Portland rioters tear down Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt statues

| October 12, 2020

Toppled Teddy Roosevelt statue

Portland is keeping it classy. As the mostly peaceful riots continue as they have for more than four months straight, more of their anti-American, Marxist agenda comes out. Now they’re on to destroying popular American historical figures and leaders Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt (as well as the Oregon Historical Society). The 16th and 26th Presidents of the United States respectively, Lincoln famously fought to maintain the Union during the Civil War, freed the slaves in the south, and is regarded as one of America’s greatest presidents.

Likewise, TR is usually included near the top of the list of greatest American presidents. He was a conservationist, fought for the common man, and was notoriously tough. Teddy gave a lengthy speech after being shot in the chest and helped raise and lead the Rough Riders in the Spanish-American War. For bravery in battle, he would receive the Medal of Honor (though belated by more than 100 years). To date, he’s the only president to have received the honor.

These men are two of the four faces of the American presidency immortalized on Mount Rushmore. While neither man was without their failings there is no doubt that they both did significant good for the country and have rightfully earned their place in history.

Breitbart relays the OregonLive report;

As the crowd gathered, a group threw chains on ropes on the statue, a bronze sculpture officially titled “Theodore Roosevelt, Rough Rider,” as others took a blowtorch to its base and threw red paint on the statue. They began to pull until the statue rocked from side to side before falling down at 8:51 p.m.

The group then turned to the nearby Abraham Lincoln statue, pulling it to the ground at 8:59 p.m. Spray-painted on the base of the statue was “Dakota 38,” a reference to 38 Dakota men executed after the Dakota-U.S. War of 1862, the largest mass execution in a single day in American history.

Afterward, people in the crowd began smashing windows at the Oregon Historical Society, unfurling a banner that read, “Stop honoring racist colonizer murderers.” A mural on the attached Sovereign Hotel building depicting the Lewis & Clark expedition was splattered with red paint.

The crowd then moved through downtown, breaking windows and destroying a sign at the Portland State University Campus Public Safety office and other buildings.

You must destroy history in order to repeat it.

Source; Breitbart

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1984 was a blueprint to these cocksuckers.

And as bad as their current mayor is, the Mao-worshipping wannabe is leading by double digits.

Nuke the damn site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.


Check out her supporters (what a wonderful grasp of profanity they have):


Here’s more about “Dear Leader” Sarah:


A Proud Infidel®™️

It’s obvious to me that she wants to make guns as inaccessible as possible and turn Portland into the gun-free utopia that Chicongo has been for decades!


Thus ensuring the rule of the night mobs.


Thus did the Left use “gun control” to ensure mob rule over folks a century ago.

Different sheet. Same D.


I went there twice over 40 years ago when I was stationed out that way.

I was an easily impressed lad as a small town/rural guy.

If you’d nuked it then, no one would’ve noticed. It was the most boring city I have ever been to. Like a big town without the amenities.

There were a lot of crack-pots even then, but most were from Cali. All were boomers(my gen). Oregon natives hated them.

That said; in my best late Bill Paxton voice, “Fuckin-A!”


He was right about Portland:

A Proud Infidel®™️

I wonder how much further she’ll throw Portland down the proverbial shitpipes?


She and Newsom are gonna have a contest.


“Hold my tofu and watch this!”

Trent Klug

Hopefully the write-in candidate, James Buchal will have a good showing on election day. He has filed a FOIA to the city of Portland regarding if a stand-down order was issued to the police, and is it was, who ordered it. He filed it this morning.

The Other Whitey

That’s a special kind of retarded. These assholes just keep pushing and pushing. One of these days they’re gonna find out how it feels to get pushed back.

Besides, Karl Marx was a racist freeloading rapist who sexually exploited his housekeeper—whom he refused to pay and wouldn’t allow to leave—and abandoned the son he knocked her up with.

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov was a racist mass-murderer who violently opposed freedom of speech and religion.

Josef Vissarionovich Dzugashvili was a racist mass-murderer who habitually beat his wife and kids, and was just as opposed to free speech and religious liberty as his predecessor.

Mao Tse Tung was a child molester and the most prolific mass-murderer in human history. He was also racist and violently opposed freedom of speech and religion.

Notice a pattern here? By the way, the combined body count of the aforementioned assholes is around 100 million.


