter-gabbling was all about “hate Trump”, “don’t trust the vaccines”, and now – well, it is backfiring on them but good.

The wails of idiots are almost loud enough to break tempered glass….


While this is a good piece of trolling, we are at where we’re at re: COVID vaccinations largely because of the nutjobbery of the dems when Trump was in office. I agree that statements from people like Harris, above, weren’t helpful, but I think it’s a big stretch to say that’s largely why we’re in the spot we’re at now. Look, had Trump and other Republicans all come out and told people to get vaccinated, you bet your ass there’d be some segment of the left that wouldn’t do it for that very reason. But I think that segment is significantly smaller than the holdouts on the right. For that matter, look at polling on the issue – far more conservatives than liberals are rejecting the vaccine. And to me, it’s utterly wild that you’ve got people like Tucker Carlson, who is apparently vaccinated, ranting about vaccines most nights. You don’t see that from people on the left, do you? … And maybe you do, in which case I’d love to learn about it. See, part of the problem is we tend to hear the most outrageous things the people we disagree with say, and not the outrageous stuff that happens on sides we agree with. Or, we hear it and dismiss it. In my opinion, that’s why you feel -and this is not an attack on you- that the problem is largely because of the left undercutting the vaccine. I know plenty of people on the left who’ve never… Read more »


LC says, “Look, had Trump and other Republicans all come out and told people to get vaccinated, you bet your ass there’d be some segment of the left that wouldn’t do it for that very reason.”

Some segment???

As your ol’ bud Biden would say, “C’mon, man!”

You know damned well the refusal rate would have been far higher than it is now simply because: Trump. And the rioting across this country would have occurred in every venue controlled by Dems with a degree of violence that would make Antifa and BLM look like Eagle Scouts.

LC says, “At the end of the day, things like this shouldn’t be the least bit political, regardless of what you believe.”

While any honest assessment of your opposition to Hydroxychloroquine was purely political, based on your animosity to anything proposed by Trump and you damned well know it.

LC reminds me of Pat Paulson in his long ago presidential campaign:


“While any honest assessment of your opposition to Hydroxychloroquine WOULD SHOW IT was purely political,”

Mea culpa…


You know damned well the refusal rate would have been far higher than it is now simply because: Trump. And the rioting across this country would have occurred in every venue controlled by Dems with a degree of violence that would make Antifa and BLM look like Eagle Scouts.

I’d have taken a vaccine if it were endorsed by Trump, and decried by Democrats… so long as it was also endorsed by scientists. I get my medical perspective from scientists and physicians, not politicians. That tends to be the case among nearly all whom I know on the left, so yes, some segment.

While any honest assessment of your opposition to Hydroxychloroquine was purely political, based on your animosity to anything proposed by Trump and you damned well know it.

My opposition to HCQ was from the data — I’d have absolutely loved if it were shown to be effective. Fuck, that’d have saved a lot of lives! But it wasn’t.

And I’m on the record here for applauding Trump for Operation Warp Speed, which helped to bring the vaccines out much faster.


LC, I’m of the thought the damage from the VP and President casting doubt on the COVID vaccine during the campaign did far more damage than that idiot Hannity every could. First they said don’t trust it because of Trump. Then once they got into office they said it’s safe. The MSM ran with the bat origin story and made the lab leak seem like a wild eyed conspiracy theory. Meanwhile the CDC was (probably unknowingly or from lack of administrative competence) indirectly funding gain of function research on this virus in the lab. Not to mention the bipolar positions they’ve taken on masks regardless of the evidence. Social media is blocking actual medical professionals from providing information re: the risks of the vaccine. Now there is real talk from elected officials about shutting people out from sectors society if they don’t have proof of COVID vaccinations. Not to mention, the vaccine is approved under an EUA. We have no idea what the long term impacts are going to be. Pretending there aren’t real concerns that should be addressed and considered is a public health policy failing of biblical proportions. This is something President Trump should’ve had a plan to address. But he isn’t in office any more. It’s now up to President Biden and VP Harris. And yes, there are some on the right who are also fanning the flames. However, their impact isn’t nearly as large as those on the left. Besides, wasn’t one of the common complaints… Read more »


