PTSD turns USAF general into a pedophile

| April 1, 2021

Retired Brig Gen Frank Sullivan, convicted connoisseur of pre-teens

The KoB sends in word that this retired Air Force general officer, who plead guilty to five felony counts of possessing child porn, after being charged with 15 (fifteen!) second degree felonies for possession of child porn and one third degree felony for criminal use of a communication facility, has been sentenced. He spent his career as an engineering officer in a Red Horse squadron (a specialty civil engineering unit similar to Navy Seabees) and served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

It’s these four tours, described as “combat tours”, that led him to answer the siren’s song of pedophilia. As reported by Local 21 News;

The charges stem from a raid of his Hampden Township home in October of 2019.

The Office of the Attorney General says, the search turned up computers with thousands of searches for “preteen” images, as well as pictures of children “engaged in very graphic sexual acts.”

I don’t know about any of y’all, but my PTSD issues haven’t driven me to child porn. I don’t know why anyone would suddenly become attracted to “preteens” after coming down with “post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and insomnia,” his conditions according to his lawyer.

The judge bought it though. Since this sexual deviant was once one of the highest ranking officers in the state of Pennsylvania, the judge gave him a light sentence. Very light actually, even for a first time offender.

PennLive reports;

“I accept full responsibility for everything,” the 69-year-old former Hampden Township resident said as he stood before President judge Edward E. Guido. “I damaged friends, family…countless thousands.”

Guido sentenced Sullivan to 5 years of probation and fined the former general $2,500 on his guilty pleas to five felony charges of possessing child porn.

Sullivan was wracked with emotion as he spoke to Guido. He broke down at one point, then barely regained his composure.

He talked about the burden borne by those in the military and how deployments can leave them feeling as though the rest of society has simply moved on without them. “Sometimes you think it’s impossible to make up that distance,” Sullivan said.

“I don’t know how much time I have left on this planet. But in the name of the Lord, I’m going to make it up…to those I’ve hurt,” he said.

Guido said his decision on Sullivan’s punishment was partly influenced by the ex-general’s “distinguished” military career. However, “First and foremost the defendant has shown real remorse and has taken steps to address the underlying psychological problems” that led to his crimes, the judge said.

Five whole years of probation. Thank him for his service. When you do, just don’t bring the kids.

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Green Thumb

The “PTSD” makes you do everything.

Green Thumb

“I don’t know how much time I have left on this planet.”

Hopefully not much.

Ticklemonster fucking maggot.


Fire ant bed, 4 stakes, and this POS. SAR. (Some Assembly Required…whew, barely avoided AW1Ed’s OCD Jail). Might give him a coupla days on this Earth. Maybe more or less depending on whether some honey is applied generously to various orifices and how hot the sun is.


I have just the place. Between the ants and coyotes, only the stakes will remain.


Down here in Florida we do it different, drive a spike through his privates into a log, light both ends on fire and hand him a dull butter knife. Instant pedo cure.


GT’s last must be added to ‘the list’.
And then employed to this turd.

A Proud Infidel®™

Scaphism, ’nuff said.


Green Thumb,
And, like many military phonies and Stolen Valor turds,
General F’up pulls “in the name of the Lord” out of his ass.
Strange, “the Lord” wasn’t part of his thinking the past 5 years.
Only now. After caught and hung out in public.
How about tomorrow? After he successfully got off?

Well, we already know that answer. Ugh.

Green Thumb

Religion and the sanctuary of God is usually the last refuge of a scoundrel.


Green Thumb,
The total IRONY of these sanctuary turds is,
if they really believe in God, Heaven, and Hell,
they surely know they chose the highway to hell.

And lying to man on Earth won’t change that.


I hear the dreaded PTS of D can even make one a serial killer. All that time in the shit as a chairborne leader of engineers can do that to a man. He likely got hooked on kiddy porn in A-stan or Iraq as relief from the terror of those mortars and rockets fired into the Green Zone, while quivering in his bomb proof HQ.


I’m waiting for Bill Clinton to claim it next… after Hillary smacked him in front of the Secret Service for cheatin’ on her, he might have something.


In BG (Baby Groper) Frank Sullivan’s specific case, PTSD stands for Pre-Teen Sex Disorder. Bubba and the cellblock sends their regards and say “We’ll see you NEXT time… lube optional”.


Pennsylvania Air National Guard.
Covered locally since the beginning.
Excuses, excuses.
But lawyered up.

Now, NO JAIL. (Only) 5 years probation.
And, livin’ good on O-7 retirement pay.

This story mirrors local State Senator Mike Folmer, who went to prison.
Note – Folmer also UPLOADED images from his cellphone.

Ugh. And Double Ugh.


A felony conviction means no more military retired pay. (Ollie North and Mike Flynn both lost theirs for a while because of that.)


Is that limited to national security issues like espionage, treason, etc..?


‘Fraid not… Brig Gen Chester, Ret. will be needing his Social Security.


A question for those who may know:

Is he drawing 0-7 retired pay from the federal government coffers or from the state of Pennsylvania since he was Air National Guard?

Planet Ord

I spent years investigating child pornographers. Recovered thousands of images and victims. Those suspects would usually get many years to serve, followed by life on probation, and life on the sex offender registry. This turd got a sentence lighter than some traffic offenders.