TESTIFY TOW!!!!! Tho, sadly, the ones that need to hear this are not paying attention. I dropped the Fox Linky to this story on the Open Thread posting this morning. These dumbasses that have no clue of History are destoying sh^t for the sheer pleasure of destroying sh^t. And some people are still saying, “mostly peaceful.” My ass. Again, swift, certain, and painful punishment is needed here. “Colonizers?” DaHell?!? Wonder how many of those punks are descended from the pioneers that took the Oregon Trail 175 years ago to live on that “stolen land?” And, yeah, there were 30 some odd Sioux hung by Lincoln’s order in Minnesota. But he commuted the sentence of about 300 others.

spapos seagull has been all over the place today, guess he’ll be showing up here shortly with his screeching, name calling, and vulgar mouthed profanity.


When Trump is reelected, the Oregon National Guard will be federalized and this will come to an end…and that right quick. Other states will come to heel soon after if not at the same time.

This went way too far months ago and it is time to call them the domestic terrorists they are.

Peaceful protest for the redress of grievances is an American right and historical tradition. This is not that. This is the beginning of an overt and highly vocalized attempt to overthrown states and the federal governments.

How many times have I heard, “if you don’t like this country, leave”. I never believed in that when it came to peaceful protest no matter how averse I was to the beliefs of the protestors. They do not want to leave, and they do not want to work to change our nation into a better place. They want to tear it apart through anarchy and then establish fascism. Fascism, the very thing they are supposedly against. Their deliberate and coordinated actions have been seen in the beginnings of every fascist and communist regime in history. In the end, their elite hierarchy would control the masses and it would be no better and no different than Hitler, Mussolini, or Stalin. No better for them even, though they cannot see that, and far worse for us.

I cannot wait until this senseless ignorance is brought to an end.


Sharing your fantasies and wet dreams, are we? This isn’t Penthouse forums.

None of what you just spooged is going to happen.

If the Oregon guard is mobilized it we’ll be because Trump refuses to
concede and a contingent of his dipshit cult is acting stupid.


Not to mention the media who insist Biden is 16 points ahead in the polls:


Ohio, where he said this today:


So you’re in favor of lawless destruction and violence? You approve of burning and looting if the cause is just? You must feel a deep sense of satisfaction in your medical role supporting terrorists. Did you ever feel as good as an Army officer? Inquiring minds want to know.


The turd has explicitly said he supports the violence and lawlessness currently ongoing. Yes, the commissioned officer has publicly admitted his support for organizations seeking to overthrown the lawful US government.

He lives in an imaginary mental state where a few war college/military courses in his brief career, an undergrad from Berkeley, a deployment or 2, and a brief stint as a LEO make him a subject matter expert in anything he desires to speak upon. He has the hubris and self assured narcissism of the willfully ignorant who uses confirmation bias as their rallying cry.

Not that you should expect a reply. He’ll refuse to reply and regale the other soy loving commies with tales about how he stood up to people over the internets while playing medic. But he won’t engage with anyone in a manner that requires effort. He’s an intellectual coward.


Uh, the commie cuttlefish never went to the Army War College. Reserve Army majors don’t get slots there.


You forgot that he’s a “medic” for Pantyfa…


Possibly in his mind the commie cuttlefish believes the statues weren’t torn down, they were just relocated so the blind would have better access to feel their facial features.


MLK and Hitler had dreams big boy.

Hack Stone

You know who refuses to concede? That’s right, Hillary Clinton. It haas been almost four years since America was saved from the disaster of a Hillary Clinton Prsidency, and she still hasn’t accepted he results.

Green Thumb

They are not the ones looting.


That these retards don’t know what a murderous turd Che was is mind blowing. The same folks that tear down TR and Lincoln statues glorify this piece of shit.

Shameful. Shameful period in American history.

Lars, friends of yours? What size do you wear?


I bet Larsie has about a dozen Che T-shirts.


He wears them inside out to keep Che closer to his heart.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Why isn’t their a pic of Adolph on her skirt. He killed much less than the Russian and Chinese guy. Maybe that’s the reason his pic isn’t on her skirt.


This shit is dumb.

I gave up on trying to make sense of what the Portland protest community is doing.

I was banned for r/Portland sub for calling them out for their incoherent principles.

At this point it seems to have devolved into a hobby for most of them.

