Deployed soldiers face punishment for their ‘message to liberals’ video

| October 20, 2020

Jeff LPH 3 sends in this story from the Army Times.

Two deployed Michigan Army National Guard soldiers who in September posted an obscenity-laced TikTok video of themselves, armed and in uniform, chiding “liberals and Democrats” for being “crybabies and snowflakes” now face disciplinary action following an investigation.

The two soldiers are assigned to Company A, 3rd Battalion, 126th Infantry Regiment, which is deployed under U.S. Army Central Command, according to Air Force Capt. Andrew Layton, a Michigan National Guard spokesman. Neither the Michigan Guard nor U.S. Army Central would share the names of the soldiers, whose nametapes are not visible in the video.

“We are aware of the video posted to TikTok by two U.S. Army Soldiers on Sept. 15, 2020 in the CENTCOM” region, said U.S. Army Central spokesman Col. Armando Hernandez in an email to Military Times. “The video was removed from TikTok, the incident was investigated, and appropriate action is being taken.”

The Michigan Army National Guard said it is taking disciplinary action against the two soldiers.

“Unit leadership is aware of this video and disciplinary action is presently being taken,” said Layton in a statement to Military Times. “Regardless of the video’s origin, the reprehensible comments made in the video are unacceptable and inconsistent with professional military values.”

Layton declined to say exactly what rules the soldiers broke or what punishment they received.

Watch the video for yourself. Not seeing what all is too offensive in this. As far as deployed infantrymen, this is exceedingly tame.

It’s obviously bad form to post this on the Internet and probably does cross the line into political statements in uniform. I bet these guys got hung up on the security issues around making TikTok videos more than the content of their video. I expect this kind of stuff from the E4 Mafia, but the SSG here should have known better.

That some crybabies and snowflakes complained about it does kind of prove the guys’ point.

More at the source.

Source; Army Times

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no word yet on the fates of active duty service members arrested at protests…..


Or certain reservist either.

The fact these idiots constantly video each other and post on the internets explicitly admitting their participation in illegal activities just blows my mind.

I guess they figure the talks about not being the “strategic” LCPL or PVT don’t apply to them.


It is not illegal for a service member to participate in a protest. As long as they are not in uniform.

And reservists are not subject to the UCMJ when not on title X orders, or when they are not on reserve duty.

Getting arrested at a protest is not a crime. Most arrests at protests do not result in charges. Few arrests are the result of probable cause of an actual crime. Most arrests are police simply trying to clear out the protestors and end the protest…

Unfortunately, police too often use arrests to stomp on the 1st Amendment. Some share the same mentality as you and think “protesting” is criminal activity.

Vandalism, battery, looting etc. are all crimes. But that activity does not happen as often as your echo chamber has caused you to believe they do.

More than 90% of protests are peaceful and law abiding.

I am not sure which service members you are referring to with respect to arrests, but unless they were actually charged with a crime their arrest is not likely going to lead to UCMJ action. Though the command will probably try to give them corrective training under misguided belief that the participation in the protest requires “corrective” action.

And they likely will have to deal with a few people like you who think protesting is a crime.



On what you wrote:

Oh, My, Stars…


What an inspiration for a Chain of Command (you know that is SARC).

I can see it now. An Army Reservists or National Guard Soldier whose now has a Mugshot either on the Internet or Local paper for their arrest OR the Local/National Media capturing their image protesting.

Yep, am sure an US Army Soldier of ALL Ranks will be “forgiven” by their Chain of Command for attending a Protest, let alone getting arrested *another SARC*.

Come On, Commissar…please use some Judgment AND Common Sense..You are better than that…and you know it…



I know it is an issue.

However, a chain of command should not be taking action against a service member unless the service member committed a crime at the protest. Or remained at the protest when the protestors started shifting into violent or criminal behavior.

Participation in political activities is not illegal by service members.

Peaceful protesting is explicitly regarded as political activity.

