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| June 12, 2021

Tennessee honor guard ‘blown away’ by turnout at funeral for veteran who died without family: report
Paul Best

United States Army veteran Charles Sidney Sides, 84, passed away this month with no living family, so dozens of members of the public attended his funeral Thursday to honor the fallen hero.

The Tri-County Veterans Honor Guard in Tennessee gave final military honors to Sides, saying that he had only been in the area for a few days before suddenly passing away on June 1.

“The Honor Guard asked people to attend and were blown away by the support,” WVLT reported.

Sides was honorably discharged at the rank of staff sergeant, according to an obituary posted online by a mortuary in Maynardville.

Since 2000, funeral homes in more than 30 cities have given dignified burials to about 3,000 veterans who died alone, the Associated Press reported in 2019.

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  1. AW1 Ros says:

    Truly outstanding!

  2. KoB says:

    Rest Easy, Warrior. You were never alone. Honor them All. BZ to the Honor Guard and the Good Citizens that came to pay Honors to this Soldier. There but for the Grace of God go us.

    Found another linky to this story, with expanded coverage and a coupla real nice videos of the Service and the Honor Guard. It’s more than worth a look see. Attached below the snarky comment paragraph.

    Hey Brother Ed, you teasing us with the Gun Pr0n? Picture goes poof when we click on the posted story. I knows you put this post together at 0God45 hours in the morning and I know that you get distracted by that trophy wife of yours and I know that you have an unpaid and underappreciated role around here, but still…We NEEDS our Gun Pr0n. It’s the thing that keeps us going till we get to the Gunz Girlz of Sunday Fame.

    Linky to Vet Story:

  3. Roh-Dog says:

    The country needs more stories and actions like this.
    Props to my People, taking care over the least of us is what the Boss told us to do.
    I’d like to make dangsure no Vet goes home without a final salute.