Anthony Travis Nielsen – Phony Green Beret

| July 12, 2021

Anthony Travis Nielsen

Today, we bring you a ‘Twofer’ in regards to fake Green Berets.

For the first one, the Guardians of the Green Beret just published a case on Anthony Travis Nielsen.  He appears to be shutting down his business – – and social media sites, so you could get errors if you try to click on them.

Nielsen is 35 y/o and lives in Riverton, Utah but is originally from Huntington Beach, California.

One interesting aspect of this case is that he went by several different names and kept denying to the GotGB that they had the right person.  He went by Travis Neilson, Anthony Travis, Travis Nielsen, Anthony Travis Nielson, Travis Raids, and a few others.

When GotGB finally presented him with a copy of his passport, Nielsen conceded it was him.  One likely theory is that he became confident of the name chameleon game and may have lead to a spirit of being anything you want to be.

In Nielsen’s case – he wanted to be a special forces operator.

The Guardians of the Green Beret tracked down his military service that showed him to be a member of the Army National Guard in Utah, with his only active duty consisting of boot camp and AIT.

There is much more – including Nielsen’s confession – over at the Guardians of the Green Beret.

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Anthony Travis Nielsen – STOLEN VALOR COCKSUCKER!


Guardians of the Green Beret: Ewe-tube segment – Anthony Travis Nielsen


E4 Mafia '83-'87

I think he’s another of what Dakota Meyer called Tact-a-jerk, but he went the full nine yards. When are these guys going stop counting Call of Duty the same as being an Operator? He had the gear, he had the look, but he doesn’t have the balls!

Nicholas Alpha Romeo

Dakota Meyer is a douche himself lol

Name edited to protect PII.


Takes more than a sleeve tattoo, ball cap and a scruffy beard to be SF.

Green Thumb


This clown likes to play dress up.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I bet he’s the pride of his trailer court Airsoft Militia!


Yep. But he does have the 4th dimension covered perfectly also….

The double handed symmetrical rest position grip on the body armor vest.

It’s pretty convincing to me. This might be a mistake, as he is obviously a green beret.


Gotta wonder if he borrowed Howard’s or Raj’s sleeve tat? And goes off to the Goth Clubs? Punk!


That was quick. His Book of the Fake is down. POOF.
Deactivated (pad lock), NOT deleted (broken chain links).
URL here (again), for future checking, just in case he tries a comeback.


Nope. Still deactivated. Stunt-cunt…



A Proud Infidel®™️

Turd Burglar.

Green Thumb

Extra Turd Burglar.


Range Dandy.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

“Drug Store Cowboy”

A Proud Infidel®™️

Defective Test Tube Baby.


But he *identifies* as an operator!
And he’s paid some money on that outfit: IR laser, Mk18 clone, suppressor, eotech, magnifier, MBITR knockoff, Wilcox mount…
He’s prob got $10k In equipment there. I’m gonna go ahead and suggest trust fund baby, no concept of money’s worth.
(I’m not saying any of its ‘bad’ kit, just unnecessarily ‘cosplay-ee’)

Daisy Cutter

If you are going to play, you don’t want to do it like a mule and be half-a$$’ed.


Well, now that the World knows that he’s a full-on fakey-fake – he can sell all his cos-pee kit on eBay(which is where it probably came from in the first place)… His so-called ‘public apology to the GOTGB was pathetic. ‘Uh can I get some off-the-record-coaching’? ABSOLUTELY FUCKING PATHETIC!!!

Daisy Cutter

It’s equivalent to someone asking you face-to-face if you’d be friends with them on Facebook.


Are you all sure he is a phony?

I mean… with that arm sleeve tattoo and the double handed body armor vest symmetrical rest position… he sure seems legit to me.

A Proud Infidel®™️

He looks like the type who buys condoms on the way to a family reunion.


And then after arriving volunteers to “watch all the children” so the adults can visit.

A Proud Infidel®™

Children? He looks like he’d head straight for the sheep and goats!


“Not Gallo, CALLO!”


I see what you did there.

“Did you say utes?”

My, My, My

My, My, My,
Perfect grab.
Everyone should see that.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Got an address on this turd burgler?
Riverton is a small city at the very south end of Salt Lake County, just before you drive south on I-15 over Point of the Mountain into Utah County.
I could drive by & take pics of his house. Maybe even a pic of him if’n he’s oot-&-aboot.
I promise to NOT knock on his door. Any pics I take will be from public (street/sidewalk) property, & be sent to admin for moderation before/if publishing on TAH.
Pinkie Swear.
If’n Admin doesn’t want to publish his address on this post, they can send it to me via my email.

The Utah guard has a leadership school in that area
And if I remember right 19th group is right down the road too.

MSG Grumpy

The 19th SFG HQ is in Draper
(Just south of SLC)
The 1/19th SFG Is located at Camp Williama about 15 miles SSW of SLC.