I think the problem is that we have a political narrative that protesting is “unAmerican” or “criminal behavior”.

People should not listen to those in power or those with national influence who try to convince the population that protesting is “unAmerican” or “criminal activity”.

Who do you think is served by that narrative?

It serves only those in power regardless of their ideological goals or plan for our country.



Come On…You ARE Better Than That!!!

Have you EVER been in a Leadership position, i.e. Platoon Leader, Company Commander, ANY?

Are you telling me that if you saw one of your Soldiers participating in a “protest” that they get arrested, that you would NOT do anything about that?

Think about it, Commissar. “Protest”. “Arrest”.

I know that you have HAD to have been in charge of troops since you are or were a Field Grade.

Please think through what you wrote.


Let’s shift the context for illustrative purposes…

People have been protesting abortion for decades.

Service members have participated in those protests. Sometimes as part of their Church.

Those protests occasionally result in arrests, usually for trespassing or for “crimes” associated with interfering with the path of patients or their vehicles as they enter the clinic property. Like standing in the driveway entrance.

Those charges are usually dropped.

Does the narrative you are applying to political protests still apply in a situation like this?




Pro-Life is consider a “Protest”?

SHOW ME where Pro-Lifers were arrested…and I am NOT talking about those NUTJOBS who BOMBED Abortion clinics..

SHOW ME where a US Army Army Reservist or National Guard was arrested for Pro-Life.


BTW, Commissar…..

Again, are you saying that if you were in Command of ANY Soldier who “protested” and were “arrested”, that you would NOT have a LONG Conversation with that Soldier…a VERY LONG CONVERSATION..

You would not care about your Unit? The image of the US Soldier?

Yeah, I can see it now with the National Guard. That the ENTIRE Chain of Command would shrug their shoulders and go *Yawn* because I thought National Guard was under a watchful eye of the Guv of their State…

Same with Army Reservists…

There is a time and place for everything (Read the Bible or listen to the Byrds “Turn, Turn, Turn”)…it is called COMMON SENSE, PRATICING GOOD JUDGMENT..

The Army Slogan is no longer “Be All That You Can Be”…it WAS “An Army of ONE”..


One last thought, Commissar:

Don’t NCOs and Officers receive Evaluation Reports…and one of the traits to be evaluated is “Good Judgment”?

Have you EVER given ANY Soldier an evaluation? Soldiers are Soldiers 24/7/365, whether Active Duty, Army Reserves or National Guard.

I don’t give a Sqyirrel’s eye what folks do AFTER they leave the Army, whether ETS or Retired (unless it is STOLEN VALOR).

All I know is that if you were under my watch and you were “protesting” and “arrested”, I would have a VERY DEEP CONSERVATION WITH YOU.



I don’t always agree with the NCOs I rated politically, ideologically, theologically etc.

I often find NCOs that I think must have their heads up their asses because of the things they believe.

I even find myself questioning their moral compass because of their political beliefs.

I also saw plenty act like asshats and demonstrate very questionable judgement at parties and on their off time. Not criminal activity but alcohol mixed with blowing off steam, or peer pressure one-upmanship etc.

However, when I rated them I rated them on their performance. And I did not let my misgivings of their judgment outside the context of their military performance impact my evaluation of them.

It is subjective. But I let their personal beliefs be their personal beliefs and their personal activities be their personal activities unless it impacted the mission, was so recklessly stupid that it put soldiers at risk, or it was criminal behavior.

To put it into neutral context. If you saw an E6 come back from deployment and buy a brand new lotus with his deployment money…

You might think he has very very very poor judgment.

Is it fair to give him a negative eval for that?


I knew a junior officer who wore San Diego charges gear entirely every day off duty, everything was coordinated gold and blue and had Chargers logos and symbols on it. Head to toe Including shoes. And he had a blue car with gold lightning decals on it.

There is no way in hell any of that is good judgment.

But does is he violating any policies or procedures? No. Thus it would be wrong to let that impact his eval.

