Bus Hijacked – Fort Jackson Trainee in Custody

| May 6, 2021

CNN and others report that a school bus full of children was allegedly hijacked by a trainee that came from the Fort Jackson Army base.

A Fort Jackson trainee is in custody after a school bus was hijacked in South Carolina, sheriff says

(CNN)A Fort Jackson trainee is in custody after allegedly hijacking a school bus full of students on its way to Forest Lake Elementary School in Columbia, South Carolina, the Richland County sheriff said.

Sheriff Leon Lott called the incident “a very scary situation,” but said none of the 18 the children on board the bus were injured. The bus driver was also uninjured.

“Probably one of the scariest calls we can get in law enforcement and as a school district is that a school bus has been hijacked with kids on it with someone with a gun. And that’s what we had this morning,” Lott told reporters during a press conference Thursday.

Lott said that around 7:00 am, a Fort Jackson trainee dressed in physical training clothes left the Army base armed with a rifle. According to Lott, the trainee was in his third week of training.

Fort Jackson apologized for the hijacking…

LIVE UPDATE: Fort Jackson apologizes for school bus hijacking by trainee

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) – A Fort Jackson trainee has been arrested after hijacking a school bus with a gun, police say.

Officials say it all started around 7 a.m. Thursday on Fort Jackson when a trainee dressed in PTs took a rifle and left post.

The man was seen trying to flag cars down on Interstate 77. Those drivers called the sheriff’s department. Then a parent stopped a deputy and said a man with a gun was on her child’s Forest Lake Elementary School bus.

Fort Jackson officials are expected to give an update on the incident at 1 p.m.

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Guys will do anything to get out of standing fire watch.

A Proud Infidel®™

I wonder if they’ll keep him in lockup or if his Platoon mates will have to now keep a 24 hour watch on him like we had to with the wusses who threatened suicide while I was in Basic & AIT?



You also had your share of threatend suicides in Basic and AIT?

Yep…been there…done that…while in Basic at Relaxin Jackson, I did walk in on a fellow Trainee in the shower stalls at 0 Dark 30 Hours…sawing away at the wrist using a Messhall Knife…

Long story short: Trainee was taken to the Base Hospital after the Chain of Command was notified and never returned.

Found out later the Soldier was Chaptered out of the Army.

A Proud Infidel®™

OH we had a few, one of which was the “That Guy” who always got his whole Platoon dropped and smoked. He first threatened suicide and got put on a 24 hour watch, then said that he would still do so and it was rumored that a Drill Sergeant placed a razor blade on his desk, instructed him on how to truly slash his wrists with it and left the Office. He came back five minutes later to see said trainee in the fetal position on the floor, a bawling ball of tears and snot sans any self-inflicted slash wounds and called him a big pussy, afterwards cancelling the suicide watch on him. His response? he took the blade from a Schick® Tracer™ cartridge, scratched his wrists with it claiming that he was killing himself. The CoC response was an Article 15 or two, a few weeks of the shittiest details they could put him on while outprocessing, an ELS with $50 in his pocket and a GreyMutt bus ticket home.


“…third week of training.” Damn, PTSofD already got strong in this one…so has teh stoopid.

Crime will be logged as another crazed Veteran with a gun.


You are likely right about how the media will report this incident. But I don’t think anyone who hasn’t even met the Gunga Dan Line yet can be legitimately described as a “Veteran.” Of course, reality is never a requirement for the MSM.


You done f*cked up now, Private.
You ain’t passing go, and you ain’t collecting no two hundred dollars. Where you going orifices is gonna be currency.
Good luck, homie!

We should start a 50/50 on what this port-o-potty bathing sum’bitch is gonna get sentenced for, proceeds going to the upkeep of this joint. In months, closest without going over. I’m opening at 244 month at $175*, in honor of this chrome top hat of a suppository.

(*that’s rent on Park Place with one house FYI)


This was supposed to be a stand alone comment but once again I screwed up in life.
The pattern of my raging success is starting to reveal itself.


