Horace Jackson – Phony Green Beret

| July 12, 2021

Today, we bring you a ‘Twofer’ in regards to fake Green Berets.

For the second one, the Guardians of the Green Beret just published a case on Horace R. Jackson.

Jackson will be 75 y/o this month and lives in Corona, California.  He is originally from Florida.

One interesting aspect of this case is that Jackson was gifted a scooter by Corona firefighters.  When covering the story, KTLA5 claimed that “Jackson is a decorated veteran.  Before his injury, he logged over 1000 jumps from a military aircraft, 9 of those during combat.”

Horace Jackson – KTLA 5

On their Facebook page, the Corona Firefighters Association – Local 3757 said that “Horace Jackson was with the Army Special Forces and recipient of the Purple Heart.”

The Guardians of the Green Beret obtained Jackson’s military records and although he was in Vietnam, there is no award of a Purple Heart.  The records also show several instances of him being AWOL and to top that off, DROPPED FROM THE ROLLS – presumably for desertion.

I feel bad for the firefighters of Corona, California.  They did a good thing and have nothing to be ashamed of.  They may have done this good deed whether much of Jackson’s story is true or not.

BUT… I wonder if Horace Jackson will feel any guilt as he scoots over to the nearest Starbucks?

There is much more over at the Guardians of the Green Beret.

The Guardians of the Green Beret have been trying to reach out to KTLA 5 in Los Angeles with no luck.

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Horace Jackson – professional deserter, member of Special Feces and STOLEN VALOR COCKSUCKER!


Lying Malingering Thieving Shit Sack



E4 Mafia '83-'87

9 combat jumps? I had paratrooper friend that did 20 years and all he wanted just one star on his jump wings…ONE! I guess he’s counting the number of times he went AWOL as “combat jumps”. The CFD should send Mr. Jackson a bill for that scooter acquired under false pretenses.


He could be prosecuted for obtaining money or property under false pretenses, but the Commiefornia DA could likely care less. Since that scooter likely cost more than $950, it would be a felony.

As a someone who served over six years in airborne units, I’ll just call him a dirty nasty leg, which seems apropos in his case as he only has one. But I would like to make him eat those two Special Forces caps.

In addition to desertion, I wonder what other offenses he has committed.


I’ll bet even the fake leg is fake.


Probably fronting a diabetes amputation as a combat wound. It wouldn’t be the first time for that.


Amen. That had been my first thought when I saw the photo.


1000 jumps and 9 combat jumps. Well, if you are going to tell a lie, tell a big on.

Forest Bondurant

What?! No biker vest to go along with his red Vespa?!




Not for nothing, but the District Court for the District of Columbia just decided a case where a man was arrested and as part of his bond, he was required to stay away from an address and wear a GPS monitor.

The company that supplies and attaches the GPS monitor to people’s ankles attached the monitor to the man’s prosthetic leg.

You read that right.

He took the leg off, left it and the monitor at home, and went and killed a woman at the address.

The District Court ruled that the government could not be sued (sovereign immunity) but the company that installed the bracelet could be sued.



Just another case of sovereign immunity for government entities. But what I find interesting is that this murderer who shot and killed his girlfriend was only charged with second degree murder. Let’s see, the DC dirtbag removed his prothesis with the bracelet, acquired another gun even though he was out on bail from an illegal firearm possession charge, then he violates a restraining order, finds the girlfriend and shoots her dead. Yeah, no premeditation there. Wonder if he is out on bail again with another ankle bracelet.


Jackson is a Horace A$$


The Corona Firefighters Association’s FakeBook page
already has a new comment about Horace Jackson,
with a link to this VG article,
on their 4th of July post

(Paste)[Sadly, your charity effort in August 2020
went to someone who lied to you and KTLA.
Both Guardians of the Green Beret and Valor Guardians websites
have the truth about Horace Jackson’s military service.](End Paste)


This was their post about Jackson.


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

So much saccharine sweet “praise”, I about went into a sugar diabetic coma.


They are removing comments as soon as they are posted.


Holy crap.
Comments don’t stick on the original story.
However, the 1 comment on the July 4th post remains.
Good news, on FakeBook public pages,
few see new comments on very old posts anyway,
as the page posts aren’t pushed to the top o’ the stack.
In GROUPS, they do,
and bring fresh attention to old posts (and new comments).


It could be a preferences thing – in that it does not accept comments on posts that are X number of days old.

To the credit of the firefighters – it is not their primary mission to put out factual stories. They tried to do something good and decent for a veteran. There is no evidence that they did it because Jackson claimed Special Forces or Purple Heart. Probably one of those cases where Jackson thought he was not harming anyone by stretching the truth a bit, but found it uncomfortable to come clean when presented with a much-needed scooter. I say “uncomfortable” but maybe he didn’t even break a sweat about it.

What is interesting is that the KTLA 5 news crew must have asked him if he lost his leg as a result of combat because they artfully danced around it by saying “before his injury” he had over 1000 jumps, 9 of those combat. It was probably stated the loss of his leg was not service connected, but the artful way they crafted the sentence would imply it could have been.

Green Thumb

What a clown.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Another Turd Burglar riding the “Gimme, gimme, pity me!” wagon!


The admins over at Guardians of the Green Beret asked a question about a reason code on Jackson’s 2-1 while he was in Viet of the Nam, so here’s hoping they are are monitoring this post since I’m not logging in to make a comment on their site.

