A different kind of military phony

| May 17, 2021

Reverend Rob Lee at the MTV Video Music Awards (AP Photo)

KoB, native son of the south and Civil War buff that he is, sends us some stories on this fella. Bless his soul, the Reverend Robert Wright Lee IV, has used a supposed descendancy from the Robert E. Lee, General of the Confederate States Army, to speak out against Confederate monuments.

At the time he first started to speak against Confederate history, Lee was an intern at a Methodist Church in Raleigh, NC. Shortly after the MTV speech he made (screenshot above), he stepped down from that position. Allegedly this had nothing to do with parishoners’ voicing outrage at his political activism.

He’s done OK for himself since then though. He’s even rubbed elbows with Governor Ralph “Coon Man” Northam (D-VA), who you will remember can’t remember if he was wearing a Klan hood or blackface in his medical school yearbook photo and also spoke on a radio program where he appeared to support infanticide. Northam, who had his undergraduate education at Virginia Military Institute (a southern institution that played an outsized role in the War Between the States), has become a huge critic of Confederate memorials.

Reverend Lee says that his grandmother told him, when he was a small child, “See that painting over there, the one of General Lee on the horse? You are related to him, a nephew separated by many generations.” Despite sounding oddly familiar, almost like he’s copied a page from the Elizabeth Warren playbook, he’s based his political activism on that claim.

The Washington Post has now done some digging into the genealogy of the man and can find no evidence to support his claims.

The Rev. Robert W. Lee IV, known as Rob, has, since 2016, parlayed his ancestry on behalf of what many may regard as a noble cause — removing Confederate statues and memorials. The pastor stood with Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam when the governor announced last June, in the wake of the George Floyd protests, that a statue of Robert E. Lee in Richmond would be removed.

“There are members in my family who are shaking in their boots. I’m sure my ancestor Robert E. Lee is rolling in his grave, and I say, let him roll,” Lee told a crowd.

When Northam introduced Lee, he said: “We’ve been talking about his great-great-grandfather.”

This is a common mistake. Lee says he is the great-great-great-great nephew of the famous general.

There is a Robert E. Lee V, great-great-grandson of the general, who works at the Potomac School in McLean. He speaks rarely about the debate over historical monuments. Meanwhile, Rob Lee has made numerous public appearances, including on “The View” and the MTV Video Music Awards. At a House committee hearing in 2020, he was introduced by then-Rep. Deb Haaland (D-N.M.) as a “descendant of the Confederate general, Robert E. Lee.” In that hearing, he called himself a “nephew” of the general.

But there is no evidence that Rob Lee, who was born in North Carolina, is related to Robert E. Lee, according to The Fact Checker’s review of historical and genealogical records. We were aided in our search through these records by a retired Los Angeles trial lawyer and Civil War chronicler named Joseph Ryan, as well as an official at Stratford Hall, the ancestral home of the Virginia Lee family.

There is much, much more at the source. In the end the fact checker says;

Family tales and memories can often be inaccurate. Rob Lee may have firmly believed he was somehow related to Robert E. Lee, based on stories he heard at home about “Uncle Bob.”

Instead, he appears to be a descendant of Robert S. Lee, also known as “Uncle Bob,” who served in the Confederate forces — but was not a general.

Many people with Confederate ancestry have stepped forward to denounce the racist symbolism embodied in Confederate monuments. But, without new evidence that confirms his claim, the pastor should not state he is related to Robert E. Lee, especially in legal filings — and news organizations should not echo this claim. (Within an hour of this article appearing online, Lee tweeted that he had withdrawn his name from the Iredell County lawsuit.)

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Hmm. They posted an article and he went dark an hour later? That was fast. You would think that a man who has supposedly been told all his life he is a descendant of Robert E Lee would at least do a little research himself to confirm this before pulling the plug.

Unless he knew all along…


Yup, ’tis false… WaPo falling all over itself to let folk know he’s BS.

The Other Whitey

The amazing thing here is that the birdcage liner in question is actually outing a leftist liar.


