Drill sergeant married trainee, was reprimanded and is now out of the Army

| May 12, 2021

Fort Jackson

DS out of Fort Jackson marries one of his trainees while she’s still in AIT and maintains unprofessional relationships with other female trainees after they leave.

I was most surprised that Army TRADOC only requires the drills to keep it in their pants for 90 days past graduation. The Air Force has a one year rule.

Jeff LPH sent us this Army Times report;

A drill sergeant at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, who married one of his former trainees and had inappropriate relationships with two other trainees, is no longer in the Army after being punished late last year, post officials confirmed.

The acknowledgment comes as the Army continues an investigation into alleged sexual assault by instructors against a trainee at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. An undisclosed number of cadre members were suspended in early April, and specialized Army CID agents were dispatched to Fort Sill to support the ongoing probe.

In the past two years, the Army has charged at least 18 soldiers under a new law designed to protect trainees, cadets and applicants from sexual abuse by training instructors. But the problem is persistent.

Fort Jackson spokesperson Leslie Sully confirmed a drill sergeant at the post was handed down a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand in October 2020, but declined to disclose the identity of the soldier. Sully also declined to share the nature and character of the soldier’s discharge.

The allegations against the unnamed soldier were first revealed when Army W.T.F. moments, a popular Facebook page documenting Army life, published a leaked snapshot of disciplinary actions taken against Fort Jackson troops.

The drill sergeant received a permanently filed GOMOR for “marrying one of his former Trainees less than 180 days from the end of the Trainee’s date of initial entry training, maintaining social media relationships with two other trainees, and failing to be at his appointed place of duty on two separate occasions.”

An administrative investigation report obtained by Army Times revealed that the drill sergeant, whose name was redacted, was visiting the former trainee at Fort Lee, in Virginia, on the occasions that he failed to be present for duty at Fort Jackson.

The trainee was attending advanced individual training at Fort Lee. AIT is the second phase of initial entry training for Army troops.

The investigating officer confirmed the visits when Defense Biometrics Identification System records revealed that the former drill sergeant had scanned his ID card to access Fort Lee on days he was reported as “present for duty” by his unit at Fort Jackson.

Army drill sergeants are considered to be in a “special position of trust,” according to service regulations that prohibit them from establishing personal relationships with their trainees for a minimum of 180 days following their graduation from initial entry training.

Trainees are considered graduated once they complete AIT or one station unit training, which combines basic combat training and AIT into one continuous experience.

Article 93a of the Uniform Code of Military Justice also criminalizes prohibited sexual relationships between recruiters or training instructors — such as drill sergeants — and “specially protected junior member[s] of the armed forces” such as applicants, delayed entry program members, or servicemembers still undergoing initial training.

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  1. Hack Stone says:

    Hack Stone was in the Corps with a Marine who was living with a female type Marine that he recruited. He was still on Recruiting Duty, and it kind of all blew up when her husband graduated Basic Training and asked why his wife was living with the Staff Sergeant who recruited him. Great way to piss away about 14 years of active duty.

    • 5JC says:

      When I left my recruiting command I gave the incoming commander two pieces of advice:

      – Don’t have sex with the DEPS.
      – Don’t allow yourself to get compromised or they will run you.

      So surprise, surprise a year later I’m in Iraq and DA is sending me EMail on an investigation on why the company (of 30 NCOs) has three suicides in one year and the Company Commander is sleeping with 2 DEPS. It was like it was one of the two things I said don’t do.

      When I was in AIT the Drills were definitely banging the students. It was so much easier when I switched to combat arms and everyone was the same gender. I guess those days are long gone.

      • TDG says:

        I’m pretty sure the same gender thing doesn’t prevent people from banging eachother.

      • SteeleyI says:

        Granted, I have no personal experience, but it seems to me to be a lot more difficult when everyone is the same gender, especially depending on your specific role in the interaction…

        That said, of course given the demographics of the Army the majority of sexual assaults are male on male.

        Sadly, this dirtbag was given a GOMAR instead of being prosecuted. Granted, we don’t know the details of the case, and there may not have been sufficient evidence that for a conviction for sexual assault or harassment, but he clearly violated the NCO creed and failed to live up to the Army values. I hope they revoked his DS badge and someone does a health and welfare to make sure he doesn’t have a campaign hat displayed in his home.

        He was busted for failing to be at his appointed place of duty, which looks to me like he failed to get a pass for the weekends he went up to ‘mentor’ his former trainee. This might seem like a minor issue, but it is also a major violation of Army values and a sign of indiscipline within the force.