That code CDY means Controlled Duty. Even though he was listed as performing the duty MOS of a Military Policeman, that code means there had to be a real MP with him at all times who in reality was guarding him/signing him in and out, etc., to insure he couldn’t go AWOL or desert his post while on duty.

A Proud Infidel®™️

So thus he was a “THAT GUY” who was a pain in the ass for everyone around him!


So, CDY didn’t stand for Call of DutY.

Speaking of Call of Doodie, I wonder how this worked when the individual had to go to the latrine?

Hack Stone

So, he required a Chaser. Had a few less than stellar Marines on Okinawa who required the presence of someone to escort them from the brig to their lawyers appointment in order to prevent yet another international incident.


In the Gulf War, we called that BABYSITTING.
NG unit, 20 of the 250 required babysitting,
due to theft, alcoholism, and/or incompetence.


“Shoelace Free Crew”

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Nothing says steely eyed killer like “I can’t be trusted to take a shit without a babysitter” to the ladies…

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

He’s gonna rock the lie,
until the day he die.


Two desertions and discharged as an E4?


I wondered about myself. My bet it was a mail-out discharge to his Home Of Record address and the paperwork was finally finished at Fort Lewis 460 days past his original ETS date.

But since he was a Dropped From The Rolls and not able to be court-martialed, the Army just cleared the books via administrative discharge and said “Well, Bye”!!

They shoulda revoked his NDSM so the Brotherhood didn’t have to take a hit on his deserter ass./smile


Oops, I wondered about (insert “that”) myself.

Mea Culpa

Daisy Cutter

I wonder about myself all the time. 😉


They shoulda revoked that award of a second overseas service bar. He was only in the Viet of the Nam for no more than 8 months when he went AWOL.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Long time since a Monday morning poser as I mentioned on the previous poser.

Jus Bill

The silver lining to this story (IMO) is that the firefighters gifted him with a Cheap Chinese Piece O’Junk scooter that will give him constant breakdown headaches as long as he has it.


Daisy Cutter

That scooter screams for wanting some bling all over it — flames on the wheel wells, the number of parachute jumps, combat jumps, unit patches, etc.

Then, the scooter needs tricked out – 98 octane afterburners to take those turns at a blistering rate, parachutes for brakes, etc.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Don’t forget the cheap, tacky plastic fake chrome stick-on decorations seen on klunkers everywhere, it needs a batch of those fresh from some $1 store!


Let’s make him Airborne All The Way. As as steely eyed Green BayRhette, he can demonstrate the perfect HANO. If he survives that, pin some Silver Wings on his chest. Using rail spikes and a 10 pound hammer.

Mofos like this make me sicker than that bacteria I just fought off. You deserve every piece of Bad Karma that comes your way for all of your lies. I hope the rest of your miserable life is filled with even more misery…and then you rot in Hell. ESAD!


A quick google search says the US Army has made a total of 18 combat jumps. And this fuckstick made half of them.

Mustang Major

Any chance Horace Jackson actually deployed on Presidential directed classified missions and the Army classified his deployment time as AWOL?

Asking for a friend.

Daisy Cutter

Sheep-dipping at its finest.


His actual name is Captain Benjamin Willard.

A Proud Infidel®™️

If Horace Jackson were an inanimate object, he’d be a cheap participation trophy.


With flakey finish…


All I could think about when I saw the conveyance…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csuZHyW-iGI&w=560&h=315%5D


Eat hickory!!!


Thank you!


A Proud Infidel®™

Not even worth an MRE fart.


I don’t understand how someone could claim 9 combat jumps and 1000 jumps and be taken seriously by anyone with military experience.

It is so outlandish.

Someone claiming to be an ace with 1000 combat missions and 9 kills is far more believable because people in history have accomplished that and more.

But nobody has ever even come remotely close to 9 combat jumps and 1000 jumps.

Green Thumb

Man, do not underestimate the public’s stupidity when it come to the US military or any military-related issue for that matter.

I am not being critical, just candid.


Green Thumb,
A Hollywood example.. of a phony (Rock Hudson),
who took his 2 secrets to the grave,
and a phony enabler with her own motives (Phyllis Gates),
who married him, and falsely claimed (after his death)
that she didn’t know.

The public ate it up,
and most refused to believe the truth,
even after Rock Hudson’s death,
when others finally went public with his AIDS diagnosis (AND his orientation).

His whole life was surrounded by phony enablers and phony defenders.


Sadly, not only do many of these phonies fool 95% of civilians,
many pull it off on over 75% of military veterans,
who want to trust, want to believe,
and never do the basic common sense of asking, or verifying.
Just check any local veterans organization,
or any charity organization that attracts veterans.


Exhibit A on the fooling of military veterans is Charles Kazmarczyk, who fooled the AC-130 Spectre veterans association for several years with his fabulist lies and fake medals. He and his murdering wife represented them for years and they ran their annual reunions.


Correct spelling is Kaczmarczyk. Look him up. Jonn had a couple of articles about him. He and his soon to become wife murdered her first husband. They were both massive fraudsters who bilked the VA and the SSA out of almost a million dollars. Then they were finally convicted of the murder of the first husband of Mrs. K. They were the subject of a “Dateline” episode aired back in 2016.


The Book of Fake is infuriating.
Informing a fire department and a community about
Phony Green Beret Horace Jackson
results in this…

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