Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick lies in honor at Capitol

| February 3, 2021

Officer Brian Sicknick’s cremated remains arrive at the Capitol under USCP honor guard

Officer Brian Sicknick, the US Capitol Police officer who died from injuries sustained in the rioting at the Capitol on 6 Jan, 2021, is lying in honor at the US Capitol.

Officer Brian Sicknick, USCP

Sicknick was a US Air Force veteran and had been with the Capitol Police for 12 years. Sicknick has been honored by the Congress he died defending by being lain in honor in the Capitol Rotunda. This is one of the nation’s highest honors, and is reserved for Presidents and other great figures of American history.

Lying in honor in the Capitol Rotunda has only been done four times for five Americans: three members of the United States Capitol Police killed defending the building (Ofcs Jacob Chestnut and John Gibson in 1998 and Ofc Sicknick in 2021), in 2005 for civil rights activist Rosa Parks, and in 2018 for evangelist and minister Billy Graham.

As for the difference between lying in state in the Rotunda or lying in honor, near as I can tell it’s largely semantics. If you include those who have lain in state, there is still a very short list of Americans that Sicknick’s name now joins.

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Rest in Peace Officer Brian Sicknick. God’s Peace bring His Comfort to your Family. Thank you for your Service to our Country.

It is a shame that certain people are using his death as a political statement.


Nancy #HouseDrinker and Chuck got the photo-op in, I am sure they were all smiles behind their masks.


Rest In Peace, Brother. As KoB said, it’s a shame this is being done for political reasons by certain people.


well, they probably won’t call it the Brian Sicknick song, but the principle is still the same.
They sure want to canonize this guy. And it’s always “5 people died during the Capitol riot”… despite three dying from unrelated causes and one shot presumably by an unnamed Capitol cop. Funny how THAT seems to go unmentioned.


In fairness, David, 3 of the 5 deaths are IMO almost certainly directly attributable to the riot. Besides Officer Sicknick, accounts I’ve read indicate that at least one participant was trampled and died and that a second was shot (as you described). If memory serves, the other two were not riot participants and died from a heart attack and a stroke.


Covid-or chinkflu?


Naw, that would relieve the evil right-wingers of some responsibility. More likely there will be a flood of Workmen’s Comp. claims due to PTSD from the Capitol Police, all laid at the feet of the Evil OrangeMan and his Orcs.


I have read rumors about someone being trampled, but nothing definitive. I try not to deal in rumor, so until I see something definite, attributed to an official source, I only attribute two deaths to that riot.


Video appears to support the trampled/crushed theory. Here is an article listing who died that day and giving description of how. Please note that it is old enough that it still contains the now-discredited initial claim that Sicknick was beaten to death.

The article also indicates the heart attack death occurred while the deceased “was standing in a throng of fellow Trump loyalists on the west side of the Capitol when he suffered a heart attack and fell to the sidewalk” while “talking to his wife on the phone” (presumably a cell phone). The article goes on to say that the circumstances concerning the stroke death were unclear as of the time of writing (16 Jan).


Thanks for the link. I couldn’t tell much from the video. As you pointed out, that article was only five(?) days after the riot. I think I will wait for something more reliable. And detailed.

At any rate, I don’t think I will be contributing to the inevitable “Go fund me” bail fund for all those “patriots”.


Heart attack guy was a riot participant. He had a can of bear spray, allegedly using it on the popo.


Source, please? I haven’t seen that, and other accounts indicate he died from a heart attack outside the Capitol (doesn’t rule out his being a participant, but his participation in the riot isn’t mentioned in anything I’ve seen).


There is no open source on it that I am aware of. It isn’t classified either that I am aware of. And yes he reportedly died outside the capitol. If you don’t want to believe it I don’t care. I imagine it will come out in the wash eventually though.

USMC Steve

If that were the case, the propaganda media would have been trumpeting it far and wide. They haven’t said bupkus on it. Just like they have said nothing about the unarmed former air force lady that was murdered by someone from ambush while looking through a window. Gotta say no on this.


She was doing a bit more than just looking through that window.


Yeah, continuing to climb through a broken window into a secure area – presumably after being told to stop by LE – indeed qualifies as more than looking through a window.

Still not sure if that justifies the use of deadly force, but given the circumstances (e.g., during a riot) it might.


Not without warning.


So, at this point it’s “heard it from someone who heard it from someone . . .” info. OK.