I Served with them forv19 years.
Good unit and good guys.

MSG Grumpy

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Always good to keep the lawyers happy, litigation insurance gets really expensive after your first three or four lawsuits…ask me how I know.


By the way, have the 1980s TS/SCI classified security clearance classifications been declassified?
I ask for 2 reasons.
1 – They sounded really dumb.
2 – At least 2 of them became bulked up hunk and babe
character names on American Gladiators.


Pity the fool that tries to get into a
tactical or strategic HQ or command post,
and summons up the wrong American Gladiator.
Uhhh, Nitro?

sbalm makes excellent points.
I speak from experience, having put myself into a few face-to-faces.
It’s easy to go south, which I avoided.
I don’t recommend post exposure confrontations
for anyone with anger issues or inexperience.

Your better bet, is to do your own thing,
leave MP and VG (directly) out of it,
and push it out there on your own social media
(FakeBook, YouBoob, Twatter, etc.),
and/or take it to the local area public social media as well.
I highly recommend city/county FakeBook pages and groups,
based on experience.

Good luck. Don’t become the story.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Point taken. No action taken against the SV.


It’s Rain Fake SF today WTF !!!!!


Raining…… F-ing Spell checker

A Proud Infidel®™️

Spell Check and Autocorrect can be a real Mother Forklift from time to time!

Keepin' It Real

Reel men don’t use spellcheck.

Hack Stone

Neither do the Vice Presidents Of proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the federal government formerly located in Bethesda Maryland.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Long time since a Monday morning poser.


My apology to Barry Sadler

Cocksuckers that always lie
Who they hell are these guys
Men who lie in what they say
No way in hell they’re Green Berets

These are clowns, America’s worst
Not Green Berets but fucking JERKS
The uniform is just for show
Until their lie is exposed


Ballad of the Green Bidet
Dedicated to Anthony Travis Nielsen and Horace R. Jackson, fake Green Berets.

Faking assholes, like this guy,
The fat slobs, who always lie.
Men who failed in every way,
Try to steal,
The Green Beret.

Unearned bling on pudgy chests,
Doo-rag and dog, check out the vest!
One hundred times, they’ll boast today,
“Believe me man,
I’m a Green Beret!”

Blowing winos, at bus stops.
Sporting Medals, like stage props,
He never earned it, but he’ll say,
“Look at me,
A Green Beret.

The Internet, has found him out.
Gone his name, and his clout.
His own shit, upon his tray,
Served to him,
A Green Bidet.

Comfort dog, at his side.
Shiny HD, for his ride.
He will pose, another day,
Because he earned,
The Green Bidet

Tip ‘o the chapeau to 11B-mailclerk,
RCAF-CHAIRBORNE, A Proud Infidel®™, and 26Limabeans

Daisy Cutter

A tear welled up in the corner of my eye over this.

It wasn’t officially a tear because I dabbed it with a tissue before it ran down my check – which is the definition of a tear.

Point being – I got misty reading this but it is important to note that I did not cry.

A Proud Infidel®™️

There he is, the Green Bidet,
Going for a free buffet.
Chowing down, any day,
Getting fat-ter, the Green Bidet.

Runs his mouth, blah or rhyme
Bores us all, every time.
Blah, blah, blah every day
Please shut up, you Green Bidet.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Not a Green Beret, he’s a Green Bidet that bit the dust as soon as he got exposed!


Good one 😎👍


Another cosplayer wannabe who learned the hard way…I wonder what his ARNG unit thinks (if he’s still in). Maybe he misread his 13B MOS as 18B, happens all the time, and in this day and age, identifying as Special Forces pretty much makes you Special Forces.

I stand here in my unexpected end-of-career assignment as a cynical Senior NCO who did a lot more than he thought he would despite doing a lot less than he wanted to. Tabs do not make the Soldier, to a large extent decorations do not reflect the Soldier’s career, and schools/badges often do not indicate the Soldier’s proficiency. Yet, time and time again those who “woulda, coulda, shoulda been” throw on that which they haven’t earned and try to pass themselves off as what they’ll never be.


Sheer fookin’ poetry, fm! My sentiments exactly. I went further in my career than I expected, could’ve gone further had I wanted it, but I’m quite happy where I ended it.

My, My, My

I think he’s so f’d up, he’s figured out how to wear an NDSM upside down.


Travis ‘(Surface-placed Inanimate Coiled Brown) Snake’ Nielsen
(I was watching clips from Escape From New York for TTP ideas)

SSG Whiskey Tango.

I wonder which of the two Utah Field Artillery units he was a 13B in. Either the 1/145 or the 2/222. Probably the 145 since it is in Northern Utah and 222 is in Southern Utah.

I spent twenty some odd years in 145. Somebody should know him.


“Fraudie Murphy”