Nobody is gonna ask how in the actual fuck PVT Dumbass got the rifle?


Or who recruited him.


Let The Head Rolling/Chain of Command Scapegoats Begin.


Society is to blame. Or white privilege. Maybe institutional racism. Could’ve been common core. I know, it was those NRA extremists. TRUUUUUMP! Orange man bad! More likely it was general stupidity by PVT dumbass who missed his mommy.

Keepin' It Real

It’s like that old storytelling exercise where you construct a fictional narrative from given circumstances.

I need to have Teddy Roosevelt fireside in the Mohave Desert in his trapdoor pajamas opening a can of peaches – GO!

Old Sapper

Yeah his Chain of command is screwed big time.

Slick Goodlin

Old adage from my former Army Sergeant Major:

“People expect the Army to do in 8 weeks, what the parents, the priests and the cops couldn’t do in 18 years”.


My money goes on the guy DEPped in the 28th of the month or later, probably with the “encouragement” of the Army equivalent of Career Recruiting Force (CRF) types.

I remember one similar situation. A real stellar in-duh-vidual was about to be told no by the recruiter, when the Zone Supervisor (CRF) said, “WTF are you doing?” When the list of potential deficiencies was listed, said CRF type said, “Fuck it–put him on deck! Not like I’ll have to serve with him!”


Well, one thing is certain. The “rifle” certainly wasn’t a privately owned weapon. No one in Basic would be allowed to live on base with a privately owned firearm. Anyway, not in the Army I recognize.


I was wondering that myself. In the old days weapons were kept under lock and key.


Think he’ll graduate on time with his platoon?


I would hope at least a recycle.




Maybe those 19 counts of kidnapping and carjacking might get in the way of his graduating on time? Who knows, maybe the woke military will just send him home for a while, then bring him back to continue his training, when he feels like it?

A Proud Infidel®™

Maybe there are libtard pols who want to see him released with a Notice To Appear like they do with Illegal Aliens in hopes that they disappear and vote D-rat in the next election?


Check out what Mia McLeod (D), a South Carolina State Senator, wrote on her TWITTER account reference the Fort Jackson SC incident:


“THIS MORNING IN MY DISTRICT: Fort Jackson trainee arrested after hijacking a school bus full of children.”

“And yet, ⁦@scsenategop @SCGOP is forcing us to debate and (probably) pass yet another expansive gun bill.”


Question for the TAH group:

Can anyone share with me how McLeod’s “No Open Carry in SC” agenda and a Fort Jackson Soldier deserting his unit is related?

Asking For A Friend.

A Proud Infidel®™

We can always count on liberal politicians to be volcanoes of stupidity.


API commented:

“volcanoes of stupidity.”

Yep…API is correct…NAILED IT!

When I read her Twitter post, I went HUH?????

Mcloud is suppose to be representing the district surrounding Fort Jackson?

What planet did she come from?

A Proud Infidel®™



I’m stealing “volcano(es) of stupidity” and adding it to the The Hemisphere of Insults®™


Well, the answer is obvious to Progs everywhere. The PVT was open carrying; and that was frightening to school children. So, we need a strong law banning open carry, along with background checks before issuing weapons from the arms room. We will be clearly “doing it for the children.” Many of kids will likely develop the PTS of D from this incident.



Hmmm..the OK sign emojis I just posted…isn’t that supposed to be RACIST?

(Think JEOPARDY!).



Great question, because these types always leave an exception in the law for the military. You can be a convicted violent felon and if you’re in the service and acting within the scope of your duties you can be armed.


IIRC, any DV conviction was pretty much a no-go to enlisting even back in the 90’s, thanks to Senator Lautenberg.

Other felonies? Well….



From the posted link:

“Fort Jackson Commander Brig. Gen. Milford Beagle said the trainee is a 23-year-old from New Jersey.”

