National Air and Space Museum goes to a galaxy far, far away

| May 6, 2021

There’s an unusual new addition to the restoration hangar at the National Air and Space Museum. Among the parts of vintage warbirds under refurbishment is something right out of Star Wars, literally.

What you’re seeing is an X-Wing fighter from the final Star Wars trilogy released a few years back. It will go one display in the museum in 2022 alongside other legendary historical air and spacecraft like the Wright Flyer, Lindberg’s Spirit of St Louis, the B-29 Enola Gay, Chuck Yeager’s Bell X-1, and the Apollo 11 CSM.

Jeff LPH 3 sends in this Military Times report;

Now, the famed Rebel Alliance aircraft similar to that flown by Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron has found a new home in Washington. On May 4, the internet-proclaimed Star Wars celebration day, the National Air and Space Museum announced that it was unveiling a new exhibit: a 37-foot X-wing from the latest films. The entry is the first Star Wars addition to the museum since it hosted a “Star Wars: Myth of Magic” exhibit in 1997.

“Despite taking place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars introduced generations of fans here on Earth to outer space as a setting for adventure and exploration,” Margaret Weitekamp, Space History chair at the museum, said in a release.

“All air and space milestones begin with inspiration, and science fiction so often provides that spark — the iconic X-wing displayed amid our other spacecraft celebrates the journey from imagination to achievement.”

this particular X-wing is currently undergoing conservation work in the museum’s restoration hangar, where fans can currently check it out.

The X-wing will be on display at the renovated Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in 2022.

This won’t be the first fictional craft on display at the museum. They also have the original film-used version of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) from the 1966 TV series Star Trek.

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I’ve been a member of the Rebel Alliance all my life. Lee mighta had to surrender, but I didn’t! They did make my mule surrender (and my X-Wing Aerial Artillery Platform). The mule is pulling a wagon up in Kansas now.




Mason wrote:

“This won’t be the first fictional craft on display at the museum. They also have the original film-used version of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) from the 1966 TV series Star Trek.”

Must be showing my age, because I think I would enjoy seeing the 1966 TV series Star Trek USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) more than the Star Wars X-Wing…that is, if I ever get ANY interest generated in visiting ANY museum in the DC area anymore…


Thank You, Mason and Jeff for sharing.


ninja, I agree. I also thank you Mason and Jeff. Having watched the original Star Trek on TV I would like to see it there.

The Other Whitey

Roddenberry was a socialist prick. Star Trek was a shiny, sterile artificial utopia.

Star Wars is dirty, greasy, and lived-in. Spaceships need wrenches turned and wires spliced. They also have dented hulls and chipped, faded paint. Farmers eke out a living in hostile environments while worrying about the next harvest. It has a living, breathing economy.

Think of the first movie: stormtroopers on Vader’s star destroyer are pristine, shiny, and snap to attention like they’re on parade. But down on Tatooine, their homies on the ground are dusty, dirty, and exude an attitude of “fuck this shithole,” despite their faces being concealed. For all its space magic, Star Wars is infinitely more believable than Star Trek ever was.

USMC Steve

I liked Mr Spock though…he was a badass.

Some of it was believable. Kirk would bang absolutely anything he could outrun, and was an absolute ass bandit. Kinda like bosun’s mates in the Navy.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Problem is, besides those already living on the Left……errr……East coast, WHO in the name of “Wide World of Sports”, is going to want to travel to DC to see the exhibit? (DC = fences, Natl Guard, FiBbIes checking on your bank account/moves, possible BLM, possible PantyFags, economy in general, etc)

I pray that one day I might take my children to see the sights in this Republic’s reclaimed capital. I know, I’m dreaming, but still.

I also hope to see the rise of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


I prefer the classic T-65 type X-Wing from the Battle of Yavin.

The Dead Man

A-Wing Lawn Darts or bust.

Mind you I only know that much from playing X-Wing and Tie Fighter as a kid.


Looks like they’re still working on B-26 “Flak Bait” in the background:

They also had the Close Encounters ship at the Udvar Hazy Center

The Other Whitey

I’d rather it be Wedge Antilles’s T-65B from the original trilogy, the only fighter with two Death Stars on its scoreboard. Either that or Din Djarin’s modified clone gunship.

Fuck the sequels.


I’ve always been a fan of Gold Squadron in the Y- Wings. Probably because it was composed of fossils like myself.

USMC Steve

They DO know that thing does not fly and is a stage prop, right?