Deployment demands, training requirements to be reduced, Army leaders announce

| October 14, 2020

Jeff LPH 3 sent along this article. I’m sure this will have no possible negative consequences like dropped standards.

The Army secretary started this year’s Association of the United States Army with a bang, announcing the service will be reducing the demands of rotational deployments and decreasing requirements for brigade- and battalion-level training.

Events over the past year have taxed the force, including a rapid deployment of paratroopers and air defense artillery to the Middle East during tensions with Iran, an unprecedented global pandemic and nationwide racial justice protests that led to the mobilization of thousands of Army National Guardsmen.

That’s on top of the regular rotations of brigade combat teams to Europe, Asia and the Middle East, as well as training exercises within the United States.

“The first step we are taking is giving time back to unit commanders to invest in their people,” Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said during the AUSA conference’s opening ceremony Tuesday. “We are removing gated training requirements and reducing the demands of rotational deployments.”

“We will focus our training on the basics of individual, squad, platoon and company-level training and key leader training while reducing the requirement to conduct brigade and battalion live-fire exercises,” McCarthy added. “We will pursue options for brigade combat training centers that are a mix of in-the-box organic battalions, command post exercises and heavy-light rotations.”

The efforts are intended to give more time back to units so leaders can invest in their soldiers and families, according to McCarthy. The changes were also alluded to by Army Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville during an interview with Army Times last week.

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Source; Army Times

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This is all fine until some BN/BDE/DIV commander desires that all that extra free time should be filled with more time in the field at home station.


There’s a lot of rocks looking for paint out there…..


The rocks have been neglected and unpainted for years.


And that sand ain’t gonna rake it self.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Those dandelions and daisies aren’t gonna remove themselves from the PT Field either!



5th/77th FA

Surely there will not be a reduction in the allocated time for SHARPE Training will there?

More time to invest in the Soldiers and their families? BBQ at the Colonel’s Quarters this Saturday, SarMaj buying the beer!


Will this mean less military convoy traffic on Interstate 81
every summer between Carlisle, PA and Fort Drum, NY?

Sorry, Guardsmen, this year’s annual training
will be held at the armory.
Bring your dusty cots… and breath mints.

A Proud Infidel®™️


Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

I guess with less overseas wars to be involved in, less deployments is a goodness thing.
The rest……….we’ll have to see.


Army training Sir!


Green Thumb

Same old song and dance.

The extra time will be filled with extra SHARP and Diversity training.

Green Thumb

Or maybe a class on proper wear of that new dumb ass uniform.

General Milley looks fat as hell in his….


Nope. Majority are very happy with the classic Army look in the new A’s. Pinks and Greens were cool then, and cool now.

Nobody……NOBODY…..liked that gawdaful bus driver suit with the required extra hardware bolted on. In my last years, I thanked God the crappy green bag would not be obsolete before I retired.


More from Skippy.

Soldiers Won’t Have to Pass Army Combat Fitness Test to Graduate Initial Training

The Army has suspended a rule requiring new enlisted soldiers and officers to pass the Army Combat Fitness Test to graduate initial military training through next year.

Army officials announced in June that all active-duty, National Guard and Reserve units would be cleared to take a lightly modified ACFT on Oct. 1, but their scores will be used for data collection only and will not count until 2022.

That policy also now applies to soldiers in Basic Combat Training, Advanced Individual Training, One Station Unit Training, the Warrant Officer Basic Course and the Basic Officer Leaders Course for fiscal 2021, Megan Reed, spokeswoman for the Army’s Center for Initial Military Training, said in a written statement.

Read the entire article here:

Thanks, Skippy.


Fails before they even get to there duty stations


Read LTC (ret) Tom Kratman’s “Training for War”, a free e-book.


“Events over the past year have taxed the force..”

OPTEMPO for the Army as a whole is probably the lowest since 9/11.


And that it is
Now they can do extra PT
for all the APFT failures coming from the AIT


Um, how ’bout we just actually STATION forces overseas where they’re needed… seems we found that was more cost-effective early-on during the Cold War than rotations.


Its easy to throw stones at the senior Army leaders for being stupid, but It’s all about the budget, and they see the writing on the wall.. The Army is simultaneously trying to meet the requirements of the current environment while trying to modernize to meet the needs of the next. Something’s gotta give.

We aren’t forward deployed partly out of policy decisions (President Trump has made his feelings pretty clear), and partly because it is expensive.

This reduces CTC rotations and battalion/brigade FTXs and live fires. The scant resources will be concentrated on company and platoon live fires.

Theoretically, the lower tactical units will get more iterations. We will suffer in the battalion and brigade level integration, which has been the hallmark of the US Army since the ’70s, bar none. The Army is essentially reverting to the USMC training model, which works for the Marines but is not good for the service charged with winning wars.

This will get worse. It will be difficult to justify a large defense budget, especially funds for the Land Services, when we are trying to fix domestic social issues. For a Past is Prelude view of this, look at the post Vietnam-pre-Reagan era.

Sleep tight… what could go,wrong?