This is not something new. For some reason, my mother gave herself airs because she insisted that, based on one of those “geneology reports” you can get from a “researcher” (for a fee, of course), she was THE descendant of Roger the “king of Sicily”. He was nothing but a mercenary from northern France who got the Pope give him a dispensation to drive the Moors (Tuaregs, I think) out of Sicily, and he and his brother could run the place.

It really was a historical battle, but Roger got the Moors to agree to stay at the western end of the island and he ruled the rest of it with his brother. When I pointed out that the last name Rogers is as common as peas and apples, Mommy got her britches ins a bunch about it. There must be 10 million people on the planet, never mind in France alone, with that last name, but she thought her family was the ONLY one.

It was ridiculous.

And this guy? Does he have the faintest idea how many people there are with the last name LEE? Remember Peggy Lee, the singer? And what about Bruce Lee, the martial artist? Think this clown is related to them, too?

My Dad’s last name is Scottish. Much less common. Happy to have it.


“gave herself airs” <— a primary motivator
for female phony deniers and phony enablers.
Ride shotgun on that ol' gravy train.

Btw, Peggy Lee is a stage name,
and the singer born Norma Deloris Egstrom
is from North Dakota, so no General Lee airs there.

Hack Stone

We need to Cancel Culture Sara Lee. With a name like Lee, she has to be racist.

A Proud Infidel®™



That was like other people in blackface, totally not Northam, he even said so after saying it was him.

So far as the Lee’s go if you are from the Mid-Atlantic it would be way too easy to have taken down this imposter. The Lee’s are quite famous warriors going all the way back to Colonial Days moving forward to today. There were half a dozen GO’s that fought in the Civil War from the same extended family (on both sides).

He is hardly the first one to try to claim a relationship as well.


More than I thought. It was apparently 10 GO’s in the Civil War. Probably 50+ other officers.


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Yep. All the way back to Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee III. Father of Robert E Lee.



Yes, Coon Man is the one in the photo in Klan garb in that photo, as he did not wear glasses in medical school.



Additionally, Ole Ralphie Boy EMBELLSHED to the folks in Virginia his US Army service time when running for the GUV of VA. His campaign ads alluded that he was “an Army Doc in the Gulf War”.

Jonn covered this in 2017:



…They aren’t getting any smarter, are they?




I did find the obit for Robert E Lee IV, actual Great Grandson of Robert E Lee. He passed last year at 95. Served in WWII.


Nothing about interviews on MTV or taking down statues.


Robert E. Lee IV did write a letter endorsing taking down battle flags from the chamber housing Edward Valentine’s Recumbent Lee marble statue at Lee Chapel at Washington and Lee University in 2014.



“The Battle of Mayberry” lives on!!!
55 years after Opie tried to write a school paper, on The Andy Griffith Show.


How many remember this classic 30 Second Bud Lite Commercial about the Lee Family Reunion?



Yes I do!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Pepper Ridge Farm remembers. (yes, I stole from Gun Bunny)


Robert Wright Lee IV’s Website still has him identified as “A nephew generations removed of General Robert E. Lee..”

Also “Rob is a descendant of Confederate General Robert E. Lee”


Washington Post article traces Robert Wright Lee IV’s roots from England/Scotland to Georgia to Alabama to North Carolina.

Washington Post also noted: “As we noted, Rob Lee did not acknowledge our many queries for evidence of his connection to Robert E. Lee. His father also did not return a phone call.”


OMG, did you see the video on that page?
[The Rev. Robert W. Lee’s Prayer at the
Inaugural Prayer Service January 21st 2021]

Yep, no one checked, and he duped the incoming Democrats,
and is forever a part of the 2021 inauguration festivities.





To All: Here is the link of the Video that MarineDad1961 addressed in his comment.


If you’re in the nephew line, you’re not really a descendant of R.E. Lee. You’re a descendant of his father. If you’re going to lie about something you should at least get your biography straight.