“Because he was in his third week of training, the soldier’s weapon, an M4 carbine, did not have any ammunition because neither live rounds nor blanks are issued at that stage, according to Beagle.”

“Beagle said that does not lessen the severity of the trainee’s actions, since there’s no way for anyone to know the gun had no bullets.”


“since there’s no way for anyone to know the gun had no bullets”

There’s your open carry connection right there……
Nobody gonna know nothin.


Ammo not issued… back in my day weapons were not issued until after PT, breakfast, and post-chow formation. They were returned en masse, too. Most cleaning was done after firing if possible and if more important things like police call, pushups, etc. did not interfere.



They both had the word “gun” the story duh.

Just think, 20 years from now when he gets out of prison TAH will be covering his social media medal display and his claims of a lengthy career in Special Operations, retiring as a Sergeant Major or Colonel.

Week 3, I imagine they were cleaning their weapons outside in PT’s and he wandered off with it. So probably no more cleaning weapons in PT clothes. Just cant have nice things you know.


Roommate in tech school shot himself in the leg over Christmas exodus. I assume he did it trying to get out (didn’t work by the by). Anyway, I just know he’s out there telling tales (entirely truthful) about what it’s like to take a bullet or shoot a man.


Whiz Wheel®™ PMCS has been completed. Good To Go and waiting for FBBSDC* individual to be identified.



His name is Jovan Collazo.



PV1 Jovan Collazo (FBBSDC) 46 x 10 = 460



“Ft Jackson General Says Rifle Used In School Bus Hijacking Wasn’t Loaded, Believes Soldier Wanted To Go Home”


“According to the general, the 23-year-old recruit from New Jersey was with his other trainees during personal hygiene time before breakfast. At some point, he took his rifle–which did not have ammunition in it–and left, eventually jumping a fence.”

“A short time after he left, his fellow trainees noticed he was missing and alerted base officials, who then began a pursuit.”

“Beagle said by taking the weapon, he believes the recruit knew that would give him a head start, since a weapon left behind might after alerted people even earlier. He said recruits do not get ammunition until week four, and the ammo is kept in a separate area away from recruits that is secure.”

“Beagle said the man was in his third week of training at the base, and that the base usually sees some recruits have separation anxiety, with some wishing to go back home. The general believes this might have been the case in this incident, since deputies say the man told the bus driver he didn’t want to harm anyone, but wanted to get to another town.”

“There is nothing that leads us to believe, through his counseling through his screening records, that this had anything to do with harming others, harming himself,” Beagle said. “We think [getting home] was truly his intent, and nothing beyond that.”

“Beagle said he will review systems and processes to determined where any breakdowns may have happened.”

“He said the soldier could face discipline, but couldn’t get specific at this time.”


Well, he is certainly going to get his wish, but not until he is released after he serves several years with Tiny, Bubba, Julio, Trayvon, and the rest of the boyz on Cell Block D.

A Proud Infidel®™

Depends on who is going to get Primary Jurisdiction, I’ve seen times when Joe fucked up downrange and on Post where they let the State have first dibs with the Military getting sloppy seconds afterward.


Oh, he will be prosecuted in state court, as the crime was committed off base and the victims are civilians. He will likely get several years in the state pen, minimum, likely around ten. The Army will not want to bother with him and he will get an OTH admin discharge. He will be charged with kidnapping, robbery, and carjacking with the use of a firearm.


And have his NDSM and GWOTSM’s revoked.

The Brotherhood rejoices./s

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m hoping that the Army will get rid of him via a Big Chicken Dinner to make an example of him to other Trainees, but you’re likely right, those in the system will likely decide that to be a waste of time and resources and dump him via an OTH. I have no doubt that he’ll be prosecuted in State Court and afterward be the “property” of Bubba, Thor, Julio and “Tiny Tyrone”! No wait, the little shit was a basic trainee, thus they could dump him via an ELS and let the State of SC do the rest!


