Twitter Locks Trump Campaign Account

| October 15, 2020

Three weeks before the elections, Twitter engages in campaign interference by locking the account of Team Trump for allegedly posting the New York Post’s story on Biden and son Hunter’s corrupt relationship with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. Twitter claims the tweet violates its rules against posting personal information and containing “hacked materials.”

Twitter and Facebook’s action over Joe Biden article reignites bias claims

By Chris Fox

On Wednesday, Twitter prevented people from posting links to a New York Post story, warning those trying to click it that the link was “potentially unsafe”.

It only later explained it had limited sharing because the story contained “hacked materials”.

Facebook also took action, limiting the report’s distribution in its news feed.

It said it had done this as part of a “standard process” to give third-party fact-checkers time to review the content and decide if it should be treated as misinformation.

However, it is highly unusual for an article published by one of the mainstream popular newspapers to be treated in this way.

It is now less than three weeks until Mr Biden, the Democratic candidate, faces the Republican incumbent Donald Trump in the presidential election on 3 November.

The moves by Twitter and Facebook have renewed accusations of social media censorship and bias.

Read the rest of the article here: BBC

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Combat Historian

I’m sure they followed the same rules two weeks ago when the NYT released Trump’s stolen tax returns…(sarc)


Is anyone really surprised?


(D)ictators’ gonna do what (D)ictators do.

These idiots need to remember how the Tree of Liberty is watered, and what makes the green grass grow.


Tweet tweet tweedilly tweet:

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Rockin Robin, 1957. My friends sister graduated HS in 1957 and her parents bought her a 1957 Chevy Belair, and my friend and I used to clean and wax it all the time and sit inside and listen to Alan Freed on the radio.


Word on the street is Lars hasn’t stopped the self abuse since the news broke.
His poor socks…

5th/77th FA

Just my humble opinion. The demonrats don’t care how much fecal matter hits the oscillating device. Their plan is to keep bringing up more and more ballots until they have the numbers they want/need. In the meanwhile, the official count for Nov 3 will continue to be put off, delayed, pushed aside, and tied up like a dangling chad in Floruh-duh. Or a 2016 candidate for President…Or a 2018 candidate for Georgia Guvernator.

Trump could win this election hands down by locking up Hitlery and the entire oblowme/biden seditious crew. Or just state the obvious. “Joe Biden has been part and parcel of the Federal Government for the last 47 years, what has he gotten done in that time frame?” Then sit down and shut up!


Nice picture of Hunter asleep with the crack pipe still in his mouth yesterday in the NY Post.

The NY Post also included pics of the federal subpoena (Dated December 9, 2019) showing the computer and hard drive were seized by the FBI . Odd nothing about “this” leaked from the FBI leakers in the last 10 months. They couldn’t be anti-Trump versus anti-corruption, could they?

Good thing the shop mirrored the drive so the data would see the light of day.

On a related note, if you tried to watch the new Project Veritas video released yesterday you had to sign in on Youtoob to confirm your age due to “questionable material”. No sign in required today. Instagram blocked it also.


Apparently when the shop owner saw nothing was being investigated about the stuff on Hunter’s a abandoned laptops, he became concerned he was ripe for an Arkancide. Remember, the Fan Belt Inspectors (FBI) had them for the past ten months; and they warned the shop owner not to tell anyone about what he had given them per the subpoena.

Combat Historian

Gee, the Fucking Bunch of Ideologues covering up for the demonrats…I’m totally stunned…(sarc)


Best part is that this isn’t even hacked data. Hunter abandoned it. Like he did with that rental car in AZ where he left his blow, fake IDs, and his dead brother’s Delaware AG badge.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Simple solution (why do I have to do all the heavy thinking around here?).
Have PDJT, McEnany, and as many of the WH team as want to – send a message on twatter, “Setting up a new Gab account, follow us there.”
Then do it. Then watch Libtard heads go ‘splody as they realize they have even LESS control over PDJT. Also watch twatter stock value plummet like a rock.


Parler works too.


Sorta off subject but from AP “C-SPAN suspends political editor Steve Scully indefinitely after he admits he lied about his Twitter feed being hacked”

Combat Historian

C-SPAN pretends to be a neutral nonpartisan “public affairs” network, but they are in reality about as neutral and nonpartisan as PBS or NPR, and is filled with leftist hacks who once were minions of demonrat pols (like this douche) or were laid off and riffed from the MSM networks…


That answers the question “How many times can a ‘journalist’ lie about his Twitter being hacked?” Three. Three times.


Called on the carpet, time to wiggle.


Nah, there’s no smoking gun. Move along peoples nuttin’ to see here. The Biden clan doing well for themselves.


Yes, it is really “unsafe” for any Twitter sheeple who get news about Team Biden to find out some truth about the Biden crime family. They especially should not see those unhacked emails from Hunter about the big Ukraine grift. Or about how “Pop” needs to get his cut. The Godfather always has to wet his beak.

The Other Whitey

And Dorsey came out with some halfassed “our communication could have been better” excuse. As if anything like this happens on twatter without his say-so.


A little old, but about Twitter censorship…

Forest Bondurant

Don’t forget the stripper he got pregnant and left around 2018. IIRC, the kid was born in August of that year.

Forest Bondurant

(Meant to post in response to Mason’s comment.)


Was that before or after he was doinking his dead brother’s widow? 😉

Combat Historian

The scumbag got the stripper knocked up WHILE he was boinking the dead brother’s widow…


Ace at Ace of Spades HQ has a great example of how unbiased Twitter is re politicians. He signed up with Twitter and opened an account just so he could keep up on their antics. Guess who Twitter told him as a new user to follow? Number two was Joe Biden, followed by 0bama, Michelle, AOC, Bernie Sanders, Mike Bloomberg, Kamalatoe, John Kerry, and wait for it, Hillary Clinton. There was not one non-lefty or conservative person of note listed as persons he should follow as a new Twitter Twat.

Twitter and FakeBook should be prosecuted for making illegal in kind campaign contributions to the Biden-Harris gang and the D-rat party.


Leftist is a leftist does. F*ck Twitter.


Dorsey and Zuck the Cuck suck the BARBED COCK OF SATAN!


comment image?resize=485%2C734&ssl=1




Well I’ve been suspended indefinitely from Twitter
For posting a comment about Hunter Biden
I’m off of Facebook because I posted a meme
About the kid in Wisconsin waxing 3 felons
What happened to social media not taking a side
Is over with


I was booted off twitter on 24 Sept for calling Hillary Clinton a “vile old whore”. They said I violated their rules about condoning violence and some such BS. Meanwhile, that skin-headed hemorrhoid LTG Hayden, former mis-manager of the CIA and NSA gets a pass for calling Ambassador Rick Grennell an “asshole”. I hope they nail that sniveling little prick Jack Dorsey.