The Other Whitey

I’m nobody famous, proud son of nobody famous, proud grandson of nobody famous, and distant kin of nobody famous. My ancestry includes some exceptional individuals, but none of them were/are widely known. Besides, this ain’t the Viking Age or Westeros. That whole “who’s your daddy” thing means a whole lot of jack shit in America when it comes to credibility.

I don’t buy for one second that this grandstanding queerbait actually believed he was a relative to Robert E. Lee.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

I think you’re being far too subtle, I’m not quite clear on your meaning here…



According to this site, Robert Wright Lee IV’s Grandmother was Barbara C. Williams.

Public information. Rob Lee was born in 1992. His Father was born in 1959. His Grandfather was born in 1935. His Great-Grandfather was born in 1902:



You can find ALL the documents on Robert Wright Lee IV Family Tree on this Website/Link posted by Glenn Kessler, who wrote the Washington Post article.



And how many of them were Colonels and war heroes?
(Ref above – “The Battle of Mayberry”)


“The Battle of Mayberry”..

Yep, we remember that episode…



We JUST watched that with the kids about a week or two ago. Lol. Great episode.

“The only casualties were one scrawny cow, three deer, and a mule who had the misfortune to look like a deer.”


Robert Wright Lee IV doesn’t know the difference between right or wrong, truth or lies, and regiment or regimen.


From his Twitter acct:

There is an article in the Washington Post about me being not related to Robert E. Lee. I have chosen not to engage because I am currently on a regiment of medication that has made it difficult to keep my head up. There are also family dynamics that make this difficult. Why the Post is so focused on my heritage and lineage while not focusing on the issues of the statue at hand is beyond me. As they mixed up even the most basic facts, I have removed my name from the lawsuit as not to detract from the community of Statesville that I love.

The Other Whitey

Legalese for “Shit, I didn’t think I was gonna get caught!”

A Proud Infidel®™️



Nailed it in one. “A regiment of medication that makes it difficult to keep my head up…”

Lordhavemercy…..woe is him.

As a ‘man of the cloth’, one would think he would think he would privy to Psalm 91:10-11

“There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.”


He’s keeping it up, as of YESTERDAY.
This time with a graphic, instead of typed text.
Holy Shit Weasel, Batman!

BONUS – Tons of twit replies by phony deniers using their “faith”
(to deny).


Testing Testing…
to be sure only the comment above has my handle linked to Twit Rob Lee’s Twitter graphic .


From the Washington Post Article:

“In his 2019 book “A Sin by Another Name,” Lee says that for as long as he can remember, there was a painting of Robert E. Lee on his grandmother’s den wall. He describes how his “Nana” decades ago called him into the den and pulled out a “thick, leather-bound book” that contained the records of the family. “You come from a long line of people who have been in this country a long time,” she said.

She then pointed to the painting, he wrote. “You are related to him, a nephew separated by many generations.” He asked if the family was famous and he said she replied: “Not quite. It’s complicated.”

Upon further research:

Rob Lee’s Grandmother’s is Barbara Catherine Williams Lee. She was born in April 1938 in North Carolina, making her age about 83 (Public Information).

According to this site, she is still an active registered Voter in North Carolina:


Perhaps someone should ask Rob Lee’s Grandmother about the information she passed on to her Rob Lee. Since he was born around 1992, am speculating she may have shared the story in the 1990s/early 2000, which means she would have been in her late 50s/early or late 60s when she told the story…

Unless Rob Lee is lying and using his Grandmother to make up the story.

How embarrassing.

You Be The Judge




Am going to repost what you commented…

Thank You…and Thank You to our KoB for bringing this story to TAH’s attention.



Weak sauce.

A Proud Infidel®™️

He obviously knows that he has shit all over himself by now, thus his screeching and squirming in the limelight he whored himself for!

Green Thumb


Old homeboy here might not be from a long line of Lee’s, but he is probably from a long line of felchers.


