Lawmaker wants to strip benefits from veterans involved in January’s attack on Congress

| March 20, 2021

Jeff LPH 3 sends in this tidbit of vindictiveness. Military Times reports;

A Marine-turned-congressman wants federal officials to deny veterans benefits to any current or former military members involved with the attack on the U.S. Capitol building earlier this year, saying they “no longer deserve” the payouts.

In letters to the Veterans Affairs secretary and attorney general made public Friday, Rep. Ruben Gallego, D-Ariz., said eligibility for education and vocational training should be stripped from those individuals, as well as disability compensation and VA health care access.

“The behavior of these individuals tarnishes the image of American veterans and service members who have given so much to this country,” he wrote. “Yet, many of the veterans and service members who attacked their own government actively and enthusiastically enjoy benefits not available to their fellow citizens.”

“This situation is unjust. Any retiree or servicemember who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 forfeited their moral entitlement to the support of the people of the United States.”

Gallego did not specify whether veterans should be charged or convicted of a crime to lose their benefits. In the letter, he encourages officials to “use your discretion” to make that decision.

Whether such punishment is possible is unclear. Gallego asked both agencies to review rules regarding VA officials’ ability to revoked benefits, and whether such a move can occur under administrative action or would require congressional intervention.

Somehow I doubt he’ll be supportive of stripping government benefits from anyone supporting leftist anti-government leanings. I’d wager that there’s a lot more government beneficiaries in any of your fiery but mostly peaceful riots last year than there were at the Capitol in January.

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Hack Stone

If their fellow citizens want to enjoy those benefits, they can fucking enlist and earn them like Hack Stone did. This idiot must have forgotten that those benefits were granted to compensate for the low pay, long hours, substandard working environments and hazardous duty that veterans had to deal with. If you want to strip them of the benefits they EARNED, then you can retroactively pay them for work performed.


“Involved” = does not buy the narrative.


….I’m a longtime (12 years) member at another site which is – to be polite – on the liberal side, and this story came up over there. It was a pleasant surprise that the majority of commenters DIDN’T support yanking the benefits.

Don’t let anybody there off easy, but whatever they earned, they keep.


The VA granteth and the VA taketh away.
I believe it requires an actual prison term though.
Unlike the IRS which requires no reason whatsoever.

The whole Capital narrative is bullshit and every
Democrat wants to make it what it wasn’t.


Not condoning what any of those “rioters” did, but get real for a minute. If “those people” had of really wanted to wreak havoc and spread terror and discontent, they could of. The grifting politicians are literally terrified that someone is going to step up, be a leader, and tell the Swamp Rats a line from The Who’s Tommy Opera, “We’re not gonna take it”. Oh…wait…we had one of those and the Swamp Rats put together the most inclusive voter fraud organization ever known. These bastards need to wake up, forget about being “woke” and realize that they are making many of the same mistakes that politicians made back in the 1850s/60s, attempting to pit the citizens against one another. This time around, I don’t believe it will be a handful of states going against the grubermint, it will be MILLIONS of citizens rising up to take our Country back.



Kinda hard to have an “insurrection” without firearms.


Yup. Especially when the purported “insurrectionists” are up against 2000 armed Capitol Police. Moreover, the subject protest that got out of hand for a few hundred people was much less destructive than your average BLM/Antifa riot.


Why Leftists’ “gun safety” means nobody else has any.


Three words:


You cannot change the legal consequences for an act after the act itself.

Seal TWO

Well, that’s the law. But who cares about what the law says. Those people have proven time and time again that they can do – or take – anything they want without consequences. If the “law” meant anything anymore, half of the politicians, including Schrillery Clinton, would already be in jail. If enough of “them” decide to strip benefits from any of “us”, it will be done, the “law” be-damned.


Constitution? Democrats don’t need no stinkin; “racist” Constitution!


That’s just the beginning. What they ultimately want to do is to be able to withhold our pay, military, veteran, or other types of pay, if we do not go by the approved narrative.

Check out the “social credit” concept they use in China; locked out of one’s account, accounts closed, not wanting to do financial business with you, etc.


They have an equivalent to the social credit score card in Venezuela. It is used as ID for voting. The card is used to record whether you voted for regime candidates. Then that card is used to determine whether the subject gets to buy food. What a brilliant concept for totalitarians conducting fake elections.


The founder of has also been subjected to this. If you see the trend of the non-Christian posts, much of the comments are similar to what you would find here.

However, the media has said “nasty” things about Gab. As a result, the founder was told by certain banks that they would not be doing business with them. He had to keep finding new banks. They did not just target him, but also his family.