Planet Ord,
Being nosy, I just looked up White Pages.
It’s worse.
Sullivan successfully retired to remote rural scenic luxury
in north central Pennsylvania.
Just off US6.


Bless you. I dont think I could ever do that job.

tom reynolds

How much cover did don’t ask don’t tell give him. This wasn’t something new to him,I’m sure. We used to keep perverts out of our military for a reason. Not saying that’s what happened here but WTH.


“National Defense Service Medal (with 1 Bronze Service Star)”

And the brotherhood of the NDSM weeps.

A few questions:
1. Can he be brought back into active duty and be charged with crimes under the UCMJ or conduct unbecoming?
2. Doesn’t say he has to register as a sexual predator and under Pennsylvania law, I thought they had to if found guilty.
3. If his attorney claimed he had PTSD, where is the evidence that he was officially diagnosed from the VA or military as having it. Seems like no evidence was presented and the judge accepted it without any documentation & on his say so?

“First and foremost the defendant has shown real remorse and has taken steps to address the underlying psychological problems” that led to his crimes, the judge said.”

Remorse my arsch.
He’s just sorry that he got caught.


Answer to #2 –
Yes, he has 15 years ahead on PA’s Megan’s Law list and website.
Link to Harrisburg, PA’s newspaper website article.


Thanks MarineDad61, I missed that.


The local echo chamber news media likes to scrimp on details.
Google reveals the complete story.
New and old.

Oh, btw, he previously pled “Not Guilty”.


Disgusting, all around.
He should have been filleted.
Now (obligatory), if *I* had done half as much… you guys ain’t got enough bucks for bail and lawers


Galeton, PA
His childhood hometown.
Now his luxury retirement hideaway.

NOTE – Someone on WikiFakia has REMOVED the Notable People section.
It, and he, was there in 2019.


Based on this from his bio:

Air Force Expeditionary Service Ribbon with Gold Border

I’m not buying 4 Combat tours.


Well, when their “long” tour is four (4) months… Army and Marine folk just ain’t impressed.


Really? I got a USAF short tour ribbon for in excess of 6 months in theater. It took 18 months for a long tour ribbon.


Back in the day before things got “expeditionary”… now it’s three months, four if it’s “long” (over at Bagram for a year listening to a steady stream of unfamiliar airmen complain about it, with Skype-able internet and Pizza Hut, of course).


That’s not how I remember Bagram. Poor bastards.


Yup– Salsa Night at the Kohle DFAC (3 stars of 5 on Tripadvisor) was da bomb… although the Bagram Batman stuff was a bit lame:


Thanks, that made me laugh (first time today, what with all the depressing political news). I like how the PT dude wore his PT reflective belt.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Forget to wear your PT belt and the 1SG or CSM will get on your ass three times faster than Batman!

A Proud Infidel®™

Fucking ticklemonster maggot got less than some DUI Offenders!

!. Rope.
2. Tree or Gallows.
3. Pedophile.
Some assembly required.


If you really want to stop people like this, they should be required to have PEDO tatts on their foreheads. That way, everyone will know what they did and what kind of skank scum they are.

Some local JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL girls’ sports coach was busted for the same thing, but got behind bars time for it.


Yeah, and in Michigan, we had a former pro baseball player who got nailed for nailing female high school softball players he was coaching. He got 7 years, and a life time on the registry.


COL “Bat” Guano was right:


My heart goes out to this front line Warrior. I too had a family member commit unspeakable atrocities stemming from his military experience. My uncle caught the PTSDs from watching Operation Dumbo Drop 117 consecutive hours while on Angel Dust. It can happen to anyone.


is it too late to bring back keelhauling?

Should be interesting if done with a modern supercarrier…

The Other Whitey

As a father of four and uncle of fourteen, I fully support this cocksucker’s summary execution, ideally via incendiary means.


“…He talked about the burden borne by those in the military and how deployments…”

If I were the judge I would have given him the max sentence after he started that whining about his victimhood.

“I accept full responsibility for everything,”
my ass.


Not in any way supportive of child porn, those who look at it, and certainly not those who make the &*% stuff. But, there is a difference between looking at pictures of something and committing the deed.

Am sure that every kiddie diddler has looked at child porn. Not sure we can say that everyone who has looked at it is a kiddie diddler.

Is every guy who looks at adult porn a rapist?

Still, the world would be a much better place without children being exploited.

No sympathy for this idiot. Stupid excuse for acting really, really stupid.


The consumers of a product are part of the cause of its production.

No consumers, no market, little production.


Of course, and I have no sympathy for anyone in the chain that produce and consume it. None. Zip. Zero. Consuming a product such as this that you know is illegal is beyond disgusting.

Just pointing out that watching a movie where a murder occurs does not make any of us who saw it a murderer.


The love of my life served in Vietnam via the Army…
Sadly our oldest (11) informed me dad was molesting her. Same excuse…
Asshole hasn’t seen or spoken to his kids since…


Reminds me of the case of ret. Army MG James Grazioplene. He was recalled to active duty to face charges of molesting his daughter. The military statute of limitations saved his butt. He could have possibly been the first general/admiral in American history ever to serve hard time.

James Haltom

The sentence makes me suspicious of the judge. Just saying.


Perhaps they share a common interest. Maybe golf? (I don’t want to imply anything nefarious)