There is no such thing as the “Deep State”, but Biden Admin is purging Trump “loyalists”

| February 3, 2021

New SecDef Lloyd Austin, just over a week into his new job, has ordered hundreds of Trump Administration appointees to Defense Department advisory board members. More “healing” from the O’Biden Admin?

Such moves aren’t unheard of. New administration takes over and it is considered good form for all political appointees (such as the SecDef, US Attorneys, and so forth) to put in letters of resignation. Many if not most of those are accepted by the new President, but some people are kept on in their old roles (such as the Director of the FBI and other key agency heads).

I don’t know if these Defense Department advisory committees have a history of similarly asking for mass resignations. Given that they are asking for the leave of people appointed only in the last couple of months (during the lame duck final days of the Trump Admin), it certainly seems like they’re explicitly trying to get rid of anyone affiliated with Trump. Ironic because four years ago the left and the media (I repeat myself) were decrying Trump for unconfirmed, uncorroborated, and likely just made up “loyalty oaths.”

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has ordered hundreds of Pentagon advisory board members to resign this month as part of a broad review of the panels, essentially purging several dozen who were appointed last-minute under the Trump administration.

During the last two months of his tenure, former acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller removed a number of longtime members from several defense policy, health, science and business boards and replaced many with loyalists of former President Donald Trump. More than 30 of those replacements will now be forced to resign, including former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich, retired Brig. Gen. Anthony Tata and former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

“I am directing the immediate suspension of all advisory committee operations until the review is completed unless otherwise directed by myself or the deputy secretary of defense,” Austin said in a memo released Tuesday. And he ordered all committee members who were appointed by the defense secretary to resign no later than Feb. 16.

Austin said the review will assess whether each board provides value and make sure its focus aligns with “our most pressing strategic priorities and the National Defense Strategy.”

Tata, a former Fox News commentator, failed to get through Senate confirmation for the top Pentagon policy job early last year because of offensive remarks he had made, including about Islam. In November, however, Trump appointed him to that same post, just days after firing then-Defense Secretary Mark Esper and putting Miller in the job.

Time for an editor’s note here. BG Tata did call Obama a “terrorist leader”, which I think we can all agree is over the top and in very poor taste. His “offensive” remark about Islam was that Islam is  “the most oppressive violent religion that I know of.” Which is first a personal opinion and second is a factually true statement backed up by decades of evidence of violent oppression.

The article continues;

Miller appointed Tata to the Defense Policy Board on Jan. 19, his last full day on the job. Gingrich was appointed to that same board. Lewandowski was appointed to the Defense Business Board.

A senior defense official said Austin’s decision was driven by the frenetic activity of Miller to remove dozens of board members and replace them in such a short amount of time between Trump’s election loss and the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

Of the 42 advisory panels listed in Austin’s memo, 31 will have their members removed, six will be part of the review but their members will be retained, and five others have either no members at this time or have concluded their business. Among the 31 are some of the department’s most well known boards, including those with purview over defense policy, science, health, innovation, Arlington National Cemetery and women in the military.

All together there are more than 600 members on the 42 boards. Defense officials said they don’t know exactly how many are being asked to resign, but it will be hundreds.

Continues at the source; Defense News

Thanks to Jeff LPH 3 for sending this one in.

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Austin was always a “party man” and that, not great or brilliant service is why he is now SECDEF under the banner of the not brilliant president.

Ordering resignations should be a legal impossibility. If you are going to fire people, fire them, but don’t send your underlings to “order” them to resign.

But, SloJo and the Ho aren’t that smart and the media is even slower.


Aince Hoover, The FBI Director is mandated to serve ten years. Few actually do. Meuller loved it so much and congress loved him so much he served 12. Most serve less.


Since Hoover


And before Hoover (snerk)?


IIRC, there were no Fan Belt Inspectors before Hoover.


Trump should have done the same thing in every government agency. It’s not as if he would have been the first.


This Sapper expected better from Two/Panther/Six.


One can only imagine the scene at home:

How was your day?

It sucks. I got fired.

But you just got that job.

Yeah, well, now I don’t got that job. What’s for supper?

Oh, and while I’m at it, Greta Thunberg is now attacking AOC, saying her “opinions on global” whatever are INADEQUATE. Does that mean she might get fired, too?

I used to wonder a few weeks ago just when the clown show would start. Do I need to stock up on more popcorn and sodas?


Yes, the bitch was in her office in the Cannon Building, over 50 yards away from the Capitol Building. There were no protesters inside the Cannon Building. She claims she heard protesters yelling about trying to find her office. She musta been wearing that Miracle-Ear device.

She makes Juicie Smullet look credible about his hoax. That must be why Alexandria Ocrazio-Smollett is trending on these innerwebs.


She made it a 100% clear that she wasn’t lying because people just don’t know how the Capitol Building is laid out.

I am not sure if she was referring to the not so secret tunnels under the Capitol that connect to the outlying office buildings (that never were breached) or some other nonsense.Not sure she even knows.

It’s almost like SV in a way. Likely she will be claiming she was on the mound with Steve Scalise when they were attacked by a far right madman.


Another congresswoman says she is lying, as she has an office off the same hallway in the Cannon Building near AOC’s office, and she was in her office at the same time as Ocrazio-Cortex on 6 Jan. There were no protesters in the Cannon building threatening this psychotic scrunt.


Dontcha just love a drama queen? We should get her a little plastic oscar for all the drama queen stuff she’s doing.

Can I go back to reading about spectral physics of atmospheric gases now?


I think it would be wonderful if folks would send AOC a bag of dicks.


Here ya go:



Don’t tempt me, UpNorth.