        Even as a field grade officer I was diligent to ensure that I had a pass when I was out of the local area- not because I was off doing something immoral, but because it is simply what you do when you are a Soldier.

        • 5JC says:

          Not really talking about sexual assaults here. However, the last numbers I can find show female victims outnumber males by nearly 2:1 with more than 90% of offenders being male.

          What I was referring to was it being less likely to have relationships that are detrimental to good order and discipline if everyone is the same gender and more than 90% of the population being straight.

          • 11B-Mailclerk says:

            Most men assaulted by men do not report it.

          • Steeleyi says:

            I was joking about it being more difficult in a single gender unit.

            WRT the numbers, 11B sums it up below. I’m referring to assault and harassment reports. Regardless, it is all very bad and so easy NOT to do.

            The truly disappointing thing about this is the Army goes to great lengths to ensure that both Soldiers and leaders understand the policy, understand why this kind of thing is counter to good order and discipline, illegal, and immoral.

            There are cameras everywhere, and frankly, everyone knows when something like this is going on.

            • SFC D says:

              The trainee barracks at Huachuca has camera coverage everywhere but in their rooms, and essentially no blind spots. Same-same for the NCO academy. Big brother is watching and we see everything.

            • Ret_25X says:

              how do you realistically expect some policies and annual training to overcome a lifetime of messaging from a culture that positions people as nothing more than targets to be exploited for personal gratification–whatever that may be.

              The approach has to be less on good order and discipline and more on the essential evil of the pervasive concepts behind run away exploitation.

              But, that concept–morality is relevant–will never pass muster with the oh so smart lefties. As a certain cretin on our boards proves.

      • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

        Don’t be dippin’ in the DEP pool!

    • Andy11M says:

      A few of my fellow nco’s told me all the usually horror stories about how recruiting duty is the fastest way to end your career. Good friend of mine went on recruiting duty with her husband, they both entered as E6s, he left as a E4, she left with her E7 and was using her maiden name again. I love my 214.

  2. USAFRetired says:

    Remember the 11th Commandment and keep it whole;y


    • Milo Mindbender says:

      I heard it was “Thou shall not comfort thy staff with thy rod” but translates enough the same.

  3. Ret_25X says:



  4. MustangCryppie says:

    Had a shipmate who was an instructor. He married one of his students the DAY AFTER HER CLASS GRADUATED, but….

    He swore on a stack of Bibles and his mother’s grave that there was NO hanky panky going on during the class.

    I have to admit, the size of his balls and/or his stupidity are breathtaking!

  5. MarineDad61 says:

    I laughed at the page name on the Book of Fake.
    So here’s the linky.
    U.S Army W.T.F! moments

  6. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Yeah, young people in great shape in close quarters on a regular basis is never an issue.

    We should make a rule to stop it, after all that’s how we won the drug war and ended gun violence. Rules always work to direct behavior, especially rules where no one is in a position to oversee the application of those rules and they rely solely on the integrity of a single individual at any given moment.

    The article states that In the past two years, the Army has charged at least 18 soldiers under a new law designed to protect trainees, cadets and applicants from sexual abuse by training instructors. But the problem is persistent.

    That’s a clear indicator that the current rules are incapable of addressing the situation properly and are inadequate as currently implemented.

    Perhaps the Army needs to invoke the Mike Pence rule and apply that throughout the system. It’s cumbersome at times, but it’s thus far proven 100% effective at solving this issue.

    Or we can keep pretending that the current system is just fine except for a “few bad apples”….

  7. KoB says:

    Remember when Female Drill Instructors trained Female Service Members? Pepper Ridge Farms Remembers.

    Way to eff up your career, Dumbass. Hope that poontang was worth it. You gotta wonder how long it will be before the divorce papers are filed?

    • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

      Pepperidge Farms and some of us old farts apparently….

      I remember not even seeing any females for about eight weeks while at Fort Dix in the 70s….then when I went to Benning we saw even less females….

  8. fm2176 says:

    I survived both recruiting and Drill Sergeant duty by simply staying professional and keeping personal business just that…personal. The day I reported to Recruiter School the Fort Jackson newspaper had courts martial summaries for two former DS’: one an E-6 busted to E-1 and the other an E-7 busted to E-4. Both were given BCDs and booted.

    After leaving recruiting I worked with a 31E E-7 who had been a Recruiter himself a couple years earlier. He was in his early 30s and took leave to get married…to an 18-year-old from the area he’d recruited in when she was around 16 or so. Something seemed, well, off. She was about to ship out to BCT and this “NCO” later bragged about pulling rank over the phone on an E-6 Drill Sergeant who had called to straighten out some personal information for DEERS.