Roger that, rgr. Military got their weapon back, wipes hands clean with the ol’ Admin OTH. However, I imagine several heads rolling in his chain of command. Not only did he wad up his own life, he very likely took a few careers out with him.


The founder of this blog would have used the term “Relaxing Jackson” many times in the report.

A Proud Infidel®™

“Relaxin’ Jackson” as we always referred to it!


You’re right. I forgot the no G.

Daisy Cutter

Think he’s in aWoS?


Takes his weapon and leaves post?

So this begs the question, who was on the post gates? Or did he find a hole in the wire?

I guess more details will follow.

Right now the story is NOT about what happened. It is ALL about GUNS and the Dems rant to get them all. I guess if they follow their logic (it’s a real stretch to use the word logic with them) their next confiscation recommendation will be to have NO weapons in boot camp whatsoever and only if a troop is deployed. Yea, that would work out well.



According to the article I posted, the Soldier jumped a fence.

And your comment about the Dems and gun control is spot on…check out what I posted reference what Mia Mcloud (D) wrote on her Twitter account.


Thank you ninja.


Yes, the evil “assault weapon” with the thing that goes up took control of his poor little pea brain mind and made him do it– we must ban them for the sake of our civilization, the sainted Democrats will have you know.


I was as DS at Jackson in the late 90’s. Our barracks was right next to one of the unmanned gates coming in from down town with I-77 a few hundred feet from the gate. Our PT field had a chain link fence separating it from I-77. Wouldn’t have been difficult for any trainee to be on that interstate or down town within a couple minutes. We had several trainees disappear out that gate or over the fence during my time there. I’m sure that gate is manned since 911.



From the posted link:

“Some of the 18 children on the bus began using cellphones to call parents to let them know what was happening…”

Elementary school kids carry cellphones with them to school?

If that is the case, then I am REALLY behind the times…



All my older grandkids (junior and high school) have them.


Thank You, rgr769.

Elementary School children?

I think Elementary School is now 1st-5th Grade…which means the average age is about 6-11 years old..

Am trying to grasp the notion that elementary school kids take cell phones to school with them..or even HAVE cellphones..

I must be a dinosaur…how DID we (Baby Boomers) manage to survive…without a cell phone when we were growing up…(ninja speaketh with tongue in cheek)..

Proud To Be A Baby Boomer


What happened with that reply is I thought all my grandchildren, even the ones in elementary had them, when I started the comment. But I checked with my former 1LT Army Nurse (grandma of the six) and she advised the three youngest don’t have them.

As for our survival, it is amazing that we had to look for phone booths to call home and didn’t have video games to occupy many of our waking hours. Plus, at 16 many of us had afterschool jobs. We didn’t have participation trophies, either. When I tried out for a little league team as an eight year old, the coach told me to go home, as I didn’t play well enough to be on his team.

And I remember we could ride our bikes anywhere and everywhere in town because we didn’t have to worry about being kidnapped and murdered. Ahh, those were the days.


Getting kidnapped and murdered as a kid was a lot more likely in the 60s-80s than it is today. Just that the kids were blissfully unaware.


Yupper! I thank God that I grew up in the 1950s!

Oh, you’d hear the scare stories during Halloween about razor blades in the apples … but life was idyllic. A real “Leave it to Beaver” life (or as close as you can get to that as an Army brat).

Sighhhhhhhhhhh ……


Same here. Either the news didn’t report it, or the parents of every kid I knew were extremely careless parents, cuz I never heard about kids being kidnapped off the street. When I was about eight, I used to ride my bicycle downtown and go to the movies by myself. My parents didn’t expect me to be in the house until the sun went down. And most of the day, they had no idea where I was when I wasn’t in school. And, I used to walk about a mile to my grade school in Ontario, CA.

Hack Stone

It’s been done before. A Recruit has to know his limitations.


His brilliant plan derailed when he tried to hijack the bus to Cuba.


“From NJ”

Welp, odds are then he’s not a registered republican so they can’t go honking that horn.