You need to learn to separate your personal value judgments from the evaluation.

Participating in peaceful protests is protected speech and the US military explicitly has said that it is allowed by service members,pl

When they are out of uniform and off duty,



I wrote NCOERs and OERs for almost 25 years.

The oher ninha family member wrote NCIERs and OERs for over 30 years.

We both were either Raters or Senior Ratings.

We oth do have experiences, just not with the Army Reserves or National Guard.


Here is a google search of “pro life protestor arrested”. The results are primarily arrests that occurred this year and made the news. Several this year. The fact that you are shocked to learn pro-life protestors are arrested shows how much you consider “left wing” protests as criminal activity while “right wing” protests are not. After browsing those arrests…, you will likely say to yourself “those arrests are mostly bullshit”… To which I say; “yeah, exactly. Most protest arrests are bullshit.” What about gun rights protests? Would you be shocked to learn of arrests at those? Police arrest protestors constantly. Usually without probably cause of a crime. Regardless of what they are protesting. If you are protesting against something that the police support you are far more likely going to get arrested. If you are protesting police activity itself you are even more likely. Reservists and National guard are occasionally caught up in these arrests. The fact that they are reserve or guard usually does not make the news because it is not relevant in any way to the police unless they are on active duty. If they are on active duty their chain of command is usually notified -particularly if this happens in a jurisdiction near a military base where police have established relationships with the base command. if they are not active duty then there is no requirement or expectation by the police to notify the chain of command. The reservist or guardsmen will need to notify the command if it will prevent them from attending their required duties. In addition, the moment he shows up on duty, and thus subject to the UCMJ, even if the arrest did not impact his ability to perform his duty…he is required by regulation to report any arrests. And not doing so subject him to violations of the UCMJ for not reporting the arrest under self reporting regulations. I used the pro-life protest as an example because I personally know of a Texas Guardsmen that was arrested at a pro life protest. And it was part of his church activity.… Read more »



My fault for not being clearer.

SHOW ME where a Soldier was arrested for Pro-Life “protest”.

Your Texas Guardsman buddy? In the 1990s? And his Chain of Command “joked about it”?

Wow…sadly, you proven an urban legend about the National Guard and “the Buddy System”.

So sad if that DID happen.

By the way, I ask that you don’t speak for me or assume things on how I would react on your comments.

What you did was PROJECT your OWN feelings.

And that Texas Guardsman? What Rank was that guy? A Private? A NCO? An Officer?

It is now scary to think you condone behavior that requires good taste, common sense and good judgment as an Officer.

You would have never lasted under my watch.

To Each His Own.


He was a sergeant. E5. I think he was a former Marine. He might have been former infantry in the Army, so he had some active duty time. I just can’t remember which branch.

And the Texas Guard did have a serious good ole boy system in the 90s.

That is for certain.

Not sure what it is now.


Let’s shift the context for illustrative purposes…

An Army reserve MAJ serves as a “volunteer medic” for a group protesting whatever the subject du jour is. The mostly peaceful protest escalates to a mostly not peaceful protest, and the group the volunteer medic supports has injured personnel. The volunteer medic treats the injured “protestors”, applying tourniquets as needed. One could argue that the very presence of a “volunteer medic” presumes that the protestors had the intent of escalating the situation and there was a clear and present expectation of injury to the protesters. Our volunteer medic is now aiding and abetting the commission of a crime. I’m fairly certain his chain of command would be very interested.


Agree with what SFC D commented:

“I’m fairly certain his chain of command would be very interested.”

Again, Active Army, Army Reservists and National Guard are 24/7/365 if still serving. Those Soldiers REPRESENT the US Army.

They may not be subjected to USMJ, but may be reviewed in Evaluation Reports for exercising “Good Judgment”.

There is a time and place for everything. Can one imagine a Senior Officer attending a “protest”, being “arrested”, making the news media via Mugshot or news reel and then shows up at monthly or annual Drills instilling Discipline in his or her Subordinate?