I’m unfortunately short on time tonight, so I’ll just be able to respond to your first bit: LC, I’m of the thought the damage from the VP and President casting doubt on the COVID vaccine during the campaign did far more damage than that idiot Hannity every could. I did some digging and found a study here, showing attitudes to vaccines by party, tracking from March 2020 – August 2020: You can see that D confidence is fairly high, whereas R confidence is pretty, and declines over that period. Now, humor me, unless you’re suggesting that Republicans were listening to Biden and Harris about vaccines, that’s hard to explain as their fault. And it gets harder when you have to further explain why Democrats didn’t listen to then-candidate Biden and Harris. So the next option is to attack the source or methodology, so here’s one more data point, a Pew study showing something similar, but with later data showing an uptick again – in both parties: There’s probably enough in that one for everyone to complain about – it shows a dip in the Sep/Nov 2020 range, right when the election was heating up, but a rise after, albeit more for Democrats: So, once again, it seems you’re right that there was a dip in confidence about the vaccine during the height of the campaign, in both parties. But how you can tie the lower confidence in Republicans to Biden’s statements is something I’m very eager to… Read more »


I’ll respond tomorrow. Thanks for the thoughtful and referenced response.




Did Washington make them wear masks after they were vaccinated?

(I can troll gently as well…)


BTW…Do you still believe COVID came from Bats, i.e. Wet Market?

Isn’t that what you believe about a year ago while some of us said it came from a Lab?



BTW…Do you still believe COVID came from Bats, i.e. Wet Market? Isn’t that what you believe about a year ago while some of us said it came from a Lab? Not to sound like a politician, but allow me to give a thorough answer. First, if I did (and I have immense faith in your digital ninjitsu to find such posts if so), then a) I was very likely wrong, and b) it was almost certainly early on. I’ve been saying it probably escaped from the lab for a long time now. Very early on, it seemed entirely possible it was natural spillover between a host species and a human. This happens all the-fucking time in places, including Africa and Asia, and while there was indeed the Virology Institute in Wuhan, there were also plenty of bats around, the reservoir host. When they couldn’t identify a host animal, and you’ve got people at the Wuhan Institute getting sick, and China trying to hide that,… well, that speaks volumes. The probability a virus makes the jump to people and coincidentally just happens to be near the lab, where people got sick, and with no host animal found despite a search? It starts to look pretty suspect. And that’s been my position for a while now. I still don’t know, and may change my mind more, but it’d take a lot of evidence to shift it away from that at this point. I’d also say that changing one’s mind based on new… Read more »


That’s a lot of coincidences to swallow there LC.


LC, I retract my post above and offer my apologies. In my haste, I misread your post.


No worries; you’re exactly correct in that assessment. It’s a lot of coincidences, and that should give anyone pause.

At the same time (just to give you something to criticize me for in earnest!), there are some smart people with expertise in the field who still suggest the alternative, for example:

So, I keep an open mind, even if I’m leaning heavily towards a lab escape. It just seems the most likely, albeit unproven (for now) scenario.



Highly appreciate your honesty and feedback.

Thank You.



Weasel words…


No weaseling; I honestly can’t remember, and wanted to give ninja a full answer. Some of us aren’t completely cocksure when lacking any facts, and allow ourselves to change our minds about things as new information comes to light. So my thinking did change – as it did on lethality, too, which very early on seemed much higher.

I think that’s how most people operate, Poe. It’s called learning. I recommend trying it some time!


Well while we’re dealing with open-mindedness, LC, may I remind you that it was you, the man who says he listens to physicians and the science, who was willing to deny the use of a certain modality as a treatment option in dealing with a medical emergency because there were no studies specific to the safety and efficacy of that treatment. You didn’t just say you would not take it yourself should you become infected, you wanted its use prohibited for everyone, even by those physicians who had already used it and obtained favorable results. Citing public safety, you didn’t think the FDA should authorize its off-label use in the face of a pandemic even though it might possibly have saved countless lives. This with a drug with a half century history of safety in hundreds of millions of patients. Yet now, here you are not just cheerleading these much more questionable vaccines, whose safety is far from being established, but disparaging those who have serious doubts about both their short and long-term safety as well their efficacy. And you do this in spite of VAERS data showing thousands of deaths attributed to these COVID vaccines. That is reportedly more deaths than associated with all previous vaccines. I don’t suppose you have any data on deaths due to treatment of COVID with hydroxychloroquine do you? I thought you might have been following those stats since you were so concerned about its safety that absolutely no one should be allowed to… Read more »


You weren’t alone in falling for the bat story LC. I was there at first too.