A Proud Infidel®™

I bet he was brought in by a Recruiter desperate to make quota for the month as well.


My money is on this API. Not a thorough background review. My money is also on, he has had legal problems and/or mental problems pre-enlistment.


Double or nothing says the recruiter told him that if he didn’t like he could just leave.

A Proud Infidel®™

Could be, many Recruiters have less ethics than a Used Car Salesman right outside the gates!



From the link…had to share because it IS funny…

So obvious the Reporter had no clue what entails “PT” clothes for US Army Soldiers:

“The trainee, dressed in physical therapy clothes, “ran off post and escaped” with a rifle from the installation…”



HAHA! It’s a form of physical therapy.


I’m gonna come right out and say a lot of times here at TAH, little gems are buried in a thread.
This is one of them.

“PT” = “Physical Therapy”.
Well they got the “physical” part right.
At least they were not *SO* disconnected from the military they didn’t think it stood for “PT” = “PARTY TIME!!!”

Jebus…shakes my head ruefully.


Here we go…the name of the Soldier AND his picture can be found in the link:


“Officials say the 23-year-old trainee, identified as Jovan Collazo of New Jersey…”


There are several Jovan Collazo on Facebook..

Can’t figure out which one of them is HIM.


OK, there’s pretty clearly no magazine in that thing. Too bad the bus driver didn’t know his small arms. Looks like he has a significant size advantage over the PV1. School that little shit right then and there.

In the driver’s defense, I can attest that when you’re staring down a gun, that barrel is about all you see. To paraphrase Lynyrd Skynyrd “Well, it ain’t no fun, Staring straight down a five-five-six.”

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

A 23 y.o……..from NJ…..who missed his moooooommy.

I was 25 & married when I went to Basic (but NOT from NJ). Yes, I missed my wife & my mooooooommy. But I DIDN’T steal a rifle, jump a fence, & hijack a schoolbus full of children.
What a Basement Boi. (think he may be related to our favorite SPAPOS?)

He obviously must have gotten an IQ waiver to enlist. He has the look of one of our Army Project 1000 enlistees back in the 1970’s. I heard their drill SGT’s had to teach them how to lace their boots and brush their teeth.


Correction, is was “Project 100,000.” And it ended in 1971. It was another of Bob McNamara’s brilliant ideas.


Yeah, I had 1 of 100,000 as a platoon sergeant in 1989. He was very proud of being a member of that club. Probably the most clueless senior NCO I’ve ever encountered.

I looked at the Fox News link where the picture of that boy convinced me that he is his own Cousin!



“Caught On Cam: Fort Jackson Trainee Hijacked SC School Bus Full Of Children, Police Say”


And the mugshot that nobody will post.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

When Beagle was notified of the incident, he had the scents to get the MP’s on the scent of the trainee which makes scents.

RGR 4-78

This fellow brings a whole new level to entry level quitter.


So if he was in Week Three of BCT, it would appear that the all time record for nocturnal eneuresis (Ron Etzig 16 days 04-20 May 2019) before being discharged is yet intact./smile


Correction: Should read: 16 days 04-20 May 2009 (DamnIt)


Speaking of whom, he is back on Blinked-In as a paratrooper.

A Proud Infidel®™

So he had fewer days in Training than John Giduck!


Yep, the Duck Line was 58 days.


Wanted to get out of the military and go back to NJ?

Did somtheing that will keep him in custody in South Carolina for a decade or few.


after seeing this fool’s photo, I’m thinking that he is not a candidate for mensa…

Mustang Major

If they had not closed Ft Dix he would not have
gotten home sick and hijacked a school bus.
I blame the base closings of the early 90’s

A Proud Infidel®™

I’ve heard that Fort Dix about made Fort Polk seem like a paradise, and Fort Polk is about as lovely as a landfill!


Ft Dix, at least in the late 80’s was truly an armpit… I was not sad at all to leave there.


Whoa, in the video it looked like he wasn’t wearing his PT belt, hang his ass!