I doubt very seriously a Chain of Command would laughed or “rib” about that.

Again, I thought the National Guard and The “Good Ole Boy System” was an urban legend…

So sad.


The good ole boy system was absolutely not an urban legend.

It was very very very problematic in some places.

Particularly in small towns.

The very first unit I served in the guard was full of guys wearing SF tabs who had never been to airborne school. They had convinced themselves or Possibly convinced the Guard Bureau they had “earned” them, and since they were all senior NCOs and officers there was little I could do to convince them otherwise.

I am pretty sure they had done the old 1980s correspondence modules for SF and used that to convince an enlisted clerk in the guard bureau that they had earned the tab.

They did not use order of battle symbols on their briefing maps. They used stick figures and stick outlines of helicopters, tanks etc…

On a division level briefing map.

It was like walking into a clannish community that invented their own language and rules and everyone was babbling nonsensically while pointing to the map.

I felt like I was with a bunch of people cosplaying as soldiers.

I redid the overlay and used NATO symbols when it was my assignment to prepare the map for the commander.

They threw a fit. Said I “sabotaged” the briefing because nobody could understand the symbols.

I am talking about E-8+ and field grade offIcers here.

There was a guy that wore wing tips in his class As.

Another had a black tie that had alternating satin and flat black stripes.

There was a former Marine that wore Marine E5 (with the crosses rifles) on his Army BDUs because “he fucking earned them”.

They wore whatever they wanted for PT as long as it was black and yellow.

Several wore civilian belts with patriotic themed large brass buckles with their BDUs. You know the large sculpted buckles with flags and horses and shit.

One walked every other lap and smoked while doing his PT test.

I could not get out of the unit fast enough. Transferred to the reserves.



I have to admit that you got me chuckling on what you wrote…

That was hilarious! (I write in sincerity).

Thank You!


Nice try.

The presence of a medic is no indication that people are going to escalate into criminal activity.

No more so than the presence of a medic tent at Disneyland, or you local music festival is evidence the people attending plan to commit criminal activity.

There should be no clear and present danger to peaceful protestors in a free society.

The fact that peaceful protestors are often injured is indicative of a law enforcement culture that is not fully respecting the civil rights of its citizens.

You only have to watch videos of the elderly man shoved to the ground and suffering a head injury by the NYPD who then not only walked past and ignored the injury but intervened to stop a fellow officer from checking on his injury to see why there is a need for medics at protests.

It should be noted the National Guard soldiers at the seen imitated medical aid. Were they “aiding and abetting”…

Treating wounded is not aiding an abetting.

Just like treating an enemy combatant is not “providing aid an comfort to the enemy”.

Providing medical care is not a criminal offense.

Medical care has reporting requirements that must be met if you suspect the injured person was injured in the commission of a crime…

But that is besides the point. Merely treating someone at the scene is not a crime.

I find it interesting that your minds seems incapable of separating the act of protests from criminal behavior.

You should google “authoritarian personality” and take a test.

Pretty sure you are one.

Then you can take a moment of self reflection and realize that your lifetime of claiming to respect freedom and liberty and small government is all bullshit.


If you had read my post as carefully as you should have, I did separate them. And yes, you are correct. Treating an injury alone is not aiding and abetting. However… if our hypothetical medic is there as a member and supporter of the group that escalates the mostly peaceful protest into a not mostly peaceful protest, you are a willing participant in the resultant melee. Now tell me the one about how antifa isn’t an organized group, I love that story.



“You only have to watch videos of the elderly man shoved to the ground and suffering a head injury by the NYPD who then not only walked past and ignored the injury but intervened to stop a fellow officer from checking on his injury to see why there is a need for medics at protests.”

Excuse me?

That “Elderly Man is 75 years old and gets involved in protests ALL THE TIME.

You fell for his BS, as did the liberal media mob..

I watched the “before, during and after” of that video…

Come On, Commissar…is that all you have?

