Social Justice and Critical Race Theory, Chinese Cultural Revolution with Western characteristics

| June 12, 2021

Survivor of Mao’s china compares Chinese Cultural Revolution to Critical Race Theory and other leftist initiatives. (Young Americans for Liberty/Twitter)

Transcript: Survivor of Mao’s China speaks on similarities between Critical Race Theory et al. and the Chinese Cultural Revolution…

I have been very alarmed about what has been going on in our schools. You are now teaching, training our children to be social justice warrior and to lose our country and our history. Growing up in Mao’s China, all of this seems very familiar.

The communist regime used the same critical theory to divide people; the only difference is that we use class instead of race. During the cultural revolution, I witnessed students and teachers against, turned against each other, we changed school names to be politically correct.

We were taught to denounce our heritage, the red guards destroyed anything that is not communist. Books, statues, books and anything else. We are also encouraged to report on each other just like the Student Equity Ambassador Program and the biased reporting system.

This is indeed the American version of the Chinese communist, the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The critical race theory has its roots in cultural Marxism. It should have no place in our schools.

Here’s the video:

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  1. E4 Mafia '83-'87 says:


  2. Hatchet says:

    First –
    reminds me that if today’s society doesn’t listen and learn from the history it creates, it’ll be doomed to repeat it and waste everything our Golden Generation taught us and worked for.
    Second –

  3. RetiredDevilDoc8404 says:

    Now, now pay no attention. Comerade Seagull will be here soon to quote the chairman and the party’s talking points to disprove everything. Who are you going to believe, someone who has experienced this, or the party, er, your friends in the government who know what is best for you, citizen? These jagoffs aren’t going to be happy with what happens if/when the people wake the hell up and say ENOUGH, the BS stops now. I can only hope it happens sooner rather than later.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Real communism has never been tried,” he attempt to convince us (and why we should now) of course.

    • KoB says:

      besig threw the gauntlet down with the propaganda post and I picked it up and slapped that Sissy Punk Asinine Piece Of Shi%t Seagull right across the face with it. He ain’t showed up yet…Thank God. He must be too busy snacking on fresh cream pies, tugging on his blinkie, fantasizing at how close the Marxists/Communists are to completely taking over and “…changing the face of America.” They’ve only been working on it since the 1850s when Marx’s followers started pouring into this Country. They are so very close now that they are champing at the bit to complete their mission. The “Cool Black Dude” did his part by packing the military and education system with hand picked sleeper agents. Hitlery was supposed to finish if off during her second term, but the people getting fed up ruined that time frame by electing Trump. That’s why Trump had to go.

      Now they have their hand picked useful idiot and their trained Socialist just a heartbeat away from “Her Turn”. The gloves are off and make no mistake about it, these people will keep pitting the citizens against one another, appointing their tame Judges, insuring their hand picked candidates get elected, and controlling the narrative thru the media.

      Power and control of “We, The People” is their goal. The table is set and it is almost breakfast time. Lock and Load.

      America, despite Her Warts, still the Greatest Beacon of Freedom the World has ever seen.

      • Anonymous says:

        Here’s a fun explanatory video about our “woke” betters such as the troll of which ye speak:

  4. Andy11M says:

    But it can’t happen here, right? Guys?

  5. The Other Whitey says:

    Remember the flood of desperate Americans trying desperately to escape capitalism to go live in a communist/socialist country? Yeah, me neither.

    I know quite a few folks who went the other way, though. As I’ve said before, look at Operation Frequent Wind and the Vietnamese exodus that followed. Millions of people don’t scramble for any seat on an outbound aircraft or, failing that, a spot on anything that they even hope might be seaworthy when the good guys win.

  6. Hatchet says:

    ‘Remember the flood of desperate Americans trying desperately to escape capitalism to go live in a communist/socialist country? Yeah, me neither.’ Like you’re alluding to – if Communism is such a great way to live, then why are so many people trying to leave North Korea, China, Russia and emigrate to Canada and the United States..? Worst of it is – these countries always seem to export the worst examples of their citizenary(example: Tsarnaev brothers/Boston Marathon bombing etc).

    • SFC D says:

      It’s as simple as a fence. Communism needs a fence to keep people inside their government owned utopia, while we need on me to keep people out and regulate immigration.

    • Anonymous says:

      And here’s how Red China operates today:

  7. NHSparky says:

    Thebesig–hate to burst your bubble, but they’ve been pushing shit like this for 50 years now.

    CRT is just one way they’ve stopped any pretense of education and gone full bore with indoctrination.

  8. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    “I risked my life fleeing the evils of Capitalism…”

    Said NO sane person ever.

    • UpNorth says:

      Yeah, I remember the tens of millions of people who fled east from Western Europe when the Iron Curtain came down. Said nobody.

    • Anonymous says:

      Only folk I ever heard did that was some retards who tried to hijack a bus to Cuba. Enough said.