Good point, LC, and CV19 is not exactly like smallpox, is it? No, nor is it like polio, or the swine/avian flu viruses that shift every year by mingling with each other.


No, of course not, but do you think if we hadn’t eradicated polio decades ago, and were facing that battle now, we’d succeed?

Polio claimed far fewer lives than COVID, yet we still managed to unify around a vaccine and defeat it. That was no more an assault on ‘freedoms’ than having to stop your car at a stop sign.

At what point does an infectious disease that threatens communities require some responsibility on behalf of individuals?


Austin=Flaming train wreck as SecDef. Only put there because he has a pucker that fits any Democrat ass.

This is going to be quite a problem. I have been getting texts from people saying they will refuse the shot and are willing to be separated or retire. There are more of them than the SecDef thinks, and the only recruits that could be brought in are liberal pussies.

So go for it, Joe. Fuck something else up.


Sir, are you the former MCPO NCY Ret.? If so, nice to know you are still here.

A Proud Infidel®™

Y’know, some private outfits are producing the vaccines and I uhhhm was kinda wondering what profits they might be making off of it and now that Biden has been inflicted upon us I wonder just how many politicians that are pimping for everyone to get it are PROFITING off of the mess via owning stock in said companies?


Absolutely a great question. If it is like most industries with the ubiquitous lobbyists, I am sure they are getting their palms well greased.


API, I read somewhere a few months ago that it had already surpassed $20 Billion for the American producers.


And in the meantime, more and more Illegal Aliens are pouring into our Country…

And it looks as if not all of them are from Central America…

One has to wonder where they are heading…and if they are spreading the Virus…

BTW…How many Unborn lose their life on a daily basis?

Asking For A Friend.



You don’t suppose that any of those people flooding across the border and being put in to communities all around the country are carrying the virus do you? I’m sure they were all tested and vaccinated before being placed in communities all around the country. Because it would be completely nuts to do otherwise and could lead to a massive outbreak all over the place. No way our current government would be that stupid as to cause a secondary outbreak. Those guys are like really smart and stuff.




A Proud Infidel®™

Ninja, just before the hyperbole came out about the “Delta variant” there was hype about a “Lambda variant rearing its head in Peru, spreading through Central and South America. NOW THAT we have hordes of illegal aliens pouring over out Southern Border, nearly all of them unvaxxed, I’m betting that the current Administration is trying to infect the USA with that variant just like the B. Hussein 0bama admin tried to get Ebola established on US Soil!



Sooooooo close to retirement…


Hope you make it!


I don’t know how legit this is BUT this was posted on Gab as an alternative to taking the jab. ———– I have been receiving dozens of direct messages on Gab over the past week with people from around the country sharing the horrors from inside the United States Military and their places of employment regarding “mandatory” non-FDA approved experimental Covid vaccinations. Many people are being forced to choose between feeding their families and getting injected with a potentially deadly experimental substance. This is a fundamental violation of not only human rights, but the religious rights that we are guaranteed in the United States of America. I stumbled upon a set of religious exemption documents that the creator calls an “air tight religious exemption request” for the COVID vaccine if it is mandatory for you at work, school, or in the military. You can download these here and customize them to your individual scenario. ( The Full Document is everything necessary for a US Army Soldier to submit a religious exemption request to his immediate commander, with only certain portions needing to be edited to include your name, unit, and details. The “Religious + Practical Side Supporting Documents” contains all of the details giving both the religious reasons for why Christians cannot receive the Vaccine, and the practical reasons for why it isn’t actually necessary to receive the Vaccine. The Religious and Practical Side Supporting Documents are also separated in case you specifically need either one without the other. We… Read more »


I believe that America is a signatory to the Nuremburg code regarding medical experimentation. This vaccine is still in the experimental phases.

1.The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment.

The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs or engages in the experiment. It is a personal duty and responsibility which may not be delegated to another with impunity.


SFC-K, a link for that?

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Considering Biden said 350 billion people in this country have received the vaccine, no need to get one (since there are a little over 333 billion.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Correction… 350 million (not billion) and 333 million (not billion)…