You know that you really like us…fess up now…


The Dead Man

You would use a video that was clearly wagging the dog there Lars. There’s a pretty extensive breakdown on not just the ‘old man wanting to talk’ but what he was likely doing, what the actual aftermath was and why no one was charged. You’re a failure of a propagandist.


You should have watched the whole video of that old man and watched it more closely. The policeman justifiably shoved him to get him moving, but he tripped over his own feet. The reason the police officer was told to leave him alone is because there was a medic following behind who started to treat the old man. Sort of like in the Army, where riflemen do rifleman stuff and medics do medic stuff. It’s the job of NCOs to make sure riflemen do their job and not do the medic’s job.


“Getting arrested at a protest is not a crime”.

Getting arrested anywhere is generally not a crime. One is arrested for committing or being suspected of a crime.

“Though the command will probably try to give them corrective training under misguided belief that the participation in the protest requires “corrective” action”.

That would depend entirely of the nature of the protest.


Getting arrested=probable cause of criminal activity. Arresting someone without probable cause, or even detaining them without reasonable suspicion of criminal activity, is a gross violation of the 4th amendment. This is academy 101 stuff. Thus, if the arrest is lawful it is highly likely the arrestee was committing a criminal act. Note lawful arrest and being charged are two separate, but related, issues. Charges not being filed after arrest can happen for a myriad of reasons, such as the prosecutor/CA refusing to press charges (See various localities around the US over the last 3 months for examples). The material facts after the arrest may not be the same as at the time of the arrest. The cop could have made a mistake. Lots reasons someone may be arrested but not charged. I have never said, thought, or demonstrated I think protesting is a criminal activity. Quite the opposite. I’m a huge fan of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Especially when it comes to Americans who have different beliefs than mine. The Bill of Rights was written to clarify our individual rights and provide protection for people other citizens don’t agree with. I didn’t say anything about arrests of service members. I mentioned videoing and self admission of criminal activity. Don’t put words in my mouth. When have I ever said the majority of protests are violent? I’ve touched on protests in Seattle, NYC, etc.. Localities where there have been very violent illegal assemblies. I don’t believe protesting is criminal. Peaceful assembly is a 1st amendment right. Trespassing and standing in the middle of a road is not a 1st amendment right. It’s criminal and dangerous. That’s why people get arrested for it. BTW, when people are assaulting random citizens, burning down buildings and attempting to kill cops, that isn’t a protest. That is a riot and criminal activity. Stop using the terms interchangeably. They don’t mean the same thing. So stop with the leftist/commie BS of attempting to change the definition of words. And I saved the best for last. Police “too often” using arrests to stomp on… Read more »



Thank You for sharing, penguinman000.


Being arrested SHOULD mean probable cause of criminal activity.

But most of the time at peaceful protests the protestors are arrested to break up or contain the protests.

No charges are ever filed or they are soon dropped because the police lacked probable cause of a crime and were simply using arrest as a way to suppress the protest.

This is particularly true when the police culturally disagree with the protestors on the merits of the protests.

In fact, the drop rate for charges at protests runs as high as 90%.

Google it yourself.

A Proud Infidel®™

HOOOOOO-EEEE you’re going for a double truckload of attention on this thread, felling lonely today?


How would you know, Commisasr? You should know that many times, people arrested for misdemeanors are given an appearance ticket and released. They aren’t necessarily booked.
And, once an officer makes an arrest, he doesn’t go sit down to fill out a report, likely he or she returns to the line, so that there aren’t 87 officers filling out reports and 4 officers back on the line facing your buddies in PantyFa. You would, and should, know that if you had any experie……Never mind, I forgot about your vast experience.


We can talk about law enforcement.

I am not feeding any bullshit narrative.

The data is clear.

We need law enforcement reform in this country.

It is dangerous to keep feeding the narrative that there is nothing wrong with our law enforcement.

And it is not just about race. It doesn’t matter what ethnicity you are, if you are in America you are more likely to be killed by a cop then if you lived in any other industrial society in the world.

