China putting a bounty on American heads in Afghanistan?

| December 31, 2020

Jeff LPH 3 sends us this. According to The Hill;

Trump administration declassifies unconfirmed intelligence on China bounties on US forces in Afghanistan: report

The Trump administration is declassifying unconfirmed intelligence that indicates China paid nonstate actors in Afghanistan to attack U.S. soldiers, Axios reported Wednesday.

Two senior administration officials told Axios that the intelligence was included with President Trump’s briefing on Dec. 17. Administration officials from multiple agencies are attempting to corroborate the information. If the information is indeed true, it could drastically change China’s relationship with the U.S. and heighten tensions between the two superpowers.

The officials who spoke to Axios did not say where the information came from or what period of time it covered.

Axios noted that China has mostly remained out of Afghanistan while speaking to Taliban officials about peace deals. However, Chinese-made weapons and funding have intermittently made their way to Afghanistan, the news outlet reported.

Andrew Small, an expert on China-Afghanistan affairs, told Axios that such actions were not in line with China’s typical policies, noting that peace in Afghanistan is one area where the U.S. and China typically agree.

“They know the drawdown is taking place. We’re not in the context where anything else needs to happen to US troops in Afghanistan. There is no reason to create additional pressure on US forces,” said Small.

Look at last summer’s uncorroborated accusations that Russia was putting a price on the heads of American troops in Afghanistan. There wasn’t a skeptical story about that for months. Since this one came from Trump though, it’s definitely worth a wary eye and lots of qualifying statements like “unconfirmed.”

I don’t know that I believe either Russia or China have any motivation to put bounties on American heads in that shit hole. Now Iran on the other hand…

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E4 Mafia '83-'87

If China was putting a bounty on the heads of US soldiers in Afghanistan, did Hunter pass 10% share to his Dad? Oh, excuse me…”The Big Guy” as he’s known by CCP.


Came here to leave the same comment.
I heard from an unverified source that Hunter has Evo Morales on speed dial. To be fair, Bolivian Blue will ‘blow’ your toenails right off, allegedly.


Was that seemingly useless/harmless bit of nothingburger released as null/noise, or to generate “whew! No risk” right before dropping something -epic-.




Don’t be so quick to decide. You haven’t seen the empirical evidence yet!

But go ahead and trust the fine folks that brought you the Chinese virus. The left trusts their commie brethren more than they do the POTUS anyway. No surprise!


Well thought out, reasoned reply, complete with all of your expertise on the subject. Well done, ComSymp!!

The Other Whitey

How the fuck would you know?




It was my job to know these things.

I know this is completely inconsistent and contrary to a China’s foreign policy goals and foreign policy strategy.

This is a political stunt to form a false equivalency between a China and a Russia. Which is perfectly consistent with the Trump administration pro-Russia stance.

The “declassified” Intel will be a big nothing burger.

I doubt it will ever be released. It was not actually “declassified”…

Trump just told his people to tell this story to the press.

If it were truly declassified the press would be able to request copies of the information.

They were denied.

So now they are doing FOIA requests.

Which will also be denied.

I doubt any exists.

Right now there are likely analysts being ordered to find something somewhere that vaguely can be interpreted as possibly supporting the assertion so that Trump’s team can release it and spin it as their smoking gun.


“Pro-Russia stance”
I’m just gonna leave this here.

You stay classy tho


You’ve made a lifestyle out of “was my job”. What is it that you now actually “do”?




It was my job to know these things.

“Was” being the operative term.

You may (or may not) be able to discuss the status of the issue knowledgeably as of prior to your retirement from the USAR. But unless you’re still working for the IC – or in a related job that requires periodic briefings on the matter – it’s a damn good bet that you have zero knowledge of the current intel relating to the matter.


ChiCom disinformation in action here. Do you know Fang?


“Unconfirmed intelligence”

Not the most reliable of sources, then.

It would not surprise me. I wonder if we could put a bounty on Chinese Party leaders?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Would dropping a pony nuke on the CCP leaders count?

I got 5 on it.


Will the folks who ran slobbering and gibbering over the last bounty rumor do the same with this one?


One way to be sure that no foreign power is putting a bounty on American Soldiers there is to pull ALL of the American Soldiers out of there.

Problem solved. A simple 1% consultant’s fee of the total amount spent in that tar baby will suffice for my payment. Class VI supplies and seegars on me folks.


When did China stop putting a bounty on US soldiers?
Or for that matter Russia?


Probably just told someone that rumor to see where, and how fast, it percolated up the chain. Juicy outrage too good to ignore.

Like dropping dye in a sinkhole or low spot to see where it comes up in wells.


The bounty rumor: the quicker picker upper!


Kinda like when a puppet of the CCP got removed from the approved list to receive National Security Briefings?
I wonder why that happened to Jao Xiden…


Biden has said “president elect Harris” enough times that I would laugh my ass off if Trump starts giving her the briefings after 6 January, instead of Biden.

Slow Joe

That “expert” on China-Afghanistan mentioned in the article, Andrew Small, can eat my dcik.


Things seemed to operate better when it was assumed that our enemies used every opportunity to spy on us, so our mission was to reduce the opportunities. Same principle apples to assuming that all enemies try to kill as many of us as possible – all the time, everywhere. Having Americans on foreign soil clearly identified by their uniforms makes them easy targets for our enemies.

So, enemies of our country putting a bounty on our heads? Well, yeah. Could we simply assume that it is always the case and act accordingly?