I’ll suspend judgement either way until more info is available. But I tend to believe that if what you heard was true, that info would have indeed been very prominently publicized in the media by now.

Remember: the first two accounts of Sicknick’s death (“beaten to death” and “hit in the head by a thrown fire extinguisher”) turned out to be wrong due to conflating the individuals involved in multiple different incidents. Absent other evidence – say, an empty can of Mace or bear spray found in the guy’s pocket post heart-attack – what you heard through the proverbial “rumor mill” could very easily be due to the same.

David and now we get an update on the shooting. No charges to be filed, since that unarmed lady was threatening everyone so seriously, I guess. I’m shocked – SHOCKED!


Actually one valiant patriot accidentally leaned on his taser and tasered himself in the nuts and died, I kid you not.

Hack Stone

If true, he moves up into the top three most embarrassing ways to die, right behind David Carradine and that Los Angeles newscaster who died in the motel room.

Green Thumb


And here I was thinking that the left could care less about the police….


Of course, the left could care less. They are the source of the “ACAB,” one sees spray painted on walls and written on signs at every BLM and Antifa protest/riot. It stands for “all cops are bastards,” the watch words of the far left.


They don’t. AOC now tells us that the eyes of the officer telling her to evacuate were filled with “anger and hostility” directed at her. Bartenders are such good mind readers.

Will someone please feel sorry for this woman? She really needs it to get through the day.

Green Thumb

I just read an article where other congresswomen and staffers were in the Cannon Building during her “claim” and said there were no rioters or anyone else.

Odd how this just now comes out, she doubles down with SA (and if that did happen in her past, my condolences)and plays the victim.

An interesting observation that was made that she seems to have more happen to her and talking about it the loudest being that she was the furthest from it and those that were in the “mix” really have not gone into such lengthy and victimizing detail.


Rip to the Officer and condolences to his family.

There apparently is a lack of proof that anyone caused his death. Time will tell.


Rest in peace, Officer Sicknick. May God comfort your surviving family, friends, and professional colleagues.

In looking at the CNN article linked above, a couple of things caught my eye as being, well, somewhat . . . unusual. From the CNN article (emphasis added):

According to one law enforcement official, medical examiners did not find signs that the officer sustained any blunt force trauma, so investigators believe that early reports that he was fatally struck by a fire extinguisher are not true.

I wonder if our resident left-leaning commenters will declare that part of CNN’s article to be “fake news” and “right-wing propaganda”. Because if correct, it certainly seems to me that means early allegations the man was “beaten to death” were – to be charitable – somewhat incorrect. (“Beaten to death” virtually guarantees that evidence of blunt force trauma will be present.)

The article further states that the DC medical examiner’s office conducted an autopsy, but that the results “have not yet been released”. The fact that the results are still not public may or may not be significant; dunno. But the “optics” of not releasing that info when it’s now nearly a month after the incident causing his death are decidedly not good.


Gee, I have been reading for over two weeks from Progda (and our resident Progs here) that an irate mob of Trumpsters surrounded him and beat him to death on the steps of the Capitol.


” But the “optics” of not releasing that info when it’s now nearly a month…”

But maybe not as bad as the optics of having only one fatality, and that due to a questionable shooting by police. “The more the merrier” from the Democrat point of view.

A month does indeed seem to be enough time to determine a cause of death.


Pretty good guess that CoD was determined or his body would not have been released. The question is about the CoD being made public.


Um, he died of a heart attack… only by sheer luck it wasn’t on the toilet like Elvis but “defending the capitol” from evil racist hooligans or something.



Edited to remove some off color language. -Mason


Nope, it’s Trump. Dems are in power, we can cut out the middleman and go straight to the “root cause”–OrangeMan and his nefarious minions.


Of course, how silly of me, Trump does everything bad. /sarc


I thought I’d heard it was some sort of brain bleed.. aneurism or similar.


Can we please not turn this into a political football like everything else?

Someone attempting to serve in an honorable manner deserves better.


The D-rats have already turned his death into a political football. They are all screeching Trump murdered him. Just ask them. Mad Maxine has already said so. Puglosi has turned him into a martyr, even though we still don’t know what killed him. Somehow, I doubt it was the pepper spray his brother related he was hit with.


May his family find some peace through all this in spite of how some might wish to twist it into something more painful than any normal family should have to endure.

RIP, sir.

USMC Steve

Did his family give the social democrats permission to use his corpse for kabuki theater on their behalf?


R.I.P. Officer Sicknick