Though, the narrative that Portland is under a constant siege of lawlessness is a bullshit Fox News and Tucker Carlson fever dream.


Even you will have to finally open your eyes, and see that your Marxist associates mean to destroy this Nation.


All of it.

Those folks are not the aberration. You are.

Ponder that while there is still time.


He’s not an aberration. He’s a member of their support staff.


a.k.a. useful idiot

The Other Whitey

“Portland protest community”

You mean the violent thugs in Portland. These are your people, Lars. You’ve been their apologist from the getgo. You own this.


“Portland protest community”

This is what they call themselves? Like there is SO much to constantly and continuously protest! (In the land of opportunity, and I don’t need to hear about systemic racism from a POTUS of 8 years and millionaire athletes and celebrities about their strife, walk a mile in my shoes, or those of about 300M other Americans)

I like how he says that it has devolved into a hobby for them, and sees them as different from all of the other blue state he’ll holes.

In the words of my grandpa when I did dumb stuff- “damn it boy”!




Just like he owns his statement about wishing that Boomers would catch COVID and die…


From his lips to Cuomo’s ears.


From his lips to Cuomo’s tiny little cock….FIFY


As a fellow traveler of the post-communist soycialist left, you know very well what this is about.

The destruction of all things that have to do with work, earning, accountability, rule of law, and family. You know, those things that hundreds of thousands of years that social evolution have taught us. You pine for some soy filled utopia where you never have to work. If only you knew what utopia really is.

The goal is the national socialist racial paradise you have worked so hard in support of with your antifactist brigade.

The actual comedy here is that you would go to their gulag first.

I’m sure that like all idiots, you thought you could set the house on fire and then control the fire, eh comrade?


Their principles were not good enough for you, Lars?



Isn’t that cute, he thinks leftists have principles…


If ya can’t make sense of it, ya gotta put an end to it…

They have the resources to end this shit yesterday, but the whacko leftist politicians running these cities are pussies who would rather let their cities burn than kick some ass.

I’d gladly watch the police and guard go to town on these entitled little fucks and put them in the hospital. That’d end it.


We’re coming up on four months now, dipshit.

That’s pretty constant, if you ask me.

Maybe if a few if these wastes of oxygen got rolled up and had a judge smack a $1M bail on their asses like what happened in PA, that shit would stop pretty quick, wouldn’t it?

Don’t believe me? How long did the riots go on in PA afterthey got nailed?

A Proud Infidel®™

I wish my Ex-Wife upon you, Major Moonbat.


Commies gonna commie.


Here’s the 2020 election foretold:


Pinkerton contractor who shot dead Navy vet, 49, in front of his son during Denver ‘Patriot Rally’ was NOT licensed to work security – as victim’s mom says her son was ‘murdered because he backed cops’

A Proud Infidel®™️

Those sniveling maggots are little more than herd animals that mindlessly do the bidding of their herders!


Come on, API. Maggots serve a useful purpose. Lars and his soy brigade do not.

A Proud Infidel®™

You are absolutely correct about that, from here on I will try to remember to refer to those snotnosed brainless minions as “sub-maggots”!


That works, and it fits them perfectly.


Those folks are bought and paid for, by oligarchs.


Yup. Funded by rich powerful folks who want an “order” they control. The well funded DAs are a key. First they enable the mobs to wreck what is. Then, a new more malleable and biddable order steps in. Then, those same bought-n-paid DAs round up the now unneeded “revolutionaries” and jail/camp/gulag/disappear them.


And the dumb bastards don’t even see it. And yes, that will include the hang-back “support staff”. It will be of no help to say ” I was just providing first aid”. The arrestees will sing like canarys, providing all the “evidence” needed by oligarch-bought DAs to clean up loose ends.

And even spelled out for them, they will not see it. They will be shouting “your doctrine is wrong!” as they kneel in ditches waiting their turn. Or, just lingering in overcrowded cells, no longer important enough to bother shooting.

And no, “-I- was an -informer-!” wont save them either.

Funded by oligarchs, they are. That should have been anathema to them. Real Anarchists and Marxists do not accept oligarch “support”. Of course it is a trap. That is what those oligarchs do. “Compromise the opposition” is their coin.



[…] this week we reported on the statues of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt had been toppled in the 130-some-odd night […]