I am a former cop and the problems I witnessed with law enforcement were astonishing. Worse than I could imagined or any narrative could possibly capture. Inadequate training, Corruption, unaccountability, abuse of power, civil rights abuses, intimidation of citizens and even fellow officers, inappropriate relationships with suspects and informants, stolen evidence…

Did you know you need 5 times the number of hours Of training to be a plumber than to be cop according to average certification hours?

Twice as many hours to be a barber?

Did you know in many jurisdictions you can be a cop without any training whatsoever? Gun, badge, cruiser; pulling people over, arresting, jailing, searching people etc..

Without a single fucking hour of training? And you don’t even need to have a partner?

Just handed a badge and a gun and let loose.

We need fucking law enforcement reform and it is dangerous to claim otherwise.


“More than 90% of protests are peaceful and law abiding.”

Which is probably why well over 90% of protestors are not arrested.

E4 Mafia '83-'87

Knuckle heads to tying to ride the Tik-Tok train to fames and riches…they chose poorly. Watch DWK Videos where reviews cringe worthy military Tik-Tok videos.

5th/77th FA

Welp the troops in the Jeff video had the right idea, maybe, but picked the wrong way/time/place of getting their message out. The video(s) that E4 Mafia 83-87 provided? Never bought into that whole cap on backwards look, but that Ms Thang can love me long time.

Wilted Willy

What is with this Dickweed????? Can you imagine this snowflake in combat????? Give me a fucking break already!!!!


So…what ever became of the boat-goat out in California that screamed F-words at Trump supporters while wearing a Navy uniform?


Personally (though they probably shouldn’t do it in uniform with gov’t weapons, or use Tik Tok after it was banned for mil folk) I don’t have a problem with what they said. They didn’t support/criticize a particular candidate (though they did say “Democrats” in there) and said “crybabies and snowflakes” are such. Joe has put much worse on video.

Green Thumb

Don’t disagree with the message but these two are idiots.

Infantrymen or not, they should know better.

Don’t fuck their careers. Just slap them down a bit and let them stand back up. Might be a strong approach to professional development that could be generalized to / for the greater military population.


Give them a nice matching pair of Article 15’s, max on extra duty and a suspended bust. I can’t say that what they said is wrong, however comma dot dot dot, saying it in uniform absolutely is.

USMC Steve

There it is. They should be aware by now that they don’t have civil rights while in uniform, and they CERTAINLY do not possess any rights under the 1st amendment. Pushups, just begin, until I get tired.


They DO have civil rights in uniform, but that lovely article 134 (if applied properly and not abused) does an awesome job of punishing dumbassery.

Article 134. General article:
Though not specifically mentioned in this chapter, all disorders and neglects to the prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed forces, all conduct of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces, and crimes and offenses not capital, of which persons subject to this chapter may be guilty, shall be taken cognizance of by a general, special, or summary court-martial, according to the nature and degree of the offense, and shall be punished at the discretion of that court.
— 10 U.S.C. § 934

Although the actions of these Soldiers doesn’t rise to the Court Martial level, A little non-judicial punishment and extra duty is definitely in order.


From what I have read, Article 15s bar reenlistment. I wouldn’t go that far. A good ass-chewing mentioning some relevant ARs for next time (AR 134 to start with) and some extra duty should be sufficient to speed up the maturing process.


The bar to reenlistment for an article 15 ends when the terms of the punishment are completed. And extra duty cannot be administered without UCMJ action.


“extra duty cannot be administered without UCMJ action.”

I can just imagine the look on 1st Sergeant Washington’s face if I had told him that. I can also imagine what he might have said if I was stupid enough to tell him that—-“That can be arranged”.


It’s your careers, boys, use it carefully/


Social media, just capturing the stupid shit Joes do for posterity.


Mason NAILED IT when commenting :

“…expect this kind of stuff from the E4 Mafia, but the SSG here should have known better.”