Lee states he is currently the Pastor of the Unifour Church which he describes as “an open and affirming community of faith in Newton, North Carolina (Over 85% of the congregation is LGBTQ+, and he is the only straight clergyperson on staff).”



He also states “Currently he writes a weekly devotional for First Lady Dr. Jill Biden.”

You Be The Judge.

A Proud Infidel®™️

That boy has sold his soul to political correctness lock, stock and barrel!


Hmmmm..So here we have the “Right Reverend” Robert Wright Lee breaking all hell out of the Commandments that were the FIRST rules downloaded from the Cloud to a Tablet. In particular number 9…you know…the one that talks about not being a lying POS? Wonder how many of the others he has broken? Probably all of them in one way or another, even the murder one, cause he has shorely killed any credibility that he may have had. That Moses fella musta not copied him on that forwarded Sky Mail.

No matter your personal feelings on “Marse” Robert, the facts remain that he was not only one of the greatest Military Tacticians and Commander that the World has ever seen, he was also a very good, decent, pious, humble Christian that not only knew the Good Book, but practiced it in his daily life. In the case of this lying POS, “Reverend” Robert Wright Lee IV, the only reason Bobby Lee, the General, would ask him to do the Christian thing and turn the other cheek is so that Bobby Lee could Bitch Slap him on both cheeks.

This tool, “Reverend” Robert Wright Lee IV, has besmirched the name of his family and brought dishonor to a Confederate Soldier (his true Grandfather). The good folks in Alabama chased them out of their state and North Carolina took him in because they were “taken in” by his lying azz. Maybe he needs to add to his “regiment” (2 or more battalions worth?) of medications some doses of Sodium Pentathol?

ESAD mofo. I look forward to hanging out at the Pearly Gates while you try to ‘splain yourself to Saint Pete. Methinks you gonna play hell getting in. For shore “The Big Guy” Himself may want to have a little “chat” with you just before you are condemned to the Barb Cock of Satan and his Eternal Fires of Hell.

Thanks for posting this one for us Mason.


Info on his book “A Sin by Any Other Name: Reckoning with Racism and the Heritage of the South”


“Product Description”

“A descendant of Confederate General Robert E. Lee chronicles his story of growing up with the South’s most honored name, and the moments that forced him to confront the privilege, racism, and subversion of human dignity that came with it.”

“With a foreword by Rev. Dr. Bernice A. King.”

“The Reverend Robert W. Lee was a little-known pastor at a small church in North Carolina until the Charlottesville protests, when he went public with his denunciation of white supremacy in a captivating speech at the MTV Video Music Awards. Support poured in from around the country, but so did threats of violence from people who opposed the Reverend’s message.”

“In this riveting memoir, he narrates what it was like growing up as a Lee in the South, an experience that was colored by the world of the white Christian majority. He describes the widespread nostalgia for the Lost Cause and his gradual awakening to the unspoken assumptions of white supremacy which had, almost without him knowing it, distorted his values and even his Christian faith. In particular, Lee examines how many white Christians continue to be complicit in a culture of racism and injustice, and how after leaving his pulpit, he was welcomed into a growing movement of activists all across the South who are charting a new course for the region.”

“A Sin by Any Other Name is a love letter to the South, from the South, by a Lee—and an unforgettable call for change and renewal.”


why can’t these woke soybois be honest about anything?

that is a rhetorical question. I know full well that dishonesty is a fundamental part of the movement and the personality of the people.


Dude or his Father or Grandmother probably told everyone they were related to the Dodge Charger featured in the TV Show “Dukes of Hazzard”.



I wanted Daisy Duke to be my “Kissin’ Cousin”! 😛 😉 gabn/rtr/hbtd


The Whiz Wheel®™ would like to thank everybody for the opportunity to utilize one of the multipliers that seems to have fallen by the wayside lately. Anyway:

Rev. Robert Wright Lee IV (LFTB*) 42 x 7 = 294

* Lying Full Turd Burglar (H/T to Sapper3307)

Commissioner Wretched

Family legends can be pretty wild.

