Most ironic of ironies

| September 30, 2020

Kane County, IL was the sight of this recent case of irony. The victim doesn’t seem to have been red-pilled in the encounter. You can’t fix stupid.

At first blush, a man calling police to report that his “Defund Police” sign was stolen from his front yard might seem pretty ironic.

And then the Kane County Sheriff’s deputy manages to find the guy who stole it, brings it back and the man puts the sign in his yard again.

But that’s what happened.

A resident of Virgil reported July 5 that someone had stolen his “Defund Police” sign from his front yard in the 6N000 block of Meredith Road.

According to Kane County Sheriff’s reports, the resident reported that someone driving a red Ford pickup truck with “Brian Farm Service” in white on the side, and towing a black trailer had taken his sign, which was worth about $20.

The resident described the driver as a white man in his late 50s with short light-colored hair, a beard and wearing blue jean bib overalls, and provided a photo taken with his cell phone, the report stated.

While in the area of Route 38 and Meredith Road, the deputy saw a red Ford pickup towing a black trailer loaded with logs with “Brian Farm Service” on the side of the truck, the report stated.

The deputy stopped the truck and the driver admitted to taking the “Defund Police” sign from the property on Meredith Road, the report stated.

The driver “advised he would return the sign to the above listed residence, which he did with my assistance,” the report stated.

The owner of the sign goes on to explain what the sign means to him. He’s apparently now like Biden. “Defund” isn’t defunding the police, it’s just “redirecting” funding to other sources.

“We don’t need to have a department that is called ‘police’ to do all these particular jobs,” he said. “We can have groups that are more interested in public safety and serving and protecting. If police do that – that’s wonderful. Let’s get the system fixed.”

I still marvel at the capacity for people to ignore all of their own learned and lived experiences to buy into the left’s anti-cop bullshit. This here fella got a lot of service and public safety from his local police agency, which he very publicly wants to abolish.

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Slow Joe


No article about the debate last night?



Keep your pants on, Joe. Some people aren’t awake just yet.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I deleted last nights taped debate this morning after hearing up coming CNN Moderator wallace sort of favoring biden.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

“Sort of”?


The moron count is high, very high.

One night, a call came over the radio to assist a woman who had her meth pipe stolen. She wanted us to come on over and get it back from the guy who took it.

We all had a nice SMH guffaw over that.

Yup. The moron count is high.

A Proud Infidel®™

That’s right up there with another Brainiac who called the police to field test what she had just bought thinking that she had been ripped off. “Her shit” tested positive and she was arrested for possession of Meth and her stash was seized!


It happens in almost every mostly peaceful Biden riot.

When someone defends themselves you hear folks yelling…call the police!

5th/77th FA

We need to redirect the oxygen that this dumbazz has been stealing to someone that will put it to good use. The oxygen is obviously not getting to the sign owner’s brain.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

The owner of the sign goes on to explain what the sign means to him. He’s apparently now like Biden. “Defund” isn’t defunding the police, it’s just “redirecting” funding to other sources.
DOESN’T redirecting funds to other sources mean taking away funding which I think means de funding?????


these people know what they are advocating is 100% Bull Squeeze so they try to deflect the inevitable by making the types of excuses 1st graders make when they take Joey’s cookie.

This, BTW, is also why they oppose free speech…it is not what you might say that scares them, but that you might listen to their extinction screams and take them seriously.


Stupid is as stupid does. Just sayin’.

Hack Stone

Couldn’t they send out a Social Worker to speak with the alleged thief and get to the root cause of his anti-social behavior? Probably goes back to him being picked last for the kickball team in 3rd Grade.

Just Lurkin

It’s always Queen if Hearts logic with the left: “When I use a word it means only what I want it to mean, nothing more and nothing less”. You can’t reason with those who will claim that the terms of debate can only, ever and always be not what has always been accepted but only what is most favorable for them depending on the circumstances.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Ahhhh…..”Queen of Hearts logic”, “When I use a word it means only what I want it to mean, nothing more and nothing less”, Alice in Wonderland.

Marvelous! May I?

Just Lurkin

Be my guest.

chooee lee

I sense a disturbance in the force. It was what we called “A Cluster Fuck”
back in the day.

A Proud Infidel®™

Just like the Antifa fleabags in Sturgis who stood behind a cordon of local Police while spewing their shit!


And they’ll NEVER appreciate how lucky they are that those LEOs were there and protected them from the crowd.
Aside: I’m going to go back to watch the footage and see how many of them have Velcro shoes.


Reminds me of Medea Benjamin and her Code Pinko asshats protesting military recruiters in Berkeley back in the day, until she got her granny panties in a wad and started screaming for the Marines to help.


So many unthinking dipshits in the Marxist/communist/anarchist front, terrorizing the middle class and the working class and the poor, “smash the state”, all on behalf of their oligarch masters.

Missed that?

All the real damage is in those areas and institutions, not the posh places. They are avoiding -any- trouble to their oligarch masters, accepting pay and logistical support from them, never ever questioning that insane relationship.

Rich folks can always buy muscle. It’s a cheap commodity, and cheaper as things get worse.

Once the “revolution” wrecks the state, their oligarch masters liquidate the revolutionaries. You know, by maybe hiring the less scrupulous fraction of the unemployed cops? After all, who will the oligarchs trust to run the new regime, The riotous idiots who wrecked the old one, or the more “commercially available” enforcers of the old way? That


Daisy Cutter

So, I wonder how many social workers want to go on these domestic violence calls if a few of them get popped in previous calls?

“Uh, I’ll wait in the car until you give me the green light that all is clear.”