Abe and Ted are being avenged

| October 15, 2020

Earlier this week we reported on the statues of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt had been toppled in the 130-some-odd night of “mostly peaceful” riots (don’t worry, we’ve been advised that these months of violence and destruction of property are not an example of a city under a siege of lawlessness).

However, in a display of anti-Americanism that even the Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was offended by, the rioters crossed a line. The district attorney Mike Schmidt has spent most of his last calendar quarter excusing the violence and dismissing charges against hundreds of those arrested in the ritos. Today though, he’s actually doing the job of a DA. Two “protestors” have now been charged for their involvement in the lawlessness and damage to the historical figures.

Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt on Monday announced charges against one man for smashing the windows of the Oregon Historical Society and other businesses, and another man for knocking over and damaging at least one statue in downtown Portland on Sunday night.

Both alleged crimes happened while a group of about 300 people marched through the South Park Blocks. Portland police declared a riot.

Statues of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt were both toppled and damaged during the night.

Portland police arrested Brandon Bartells, 38, of Pasco, Washington after they identified him as the driver of a van used to bring down the Roosevelt statue.

Bartells is charged with first-degree criminal mischief and riot.

Officers said Bartells and others used chains and straps to topple the statue, according to court documents. Bartells is a suspect in bringing down the Lincoln statue as well, but the district attorney’s office said Monday that investigation is ongoing.

There’s this interesting tidbit too;

Bartells was also arrested at a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin in August. Back then he was accused of violating the curfew that was in place after protests erupted following the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Thanks to the KoB for forwarding the update to us.

Source; KGW8

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Looks like one of the perks of teleworking is you can travel from riot to riot and still get a pay check. Have wifi will travel, burn and pillage.

Hack Stone

He can post Yelp reviews of all of the local hoosegows he visited.

A Proud Infidel®™️

The riots will continue as long as the money flows from Soros!





5th/77th FA

Mason pointed out in his write up that Van Boy was arrested in Kenosha. Article also states he was from Pasco Washington. Not sure of the distances involved from the 3 different places, but it damn sure ain’t within walking distance. 30K+$ in damage and it’s classified as FIRST degree criminal mischief? DaHell that mean? 48 hours of community service?

Notice too, from the article, the perp that busted the windows of the Historical Society building was one Malik Moozie from Indiana, with multiple attendances at other “mostly peaceful protests.” Long way from Indiana to the west coast too. But these “mostly peaceful protests” are not organized. “Saw it on Social Media and decided to show up.” Gotta wonder if part of larsie boi’s First Aid includes relieving the swelling the rioters, er, mostly peaceful protesters get from doing their evil work.

Go to the source. Chop off the head. The snake will die.

A Terminal Lance Coolie

Oh, look, some shitstain local to me making my area look like garbage. Huzzah.

Pasco to Portland is only 3 1/2 hours, if traffic is good. I’ve done round trips in a day, no problem.

Pasco to Kenosha is definitely a flight, unless you have no job and someone paying your gas….then its only a couple of days, if you drive hard.


Antifa has a mileage award plan? I guess those with high mileage awards get higher bail amounts paid.

I find it odd that you can STILL type in antifa(dot)com and it STILL takes you to a picture of Joe and Kamala on an Act Blue donation page with a further link to the Joe Biden campaign web page.


I’m sure both Pantyfa and BLM have frequent rioter programs.


“identified him as the driver of a van used to bring down the Roosevelt statue”

Probably was arrested at home, down by the river.


Yeh shit is hitting the fan up in Santa Fe Nm.
Over a civil war soldiers memorial
That a bunch of paid rioters tore down a few days ago. Their idiot mayor is now facing a recall


Multiple Linkys here on that Skippy. Ironically, I was just re -researching the WBTS actions in the AZ/NM Territories on evening last. Not a good place to be then, on either side. USA/CSA/Apache/Mexican.

The US Army basically just pulled out after they got the word about Fort Sumter and they headed east. Wanted to get some of the “Glory” before the War ended.



Physical Removal Pinochet style. MWFuyK6F8eE


Sorry, went to hit the YouTube link and fat fingered a “ report comment” instead. Carry on.


I’m sure the Mao-skirted mayor to be will really clean up the streets of Portland. These people deserve everything they get.

In other news, I just finished watching the series “Grimm”. It is set in Portland and except for all of the monsters, it looked like a nice place. I guess the monsters are actually real.


Tektronix in Beaverton is still there. I don’t seee why.
Been there a long time maybe but that’s no reason today.

The Dead Man

Nah, those monsters were by and large willing to adapt to society and act like decent people funny enough.


You can tell we live in a fascist country, evidenced by these turds still walking around free instead of being worm food in a big hole.
Also, their speech is allowed on the big techs but stories critiquing them or theirs is verboten.
I can’t WAIT until they take 100% control, we will teach them how to really rage against the machine.


Class how do you spell shit hole?

THAT’S right Johnny! Multnomah County

A Terminal Lance Coolie

Don’t leave King County and surrounding environs out of that, Sparks. Can’t let the shitshow that is Seattle escape the truth, either.



King County has a 100 million dollar plan involving increasing sales tax to purchase COVID distressed hotel/motel/assisted living centers in order to provide housing for homeless druggies.

Unmentioned was them still paying for housekeeping to turn down the sheets and pick up the shits.


When businesses move out and take tax dollars with them, there goes that idea.

Boeing apparently is already moving out.


Just the 787 production… for now. They still have their money-making 737 MAX, and 777 lines here. Production takes place in Everett, Renton, Auburn and Frederickson, which is near me doing wing assembly.

I’m sure the big carbon fiber production plant located across the road from Boeing is looking at real estate in SC.

A Proud Infidel®™

Let’s not forget about the failure that that idea was in San Foo-foo where the homeless and druggies thoroughly trashed whatever accommodations they were given!


“Antifa isn’t organized”…
“We just meet up and protest”…