Governor Newsom recall signature threshold met

| April 27, 2021

Enough signatures have been collected to start the process for a recall election in California. The next phase is a 30 day waiting period for individuals to withdraw their signature. After those 30 days, if there are still enough signatures for a recall, the next phase in the recall process will be implemented.

From Newsmax:

The state has verified more than 1.6 million names as of Monday, passing the almost 1.5 million threshold to qualify for a ballot, Secretary of State Shirley Weber said in a statement. There is now a 30-day period for voters who signed the petition to withdraw their names, which an anti-recall campaign is pushing.

County officials have until Thursday to certify the validity of remaining signatures.

“A recall election will be held unless a sufficient number of signatures are withdrawn,” Weber said.

The likely election promises to be an expensive spectacle in the most-populous U.S. state, where Newsom opponents have seized on resentment over California’s coronavirus shutdowns and response to the pandemic.

The Democratic governor has tried to paint the recall effort as a radical movement by Republicans trying to rally their base after President Donald Trump’s defeat.

Newsmax has more on this story.

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Hack Stone

Just hope that everyone can vote without showing an ID, that would be racist.


With ballots harvesting there, the Democrats will somehow get 500,000 more votes by Seymour Butz to retain Newsom.


^THIS^ You just know that Aunt SanFranNannie will make sure her chosen one retains his throne.


I will vote against his recall because he leads one of the worlds economic powers and will lead us to the socialist utopia that I’ve always dreamed of!

BTW – can anyone here tell me how I can get my size 46 ass into my Hugo Boss Black Bloc pants that are a 32?


“BTW – can anyone here tell me how I can get my size 46 ass into my Hugo Boss Black Bloc pants that are a 32?”

Easy-peasy–put ’em on over your head and make a panty-fa fashion statement…🤪😜🤪


I can’t post photos but, Commiefornia lost a seat for the first time in , well, forever…so, GTFO….what?? You didn’t get the message?????

The Other Whitey

Nuisance may well have crossed the “bad for business” threshold, but that just means the Getty family and Dem Cosa Nostra will hand-pick his replacement. Glad I got the hell out. I will forever hate, loathe, detest, and despise that two-faced son of a bitch. May he be eternally violated in Hell.


Damn TOW, don’t hold back Brother. Tell us how you really feel. We can take it.


Funny how the democrats checked every signature…


As George Carlin might say…ID verification is dirty & naughty just part of the time.


Besig, I see you are still using that “misleading” photo of The French Laundry party of Newsome’s crew. Newsom’s story was the dinner was “out of doors,” so it was perfectly OK. Who you going to believe “Any Twosome” Newsom or your own lying eyes? See the restaurant built a whole dining room out of doors with walls, a large mirror, carpeted floor, and a chandelier.

The Other Whitey

When I first heard the name “French Laundry,” the first thing that came to mind was that that sounds like the name of a whorehouse.


The daily poll question on the Howie Carr show yesterday
was a choice between voting for Newsom or Caitlyn Jenner.
Jenner won 92/8.