Lenin and Stalin used a bullet for each purge. Mao starved most of his. I guess being asked (told) to resign is a lesser evil.

And the swamp is being refilled.


That’s just the start KoB, Harris and Co will get to where they make Stalin proud… it’s coming..


Spot on Fyr, you have voiced the concerns that many of us deplorables have. We are facing the same thing that History has shown us so many times. Just as the toady frog placed in a pot of cool water doesn’t realize he is in danger from the gas eye that is being turned on. The Lady Friend that is looking after my old decrepit stroked out azz and I were looking at properties out in the Western Mountains. One in particular caught the eye. A Frame sitting on a little over 2 acres, 800 sq ft, completely furnished, deep well, on the edge of a Forest Preserve, priced right. Another fairly nearby, more conventional design, on 10 acres. Either one, move in ready. With the wind chill it was 18 degrees yesterday, but hey, in weather like that, you just throw another log on the fire and curl up with a refreshing hot toddy…and a good dog. In the process of liquidating real estate assets as we speak. Closing on FOB Elizabeth the 19th of this month, Lady (?) from Virginia must be tired of the sh^t up there and she saw it on a Zillow link. She had a local Agent do her a virtual tour and made a decent offer. Know anybody looking for an 1830s farmhouse converted to a 1870s Victorian with a killer front porch? How about a 1969 built brick 2800 sq ft sitting on 5-15 acres with a buncha trees, rural, and deer that graze within 50 ft of the back porch? Just need enough time to gather up some personal items, a favorite chair, and a few cherished antique pieces and I’ll be gone. Still thinking we should all get together and fort up the deplorables. Bring Sky with us to make the coffee to put in the Supply Daddy’s real cups, Hondo for the road move and music, put Ex in charge of the kitchen, OAM can handle the home schooling of the chill’ren, Farmgirl with Mosin help ride herd on them (she cooks too), Tox keeps us supplied in firewood,… Read more »


Oh, great: now I have to hit up on Townsends for recipes that don’t require modern cooking methods, like roasting a whole herd critter on a spit.

Geez, do you guys ever give me a break? Who’s going to set up laundry and washup facilities?

Oh, and you make soap out of leftover fat, in case you’re wondering, so that means that overfed species won’t go entirely to waste.


I paused for a moment and I thought, this sounded familiar (Townsends ).
M’Lady, didn’t you post this a while ago?
I watched the entire thing.


I may have done exactly that. He hung the turkey instead of loading it on a horizontal rotating spit.

We all need these lessons from the past. They might keep us alive.


Don’t sweat the small stuff Mi’Lady. We gots this. Notice I said “…in CHARGE of the kitchen”. That means “When in Command…COMMAND!” Work gangs will be set up…beats chipping paint all day. Included in that “personal items list is all my cast iron cookware. And you KNOW that just in the good ol’ boys for this initial list there are multitudes that know how to prepare any of God’s Critters on a fire, spit, pit, hunting, harvesting, skinning, quartering, or slicing thinly for stir fry.

The laundry? Not to worry. Pappy, The Engineer will be one of the FIRST to show us how to damn up the creek, build a water wheel to turn the generator that the commo rats can build. And the ‘lectricity can power the music box. Hell, who knows, we may even keep the seagull under lock and key so his hot air can dry the clothes.

Read up from the “Dies The Fire” series. You’ll become our very own Juniper.


He’s prolly figurin’ on everyone he didn’t list as doin’ the dusting and laundry, planting and milkin’.

I herewith volunteer to check out the rockin’ chairs. Each of them needs plenty of testin’. AND someone needs ta keep the library goin’. (Yes, we will need hard cover books. If we each bring a few, there should be enough to keep us all entertained for a good long while.)


Just read your plan to MRS D, she’s coming as med support. I reckon with this many deplorable dickweeds running around with no adult leadership, we’re gonna need it.


That’s the “Can Do” attitude Imma lookin’ for. Mrs. D will be ably assisted by IDC SARC and can keep a weather eye on him. You just know his radar pinged on the term “hot wife”. We know how the boy is. She can also be a big help to ninja on that whole fucusing thing, and helping to “herd these cats” will give ‘Ed a break.

Yeppers, OWB, that favorite chair thing included my porch rockers. I do have a nice assortment and I was hoping someone would voluntold to help me keep them in motion. My personal library includes dozens of hard back volumes that DON’T have pictures of folks with a staple thru their tummies

Remember, those who voluntold FIRST get the choice assignments. Ol’ Poe can keep us entertained as we rock and SteeleyI will surely tell us how we doing it wrong. 😀


“Decades of violent oppression.” Mason, I think you mean centuries of of violent oppression, going back to the 7th Century A.D. I imagine those 600 battle captives mighty Mo had beheaded were feeling somewhat violently oppressed.


::looking for shocked face::

::failing to find same::


At some point in the near future they will have to undermine the SCOTUS to manufacture a reason to reform and pack it.


They’ve already got the reasons, a. Kavanaugh got confirmed, b. Barrett got confirmed, c. Merrick Garland didn’t get his rightful place on SCOTUS.


Well, Gen. Austin (SECDEF) just ordered a military wide “standown” to root out “white nationalism” from our services. Anyone other that the cuttlefish want to support that horseshit? Get ready for the purges, folks. 1984 may come sooner than expected.


Well. Guess this answers my earlier questions. I had hoped he would do good things. That doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen. He now looks like just another dime-a-dozen political hack.

Who are all these people he is demanding resign? Civilians? And how many advisory boards are really needed anyway?? How much are they costing us?

Maybe some good will come from this. The levels of bureaucracy are being exposed for all to see.