    A few of my fellow Recruiters bragged about liaisons with college girls and such, and I was on Sand Hill when 2-58 had their scandal with DS’ and Trainees (fortunately, I was in an all-male OSUT battalion). Men and women will put their personal pleasures over their careers and the good of the military service, and it’s great to see when someone is actually punished for doing so. The same holds true for those officers and NCOs who take advantage of subordinates and are subsequently shown the door.

  9. Martinjmpr says:

    Wait, where’s Paul Harvey when you need him? You haven’t told “the rest of the story.”

    The Rest Of The Story is that the booted former DS is now a dependa living in post housing and probably working at CIF. Where he will tell you that the poncho you were issued (and which you never used and stayed in its original packaging) is “dirty” and he will not accept the return.

    • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

      That made me laugh, not necessarily in a good way…but more along the lines of…you son of a bitch you’re probably onto something here….

    • Mason says:

      Ha. That’s a great point. He would be a dependa now, wouldn’t he?

  10. USMCMSgt (Ret) says:

    We were advised: “Do not dip in the DEP. If you do, that’s the quickest way to find yourself off recruiting duty and the end of a career.”

    Some people heeded to that advice, others didn’t – to their dismay.

    Seems to me the general principle stands in the recruit training and entry level training environment.

    (Some people just don’t get it…)

  11. timactual says:

    We told you so.

    Some of us said that mixing women and gays in with straight men would cause more problems than it was worth. And spending who knows how much money and time trying to finagle a physical fitness test that won’t show that women are not men.

    • rgr769 says:

      Ditto. In my 5.5 years AD and five years in the NG and a Reserve unit, we had zero females in uniform in any unit I served with. Actually, belay that, I now recall that about four months before I left the 10th SFG(A) at Devens, there was a WAC clerk assigned to Group HQ. She was a secretary to the Group Commander. Col. S.F. Little would never have stood for that, but he was gone (retired) by then.

    • Poetrooper says:

      Not to mention, they weren’t physically capable of keeping up. And after all these years and all the liberal propaganda, this hard, cold fact still remains true:


  12. Hack Stone says:

  13. Hack Stone says:

    Just wondering if they played tis song at their wedding?

  14. Dennis - not chevy says:

    When I was in the USAF, instructors who had sex with students were usually sentenced to 2 years confinement, loss of all pay and allowances, reduction to E-1, and a dishonorable discharge. There were exceptions; I watched one get a BCD based on a guilty plea and a pre-trial agreement and another only get 6 months confinement and reduction to E-2.
    It’s not that I wasn’t tempted, I was. I had a student that was attractive and attracted to me. Neither of us acted on the attraction; it was not allowed. I ran into the young woman a few years later and she didn’t recognize me.
    When it was time to remind my subordinate instructors about the no sex with student rule; I would ask them if a DH or BCD was worth it if later she wouldn’t remember your name.

  15. E4 Mafia '83-'87 says:

    Well, if you live and France and don’t mind the Instructor sleeping with student you could end up as the President of France. Nothing to see in Land of baguettes & croissants.

  16. MSG Eric says:

    Something I learned from a CSM once who just came back from Bosnia and showed us video of him out on missions with his smokin’ hot interpreter. We asked him jokingly if he ever hooked up with her and his reply was, “Ain’t no pussy in the world worth 30 years.” because if he had and gotten caught, he’d have lost his whole career.

    When I was an AIT instructor (Initial Entry Training Cadre), we knew full well if we messed around we’d be in Leavenworth fairly quickly. My mantra there was, “ain’t no pussy in the world worth 30 years.” because I’d been in for about ten already and I would’ve gotten another 20 in prison.

    We also had drill Sergeants that messed around and got away with it, at first. Years later they actually did an investigation from years past due to an incident and found 2 or 3 other Drills were messing around and they had proof. So, they went to prison (a couple WERE E-8s when they got busted 4-5 years after they were off the trail.)

    The fact this guy is just “out of the Army” is ridiculous if he was doing this kind of stuff and they knew about it and had evidence. (Who’s dick was he sucking to get such a slap on the wrist?)

  17. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    Deterrence seems to fail by about six inches.

  18. MarineDad61 says:

    Prison guard had sex with a prisoner, but not any prisoner,
    the notorious Susan Smith, who rolled her children into a lake.

    It fits here, because this dope’s father (Sr.)
    is a retired Air Force E-9 CMSgt.
    Nice goin’, Junior.