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| April 27, 2021

Charges Dropped for Virginia Man Arrested After Airbnb Renters Trashed His House

By Julie Carey
The Loudoun County Commonwealth’s attorney dropped charges against a man arrested after he pointed a gun at a group of Airbnb renters who he said trashed his Virginia home.

John A. “Jack” Andrews, 77, faced seven charges, including felony abduction, after holding several people at gunpoint.

After an employee notified Andrews of significant damage at his $4 million Aldie home, he went there and found broken windows and doors, damaged furniture, glass everywhere and large blood stains throughout the rental property.

Sure, open your 4M USD pile of bricks to complete strangers- whatever could go wrong?
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NBC Washington

I have seen gross intolerance shown in support of toleration.
– S.T. Coleridge

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“Video of the brawl that caused the damage showed young men cutting each other with broken beer bottles”

Now that’s what I call a brawl. No pussy blades here.


If it was a high proof it would also be self sanitizing.

The Other Whitey

Irish switchblades, eh? Now it’s a party!


Went to Walmart to get a crowbar, noticed Guinness Draft was on sale so I got a couple of 6 packs. Cashier looks at my items at checkout and says “Irish family reunion?”


My Platoon Sergeant, who was also our Equal Opportunity NCO, used to schlep around the commissary holding a box of fried chicken and a watermelon, saying to anyone who looked at him (in a thick accent) “wass wrong? I likes me some fried chikin and wattermellin.”

He had to counsel me occasionally as EE NCO. (Native American) “Now has Massa done bin pikkin on ya?”. (Louder) ” Capn Massa, sah! Doan be pikkin on my big ol red man, sah!”

SFC T, I miss you very much.


There was a photo of a Corona long neck
in the video so that would be added charges for
1. Long handled weapon and
2. Poor choice of beer.

Hack Stone

If they wanted to do damage to a home in the National Capital Region where nobody would notice, they should have rented a home on Wilson Lane in Bethesda Maryland.


The happy video answered all my questions.

MI Ranger

Good thing AirBnB banned the users from renting the house again!;-) He should have waited for the Sheriffs at the gate and gone in with them, not preceded and got himself arrested.


This event was in the shadow of tumult in NOVA and if it had happened today Mr Andrews would have summarily executed for offense upon a protected class.
Get out of blue areas or get accustom to your chains, the Dim’s Army is on the march.


Nah, the charges were dropped because the “victims” never showed up to make a case. Several of them were incarcerated elsewhere at the time, I imagine none of them wanted to be linked to whateverwent down at the house. The case is a couple of years old now and crickets from the victims.

Air BnB – Don’t seek the treasure.

Green Thumb

Sounds like a cool party.


The structure is still standing.



OK fucker, I laughed way too hard at this last statement.
Always something said to wrap things up.
Pithy bitch!


DAAYUUM 11B. Have another shot of Fire Water on my tab. Shorely be dam am glad I learned long ago to not eat or drink when I’m hanging out here.


And thus ends Carlo Domenico “SMOKEJUMPER” Dobrich’s
30 day run at the top of the heap at Military Phonies.

[Carlo Dobrich -The American Legions Navy SEAL Sex Instructor
| March 30, 2021 | 73 Comments]


I grew up in Aldie, I was a member of the fire department for 10 years, work at the Aldie Country store in high school. After I retired from the service couldn’t afford to move back. It is turning more liberal every day. Some of these houses go back to before the revolutionary war. One house George Washington stayed the night in. I would be pissed too.