In my family, hearsay has held that on my mother’s mother’s side, I’m a distant relative (seventh cousin twice removed or something silly like that) of Hermann Goering. That’s not something I’d brag about under most circumstances.

Is it true? According to my maternal aunt, yes … there’s some paperwork somewhere back in my mom’s family that claims it. But I rather doubt it …

And if it is true, then I’m not going to crow about it or anything. It’s kind of hard to be proud of old Hermann’s World War I service when he screwed it all away during World War II.


Hiss twitter has this from Friday

1/2 There is an article in the Washington Post about me being not related to Robert E. Lee. I have chosen not to engage because I am currently on a regiment of medication that has made it difficult to keep my head up. There are also family dynamics that make this difficult

2/2 Why the Post is so focused on my heritage and lineage while not focusing on the issues of the statue at hand is beyond me. As they mixed up even the most basic facts, I have removed my name from the lawsuit as not to detract from the community of Statesville that I love.

A Proud Infidel®™️

That little assbucket of a booger-eating turd burglar is spinning his ass off. Beer, pretzels and nachos, anyone?

Hack Stone

If he claims that The Washington Post has libeled him, perhaps he could get the lawyer who represented Nick Sandman to line his pockets.


Check this out as well as the May 2021 link that has a video wth Lee talking:

“Lee grew up with Southern traditions. A Confederate flag hung in Lee’s room as a teen, and he learned a lot about his distant uncle.”

“Descendant of Robert E. Lee Wants Local High School Name Changed”



Our very own Mason brought up a GREAT point reference Rob Lee stating his Grandmother, (Barbara Catherine Wright Lee, age 83 and still alive living in Statesville, North Carolina) had a picture of General Lee hanging in her den:

“Also makes me wonder if he demanded Grandma remove the photo of the “problematic” historical figure of General Lee from the living room wall?”

“If you’re going after monuments to the Confederacy, better start at home.”

Also, had this feeling Rob Lee DID hang a Confederate flag in his room when growing up. He is now pulling a KKK/Black Face Ralph Coonman Northrum.


The following is submitted per the comments above about the Battle of Mayberry and a dead mule:

Disclaimer: This has about as much a ring of truth to it as does Rev. Robert Wright Lee IV’s claim of family ancestry./s

Lum & Abner bought a mule for $100. The farmer agreed to deliver the mule the next day. The next morning the farmer drove up and said “Sorry, fellers I have some bad news, the mule died last night.” Lum & Abner replied, “Well, then just give us our money back.” The farmer said, “Can’t do that. I went and spent it already.” They said, “OK then, just bring us the dead mule.” The farmer asked, “What in the world ya’ll gonna do with a dead mule?” Lum said, “We gonna raffle him off.”
The farmer said, “You can’t raffle off a dead mule!” Abner said, “We shore can! We don’t hafta tell nobody he’s dead!” A couple of weeks later, the farmer ran into Lum & Abner at the Piggly Wiggly and asked. “What’d you two fellers ever do with that dead mule?” They said, “We raffled him off just like we said we wuz gonna do.” Abner said, “We sold 500 tickets fer two dollars apiece and made a profit of $898.” The farmer said, “Didn’t anyone complain?” Lum said, “Well, the feller who won got upset. So we gave him his two dollars back.”
Lum & Abner now work for the government. They’re overseeing the Bailout & Stimulus Programs.

A Proud Infidel®™

LIKE DUDE, he’s been on MTV as well. MTV has been around for almost 40 years, so here’s to the 15 years of music that they’ve played!

Hack Stone

Hack Stone is so old, he remembers when MTV played music videos. Now they just run “reality shows”, such as Pimp My Daughter and Extreme Gender Makeover.


I’ve seen this moron around the local news stations in NC. He’s been living high off the progressive calf for quite some time here, with his sleazy pals.

Got a little too close to the national spotlight, and poof, it all falls apart once people do some research.

Hope he has the time to rethink Numbers 32:23.