Double, Double, Toil and Trouble….

| July 12, 2021

I may gag while I’m [posting this, but I think it’s a necessary evil that we be truly aware of what is going on now in so-called “training” the troops. I do not know whether to term this an attempt at brainwashing the ignorant and uninformed, or perhaps an undefined form of sowing sedition in the ranks.

“Wokeism” and other idiocies are pervading the military, making it more and more difficult for the troops to do their job. This is disruptive, inhibits the troops from doing their real jobs, and appears to be intentionally inflicted on the troops for no reason other than to cause disruption in the ranks. The article mentions ‘fake wokeness’ as a disruptor. No, it does not seem harmless activity to me. If the troops are starting to complain about it, they are a lot smarter than their alleged superiors think they are.

Please read on.

From the article: During a drill weekend, unit leaders held a stand down on race—a pause in their usual training—where they taught troops about white supremacy and the importance of staying apolitical on social media. But one service member balked at the training’s focus on far-right extremist groups, not other organizations like Black Lives Matter or Antifa.

“Anyone who has been face to face with them during the riots will tell you they are in fact well organized militant hate groups,” the service member wrote. “However, we are encouraged to stand with them, but not groups that stand for the Constitution.”

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., says this is one of more than two dozen stories that show the military has gone too far with what another service member called “fake wokeness.” In a memo from Cotton to the Senate Armed Services Committee obtained by Defense One, the senator includes 28 written complaints from troops, which could not be independently verified, about training sessions and regulations that service members argue paint the military as fundamentally racist and support left-leaning groups while labeling conservative movements as extremist. Cotton and Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, two weeks ago set up a public whistleblower site inviting service members to complain about “woke ideology” in the military. – article.

Paint the military as fundamentally racist??? Who is doing this? It is no accident, in my view. I have no way of knowing, or likely finding out, who is behind this crap, but there is definitely something rotten going on here.

If there are people joining our military with the sole purpose of causing disruption and antagonism, they need to be weeded out, right now. Ditto if they are senior military and see this is an opportunity to destroy from within.

I never saw any of this crap in the 1960s or 1970s, and anyone who was found to have acted like this was sent packing.

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Jus Bill

Look first at the spineless bureaucrat politicians that -0- and the D Senate traitors elevated to Flag rank.


I remember reading here during the Obama era about the “purges” of commanding officers and others who were relieved for various failures. Many of them seemed competent, but who were promoted to take their places. The current crowd of lefties that have been inflicted on the troops.


The lefty media scrunt that wrote that linked article is clearly a prog, but at least she included the incidents of CRT training being given our military that Sen. Cotton cites in his memo to the corrupt SECDEF. But she shows her true colors in the last two paragraphs where she concludes that Trump supporters are the “extremists” that need to rooted out.


There were reasons as to why the Oath was to the Constitution and NOT to a Political Officer. Just as there were reasons for the separation between the Military and Civilian Chain of Command. Originally to keep a Military/Political Faction from staging a Coup and overthrowing the existing status quo, that, IMO, never really was a concern in this Country. Strange what parts of Military History the Democratic Socialist want to remember and prevent happening again. The votes for Lincoln in 1864 from the Field Armies of Grant and Sherman is what swung that election. The Socialist want control of higher and laid their groundwork quite well in those positions during the 2012-2016 time frame, leading to the fiasco of Flag Ranks now. Pavel has his Lap Dogs now and the stage is being set. The only true racism in the Military today is directed toward “Whitey”.


On the whole, recruiters are not making their goals. I wonder why.