They’re trying to shut him down not just because Gab trends conservative, but the founder is adamant that First Amendment right speech is allowed and would not be censored if certain people don’t like that speech.

There is a move to “blackball” those involved with pro-Trump demonstrations that challenged the election.

The move to the platform conservatives from social media is just the beginning of what they would like to do.


Yup, Democrats’ wet dream.


From Wikipedia, here’s what’s really interesting about Gallego:

“After college, Gallego joined the Marines. After completing infantry training, he deployed to Iraq with Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment. 3/25 would lose 46 Marines and two Navy corpsmen between January 2005 and January 2006, according to the Marine Corps official website. Gallego lost his best friend in combat in Iraq.”

And especially this:

“His desire to help fellow veterans motivated the formerly apolitical Gallego to get involved with politics.”

Slow Joe

I suspect that’s carefully worded bs.

Yes, he deployed. On what role?
Then the Battalion, 3/25, lost 46 Marines. How many from Lima Company? He lost his best friend? Sure. I lost my best friend from Basic Training in Iraq. He wasn’t in my Battalion or Brigade, and I wasn’t even deployed when he was killed, as my Brigade had redeployed back home to Fort Lewis.

Ask that dude how many Marines in his Platoon he lost while he was the Platoon Leader, and how many on his chain of command, up and down.

I suspect we have an embellisher here.


Ol’ Poe is thinking that this is likely a calculated move by the Democrats to intimidate the veteran community into inaction against their current legislative moves to either limit or outright repeal many of our basic freedoms. They know that we are largely conservative and heavily armed and could serve as a core around which an armed opposition could coalesce.

And who better among them than a former combat Marine to front this particular effort? Strip veterans’ benefits from a few participants in the January 6th march and put the fear of similar retribution in the rest of the veteran community.

I’m betting this ambitious young congressman was hand-picked for this odious task by Pelosi and Schumer because the scheming bastards think his service provides him with cover from criticism.

These are some truly evil and vindictive politicians we’re up against…

Slow Joe

I concur with your assessment.


I forgot to add, Ruben Gallego is a despicable, contemptible POS for allowing himself to be used like this to harm his fellow veterans.

All veterans organizations and the United States Marine Corps should immediately declare his sorry ass persona non grata.


Commies gonna commie.


It appears the very few active duty, reserves, National Guard, and recent inactive reserves ARE being dealt with.
As in any other crime, local, state, or federal,
once the benefits are in the pocket, they remain in the pocket, like it or not.
Worse, Congress APPROVES their own retirements to bums who resign in disgrace.
Anyone jacking Al Franken’s check?
For being an asshole ON DUTY?


Sure. Go after earned benefits. Musta missed the ballyhoo over rioters getting hit for their unearned bennies. That would make so much more sense. First offense, they go away for 6-months or a year. Second offense, they go away forever.


How is further alienating a group that already sees itself as marginalized going to promote peace and security in the country? It doesn’t matter if anyone else believes they’ve been marginalized, their own sense of marginalization is what matters, here.

Beyond the legal leapfrog needed to get something like this accomplished, the stigma that will be tied to disgruntled veterans can be devastating. Remember when we canceled the Ba’ath party and disbanded their military?

All this does is give trained veterans reason to break ranks with a system that is blatantly unwilling to listen to their concerns.



They mean to -rule-. If chaos and poverty accomplish their power, they will embrace chaos and poverty.

Think not? Portland. ChiComCoof. And other examples.

You will be made to fear criticizing them, refusing them, failing to applaud them.


Cancelling VA benefits is but a short step away from cutting off retirement pay for those retired military veterans the Democrat elite determine to be deviationists from correct political thought.

Terminating military retiree pay for those considered politically undesirable is but a short step away from ending Social Security payments to all those citizens deemed politically untrustworthy.

And as I’ve long maintained, when their profligate spending inevitably hits the proverbial fan, there’s all those fat trillions in IRA’s out there waiting to be confiscated from those the elites decide are politically unworthy.

We are either kulaks waiting to be starved into submission/extinction or we are free men willing to stand up to these power-obsessed despots. And the crucially determining factor in that equation is whether or not we allow them to disarm us.

Molon labe… 🖕🖕🖕🖕

Slow Joe

The time is going to come when we all will be forced to choose whether to fulfill our oaths to our beloved Republic or obey the petty dictators that have taken control of our gruberment.

I fear that day. The implications are dire, and the price will be high for our families.

But I raised my right hand, I spoke the words, and I cannot do no other.

Molon labe…


All Democrats care about is power and having their way (with us) so it’s coming. They suck.

USMC Steve

Does this mean we can go after the welfare bennies the antifuck and Black lives matter assholes get when they do all their carefully staged riots?