It’s called Exercising Good Judgment as an NCO. Especially if one has to instill discipline in his or her subordinate.

Set The Example For Your Troops: Be An Adult and Grow Up. This Is NOT a VideoGame or a SITCOM. While Wearing The Uniform, LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

A Proud Infidel®™

Meh I’d just slap them with Extra Duty and a Suspended bust.


API, they also need to watch these Army Training Films from World War II…


Cartoons about PVT SNAFU..

The video is about 2 hours long…if one has time, recommend one watches these Cartoons..

“This video is a collection of the World War II area PRIVATE SNAFU (Situation Normal, All Fouled Up) cartoons made by the US Army Signal Corps to educate and boost the morale the troops. Originally created by Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss) and Phil Eastman, most of the 26 cartoons were produced by Warner Brothers Animation Studios – employing their animators, voice actors (primarily Mel Blanc) and Carl Stalling’s music.”


You all remember when Mason posted this on 4 October?

Well, guess what happened…

“Marine Corps General Under Investigation For Using Racial Slur Is Relieved of Command”:

Green Thumb


The USMC just canned a solid Marine.

Seems to me that many of the younger Marines were a bunch of bitches.

They can play their rap music that uses the word, but when called out, cry.

I hated barracks lawyer bitches, It is one thing to used the word with intent. Another as a training tool which seemed to maybe be warranted.

I guess the bigger question is where was the Senior NCO leadership housing up the Marines using offensive music and language?



Does this mean we can’t say “Whitewash” anymore?

Or “Spic N Span”?

Or “Blacktop”..

Now I’ve done it…the ninja family are now known as “Racist”..but it’s alright for Ole Mr. KKK, Ole Ralphie Boy Doofus Northam to continue being the Guv of Virginia…


Or a chink in someone’s armor, a nip in the air, etc.


Those are Good ones, David!!!!

Thank You!



Pole dancer? Dutch Boy Cleaner?


Blackout drive, slave cables.


Well, was it the “N” word or was it the “n” word?

It does make a difference.

If you want to refer to me by my “race”, it’s Caucasian. If you want to refer to me by my species, it’s H. Sapiens. So shut up, dimwits!!


“said Black, white and Latino Marines were jolted when the general said the word”

I guess Marines aren’t as tough as they think they are.

At this point I would say the General got shafted. I have mixed feelings about that.


Well, if this is what eight years of the 0bama Prog regime and Black “culture” have done to the Corps, then we are doomed. I suppose we’ll be having a ChiCom version of “Red Dawn” in our future if Gropey Joe is elected. Another eight years of Progressivism should just about finish off the U. S. of A. Oh well, at least Larsie will be able to put his Mandarin to use when he becomes a ChiCom collaborator. The West Coast will likely resemble its depiction in “The Man in the High Castle” only the Chinese Communist version.



Green Thumb NAILED IT.

This is what happened. None of this makes sense,i.e. the Marines doing PT with loud rap music that used the “N” word, yet when a Caucasian said it, it was wrong. Please read what he asked a young Marine.

Our Military is getting out of hand.

Time to have ROBOTS to replace all these Troops…I am serious.

“The incident occurred in August on the parade field outside Marine Corps Forces Europe and Africa headquarters in Boeblingen, Germany. A lance corporal who was present told Stars and Stripes that Neary used the N-word while Marines were doing physical training outdoors with loud music playing. Some of the rap music incorporated the word, which prompted Neary to ask the junior Marines how they would feel if he said it, the lance corporal said.”

“The Marine, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution, said Black, white and Latino Marines were jolted when the general said the word. Even if Neary was attempting to be instructive about the taboo nature of the word, it came as a shock to hear it from a white general officer, the lance corporal said.”

“He lost respect right there,” the Marine said.”

“As the weeks passed and Neary remained in command, several Marines brought the matter to the attention of Stars and Stripes.”


Neary was absolutely correct in his actions and in questioning those Marines. They should’ve been shocked and fearing for their lives.